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September 30

Friendly-Reminder: SLYT 101

I am publicly turning in my FPP homework assignment.
I would like to think I purposely make dumb FPP mistakes so the newer members are less intimidated to post.
However, thank you rouftop for pointing out the obvious also everyone who applauded him.
[more inside]
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taz levels up

Modflation continues apace! We're adding a nighttime EU based mod to help cover our bases and that user is (drumroll...) taz! Welcome taz everyone as your new moderator overlord. [more inside]
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Healthy MeFites are Happy MeFites!

If you like Health and are familiar with the unit of time known as Months, then you'll love Health Month: The October Edition! [more inside]
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September 29


Languages! We speak 'em! How can we help each other? [more inside]
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Weird synchronicity?

Are these people married to each other??? [more inside]
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FaveRunner: The Video Game Of Missing The Point Of Metafilter, by ye olde Cortex. [more inside]
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The Times is tightening the rules.

Earlier this year there was a discussion of links to the NYT in which the fact that links from Metafilter were exempted from the paywall was given as a reason not to treat these links specially. Such links are no longer exempted. Can we please start treating these as we do links to any other subscription-only source?
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We're all still products being sold. But now we're pigs.

Just over a year ago, blue_beetle commented that "If you are not paying for it, you're not the customer; you're the product being sold." This made the rounds for a bit, as people recognized the truth in it. (Previously and previously on MeTa) Today, his comment has been featured -- without attribution -- on a "demotivational poster" comparing Facebook users to pigs.
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September 28

Fantasy Hockey League 2011

MeFi Fantasy Hockey League is now organizing. [more inside]
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News feed for comment links on mefi

A lot of good links on the blue, green and grey. But some of the better links are buried in the comments section of ask mefi, or even front page. Is there any easy way to have a list of all of the links on mefi as they get posted in comments section come up in a news feed? [more inside]
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Metafilter would look so pretty with MathML!

Is there any interest in allowing MathML in posts and comments? We could use MathJax on another site like to convert a readable LaTeX equation into a MathML for the comment here.
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Thai Nazi Chic

Thailand in the news again with another Nazi parade. Follow up on a previous thread topic. [more inside]
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Huh? Where'd that come from?

What the heck is this? AskMe questions are showing up on this site, and the "### comments on this item" link goes straight to AskMe. [more inside]
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September 27

Local Ask

Pony Request. Would it be possible to have a 'local' tab similar to 'My Ask' that displayed questions from users nearby? [more inside]
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I bet you have a very funny reply to this topic that involves an emoticon

Is it just me, or are more people using emoticons in comments than a year or so ago? [more inside]
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September 26

Did you know there will be a whole year of political drama coming up?

Should we have a PoliticalFilter? [more inside]
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Send me sent MeFi Mails?

I'd like it if I had the option to also send a copy of the MeFi mails I send to my main email account as well as those I receive. [more inside]
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Meanwhile, on Etsy...

A few months ago, honey-barbara posted an FPP to highlight the work of Wendy MacNaughton. Many mefites especially enjoyed her illustrated documentary in watercolor on the San Francisco Public Library, part of an ongoing series she does for The Rumpus. Appropriately enough, it has now been turned into a book. [more inside]
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Team Metafilter hits $50k

Kiva Team Metafilter slips through the $50,000 of loans mark. [more inside]
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AskMeFi amendments

Feature Request: AskMeFi "amendments," long after a thread has been closed. Maybe 3% of the questions I've answered, life goes on, I learn, and I wish I could add something to the boneheaded advice that was supplied by an earlier me, so future searchers see it. [more inside]
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Mmm. Text shadow.

I've been away for a couple of days, so I just noticed the text shadow on the preview/post buttons. I gotta say: They look ballin'! Keep the tasteful modernization of MetaFilter going!
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Teh Stupid, it hurts

Deleted a bunch of comments - let's try this again, was a moderator's comment found in this thread. The thread itself is not important and neither is the link really. What I feel is important is a growing Metafilter trend. [more inside]
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Spotify MeFites

As I was listening to some new music on Spotify I was remembering the fun I've had listening to recommended tracks by MeFi listeners, especially the Christmas tracks. Has anyone created a shared playlist/collaborative playlist with MeFi contributors? Should this be AskMe?
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September 25

Thread deletion reason, please.

This thread was deleted with the reason being "let's not". That reason is obtuse and may be difficult for some people to understand. Could we have a clear explanation of why the thread was deleted, please?
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September 23

Credit where credit is due

Okay, am I crazy or did I just hear the voice of our dear leader on the teaser for next week's Marketplace? [more inside]
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Mobile page changes?

Or not rendering properly? [more inside]
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1,000,000 words

On the blue, people occasionally post links to repositories of images of one kind or another. Has anyone amassed a collection of these?
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How do you interpret all this?

