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February 28

Funny, I was going to ask that!

Possibly confirmation bias, but has anyone else noticed patterns in repeating themes within questions on AskMe? Quite obscure ones too. [more inside]
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Why don't ask.metafilter answers count towards the three comments you need to post to the main page?

Why don't ask.metafilter answers count towards the three comments you need to post to the main page?
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"It's a shame that she's languishing in obscurity."

Seriously? Lady Gaga SLYT new-release filter? Come on. [more inside]
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The staff recommends this! [redacted thread]

Is that the first time a comment from a deleted thread was sidebarred?
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where the heck are you, elusive post?

I have been searching in vain for a semi-recent post which asked for examples of films where a character is considered interesting specifically because of his or her illness. All my search skills have led to nothing (as is typical every time I search for a past post on Metafilter---what on earth am I doing so blasted incorrectly?) Can someone kindly locate that post? I am reasonably sure I did not hallucinate it.
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February 27

Solving The Hacker News Problem

"Beyond the increasingly poor submissions, [Hacker News] now has a reputation for Usenet-grade pedantry. It’s become the sort of place where provocative ideas go to die at the hands of raging nerds."

Alex Payne has a solution: Copy MetaFilter. [more inside]
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Little Map Lost

Help me find a MeFi post, please! I think it was posted in the last week. [more inside]
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Help me find the crazy mad max bicycle man. I think they were naked?

There was an old post on the blue maybe a year or more ago that linked to a music video that featured an old man riding an overloaded, crazy bicycle to some sort of bizzarro world encampment in the woods. I think everyone was naked or shirtless. Someone took the music out and added foley, and it became a surreal masterpiece of a short film. I can't find it now and it's driving me crazy. Anyone remember it?
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February 26

Have you tried turning it off and on again?

There are a TON of Ask Me questions about basic home networking problems -- setting up wireless, why is my cable modem not working, how do I set up a wireless bridge, etc. Is anyone interested in working on a wiki page with common troubleshooting stuff related to that? Is that something that even should go on the metafilter wiki?
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Content Farms Down, MetaFilter Up

Testing Google's New Algorithm: It Really Is Better ...for Ask MetaFilter, which broke into the top 10 results for "drywall dust" in this limited test. (via a namedropping Jay Rosen) (related)
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February 25

That post was made for you and me.

Someone at the Rachel Maddow Show reads Metafilter. [more inside]
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Did the MeFi Marriages begin by MeFi Mail or meetup?

Did the MeFi Marriages begin by MeFi Mail or meetup?
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[Insert Weird Al version of Beat It here]

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59: The Most Illegal Thing I've Seen in the History of Wrestling

Four Years Running! This episode runs about an hour and 20 min long and covers everything from the first of the year until Wednesday the 23rd when we recorded it. [more inside]
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So... what happened?

I'm curious and Want to Know Things, particularly: what ever happened to X in AskMeFi? And what about when X needed X? Did they get it? What about anonymous' certain issue... down there? [more inside]
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February 24

Keyboard shortcut to show new comments?

Low priority comment refresh Nigerian Dwarf Goat (a request even smaller than a tiny pony): keyboard shortcut to activate showing new comments. [more inside]
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February 23

One Month in Greenland and Iceland

MeFi's own seawallrunner has released her 2nd book of photography, this one titled Two Ice Lands. You can preview the entire 322 page book online. [more inside]
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Mobile site on non-mobile items

Is there a way to access the mobile site on a non-mobile device? [more inside]
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MeFiSwap Mailing Deadline is Monday Feb 28 2011

This is a CD... mailed from Los Angeles, California... I work here... it's a swap!
MeFiSwap Mix Mailing Deadline Reminder! - 5 days from now, Monday, Feb. 28 [more inside]
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February 22

Remind me to read this later

feature request: could there be a way to remind myself to read certain posts later? [more inside]
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Are profiles crawled?

Are MeFi profiles crawled by search engines? I remember reading that they weren't, but I just googled my real name and found my MeFi profile.
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Tags in the title?

When did tags in AskMe posts start appearing in the title at the top of the window?
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Because pb is too modest to post this himself...

MetaFilter sibling, Fuelly has been updated with an all-new mobile interface. If you drive, and have a smartphone, this is worth checking out. It's gorgeous.
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Using a Recently Visited Threads page instead of short-term favorites (plus Preview page side-pony)

Do you think a "Recently visited threads" page would be a good idea? [more inside]
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February 21

Metafilter is a provider of social support.

