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March 31


I'm officially impressed!
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Thanks for MetaFiltrest

That was awesome and unexpected. [more inside]
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79: Kibo Was Here

Episode 79 runs about 1 hour and 40 minutes and was recorded on Friday, March 29th, covering all the best posts from the month of March on MetaFilter. We did our best to abide by the swear jar and only slipped up a few times! [more inside]
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Can we please filter out HTML blinks?

Didn't realise it was possible but stuff like this is really obnoxious. Is this the right place to ask for blinks and marquees to be filtered out?
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March 30

How many MeFites are there by country?

Specifically I am wondering how many users are from Canada; but I am also interested to know if there is a breakdown somewhere of users by country. [more inside]
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An emergent pattern on Metafilter FPPs

Noticing a disproportionate number of posts gravitating toward a particular set of subjects in the Blue over recent weeks and months. [more inside]
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March 28

This post should've stayed.

I think this deletion was a bad call. [more inside]
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Fantasy Baseball

I haven't seen a renewal of the MeFi baseball league yet this year, so I'm opening up my league to you all cause we need to fill it out! I'll post the user/pass inside.
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Look, you're really cute, but I can't understand what you're saying...

"Looks like you're searching for an exact phrase. The local search doesn't do that so well. Be sure to try your search for "_____" at Google if you don't find what you're looking for here." Perhaps it's just my colorblind eyes, but I can't see anything other than the "deep space nine" link in the notice above my search results. Is there any chance the Big Dark Bar of Highlighting could be changed to a different color so the text stands out more effectively? Thank you!
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March 27

Did you hear? One of the coolest librarians alive works here!

Congratulations, Jessamyn! There wasn't any prize, but I'm sure it's the honor of being part of a Flavorwire list that makes all that great work worthwhile.
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Look, I know it's a crazy thing to ask, but....

Digg recently announced that it was building an RSS reader. That's fine, but I don't like Digg, I like Metafilter. So even though this is way too much to ask, I was wondering: might Metafilter consider creating an RSS reader subsite? I would pay an extra membership fee, or even an annual fee, and I don't think I'm alone.
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March 26

A reasonless What's-Your-Favorite

I'd like to post a "What's your favorite X" AskMe. I'm using it to find the one answer I need for a specific use (and I'd be happy to update about my project in the thread later), but I think talking about my use in advance would bias people toward a too-narrow set of responses. [more inside]
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I've had it, I'm done.

Callouts for excellence: Pope Guilty, Drinky Die, Malor, Mayor Curley, delmoi, lupus_yonderboy, Meatbomb, AElfwine Evenstar, hippybear, BitterOldPunk, Civil_Disobedient, thsmchnekllsfascists, ioerror, loquacious, Joe Beese, Trurl, Blazecock Pileon, and orthogonality. I may have forgotten some. [more inside]
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Could we switch to "newest first" for comments in a user's activity?

The activity pages for each user put the last thread commented in first on the page, but within each thread the comments are in chronological order. I think it would make more sense, and be more intuitive, to have both the thread and the comments in reverse chronological order. This would mean reading down the page would take you deeper into history until you came to the next thread. [more inside]
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March 25

Searching for doubles

I've noticed that the search function doesn't catch YouTube doubles if the URL isn't exact. Here's a tip: grab the alphanumeric ID of the video from its URL and search mefi using only that. For example, searching for 9Iq5yCoHp4o pulls up this post, but a search for http://​​9Iq5yCoHp4o and http://​​embed/​9Iq5yCoHp4o fail, even though they all point to the same video.
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The burden of honesty

I'm as upset as humanfont was over people inventing facts, then using those facts to argue from. Unfortunately, humanfont does that exact thing, again and again and again. By making these speculative inferences and then arguing vituperatively from them, humanfont is inflaming an already fraught discussion and making the conversation worse. [more inside]
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Get thee behind me FPP!

I haven't seen one in the usual haunts, but is there an existing or easily-adaptable script to remove a post from the front page?
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Why was my comment removed?

