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June 30

Could we please reconsider the policy on "doubles"?

Could we please, as a community, revisit the notion that just because something is a "double" it should be deleted? [more inside]
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Thank You

I just wanted to say thank you. [more inside]
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June 29

Job interview questions on AskMe

I'm curious. What motivates people to give advice on job interview questions? I saw a recent question where the asker was looking for specific ideas to help them deliver a killer presentation in order to land the job of their dreams. Surely, if your advice to the asker is helpful and causes the person to land the job, you're also crushing the dreams of the person who would otherwise have got it had you not helped the Mefite (someone who, perhaps, was going into the interview using all their own ideas, without help of the hive mind)? Is it just tribalism that we prefer the Mefite over the unseen non-Mefite?
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June 28

question about "there's already an active thread" deletions

The deletion of this thread ("An Open Letter to Paula Deen" by Michael William Twitty) made me wonder about one aspect of "kind of a double" deletions. [more inside]
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June 27

Metafilter doesn't do this well.

Much of the discussion about child abuse in this post is bothersome. [more inside]
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What broke Mefiquote?

Was there a recent change that would have semi-broken Plutor's Mefiquote script? [more inside]
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Please Help Me Find an AskMe Answer I Posted

About 3 years ago, I posted an AskMe comment in a thread that I *thought* started off, "I grew up in Hell." It got a lot of favorites, even recently, which freaks me out a bit because the description of my childhood was so raw. Weird to see people are still reading that thread! I wanted to reference it for this current question, but I could not find it. Can anyone find it? The original thread was really long, and was an AskMe from a man that was engaged to a woman with deep emotional problems. Thanks for your help!
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June 26

Is this an idiom or something?

In a film,a teacher says to a student who is going to fight with a classmate. "Tidd! You take one more step and you'll think you were born in detention. Get back to your seat." What does "born in detention" mean? I googled it and I only found some articles like,"Uncertain future awaits babies born in detention.." So is this a sort of exaggerated expression of "being detained"?
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straight-marriage askme cite in salon.com

Askme got a little shout-out in salon.com today, as part of an article about straight people who don't want to get married until gay people can too. Here is the askme referenced; here is "How to Be a Straight Ally in Post-DOMA America." We are almost as famous as Kristen Bell!* ;) *Or we are proof of the old joke: How does a journalist count? "One, two, trend!"
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A suggestion for multi-link posts

I like multi-link posts like this one very much. But sometimes, there are so many links that I don't know where to start. [more inside]
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June 25

My Ask (and other internal tabs) won't click refresh

I had My Ask open for a while, and I went to refresh it by clicking the My Ask text link (like you can do with the Metafilter or AskMeFi text links at the top of the page). In this case, it put a hashtag at the end and did not refresh, and I had to do it by reloading the page with the browser button. [more inside]
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His Majesty, the Duke of Earl..

Today I learned that my title at work is Resident Pop Culture Expert. What's Yours? [more inside]
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Is the canary pining for the fjords?

In light of the latest news reports, I was curious... Has Metafilter ever received a National Security Letter or a FISA court surveillance warrant? Hundreds of thousands of NSL's and tens of thousands of FISA warrants have been handed out to various websites and organizations over the past decade. A single order can encompass multiple individuals' records. MetaFilter's members include several well known "people of interest" in the security and infosec world, including some who have been targeted with NSL's through other online providers, such as Google. Unfortunately, it is illegal to answer "yes" to this question; however, if a mod would like to answer "no comment" or perhaps just not answer this thread at all, as opposed to giving a flat "no, never", I'm sure we could draw our own conclusions. Also, given that Jessamyn was the creator of the original library warrant canary, does MeFi as a site have a similar warrant canary? If not, did it ever? (See also: "My National Security Letter Gag Order", posted in 2007 and Jessamyn's blog about librarians who successfully challenged a NSL.)
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June 24

Thank you, byanyothername.