Hello everyone. I'm a graduate student at CUNY Hunter School of Social Work; I am writing a paper on online social networking sites as they provide social support and intersect with the social service field. I would like to ask a few questions to get a sense of individual use and to observe the differences and similarities in experiences before I begin my paper. [more inside]
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Real Time Conversations of Pop Culture Events?

This article in NYT about networks trying to capture/drive online conversation by viewers reminded me of the recent real time MF conversations during the SOTU and Superbowl, both which I really enjoyed [more inside]
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Go away now

What if threadshitting had actual consequences? [more inside]
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February 20

Best time to post a question?

When is the best time to post to "Ask" in order to have the most looks with the least number of new posts pushing my question off the page? Has anyone figured this out? Is this "cheating"?
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As a follow-up to this post, we learned yesterday that YouTube singer Molly Lewis has been invited to Harvard for a Tuesday evening gala honoring Stephen Fry. She'll sing her "Open Letter to Stephen Fry" openly to Stephen Fry. [more inside]
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February 19

Pony Request: Metafilter Video Playlist!

Is there a way to get a list of recent linked videos? [more inside]
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Pony Request: Popular Posts sorted by # of comments

At present the 'Popular' tag is sorted by number of faves, but wouldn't it be cool if we could see which threads are receiving the most input, too? Input = comments.
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February 18

GRARing Hour?

I propose we make a new time slot between Friday evening and Saturday morning called GRARing hour. [more inside]
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Google saves del.icio.us!

As a follow-up to this thread, Google debuts tool to save your del.icio.us bookmarks. [more inside]
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Amazon long form URLs

Amazonian Pony. URL's with the book titles in? [more inside]
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Gods sometimes do answer letters

Hey, whenever you can, why not do what Slarty Bartfast did here and shoot an email to the subject of your post (if it makes sense)? Because it's so easy, and it's cool when The Guy In The Link stops by. That's it, thanks!
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Time to let go

This is either a pony, or it exists and I can't see it -- is there a way to remove disabled accounts from your contacts?....I just wanted to do some cleaning up. This is low priority, though, so I can deal if it's just not possible. Thanks.
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you've new comments!

Is there any interest in adding a new comments counter to favorites and activity pages? I'm sure we've all notice how the new comments counters on the front page are perpetually inflated, but any other solutions, like say personalized rss feeds, sounds unnecessarily complex. [more inside]
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February 17

Spies from the future

I think that there ought to be a caveat somewhere about AskMe questions, pseudonymity, privacy, and social network scraping tools. [more inside]
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San, Toeknee. "Recursive linking in the archive" http://metatalk.metafilter.com/20364/

How big is the entire Metafilter folder / database, if it were an archive quality file? Is there an archive, or plans for long term preservation, or is Archive.org the plan? Yes, I know that it's hard to archive a living thing, but I'm wondering what might be happening to insure preservation. [more inside]
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help with managing my blue/green addiction^H^H^H habit?

My question is how do you manage meta and askmefi? I use RSS for both and given the "living" nature of the threads, I always feel like I'm missing something if I read a thread too soon so I usually whittle the queue down leaving the 100 most recent threads unread. But then I feel like I'm missing out on the more time-sensitive stuff. [more inside]
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Jesus, People!

Are Jesus People a protected class? [more inside]
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Hey, check it out: Gamefilter

Games are fun, and talking about games is fun. So it's pretty cool that stavrosthewonderchicken has recently built a mefi-inspired site called Gamefilter, for linking to neat game- (video and otherwise) related stuff on the web and talking about those things. Go check it out! [more inside]
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Infodump: Favorite 500 Short Comments

Hello everyone! I got bored today and wanted to read some witty, short comments, so I used the infodump to sort every short comment on MeFi by its favorites. [more inside]
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February 16

Mefites who also geocache

So, are any of my fellow Mefites also into geocaching? [more inside]
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Where oh where did my little bookmark go?

Did someone here once link to a site that disables your browser temporarily? I had it bookmarked for a while, but lost it. [more inside]
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Thank You All

Thank you for being the most intelligent community on the internet. [more inside]
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Thanks to the Hive Mind

I just wanted to say thanks to everyone who commented in my AskMeFi thread about my slow iMac; you helped me narrow down the likely suspect. [more inside]
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February 15

I can't think of a title

The My Comments page isn't showing the number of new comments anymore. [more inside]
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In a blizzard she was lost

What happened to the pony we named "Wildfire" -- i mean, the "x new" feature? Gone already?
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Duck George, it's my shoe!

