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May 30

A Reminder...

Hi, just a quick reminder that Doctor Who is now being shown on BBC America one week behind the UK, not same day as it was previously, and that though general Metafilter policy is pretty hands-off regarding spoilers it would be great if you could avoid posting any them in any open who Threads that are not directly about current episodes, as not everyone is torrenting it, cheers.
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May 29

Can I tell you how old I am but not my birthday?

Is it (or would it be) possible for users to share our correct ages on our profiles without displaying our entire dates of birth there? [more inside]
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Is a little context too much to ask for?

A little context wouldn't hurt. [more inside]
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Finding an AskMe comment about eating

Sometime within the last six or months or so (I think?) there was a post on Ask MetaFilter about eating or dieting or ways to lose weight or something to that effect. One of the commenters said something about how he or she says something like, "does this taste as good as it would feel" or something like that. It may have been marked as a Best Answer, which means it wasn't in an anonymous thread and I think it had a number of favorites. I can't find it now, but does anyone remember where that comment was? Anyone? Thanks!
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May 28

MetaFilter - making the best of the web by nature of being on MetaFilter?

Has anyone noticed just how shit-high MetaFilter seems to be on Google's radar? On more than one occasion I've noticed seemingly innocuous phrases in a MeFi comment or thread end up as #1 on Google, even after their first index of the post. For example, I will stunt post two keywords inside the bump. [more inside]
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I'm seeing Reddit stuff being posted as FPPs on a daily basis. Nothing wrong with Reddit, it's awesome, but I don't get why Reddit is never given any credit. I think giving credit is one of those things that makes Metafilter a nice place and it makes it possible to follow the related Reddit discussion. [more inside]
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May 25

A loan you'll get back and more

The Metafilter group on has slipped to 7th place in new members this month. That's after two years and 233 members lending $42,250. Metafilter was number one for 10 consecutive months. Please help make Metafilter the best team ever.
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MaxFunCon 2011

MaxFunCon 2011 [more inside]
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Is there anything we can do to help?

DisasterFilter Pony: This spring has seen some horrific devastation around the world. Is there any way, using our profile locs or something where we could compile a list of mefites near disasters so we could make sure they're ok, or see what help we can get to someone who is already on the ground where it's happening? [more inside]
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May 24

Thoughts about coordination of FPP authoring.

Would it be useful to have an official method for coordinating WIP FPPs with other users? [more inside]
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An Inestimable Influence in my Life

Is there a reason that Tom West's passing has not yet been posted on the blue? [more inside]
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I'm sick of all these campers

Do we really need another thread about Harold Camping? There were already two still open threads last week, one on May 22nd and one on May 20th. There was also a site wide prank and related MeTa. The links and threads are mostly the same thing - crowing about the inaccuracy of his predictions. I'm not sure why this one story needs this much coverage.
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Limit on number of comments per minute?

Would it be useful to limit the number of comments a user can post in a thread per time interval? [more inside]
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I'd like to play MeFi Nomic again. Could we do that please?
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May 22

habits & gamification on wiki

There's now a Habits & Gamification page up on the wiki. [more inside]
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RIP, Tom West

This is a thread for condolences and hugs for Jessamyn. Her father, noted computer engineer Tom West, passed away on the 19th. (Obituaries: Boston Globe, CNET, East Bay)
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May 21

Who is Tammy Camp?

Who is Tammy Camp? [more inside]
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Why not just redirect to Last Measure?

Feature request: future MeFi pranks not to have autoplaying audio.
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closed for rapture

Closed for Rapture! Everyone Go Home! [more inside]
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Expand posts in-place on the front page?

Link next to [more inside] that would fetch the remainder of the post and expand it in-place on the front page? [more inside]
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Question regarding extensive Grooveshark-quoting of a composer's oeuvre

Is it considered kosher to make a post on the blue that relies heavily on Grooveshark songs? Or is that as much a no-no as posts that provide links to torrents and unauthorized downloads? Grooveshark only streams songs, rather than providing people with downloads, so does that make it as OK as YouTube? [more inside]
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Why favorites count dropping?

Why is the number of favorites I have received dropping every once in a while? Can members unfavorite one of my posts?
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Invitation to betatest

So, back in January, a bunch of us hung out in Listening Room and it was groovy but the unilateral 'remove' option caused quite some graar. This led to some of us thinking about rolling our own versions ... [more inside]
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May 20

@world Hello.

The recent tweets page appears to be publicly accessible while the status boxes shown in profiles are not. Is this by design? [more inside]
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Has there ever been any thought of limiting the number of posts to the blue in a 24 hour period?