First time I've ever felt a need to visit MetaTalk - but, I made a comment on the MeFi Tarantino Penguin book cover thread that was removed and I'm confused about it. I feel that this design meme (current art dressed up with old school graphic design) is just a tired cliche at this point, so I made the simple comment, "Played out". That comment was removed, and yet, a subsequent comment which essentially makes the same point, "This is beginning to get old" remains untouched. I feel a bit stupid even caring about this, but why was my comment removed?
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March 24

Plenty of good grazing come Spring and Autumn I'm hoping against hope that there's room in the paddock this year for an old nag to keep all the new ponies company. [more inside]
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I dream of the Green...

This was just a weird dream, right? I've done a search, but hazily remembered details from a dream don't always result in clear search terms. If it's just me, I'm sure I can't be the only one who wakes up with odd Metafilter dreams. [more inside]
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Comment about a psychological institution expose?

I've seen this posted twice as a comment, and I can't remember if it was recently or if I was reading old posts. The comments mentioned an expose documentary of the mental institutions way back when, and I remember it being described as shocking or something along those lines. Sound familiar to anyone?
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March 23

Capitalization and punctuation

I just want to take a Saturday morning minute to thank everyone who goes to the trouble of using capitalization and punctuation correctly to make their writing pleasant to read. That's all. Thanks!
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Perfect martini?

Does anyone remember that comment about how to make the perfect martini? [more inside]
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Television choices = Rape

So uhh, some of the discussion in this particular trainwreck of a thread seems pretty way out of line to me. I understand folks are weirded out by the story in the link but I think some folks should consider not going quite so over the top in the future in how they handle criticizing entire fanbases. That was an extremely volatile accusation to throw out with such a wide net.
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March 22

Take my jokes... please!

I'd like to thank AskMe for the post on punch lines without jokes. [more inside]
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Help me find this weird cartoon about office drone revolution

I'm sure I've seen it on MeFi, maybe more than once, but I'll be damned if I can find it now. Detailed description inside. [more inside]
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Dirty talk is depressing

I hate when, in threads about dirty talk (see Dirty Words During Sex), commenters reply with things like "Everybody calls their girlfriend a slut during sex and most women like it, and the ones who don't are kind of weird, but if you have a girlfriend like that, well then in that case you should stop doing it. But where do you come from, Bizzarroworld, that you actually want to RESPECT each other during sex? How on earth do you get turned on without thinking dirty/degrading thoughts? I refuse to believe this is a real question." Well, it's a hell of a lot better than being DISrespected while engaged in the most physically intimate thing that people can do to each other short of surgery. That is all. (For now.)
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What are your Metafilter white whales?

You know that one comment you read once, maybe about the kindergarten teacher who speciously reassures you, "I always put on a condom before I teach?" Maybe the all-time perfect Ask Me flowchart for reconciling your career decisions with your sexual kinks? [more inside]
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March 21

Octothorpe/Ampersand Substitution Mayhem

When I'm logged out, the link here works correctly ( When I'm logged in, the site has converted the hash to an ampersand ( I imagine this is a bug related to the inline YouTube player.
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Pony Request: Delete Notifications

Sometimes, coming into a thread and seeing a comment a mod has made, there's confusion - it seems to have little relation to the comments immediately above it. Often, but not always, this means stuff has been deleted, but it's hard to tell. How hard would it be to implement delete notifications or a way to show that comments had been deleted in-thread? Is this a thing other people would find useful? [more inside]
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March 20

If only you'd read the title

the question would have made sense. [more inside]
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Arrogance as jealousy

Some time back, I read a comment (I think on AskMefi) about how if you were jealous of someone else's success, it was because you were arrogant enough to think you deserved that success. In essence, be humble. I've tried to find that comment again with a combination of 'jealous' and 'arrogant' (and combinations thereof) but it doesn't seem to work; help is appreciated!
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March 19

Looking for a link - did I imagine it?