George Bush is bad, Iraq had no WMDs, dating is difficult, black people and white people are different, airplane food is unacceptable. [more inside]
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It rarely stops.

With all due respect, this was a bad deletion. [more inside]
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Apple wars

Trying to divert the ongoing derail about bias in apple criticism in this thread out of the blue, and into here. [more inside]
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Striving For Objectivity in AskMeFi

Speaking of objectivity... how do we do it? [more inside]
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February 14

Thanks in Advance

meetup for not so many? [more inside]
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Fantasy Baseball 2010... With A Twist!

Time for Fantasy Baseball 2011... with a twist! [more inside]
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Good answers or derail?

34 answers (and counting) and only 4 that answer the question directly. [more inside]
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The forum at the end of the universe

"Far out in the uncharted backwaters of the unfashionable end of the Starship Titanic website sat a specious message board with posts by the senior crew of the fictional ship. This is not its story." The Economist blog "Babbage" explores (in decidedly Adamsian style) the fascinating story of the Starlight Lines forum and its "accidental" community, as told by Mefi's own Yoz Grahame in this truly epic comment from last December. [more inside]
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Mefi Soccer/Football Manager

Anyone have any experience with Soccer Manager? Given many of us harbored Pro Vercelli dreams and are squaring off in fantasy EPL Land, I thought it might be fun to take things to a new venue. [more inside]
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Also on PRX

Searched high and low, and couldn't find it on MeTa or the Wiki: Is there a list of all PRX user profiles linked to MeFi profiles, like there is for recent tweets by MeFites or lists for some of the other social apps?
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February 13

Could shortening the waiting period from a week to three days on askmefi be taken into consideration?

Could shortening the waiting period from a week to three days on askmefi be taken into consideration? [more inside]
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Failte Mefites

Irish meetup? Mr dbmcd will be in Ireland for three weeks (we leave on 14 Feb), and would love to meetup with a few (or more) fellow me-fites! [more inside]
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What are the limits of acceptable dialogue here?

Stating that Mefites deserve to die: not OK, IMHO. [more inside]
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You deserve nothing less.

Pope guilty has gone completely off the rails in this thread. I'm done with it, but I really think that saying people in the thread deserve death is over the line.
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Taxfilter? Mefitax? I know this isn't our domain, per se, but I think it is the type of thing we're great at. And there's plenty of askmefi history to warrant the discussion. What is the proper place for tax questions in metafilter? Is there a proper place? Is there a better forum? Really better? full disclosure: I almost posted this to askmefi, but: [more inside]
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February 12

Safari bug

Safari 'in-page' player youtube glitch. [more inside]
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February 11

Who broke metafilter?

Is something weird going on with metafilter today? Sometimes I can't get to any of the pages ("Oops! Google Chrome could not find www.metafilter.com"), and sometimes it's just metatalk or my own profile. I don't think I've got through to my own profile page in about six hours now, but the other pages are up and down. Is it just me?
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What a revoltin' development this is

Because there are already two massive threads about what's going on in Egypt, maybe we can call this a camel and celebrate here.
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Make main page do like small pages

Pony request: I like the way new comments are reflected in the document title. Could we do the same for the main page? [more inside]
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February 10

Has the average number of posts increased?

Has the average daily count of front page posts increased over the last five years? When I joined back in 2006, I seem to remember the average being something like 23-25 posts a day. Now it seems to be about 33-36 posts a day. Do the numbers back me up? Or am I imagining things?
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Microcredit in the US?

Looking for an AskMeFi post about having trouble paying bills, in which a commenter suggested a US-based microcredit organization. [more inside]
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Is a post with no working links really a working post anymore? Oh the philosophical ramifications...

All the links on this post are sadly broken... [more inside]
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You'll never be 'Jeroboam, p.i., so give it to someone else.

Announcing the MetaFilter Unregistered Username Amnesty [more inside]
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Add a Link. Scroll Down. Add a Link. Scroll Down. Repeat Ad Infinitum.