Thank you, byanyothername. [more inside]
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June 21

My Little Pony: Sidebar Magic

Can we have sidebar items link directly to the post or comment rather than Best Of? [more inside]
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Calgary flooding: check-in

Calgary and Southern Alberta is experiencing the worst flooding in decades with 75,000 people displaced and the downtown core evacuated. I'm hoping that MeFites can check in and say they are OK. [more inside]
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June 20

Random Pony Request

I was just browsing AskMe via Random (great sport!) My finger was already clicking on Random again when I realized I still wanted to read it, so of course I got a new Random. I hit the back button and found out Random wasn't appending to my browser history! Please make Random leave footprints in my history like all the other links I click? [more inside]
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Ragnarok On.

Congratulations to MetaFilter's Own™ John Hodgman on today's release of his charming standup special John Hodgman: Ragnarok. [more inside]
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Mefi does obesity well

The obesity-as-disease thread is going much, much better than I expected it to, and I just wanted to thank all those responsible. [more inside]
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"Lavaballing" thread sexist and dissenting comments deleted

The lavaballing thread is man-hating and sexist and comments pointing this out are deleted. There are reasons why men need to sit splay legged for their physical health. If I posted an essay that contained "women cross their legs when they sit, what bitches amirite?" it would get deleted and rightly so. What is the process for deleting a post as sexist?
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Free advice is seldom cheap

Cribcage hit the nail on the head with this recent comment: "people who have no idea what they're talking about but think posting answers on AskMe is 'fun' will now believe they have some factual basis for telling you in confident detail exactly what to do..." [more inside]
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June 19

We got some local color happening.

Is this a bug or by design? Gray frame around the most recent comment on recent activity. Instead of the usual gray box. This is what it looks like in Unprofessional Mode.
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ios 7

Would it be permissible for mefi to facilitate users getting ios 7 udid registration ? [more inside]
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So much love, and I don't know what to do with it!

Can you help me find a comment, or a thread, or a comment in a thread (!) about not knowing what to do when you're so overwhelmed with good feelings (mostly love) and you just don't know what to do with it? [more inside]
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June 18

The Canonical Quidnunc

You all know you should vote #1 quidnunc kid. But do you know why? [more inside]
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New MetaTalk Contact Form Agreement

We're adding a short blurb and checkbox to the MetaTalk New Post form that reminds people the Contact Form is an option. [more inside]
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June 17

Google Seceder

PSA: Google Reader shuts down in two weeks. Several alternatives capable of importing your subscription lists and starred items (exportable via Google Takeout) have popped up since the closure announcement, and that's OK. But there's one highly valuable aspect of Reader nobody can replicate and that will soon be lost forever: Reader's vast archive of cached feed data. Here's how to save it all. [more inside]
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Question on the Blue

I knew about open Snowden threads of course, but the G20 surveillance news really wasn't being discussed elsewhere. I though a new thread might spark an interesting conversation about what effects this might have on the G8 meeting. Also we'd no G8 thread. Also we hadn't discussed GCHQ. Sadly, my post did not inspire a discussion that diverged significantly from the existing threads, maybe my /. link screwed it up, not sure. Anyways, if anyone has easy tips for quieting the early thread axe grinds then I'd be interested to hear them. I suppose more links about GCHQ would've helped, but probably not much, and that's more work. Would it have been out of line for me to have simply ended the post with a question like : Do we know how this will impact the G8 meeting?
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A Pony with a Green Check Cutie Mark

So if you look at an Ask thread on its own, best answers are marked with a distinct background. However, in Recent Activity, best answers are marked with a green check. That's because "my answers" are marked with a distinct background. I find this unnecessarily confusing and would appreciate some consistency. Ideas from the floor on the best solution are welcome!
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June 16

Is the honeymoon over yet?

