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March 31

Text preferences not changing on second computer

I read MeFi from two different computers (one at home, one at work); I changed my MeFi text preferences on my machine at work and they applied without problem. The prefs don't take on my home machine, though, even after I went to the bother of going back into the prefs on my home machine and resetting them again to be exactly the same as my work machine.

Yes, I have the same fonts on both machines, as well as the same browser (IE 5.5 SP1).

Any clues?
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March 30

Were we a mob?

were we a mob?
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Were we just down for some reason?

Were we just down for some reason? ~9:30-10:30am PST?
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And how much worse have we seen now!

This comment in the longest thread ever seems inappropriate. Is this some inside joke, wholly out of line, or both?
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This comment in the longest thread ever seems a bit inappropriate. WTF?
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Paris Meetup

Just a quick reminder: the weblog community (and Metafilter folks in particular) are invited for a beer in Paris: Sunday, April 8, 2001, 7 p.m. Café Oz, 18 rue St Denis, 75001, Paris, France. Metro stop Chatelet or Les Halles on the 1, 4, 7, 11 or 14 lines and on the A, B and D RER lines. On Spring break in Europe? Live in France? Stand-by voucher burning a hole in your pocket? Drop by!
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March 29

So many comments

200 posts in 8 hours (150 in the first 3)? My, how time flies when you're having fun.

Is this the future of MeFi? An explosion of comments so overwhelming conversation is useless?
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March 28

MeTa mashup

MetaTalk bug: On the metafilter-specific page, anildash's post of March 21 is being lumped in with majikman's post from today. Both are listed as being posted March 28.
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I can't post to the front page yet, so here's an interesting link about the moon landings

I was browsing the internet last nite doing some research on a theory that NASA's claim of landing on the moon is a hoax(which was actually in the news on FOX) and I came across this website. I'm sorry but I was just way too lazy to post it up on the main page cuz I don't have those rights yets, but maybe one of you will. Well, anyways, go to this website...
A lot of the topics it talks about are very disturbing to me, especially the stuff about Satan's connection to the United States. I was looking for a disclaimer saying it was false, but I couldn't really find one. However, do note that it doesn't really list many references so it might be fake. But lots of interesting reading at this site.
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March 27

Error on logout, refresh

I read MeFi on a shared computer, so I tend to log out right after I post something. But whenever I log out then try to reload the front page, I get an error. The message is inside.
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All generalizations are bad -- about Mefi, anyway.

if you ask me, there's *nothing* more 'old' than posts which go beyond "I disagree with posters x, y, and z for the following reasons" into the realm of "you metafilter people are always so x". a couple of recent examples here and here, though I don't mean to imply that these two posters are at the vanguard of this disheartening trend: it's *a lot of us*.

anyway. I submit that comments like these serve no purpose, advance no argument, are gross generalizations, bear a bothersome resemblance to en-masse flames, and really ought to stop. further, I submit that any discussions (as opposed to one-off snark moments) of the bad habits displayed by the community as a whole belong on MetaTalk, not MetaFilter. this concludes my 'blog nicely' moment for the day.
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teeny-weeny glitch with the sort feature

Another teeny-weeny gltich with the sort feature. I had mine set for "most comments". When I went to look at a page and came back, it was still set to most comments although the dropdown menu now says date (my previous setting). This persists through refreshes.

Either "most comments" is sticky and it's not supposed to be (i.e., the menu is right but the URL is wrong), or the dropdown is reverting to the previous setting spontaneously.

As I say, the teeny-weeniest of buglets. (Oh, IE5/MacOS 9.0.4)
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March 26

Shameless Self-Link Sunday

Has this subject of limited self-blogs ever been brought up? Wait - before everyone starts throwing things at me. What if there were one day a month where self-blogging (to a limited extent) was allowed - say one per customer.

I appreciate the fact that MeFi isn't supposed to be a self-promotional place, but what if this one day - "Shameless Self-Blog Sunday" or whatever, it was cool to link to a project or site that the user had been involved in - with a significant notice (icon or text) that the blog was self-referential so readers would be forewarned.