Extremely minor pony request: After I use the "link" button in data entry boxes on "Create a New Post" pages, the view shifts to the very beginning of the text in the box. (The scroll bar goes all the way back to the top.) I tend to create posts which have a lot of links in them that fill up those boxes quickly. To find my place after creating a link, I then need to scroll down within the box. Would it possible to not have that happen? Can the cursor and view be left at the end of the link that has just been added instead? [more inside]
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February 9

Spam Bots on MeFi?

I spotted what's probably a spam bot posting around. Does MeFi get a lot of these? [more inside]
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Need help finding a comment about a math-related career.

I'm looking for a comment about someone's career that involved some type of figuring out a business' finances. I think it was in AskMe. [more inside]
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empty hrefs in recent activity

When viewing the recent posts to this (excellent) thread on my recent activity the links to Heyfourfour's video and slides are replaced with empty href's. [more inside]
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Kickstarting in the blue

Did I miss something? Kickstarter solicitations are not approved by No. 1 in Projects, but posting someone else's Kickstarter idea in the blue is OK? Even the protagonist of the project seems to be surprised. [more inside]
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February 8

See Mom, all this time wasn't wasted

What do you know now that you didn't know before Metafilter?
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I know it's you

How does posting anonymously, with the reasoning that their SO/parent/friend/child READS AskMe, help the situation? [more inside]
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Did my post get deleted or is something weird going on?

I posted in this thread that I thought he should respond with, "Yeah, that's fucking bullshit, huh?" Did that get deleted? Is there a no profanity rule on mefi that I don't know about, or did I violate some other rule?
posted by The Dutchman to Etiquette/Policy at 8:35 AM PST - 60 comments

Separating song posts from Music Talk posts

Pony request: in Music, there is the song section and there is Music Talk. Would it be possible for this to be reflected in one's profile? For instance, if you go to Music Activity page for snsranch, it lumps together his songs and his Music Talk posts. It's just a little cluttered to look through because there is no distinction made. Maybe instead of a 'Posts' tab could there be one 'Songs' tab and one 'Music Talk' tab (or something like that)? [more inside]
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February 7

More than a death notice

My post, 'Beyond the Pyramids, The Square,' is not just an obituary. [more inside]
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I loved the Post, I just didn't have an opinion on it!

How many FPPs have more favorites than comments? [more inside]
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Quickest Answer

What is the shortest time between an Ask question and a correct answer.
posted by Confess, Fletch to MetaFilter-Related at 10:14 AM PST - 58 comments

Yahoo Answers academic study

A new academic study of Q&A sites, but this one focuses on Yahoo! Answers. [more inside]
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February 6

AskMe = the ultimate Q&A site.

Surely this NYT article about Question/Answer websites is snubbing AskMe?! [more inside]
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February 5

This link is already here!

In-thread link check pony? [more inside]
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Coming soon to a city near you?

Would it be possible to make the "location" section a link to a list of MeFites nearby? [more inside]
posted by karminai to Feature Requests at 4:17 AM PST - 43 comments

February 4

MeFi Signs?

How about MeFi event promotional materials? [more inside]
posted by antgly to MetaFilter-Related at 10:57 PM PST - 59 comments

What has happened with updates?

Did MetaFilter go all AJAXy? [more inside]
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RIP Balisong

The obituary says Andrew Charles Bullock, but we knew him as Balisong. Rest in peace, Balisong. [more inside]
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February 3


"1 New Comment, Show" -Argh! What the hell? Metafilter is haunted! Or is that pop up message a new feature that's been there for a while? Actually a fairly nice feature, come to think of it.
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Health Month

I'm going to be playing Health Month for the month of March. I noticed there wasn't a MetaFilter team, so I made one. Are you playing Health Month? Do you want to play Health Month? Join the team!
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February 2

news filter?

how hard would it be to serve up metafilter like a newgroup? any chance of that happening? I could read it with slrn. I joked about it in a thread, but now that I think about it, it would be nice to have.
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Everyone likes ponies!

Pony request: "Load New Comments" for Mefi threads, at least on mobile. Pretty please? [more inside]
posted by dunkadunc to Feature Requests at 10:56 AM PST - 349 comments

Most popular cities?

Confused about "Most popular cities in the past three months" in IRL [more inside]
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February 1

My little wiki draft/collaboration pony

Pre-MetaFilter-Filter: a Drafts and Collaborations section is now open on the (unofficial) Mefi Wiki, as a place to share your ideas for MeFi posts, and work with other MeFites on new posts. [more inside]
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