Just a few minutes ago, I was reading a really interesting webpage/blog post by a lesbian mother talking about advantages in being gay, and how it's not all disadvantages. It had a lot of good thoughts on gender roles, etc. I thought it had been linked off of Metafilter (in a post or comment from today), but after I accidentally closed the page itself, I couldn't find the link here. Did I only imagine that it was linked off of MF? I wasn't reading any other blogs that I know of.
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Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?

This would have been even cooler if Matt himself had done the deletion. [more inside]
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Business Insider thinks mathowie is "this guy"

Here's What Happened When This Guy Accidentally Asked 1,138 People To Connect On LinkedIn I apparently don't read the names of the people involved when I skim articles, but about 5 paragraphs in it mentions MeFi, so I looked back to see if I could figure out the user name, which I did… Congrats on being "this guy", mathowie.
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Dr Strauss says I shoud rite down what I think and remembir.

According to the responses to this AskMe question, MetaFilter is home to 15+ regular users who score at least three standard deviations away from the mean on IQ tests (in the positive direction). And, moreover, these extraordinary savants monitor AskMe systematically enough to pick out questions relevant to their stratospheric intellects, and they are happy to discuss their lot (some via sock puppets). I think that we, the MeFi userbase, should be proud to share the company of so many outstandingly gifted individuals, and that this is truly one of the things that makes MeFi such an extraordinary online community.
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March 18

Is Andrew Sullivan Borrowing from the Blue?

This post on Andrew Sullivan's The Dish sure looks like a typical post on the blue, in a way that haven't seen before, and I'm a regular reader/subscriber. [more inside]
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Online EMDR

In a recent comment, someone mentioned an online EMDR site that they found beneficial. I've Googled and found several such sites, but am specifically looking for the one that is MeFite-approved. Can anyone direct me to it?
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To advance a polite community discussion

Hey, there's a new post on Palestine. In the interest of having one of these posts that doesn't get deleted, I thought it might be a nice thing to start with agreeing on extra ground rules for discussion of this historically MeFi-contentious issue. But rather than derail the thread with discussion of discussion ground rules, maybe we should do that here? That's what this post is for. [more inside]
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Someone's probably asked this already...

Looking for a question on the green: College leaver with a headful of ideas is left with low motivation after discovering ideas have already been done. Needs mojo back. [more inside]
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March Madness

Let's do this. [more inside]
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Also, if someone knows an RSS reader with which to read the answers...

Did my AskMe query about advantageous reading in one's line of work set the record high ratio of question favorites to number of answers? More importantly, can anyone add to it? [more inside]
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March 17


I made an ill considered remark in timsteil's folkstreams post and he made a polite response which made me feel ashamed after I saw his consternation. I wanted to clarify my harsh out and went to make a clarifying comment when my computer crashed and I had to reboot. And when I got back, I made my comment and then saw his was already deleted. I am getting so sick of the editing of our conversations.I really think sometime that there should be placeholders for all deletions you make. You are overdoing it, in my estimation. [more inside]
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Genre name for the glitch/repition video art involving spongebob/sonic

Genre name for the glitch/repition video art involving spongebob/sonic Hello, I'm trying to find an old metafilter post that was all about a genre of youtube videos. They were very glitchy, repetitive, I remember Carlton from the Fresh Prince dancing inappropriately to Spongbob videos being shown on the television. Spongebob was a recurring theme in fact. They used a lot of scenes from that cartoon. It was quite dirty, and funny. It had a particular genre name but I just can't remember it and I can't hit the right set of search terms in Google...
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March 16

Newsblur Friends?

Since a great deal of us have joined Newsblur, let's get connected to each other. [more inside]
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Sometimes a big block of text with multiple links is appropriate for a post, sometimes some short descriptive text and a link and sometimes really all that is required is a single link. However it seems that in recent Meta posts the later gets short shrift, so with that in mind: Single link posters of Mefi, keep up the good work!
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What about Spot?