I just know that lots of folks do have things they're proud of (myself included of course), that they want to share with MeFi, and it would be nice to have a way to do so without being horribly crass. As they say - "Well, it's an idea."
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March 23

an About page for MetaTalk?

Matt, have you ever considered writing an About page for MetaTalk? I remember distinctly the first time I visited a MeTa thread from a MeFi thread; I didn't know what was going on. What was this MeFi-looking thing? Why was it a seperate site? Etc. The blurb at the top of the home page didn't really help much. I don't know that there's a whole lot to be said about the site, but a little more explanation would have been nice. Maybe just an elaboration of why it isn't MeFi, because it really took me a while to understand the distinction. Maybe an About page would be unnecessary, but it seems like there's an absence of information on the subject. Plus, "About MetaTalk" would do a nice job of filling up that other void, the one up there under "MetaFilter Home."
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March 22

Sometimes I stash a topic href in my bookmarks for a few days

Sometimes I stash a topic href in my bookmarks for a few days, so I don't forget about it as it rolls further and further off the front page. It Would Be Neat if topic pages declared how many new messages they contained, preempting a bit of thought as to whether it's worth scrolling down and finding my place again.
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Anybody have a problem with the word "niggling"?

Anybody have a problem with the word "niggling"? We already decided "fuck" was no problem amongst adults, will we shoot down innocent words?
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Sort By My Comments bug

The "sort by my comments" feature does not work for me in IE 5.5. It does work for me in NN 4.5. Go figure.
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Could we maybe get a moratorium on the "My Ads are too Big!" front page posts?

Could we maybe get a moratorium on the "My Ads are too Big!" front page posts? Everyone knows ads are getting bigger. Metatalk would seem a better place for that kind of discussion.
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The beginnings of graphic MeFi membership representation

It'd be really cool to see a graph plotting number of MeFi members vs time. At 4700 members it seems like that number really took off in the last month.
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March 21

Are any of you visiting Mars Saxman's

Are any of you visiting Mars Saxman's I find it hard not to steal his links and post them on Metafilter. I don't know why I see people reference Memepool and not this.
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Links not linking

Not sure if this is a bug, but on some posts the links aren't showing up for me, both on the home page and on the detail. (IE 5.50)
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On NN4.6/Windows, i am unable to post a comment

On NN4.6/Windows, i am unable to post a comment (it gets eaten after hitting "preview", regardless of whether I spell check).

No big whoop though; I could always switch browsers when posting if nobody else is having this difficulty. Thanks.
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Can we submit MeFi slogans?

Matt, do you take suggestions for MetaSlogans in the upper corner, or is that solely your doing? I was thinking, "Putting the 'we blog' in 'weblog." Anyone else ever come up with stuff for the Slogans, or am I one of the few that obsessively clicks the refresh button to see them all?
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MetaFilter reaches $1000 on Amazon

Hey, since MetaFilter just reached a thousand bucks on Amazon (plus some unknown amount on PayPal...) don'tcha folks think Matt should take Kay out to dinner or something, as his reward for doing all this work?

I know that would be at least as exciting as another 128MB of RAM or whatever...
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March 20

Me and my sockpuppets were being jerks

I, Free Speech aka Rightwinger aka Private Parts, was just having some fun and trying to add some levity to the site, sorry if I offended you Matt.
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Request: a way to reset 'new' comments.

I totally depend on the new-since-your-last-visit feature to determine which threads to read, but sometimes I'll load up Metafilter and then something comes up and I don't have a chance to read those 200 new comments.

I would love a tiny little button somewhere on the homepage to the effect of "Forget I was here," so that I could come back in another hour or two and see all 300 or new comments, not just the new ones since my aborted visit.
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Was Mefi just down?

Am I hallucinating, or was MeFi just down for a few hours 'til now? I just wanna know if it's something on my end...
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March 19

Will email (and authentication) help keep things more civil?

Couldn't find the earlier mention of this, so I'll pick up on it here.