Has there ever been any thought of limiting the number of posts to the blue in a 24 hour period? [more inside]
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Kaycee Nicole, Metafilter's first investigation

The Kaycee Nicole post I made got deleted from the blue as not being anything new, but I've been encouraged to post it to the grey instead, so, with mod permission, here it is. [more inside]
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Ashamed of our History?

This post is bigger than Metafilter and should have stayed.
Kaycee Nicole would be 29 today...if she had ever actually existed
The events described were 10 years ago when this was a closed community, way before all us $5 noobs got let on Matt's lawn. Most of links provided were not linked in the orginal thread. I can understand the musingwhether this should be in blue or gray but it should be somewhere; the last three links show that this was the first of of something not now unknown ,so by definition this is historical update which has been permitted previously. The majority of Metafilter participents today were not members during that time and most of those who participated in that thread have moved on or have traded up a sockpuppet or two. Why are we ashamed of our own history?
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May 19

Spaces are for sissies!

Genuine question time: What's up with this question? [more inside]
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Imagine Metafilter, only on the radio

Would anyone be interested in a HF radio on-air meetup? There are a few hams that walk amongst us here on MetaFilter. [more inside]
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Shouldn't this deleted AskMe revived?

The "Which Bite Wins" Askme was deleted. Could it be dug up and reanimated please? [more inside]
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May 18

Shield askmes from google searches?

This is probably a stupid question but is there a way to shield anonymous AskMe questions from google searches? It's a medical question about a very sensitive family matter and I'd hate to have any family member EVER stumble upon all the background details of my inquiry.
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Shit Someone's Dad Says?

Why did "Kid tells his 81 year old Dad that The Twitter is a search engine" stay on the blue? [more inside]
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We $5 noobs are safe, at least

blue_beetle's comment "If you are not paying for it, you're not the customer; you're the product being sold" was quoted on the Australian Broadcasting Corporation's Hungry Beast TV show (0:55 onwards).
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May 17

F*&king google it.

Why are thread-shitty sarcastic comments in music threads like this allowed to remain? [more inside]
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May 16

Awesome things that one should break the bank on

I have a question for AskMe but I feel like I've read something similar at some point on Ask in the past and am at a complete loss in terms of locating it. [more inside]
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Downloading links I've favorited?

Is there a way to strip links from comments and posts I've favorited (for uploading into delicious or similar)? I tend to use favorites as bookmarks, but now I have thousands of favorites and no way to organize them.
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May 15

Viewing popular favorites for posts tagged 'pony'

Is there any way to view Popular Favorites for a given tag- for example, sorting posts tagged with 'books' in order from most to least favorited? If not, could there be? [more inside]
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May 14

Good Evening Dusseldorf!

This is a huge Thank You to everyone who participated in and followed the Eurovision Song Contest thread. [more inside]
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No posts referencing Kickstarter projects?

Apparently, we're not allowed to reference Kickstarter projects in FPPs. [more inside]
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May 13

What are some of AskMe's fastest, most amazing success stories?

The sidebar (see Apr 12) featured this post, in which someone's seemingly obscure question was answered in just six minutes. I think MY experience was even more amazing (as my question was more obscure), though it did take Gator an hour and ten minutes to cough up an answer. What are some other AskMe Astounding Stories of Snappy Answers to Obscure Questions?
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The horror! The horror!

I have reached 666 favorites on Friday the 13th. Am I going to die?
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May 12

Users with numbers in their names.

I've found lately that I conflate three different users in my mind, because all their usernames start wih a number. I know it's not you guys -- it's a problem with my brain, and that you are all individuals -- I think -- but nonetheless. It got me wondering. Are all the numerals one through nine represented? [more inside]
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Now if we can just rid the world of the grocer's apostrophe

I scanned four random posts in (about Sony Playstation's hacking problems, the death of Phoebe Snow, the French police, and cool dads) and counted nine comments with periods and commas outside, seven inside.
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May 11

You are your own best answer?

I noticed that in this Ask Me thread, the original poster marked one of his responses as best answer. Does this happen a lot and I've just never noticed it before? I'm not sure it's worth changing, just sorta ... odd.
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Facebook MeFi group to go away....

Facebook has begun rolling out their upgrades to Groups, and the most popular MetaFilter one is scheduled to be canned. [more inside]
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chrome os

How come nobody's posted this? [more inside]
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May 10


Metafilter's own Divabat rocks Brisbane's slutwalk (40 secs into the vid). Slutwalk, Brisbane May 28. Where Slutwalk started. Global Slutwalks
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Stranger in a strange land.