Happy Anniversary, y'all.
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June 15

Another Nintendo friend code exchange thread

Hey Mefites! Several of us who used to play Glitch have started playing Animal Crossing: New Leaf on the Nintendo 3DS. Non-Glitchen are welcome too! [more inside]
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No echo in here

Over in this longboat thread, we've discovered an odd bug. If you try to make a post that's identical to one that you've made previously in the same thread, it doesn't work. Instead, the thread refreshes and goes to your previous comment.
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June 14

Today is my anniversary here, and for that I am grateful.

After 2 years of being here, I want to say thank you. You have given me so much. [more inside]
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Scatter pony

I have a dual-foaled pony request for AskMe: 1. That there be a separate category for identification requests, for everything including Flora and Fauna, Music and Movies, etc. 2. When these ID questions are marked as resolved, the asker has an additional prompt to add the correct/bestest answer to the tags, in addition to resolved. [more inside]
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Nonviolent Communication

Nonviolent communication has gotten me past a lot of dead ends in conversations, and now I can't help but see how useful it could be in a lot conversations in a lot of threads. I was thinking maybe Metatalk could benefit from a general discussion on the nonviolent communication process and how it works. [more inside]
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June 13

What's up with all the blink tags all of a sudden?

It seems like the blink tag post has spurred a resurgence of their use here. What's up with that? [more inside]
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São Paulo bus riots 2013 — a good post?

Today will mark the third day of increasingly violent rioting over a bus fare increase in my hometown, São Paulo. Would this make a good post? If yes, what kind of post is best? Thanks!
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No Tweets?

I've recently noticed that my most recent Tweet is no longer showing-up on my profile page. Checking around, it seems others' profiles are similarly affected. Is Twitter blocking access?
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Happy Moderator's Day!

Five years ago I put forth a humble suggestion that June 13th be celebrated each year as Moderator's Day. We've celebrated it more or less enthusiastically over the years, and I just wanted to take this opportunity to specifically thank mathowie, jessamyn, cortex, vacapinta, restless_nomad, taz, LobsterMitten, goodnewsfortheinsane, and pb for their hard work and dedication. Thanks, guys. You can take the rest of the day off. We'll be good, I promise. [more inside]
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June 12

Is MeFi officially pro-pseudoscience?

In a recent Ask thread, one commenter suggested Reiki healing as a treatment for labor pains. I gave a neutrally-worded comment with links to meta-analyses which showed that Reiki healing has no measurable effect on any illness. This comment was deleted, though the original comment stands. The only conclusion I can draw from this is that it is officially ok to endorse Reiki healing, but not to point out that it is rejected by the scientific and medical communities, because that would be a 'derail'. Do I have that right?
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June 11

Dear AskMe: Thanks.

I don't know y'all's addresses so I'm sending my thank-you note c/o MetaTalk. [more inside]
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Personal ad review group

Since there are frequent posts in ask meta asking for reviews of an ok cupid ad, would there be an interest in the community in having a personal ad review group? [more inside]
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June 10

Trans* 101

A few weeks ago, tensions were rising high in a trans*-related FPP over the tendency of threads on said topic to turn into trans 101 rather than focusing on issues highlighted, especially given how it could be perceived as threatening and exhausting. Juliet Banana was apparently listening to the debate and made a special note to include links to some FAQs in today's post on the topic. I just wanted to extend my kudos and bring attention to this excellent resolution to the debate, and suggest that this should be a standard for trans* posts in the future.
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Should AskMe be used to help locate Edward Snowden?

This AskMe Question seems to be an attempt to find Edward Snowden's hotel in Honk Kong. He's since checked-out, so the issue isn't pressing, but I think we should discuss whether that's a use of Ask Metafilter with which we are comfortable. I personally sympathize with Mr. Snowden and think we should avoid providing crowd-sourced help to the CIA and others who may be seeking him. I recognize Mr. Snowden hasn't made much of an attempt to hide his location and the CIA doesn't really need our help.
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June 9

Cataloging the cats

I'd swear that a few years ago there was a post on the Blue that linked to a huge chart of cats, grouped by traits. I don't recall the purpose of the chart but I think it was more about inherited traits than, say, how cat shows group cats. Can anyone help track this down, or am I misremembering where I saw it? Thanks!
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"Check your MeMail"

I've been wondering: What is the thinking behind a poster offering up "Check your MeMail" (and nothing else) in response to an AskMe? [more inside]
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Full stop the "full stop"?