A new user user (RightWinger) just posted a fairly feeble defense of Dubya and was almost immediately called a troll for his pains. I think this is basically because he didn't have an email address. Rogers has mentioned lately, rightly I think, how many potential conflicts can be defused that way, and now I think people are starting to see the lack of email as prima facie evidence of bad faith, and responding accordingly. His post wasn't really that inflammatory, but I think the level of trust is really low for people who can't be contacted offline. Total anonymity and community membership just may not mesh very well.

Matt has floated the idea of making everyone email-authenticable (word?). I think it's a good idea: people will trust more when they see a "real" identity, more offline diplomacy can happen, and I think people will be more responsible if they have a little bit of accountability built in. If it's *that* important to them to be anonymous, why are they posting to MetaFilter?
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the Web Intersections weblog showed up in my referrers today

Maybe I'm just slow, but the Web Intersections weblog showed up in my referrers today. It's an automated link convergence checker: find a link, then find weblogs that link to it.
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What does the cia do.

What does the cia do.
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Does a link being posted elsewhere really mean it's bad for MetaFilter?

Memepool is nothing like Slashdot. I don't read memepool. I am glad that I did not miss this post because of my surfing habits. MetaFilter can't make my experience better by expecting me to read another web site, can it?
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Metafilter is back!

Thank god it's back!
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March 16

Hidden fields in Opera

Dude, you should check out MetaFilter in Amaya. It’s, well, yeah.

Oh, and I noticed that the text to the left of the input fields (Username:, Password:, Description:, Category:) decides to hide behind the input fields in Opera 5.02. It gets worse if you decrease the width of the window. It’s no big deal or anything, if you know what you’re doing. Here’s a screenshot.
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Getting Metafilter Inolved In Issues

I really want MetaFilter to do issues. The only one so far was A Day Without Weblogs, which seemed to be a hit with the kids. Other issues don’t have to be quite so emotionally charged. We could do No Words like the fabulous Mod7 suckas. I wait for their updates like a dog in heat. Or, art rock and associated labels.
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Metafilter would be better if Matt baked everyone a cake

You know, metafilter would be a lot better if Matt baked everyone a cake. I'm sure that would fix all the problems
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Make Metafilter better for me!

I have a few ideas on how Metafilter could be tuned to work better for the way I use it. I'm not guaranteeing anyone else would even care. Read my description of how I read MeFi and what features would make it easier for me inside.
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Could preview also search for references to the same link?

I know this will start a paradox of "I saw this before," but I think that it would be neat to have the preview option also do a search of the site to see if the link is referenced elsewhere. Now the question is, was this feature request made before?
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Pony request for impermanent in-thread private messages

In light of recent discussions about hostility on MetaFilter, could it be helped by the ability to post a private message in a thread that disappears after a few weeks?
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Is MetaTalk anyone's favorite?

Is anyone so hard-core into the community and MetaTalk that they actually start their browsing here instead of in the Filter? I may not be far from it. I find myself participating more over here.
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March 15

So old the link right broke.

Today's Suck isn't all that amusing, but the little "five years ago today on Suck" is, mentioning the weblog's favourite cutie, Jason and Suck for Dummies. Technically, that makes Sock 130 years old in web years. Which might explain why the link is dead.
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MeFi included as home page option in virtual browser

I have included a link to MeFi in a list of suggested sites that users of a new virtual browser see when they're choosing a home page.

The list has a dozen or so sites that cover a spectrum of interests, both general and niche... and since my own experience with MetaFilter has been so positive, I wanted to include it as one of the niche offerings (along with, for example, SlashDot).

My fear is that my choice to include MeFi in the list may have impacts on the small community we currently have. I could remove the link or replace it with something like Plastic... or leave it in. I want the community's input--especially Matt's.
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Link people v Discussion people

I think there's evidence of a real divide among mefi users, between people who like the links and people who like the discussion. And I think a possible solution is right in front of our faces.
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March 14

we should limit posts!

I'm pretty new around here, and for the most part, I think metafilter is great, but the signal to noise ratio is lower than it might be. I have an idea...
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Does anyone want to meet up?

Having just come back from meeting Matt and many other MetaFilterites at SXSW, (MeFi actually got name-checked on damn near every panel I attended...) I'm curious to see who would be interested in having some sort of in-person gathering where we could all get together to meet.