So Kibo shows up in this post and becomes MeFi's Own and there isn't a MeTa to observe it? [more inside]
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SLYT My Wrists

If we're going to have a higher bar for Palestine threads, we need a higher bar for viral adverts and cats being funny. Just like we need something to go on beyond GRARbait, we need something a bit deeper than Cute Overload-fodder or verbatim, analysis/critique-free reposts of ads from corporate channels on Youtube.

This is a problem in the same way that all the news sites running the same fluff stories is a problem: If we're going to have the same content as everywhere else, why should Metafilter even exist?

I appreciate the site for when we can have interesting conversations about things most of us didn't know about yet- but we all already know about cute cats and funny adverts. There are other websites where you can watch nothing but that, all day. We need to have a standard that's higher than the rest of the Net. [more inside]
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March 15

Beans! Beans! Cans of beans!

I would like to take this time to note that we had our (first?) NOVA meetup and it was a wonderful success! While the original players were unknown, we navigated our way forward by waving cans of beans at any soul who looked a little too bewildered and lost. By way of perseverance and long arms it worked, and we had a lovely time, such that we hope to bring you more stories of such heroics in the coming future. As such, I present to you: The can(s) of beans. [more inside]
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RIP glider

Metafilter's own Shannon Larratt has passed away. [more inside]
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March 14


Just wondering? Was there any sort of mod agreement, or mutual whatever that just didn't want a piece of the Pope? I would have thought the Blue would have gone nuts, and if they didn't, bless that restraint. Just seemed way too serene.
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Simple Bracket Metafilter Pool

I've started a Metafilter pool in Simple Bracket. If you're reading this, and you use Simple Bracket, this might be a thing you'd like. [more inside]
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Six Degrees of Kevin errrr... Kickstarter

I'm concerned about indirect referencing of active Kickstarter projects being given a blind eye. [more inside]
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We Need a Hero

@mathowie: "I think RSS is so important that I'd take a job (leaving MeFi) at any startup aiming to make an improved Google Reader (w/ social features). [...] I'm serious, and feel free to email me. MetaFilter can continue with the employees running things."

I think that this maybe merits some serious discussion here, pronto. [more inside]
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Read The Fantastic Article

threeblindmice, could you try Reading The Fantastic Article? [more inside]
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March 13

Check Yes to confirm that this Kickstarter campaign is over

Because not enough people read the FAQ, posts are made about live online fundraising projects from time to time. I thought it could it be beneficial to have an additional check box appear when a Kickstarter, Indiegogo, or other major fundraising sites are linked in a front page post, asking the poster to confirm that the fundraising campaign is over.
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March 11

AskMe Resolved, Six and a Half Years Later

Back in 2006, I asked a question about a scene I saw on TV back when I was a kid. No one knew the answer. [more inside]
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We placed these blocks together.

Multiplayer online block-based player-edited flash game, posted to Metafilter years ago. I can't find it. [more inside]
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March 10

Recent AskMe about hand-painted signs/becoming a sign painter?

I remember there being an AskMe recently about hand-painted signs — specifically (if I'm remembering rightly) about how to learn to paint them. Unfortunately, my search-fu has failed miserably, regardless of search terms I've used. Does this ring a bell? [more inside]
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Woman speaks truth to power; Metafilter shuts it down.

O'rly [more inside]
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March 9

Star Wars Pope Benedict?

I can't track down the pope benedict as galactic overlord dub by an english comic. Anyone have a link?
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What time is it?

I've been curious ever since I started seeing stuff like "Posted 2¾ hours ago". What's the MeFi human-friendly time interval algorithm? And seeing this finally drove me to ask this question — what's the difference between "Just posted" and "Moments ago"?
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MeFi twitter feeds?

Is there a list of official twitter feeds? Failing that is there a list of decent unofficial ones? I have discovered #metafilter which appears to be an official occasional 'best of', #mefiblue and #mefigreen which seem to be unofficial.
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March 8

A callout... for AWESOMENESS!