I've noticed a recently trend recently where people use the phrase "full stop" to cut off a line of thinking they disagree with. I'm wondering what other people think about this. [more inside]
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When should I post?

Has anyone done research into the ideal day/time to post something to our beloved collection of multi-colored subsites? i.e. the most statistically probable time to get the maximum number of responses?
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This has never happened before

This thread has shattered the record for the most comments in Metatalk thread and during the next week might actually break the record for the most comments ever, across all of Metafilter. Typically threads with high comment counts involve politics or religion or sex. If this thread breaks the overall record, it will do so because of loosely organized nonsense. Wanna help?
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June 7

What to do when threads result in name calling?

See Inside [more inside]
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June 6

How to react when the thread eats you alive

A current thread in AskMe is about how to react when someone flips out on you in public, or on public transit over something relatively minor. In my mind at least, it's gone a bit off the rails and it properly rubbed me the wrong way... [more inside]
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June 5

Music Challenge - we need your input

Over on music.mefi we're considering the future of the music challenge, which I've been running for a while now, after taking over from Flapjax. This has traditionally been an entry point for people into the world of music.mefi and we'd love to get some input about the direction it should take. [more inside]
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Not Safe for Work Titles for Stuff that Should be Safe for Work

Can we please not have the word "porn" for articles which are not that? I read the blue on my work breaks; I don't dare open links with that word at work (like the one posted today) since my web history is monitored and I don't feel like explaining myself to my boss, "Oh it was just photos of sea animals, the article writer was just being clever." because he is then going to thing that I whack it to sea cucumbers (not that there is anything wrong with that). I guess I'll have to check out that link at home, but by then there are other things to look at and I might not get back to it.
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I can't be the only one suffering deeply after this exceedingly concise update:
I got back from my trip to a mailbox full of postcards! The most cryptically addressed was just Box 345, 05060. Nothing with just my name and town ... yet.
posted by jessamyn (staff) at 12:08 PM on April 29 [2 favorites +] [!]
No pictures? No stories? AUGH.
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MeFi PenPals

There seems to be some interest in letter writing, based on the responses to this AskMe: Need a surrogate older sister. [more inside]
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Google Reader Diaspora

Is it too early for a "let's all become friends on whatever RSS readers we're trying" thread? [more inside]
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June 4

My question about my abortion was deleted as "chatfilter"

This is a sockpuppet account. I've been a contributing member of this community for several years under another account. One of the mods here deleted my question ABOUT THE ABORTION I AM PLANNING TO HAVE IN TWO DAYS. Because he thought it was "chatfilter". [more inside]
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Are questions that ask for advice and perspectives from those who have gone through similar experiences now considered chatfilter? I think this question should have stayed up.
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Final Update added to old Ask MeFi questions

Today we're launching a small feature that will allow us to update long-closed Ask MetaFilter questions. If you found the definitive answer to your question long after the one-year mark closed, there is now a mechanism to send us a final update. [more inside]
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Finding Link on Women/Fear of Rape

I'm looking to find a link to a story or comment that I saw on MeFi sometime within the past few months. It was about the fact that women naturally live in fear of sexual assault because of the fact they are physically smaller and weaker and the way the parts fit. Something about how every strange man has the potential to hurt them and that that's just something men don't experience? [more inside]
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81: Does the Dog Die?

Episode 81 was recorded yesterday (Monday June 3) and runs about 90 minutes, covering our favorite bits from the entire site. [more inside]
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I want to know exactly where I'm going.