Or maybe even multiple ones, in SF NY and Austin, say...? Would anyone be up for that sort of thing? And what would we call it? MeFiFoFum Day?
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March 13

MattyG's TV themes

Constantly on the lookout for new, fresh talent, I looked on the Userland "Most Most Read Sites Yesterday" page. At the top of that list, with 19,105 reads yesterday as well as at the top of the "Most Read Sites" (of all time, presumably) with 4,679,582 reads, is MattyG's TV and Movie Theme Songs ... and more!. My point? Well, a) all the action is on the discussion boards (no post on the main page since November 20, 2000, and b) Matt Garland's site does one thing very well, non-commercially.
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Off-topic, off-color

I was just reading over the QuickTopics thread, and a thought came to mind that a solution akin to what Raging Bull used to do, namely offering a check box in the posting area that actually allows the poster to self-label their comment as off-topic (OT) or not.

Basically, all the posts that are self-labeled as off-topic would show-up as a less contrasting text color (say a bluish-white, or something) in the thread. This will give users a visual clue that can help them better navigate the thread. I'm also thinking that a little glyph out on the main page to indicate off-topic material might also be useful, if only to invite the curious into the thread. This might, though, encourage too much OT. I don't know.

What do you think?
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For me, the MetaFilter magic is gone.

For me, the MetaFilter magic is gone.
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For me, the MetaFilter magic is gone.

For me, the MetaFilter magic is gone.
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Does this need to be moderated?

Man, them's fighting words. In Matt's words, we're all in this together and we're self-policing. Does any policing need to go on in these threads or similar instances?

this is not a personal shot at aaron, although he is involved in both altercations.

i think we should take more care to limit our disparaging personal comments. what do you think?
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hi. i dont get how this how blog thing works .

hi. i dont get how this how blog thing works . isnt it just like message boards?
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March 12

Cheap bastards

from todays'

"What's wrong with this picture? In a few short weeks Andrew Sullivan's weblog has collected almost $3500 in microdonations. By contrast, Metafilter -- a community site where people feel like stakeholders, and presumably have a greater motivation for giving -- has been stuck at about $750 for weeks. Are the musings of a Catholic gay conservative really that popular? Or are Metafilter readers just cheap bastards?"
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Is the_One a troll?

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Can the stylesheet please be changed to not hard-code the point sizes for text?

This has to be an FAQ, but I couldn't find it anywhere:

Can the stylesheet please be changed to not hard-code the point sizes for text? I really would like to make the text smaller, and IE 5.5 won't ignore those absolute sizes. I hear Opera will, but I'm not ready to switch browsers.
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March 11

Ctrl-enter for preview or post?

Random interface though: Make ctrl-enter preview or post messages. Outlook does it, IMs do it, and I keep trying to do it. Oh, and I'm lazy. And I'm aware of the alternative key combination, tab-enter, but it's uh, non-standard. Or some other good reason. :-)
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Login back to where I started, not main page, pls

I tend to browse MeFi from all over the place, meaning I'm rarely logged in when I want to post something. The little login feature, once it authenticates me, drops me back to a link to the main page, instead of a link to where I was when I clicked "post new thread." Fixable?
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March 10

Amazon Affiliate?

Quick cash for Matt, or his evil twin Howie: I just made a bunch of links to Amazon, and while doing so thought, “If only Metafilter was part of the Amazon affiliate
program. Then he might make a few pennies off my reccomendation.” Couldn’t hurt anything but your karma.
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Metafilter of the weird

I'd just like to make a point about the way-too-predictable postings we get on Metafilter:
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Not what I was expecting

When I woke up this morning and clicked my Home button, I was shocked be taken to - I Thought maybe I clicked a link. So I clicked the home button again. It took me there again. So I thought maybe my wife is playing a trick on me. I typed metafilter in the address bar. It still took me there. I'm hoping that Matt knows about this. It doesn't seem to be the kind of thing that Matt would do to entertain us, and keep us coming back. I'm just glad I can get my linky goodness for this morning.
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Saturday Night Live: "The Blog Diet"