Juxtaposer. [more inside]
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I hear something saying, Oooh! Ahhhh!

Do the mods ever win metafilter? [more inside]
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Can I submit multiple related posts?

Would it be okay to submit multiple posts in a related series? Namely, Eurovision. [more inside]
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Facebook, Myspace, Blogosphere, MetaFilter

Meta who? [more inside]
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May 9

Why can't the community guidelines include "not being a pedantic prick?"

I just wanted to say that the condescending "you know nothing" replies to the poor guy in threads like this are why Metafilter will always remain enshrined in my heart as the Temple of the Douche. Can't people try to be nicer?
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Gotta Share

Improv Everywhere sprang a spontaneous musical onto unsuspecting attendees of the GEL Conference in New York. Not exactly newsworthy but mathowie was there and chimed in on the comments section. [more inside]
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It was there. Now it isn't.

First I read the thread about the names at the 9/11 memorial. Great article. Then I see a "related post" at the end of that thread and it brings me to a thread about controversial art one year after 9/11. And when I try to follow that thread... the memory hole has gobbled everything... [more inside]
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May 8

HBO Loves Mefi

Metafilter shoutout on Treme. Did anybody else catch it?
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P & P

Site design request: Preview and Post buttons, can we make them not so samey? Or not so close together? Or both? [more inside]
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May 7

Composition Tools

Composing Posts Filter: I would like to ask mefites what they use to compose posts for mefi. [more inside]
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May 6


In the light of this FPP I would like to propose that today be declared RTFA day, in order to promote awareness of Reading The Fucking Article before posting comments.
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May 5

You mean there are other countries?

What is up with all these non-US political posts this week? Examples: Canada, the UK, Singapore [more inside]
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This is why I love MetaFilter

Coincidence? i think not [more inside]
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MeTa Book Club Does Housekeeping

Respected writer Marilynn Robinson's first novel, Housekeeping, won the Hemingway Foundation/PEN award for best first novel in 1982, and was a finalist for the Pulitzer for fiction that year. (Robinson received the Pulitzer in 2005 for Gilead.) [more inside]
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To be fair, he offerred us all a chance to get in on the ground floor.

A little under three years ago a Mefite named kcds made a bold proposal for a product that now (according to multiple reddit posts) has been incorporated into gmail. Time to get your cut sir.
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Political survey, now with two dimensions.

MetaFilter "Political Compass" Survey, 2011 Edition [more inside]
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May 4

Strange things are afoot in the sidebar, dude.

Lately I've been noticing strange behavior in my contact activity on the sidebar. Older posts are showing up as "So and So had an answer with 12 favorites!" but the comments linked are old and have hundreds of favorites. [more inside]
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less is more, more or less

Optionally retrieve older comments as well as newer comments to save bandwidth? [more inside]
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But I'm a dog person...

I thought I had favorited the comment, but I guess not, and all of my searches have proven to be fruitless. I am looking for the comment that goes relatively in depth on why one should feed their cat wet food vesus dry. I believe there may have been some connection to some sort of medical condition if cat ate dry food long term, but can't be sure. [more inside]
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RelationshipFilter for the Soul

RelationshipFilter questions on AskMe that have spurred great real-life conversations with significant others. [more inside]
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Anyone want to do a FRONTLINE FPP?

It's gauche to ask, but might anyone be interested in doing an FPP on last night's episode of FRONTLINE? [more inside]
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May 3

Apologies to the sensitive neckbeards out there.

How does MetaFilter use "neckbeard", and to what extent is it considered polite or impolite speech? [more inside]
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What the beese?

What happened to Joe Beese? [more inside]
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May 2

The new old media: MeFi Mag

MeFi Mag Issue Two! Hot on the presses! [more inside]
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May 1

beep beep, yeah!

I think I saw jessamyn driving a small green car on 84 south of Sturbridge today, or maybe we were still on the pike. Was that you in the little green car, jessamyn? I was the dork in the maroon Pathfinder, wearing my Metafilter T-shirt.
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Ponies: a comprehensive study in equine requesting practices (MetaFilter, 2011)

What if there was a section of the site dedicated to research projects related to MetaFilter? [more inside]
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sensory deprivation

This question is kind of worrisome. If it's not a stunt post and the poster has not been severely misinformed, they might be walking in a situation which is genuinely dangerous to their mental health. [more inside]
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And I thought that was amazing

Have you ever made or seen a comment or an answer that you thought was particularly awesome but did not garner the attention you would have expected? [more inside]
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