In the front page "contact activity" section, if one of your contacts has a best answer, it specifies the AskMetafilter question where the answer appears. I wonder, can something similar be done for "has a comment with X favorites," instead of just saying "in AskMetafilter" or "in MetaFilter"?
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An AskMetaFilter Question Thrice Cited Over Potential BS in the NYT

So I'm reading Inside Higher Ed, this morning, as I'm wont to do, and I come across this article about a New York Times Magazine essay that seemed like BS to the IHE author. The reasons he questions the veracity of the events described are: this AskMe question, this blog piece also citing the AskMe question, and this Washington Post humor column also citing said AskMe question. It was odd to see AskMetaFilter three times before lunch. Congratulations, Junior Detectives, you may have caught a aviation bloviator.
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The MetaFilter Conspiracy

Attorneys James Daily and Ryan Davidson, better knownst to us as jedicus and valkyryn, are guest-blogging this week at the rather frighteningly prestigious law blog "The Volokh Conspiracy." Daily and Davidson, as many of us know, were propelled to fame and fortune by their joint project Law and the Multiverse, and the resulting book The Law of Superheroes, in which they apply our mundane Earth-Prime laws to comic books. And, of course, it all started at MeFi Projects.
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June 3

mathowie on "Quit!" podcast with Dan Benjamin.

Quit! #26: This Is Not My Beautiful Life
Dan is joined by Matt Haughey, founder of MetaFilter and briefly Glenn Fleishman to discuss what it truly means to run a business. [more inside]
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New profile "also on" updates: Strava, Steepster, Newsblur, [more]

MeFi cyclists/runners: your Strava account, if you have one, is now linkable in the "Also On:" section of your profile. In this same update it looks like pb has also added: Steepster, Newsblur, Hacker News, ResearcherID, ResearchGate, and eBay (any others, pb?). Related link: MeFi Social Explorer (for finding other users with profiles on growing list of linkable communities). [more inside]
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Enough with the batshit insanity of Mr. Jones

I think it's time that we all collectively consider no longer linking to Alex Jones or Infowars. [more inside]
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More than one thing can happen in the world at once.

It bothers me that there are always comments trivializing posts about arts, culture, games, or what have you, when there are news events occurring. It seems to lack perspective on what Metafilter is, and to come from a place where the poster assumes that we should all have our attention focused on one particular newsfilter post. (Because Prague is flooding and Turkey is revolting, EVE going down is not of any interest at all!) If you don't find anything interesting in a post, please just go to the next one. There's no need to play posting morality police. Metafilter won't run out of bits.
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June 2

When was the last time a FPP neared 700 comments?

http://​www.​metafilter​.com​/128626​/Matt-Smith-is-leaving-Doctor-Who - Is there a way to search, sort, organized based on what's generated the most discussion?
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You beat the high score?

Once this morning, then again and again this afternoon, (effectively) single-link posts to a NYT op-ed by Julian Assange were deleted from the blue. Now, a cursory search shows many other single-link op-eds that have survived deletion, and also a fair number that haven't. What I don't see are many examples of a story being repeatedly deleted. I read MeFi via RSS feed; otherwise, this would pass by unnoticed. In years of doing so, I don't think I've ever seen a string of deletion events like this, and I figure others have noticed this as well. Any point in discussing?
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A well-read pony

In this thread, there was discussion of creating a Goodreads widget, but nothing ever came of it. Is it still possible? [more inside]
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Archive of Our Own profile widget?

It has lately come to my attention that there are several people here who are interested in creating and consuming fanworks. How would the mods - and the community at large - feel about adding an Archive of Our Own widget to the Social Apps part of the profile? They seem to exist at least to some extent because they are available on Dreamwidth (see my profile).
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June 1

Making a poster out of a great AskMe answer - thoughts?

I talk about .kobayashi.'s epic 2010 dissertation model AskMe answer ALL THE TIME. (I am now an assistant professor advising graduate students.) I was thinking about having it made into a cool typographic poster. (Like this). Does this seem like a cool thing to do, intellectual property wise? Other issues?
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