Last night on the Chaine Comedie here in Paris they ran, as they always do at 1 a.m., an old episode of Saturday Night Live. In it was a skit in which Steve Martin plays a pitchman for a new weight loss regime called "the Blog diet." The Blog diet is based upon the idea that people who want to diet (in this case Jane Curtin and Lorraine Newman) are wrestled into an airplane and flown to the great white north, to a small cabin on ice, where they ice fish. Any fish they catch they can eat, except that John Belushi, who is in reality diet inventor Dr. Blog, rushes in, acting as a half-crazed man-animal called "Blog" and steals the food from them. Thus, they lose weight by not eating.
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March 9

WebReview covers Blogger

If anybody's interested, there's a new article on Blogger up on WebReview.
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Custom 404 Page

What about a custom 404 page for MeFi?
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March 8

Article too old

Criminy ... can we at least confine our periodical links to stories published this century?
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A callout that was moved elsewhere

Criminy ... can we at least confine our periodical links to stories published this century?
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Any word on a potential launch date?

Any word on a potential launch date?
posted by waxpancake to Ticketstub Project at 4:21 PM PST - 4 comments

DNS issues related to server switch

There were DNS issues today, there might be more soon, as I switch to new servers. Beware.
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MeFi isn't spoof-proof

Not a bug as such, but plinth's latest shows that MeFi isn't spoof-proof. Is there a way to parse comments to ensure that "layout-critical" HTML (ie the "span class" tag) won't be rendered?
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March 7

Please add years to date field

This is, I hope, easy: years in date fields? MeFi has been around long enough so that when I look at a link to a thread that says "March 4" it could be 2000 or 2001. And, of course, it's only going to get worse.
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Funding People Through Public Markets (Self-Link)

Funding people through public markets. I thought it could apply to all sorts of people and ventures, like weblogs and independent content.

(Self blog, thats why it's here. If anyone wants to let the world in.. :) )
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Metafilter in the Media

Would it be too, I don't know...conceited to create a press page that keeps track of mentions of metafilter in the media? Sometimes it's nice to re-read good writeups of the site when it's 2am, and I'm at the end of my rope, responding to the umpteenth request for a new feature :).
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the genius of MeFi, to me, is the flat interface.

the genius of MeFi, to me, is the flat interface.

therefore, what would y'all think (and mainly Matt) about changing the form of MetaTalk so it's just one page (with a topic line in the post footer or header, if you want it)? it sure would make it easier to keep up, in my mind. sometimes i forget the last time i read and have to open the thread to see.
posted by Sean Meade to Feature Requests at 11:26 AM PST - 8 comments

should language be group-regulated?

I looked in the guidelines, but found no general direction on language. SKOT's comment on the Reparations Thread is what precipitated this question. I'd like some feedback/discussion on what is or is not appropriate language... should language be group-regulated, or should there be some direction from Matt on this? Either way, what should we expect from posters?
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March 6

Time on homepage to match user time?

a minor request: could the time on the home page be user-relative?

i have the annoying habit of taking every timestamp i see at face value, and i'm not in PST, so it creates a little hiccup in my brain.
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I'm getting an error when I try to go to

I'm getting an error when I try to go to It says "The error occurred while processing an element with a general identifier of (#cookie.user_ID#), occupying document position (230:173) to (230:188)." I'm getting this from Netscape 4.76 for the Mac. But not for IE 5 for the Mac.
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March 5

Double your fun

it seems an awful lot of us regulars click-through to double posts, just to see how they will be handled. it's interesting, because a double post creates a whole new dynamic. we don't want thread-related discussion going on over there, but we apparently enjoy and even participate in the double post related discussion. do we need a name for this phenomenon, or at least a sniglet? other thoughts?
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March 4

New Metatalk thread indicator

Could you please have a new MetaTalk thread indicator on the main page?

You could either have a MetaTalk (new) indicator in the menu on top, where the "new" doesn't need to be a link, or perhaps near the "There have been X links and Y comments posted since your last visit" you could display a new MetaTalk thread(s) indicator.