I've gotten a lot of useful answers to my AskMe questions, but this question seemed to be a stumper. Until... [more inside]
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Matt Haughey wants to connect with you on LinkedIn.

Who else is now connected to Matt? I got one and I told a MF friend of mine, who also got one! Are you networking for new mods, or did you get zinged by Linked In?
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What's your goal when you use the word 'eponysterical' in a response? [more inside]
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Please reconsider the use of the term "butthurt".

Please reconsider the use of the term "butthurt". [more inside]
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March 6

Book full of animals?

I read a book recommendation on the green for a beautifully illustrated children's book about animals. I can't remember anything about it except that the pages were complicated and full of animals and you could spend ages looking at a single page. I think the illustrations were pretty realistic (not cartoonish). Does this ring a bell for anyone?
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Wave the Flag

Is there any way for users to see which posts and comments have been flagged as 'Fantastic'? That would be nice.
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March 5

Berets, baguettes and bouillabaisse

Could we maybe cut down on French stereotypes? The same two canards about lack of military prowess and entrepreneurship may not come up daily, but they appear in comments on and off and they are tired, facile and not too welcoming. I'm not asking for a change in policy, but it would be nice if we could be a bit more thoughtful. [more inside]
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Longest time for an AskMefi OP return?

I have been checking this thread every day since it was first posted/I engaged and we have not heard back from the OP about whether she is safe/well/etc. I fully understand she may never write back (and that it may be in her best interest from a safety/life priorities perspective). [more inside]
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March 4

oh hey guys here's a document that describes everything in detail, nbd

I really like it when an AskMe that could be pretty speculative is answered by someone unexpectedly coming up with an authoritative first-hand document. Anyone have other examples of this? [more inside]
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Indoctrinating the Next Generation

While the recent Mefite baby boom is wonderful (and adorable), I thought everyone might like to know that the slightly-older Hive-Spawn are progressing nicely, too:

Me: "Gee, Lil' Thumbscrew, I'm not really sure about [weird question involving the LD50 of gummie vitamins."
Lil' Thumbscrew, Aged Seven: "ASK METAFILTER!"

That is all.
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MetaTalks Down in Metafilterville

So, on the presumption that Metafilterville happens, whether under the Breton Woods Accord, or the Camp David, whether in NO-LA! or Me-emphis, we should have some talks... But instead of going TED-die (wups! sorry), we should keep to the MeFi rules: Nothing about yourself or what you or your friends & family, (OK, OK, we can have a Projects stage too) but Code-Threads that bring in links in a coherent or (and?) amusing way, complete with Talking Posts (that is, posts, by which people who want to talk, stand). How about it?
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Vetinari's long term plan

There was a wonderful speculative post in some thread on the blue about Vetinari's plan for Ankh Mopork and I can't find it for the life of me. Please help.
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Metafilter Enemies List?

A lot of the comments in today's Amanda Palmer post (and a couple of recent Phil Collins-related posts) got me to wondering just who else is a polarizing public figure on The Blue?
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78: Finishing Moves

This episode runs about an hour and forty minutes long and features recaps of the site for the month of February. Shortest month, but longest podcast? [more inside]
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March 3

Hike it? I can't even spell it.

Best wishes to MeFite and all-around excellent human being wearyaswater who sets off this week to fulfill a lifelong dream: through-hiking the Appalachian Trail! She'll be blogging her journey here. [more inside]
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Spring Training

The 2013 MeFi Fantasy Baseball League is now organizing on Yahoo. [more inside]
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March 2

Academic Integrity: Policy on Ask?

This question was asked, and some respondents have been raising concerns that it might violate the student's honour code. Is there an express policy about this? [more inside]
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Entomologist Wanted

Is this a Deleted Posts script bug, or a visible thread titles bug? [more inside]
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March 1

If you can't say something nice, please wait for a while.

A minor petition to MeFites at large: if you're the first person to comment on a thread, please don't start out negative, because that tends to bring the whole conversation down from the get-go. [more inside]
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