This feature is not important, but it would be nice, as I am sure there are others out there like me who forget to check MetaTalk a few times. :)
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How about a bit more detail on users than 'nnnn members' ?

How about a bit more detail on users than 'nnnn members' ?
ie. user activity: the number/percentage of the members that viewed the site, posted a comment, posted a link in the last month.
Estimated number of non members viewing the site would be good context too. [I was reading MetaFilter daily for over a year before joining]

Request number 2 for a MetaTalk search comes from me.

And couldn't the thread category, when posting to MetaTalk, default to the topic you came from? [Most people would view the topic before starting a thread here]
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Netcaptor when it was still alive

Barely a bug but it affects me... I use Netcaptor, which renders with IE but has tabbed windows and double click opening of groups of sites, as my main browser.
The 'Ctrl-Shift-A to build a link', and other such kung-fu, doesn't work and I have to start up IE proper if I want to post.
Poor me.

The feature isn't here at all on MetaTalk though, is it.
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a link to the *newest* item

The last week, I've been stymied by a mysterious bug that makes it impossible for me to see the front page of Metafilter in IE (5/Mac). (Yes, I've talked to Matt about it; yes, it's a mystery; no, I dont mind using another browser.) I'm working around the problem, at times when I don't want to use another browser, by linking to a particular thread page and then using the Newer and Older links to navigate. I never had much use for those links before, but now they're a godsend.

Anyway, what I wish I had was a link to the *newest* item. Not necessarily an addition to the Newer/Older interface, though that would be OK, maybe just a bookmarkable URL, which always points at the newest item. SITO (, which has a similarly dynamic structure, has a TOP link which takes you to the level that's currently being built.
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March 3

Sub-Threads for Tangents

Would it be good, bad, or otherwise to have the ability to create a “sub-thread” for a comment purposefully going off on a tangent? Personally, I think it could be useful, but it could easily become overused. I can’t think of a satisfactory way to prevent someone from making every single comment into a sub-thread for no good reason. The best idea I could come up with (and I’m not saying it’s even a good idea) is to limit sub-threads to once per topic (per user). Of course, it’s a possibility that more than one tangent might originate under a single thread but, in that case, the result (not being able to post a sub-thread for a tangent) is equivalent to what we have now (i.e., no sub-threads). Also, someone else might post a sub-thread for the tangent. Can anyone think of any better solutions, or is this a lame idea in the first place?

Also, although it may be handy, I don’t think MeFi would benefit from sub-threads to sub-threads (i.e., a sub-thread inside another sub-thread). At least not at this time.

Also also, if you do end up implementing this, it might be kinda cool to have a link to a topic’s sub-threads on MeFi’s main page (under the topic, e.g.). This could become a problem if a topic has a ton of sub-threads, but I don’t think it’s likely to become a serious problem. It might happen, but I doubt it would happen very often.

Also also also, the button on Post a Thread to MetaTalk reads Preview the Link. I noticed this just a second ago, and it doesn’t really bother me, but (perhaps) just Preview would be more appropriate.
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Take it off line
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March 2

Metatalk search feature and bad tag closure requests.

1. A search feature for MetaTalk ... I’m too lazy to see if any of my requests have been posted before.

2. When I’m on the feature requests page & click on Post a new thread, it would be cool if the default category was feature requests. I almost posted this to bugs, actually. I don’t mean because I thought it was a bug ... I mean I almost posted my requests to the bugs section because it’s the default category.

3. Something that automatically closes italic and bold tags (or links, &c.) for forgetful authors. It could get rid of things like http://http:// at the beginning of a link. I don’t know if this has ever been a problem. You could issue the author a warning if he tries posting a malformed link; e.g., http:// all by itself or something.
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February 2001 stats

Web Stats for February, in case you were wondering.
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How about a little script that filters out all the "all your base" "jokes" from MeFi posts?

How about a little script that filters out all the "all your base" "jokes" from MeFi posts?
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March 1

I'd like to be able to delete threads that I started.

I'd like to be able to delete threads that I started, so that if it turns out that I screwed up and made a duplicate post that I can correct it without having to bother Matt about it.
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