The weirdo question from earlier this afternoon is still hanging around on the main ask page, if you're not logged in. [more inside]
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Mefi Call of Cthulhu game discussion

Is anyone up for a Metafilter Call of Cthulhu adventure? [more inside]
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September 22

Then is a close thread a close thread?

Has anyone ever got in after a Jessamyn/Cortex "I'll close this up" comment...? [more inside]
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September 21

Tlön, Uqbar, Orbis Tertius Gaiden

Naoto Ōshima, designer of such classic games as Jah, Eggmon pops into a thread to drop some history and Easter Eggs.
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How many "how many"

How many "how many" posts are we going to see today? [more inside]
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This is all very amusing

How many "how many..." FPP's in one day is too many? [more inside]
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The founder of Byliner stopped by to comment in this thread.
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A Little Rebel's Tale on the Blue

Welcome new MeFite Philip Nel, one of the editors of "Tales for Little Rebels," who showed up in yesterday's thread about favorite childhood tales written by radical lefties. He also kindly provided this bibliography from “Radical Children’s Literature Now!,” a lecture he and Julia Mickenberg gave at the Children’s Literature Association Conference earlier this summer.
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September 19

65: Unreliable Wet Ware Factor

Episode 65 is just me and Jessamyn shooting the breeze about the last month and a half of posts to the sites. Enjoy. [more inside]
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Game on!

MeFi Mag September issue is HERE!(MagCloud) and also HERE!(pdf direct). It's all about games, and while not the massive tome we'd hoped for (more a modest pastime), it still includes: [more inside]
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Hip Hip HooZizzle!

After 41 and a half weeks, a month of "false" labor, and one anonymous askme, Baby Zizzle 2.0 made her arrival today at 9 AM EST! [more inside]
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Pony Request: Save Draft for Ask Metafilter

I find myself thinking of questions I want to ask when it's been only 5, 7, 9 days from my last question. Then day 10 rolls around and I can't remember what it was. Then something else comes up, and I ask a question about it, and like clockwork the next day I remember what that VERY IMPORTANT (but not urgent) question I want to ask was. Would it be possible for us to save a draft of a question or of multiple questions while we are working on them/formulating our thoughts/waiting for the clock to run out?
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I got some 'splainin' to do

Pony request: Flag > Other > ??? [more inside]
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That can't be. That's inside the thread.

Deck ad not rendering properly in threads, in Firefox 4.01 on Mac for logged out users. [more inside]
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September 18

Amerigo Gazaway found MetaFilter

The producer of the Fela Soul mashup album is now a MeFite!
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Everything is Terrible mentions MeFi

Metafilter forums going on for miles and miles gets a brief mention on the Jeff Rubin Jeff Rubin Podcast as Rubin interviews the guys from Everything is Terrible. Though I'm not sure which of the many EIT threads they mean. The mention is 25 minutes into it.
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September 16

Try and believe, I thought I'd show you / The way tomorrow, please just peek at the ground .

saveyoursanity came into #bunnies yesterday with some terrible news. She had been contacted on Facebook by one of Bob Sarabia's sisters, telling her that bob sarabia, aka puke & cry, aka dead cousin ted has passed away. Dinosaur Jr - Puke & Cry [more inside]
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Within the last year, there was a post on the blue that had a video of a (British?) guy giving a lecture where he played a song backwards (maybe a Led Zeppelin song?) and it sounded like gibberish and then he played it again, but with lyrics on the screen to influence your mind to hear what was "really" being said. Could you help me find this?
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September 15

Please help me find a previous mefi discussion on the non-freakishness of non-use of social media

Please help me find a previous mefi discussion on the non-freakishness of non-use of social media [more inside]
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languagehat: "my work here is done"

languagehat has left the building. [more inside]
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September 14

Mr. Fireman, bet you couldn't put me out if you tried.

Pony: most comments by a single user. [more inside]
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One is the loneliest DJ

So what does a guy have to do to get a listening room rockin' around here? I'd like to revive memebake's listening room for MeFites if anyone else is interested. [more inside]
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How did the author of Javascript come to answer a newbie Javascript question?

This AskMe thread which began as a fairly simple "help me understand JavaScript" thread, took an unexpected awesome turn when the original author of Javascript not only made a post to this thread, but signed up for an account just to do it. [more inside]
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126 Comments Gone With The Wind

This post had 126 comments before it was deleted. I'm curious, what is the record number of comments made in a deleted thread? Do you still take the number of comments made into consideration before deleting? [more inside]
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Checkbox to set "mymefi" tab as default

Would it be possible to have an checkbox option to set the "my mefi" / "my askmefi" tabs as the default tab that opens for logged in users? [more inside]
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September 13

Using this to get Hoder freed?

Iran president: US hikers Shane Bauer and Josh Fattal to be freed ‘in a couple of days’ Mahmoud Ahmadinejad says alleged spies will be released on ‘humanitarian’ grounds. Is there any way this news can help us get Mefi's Own Hoder freed? [more inside]
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Like high school but more prolix.

Is the Popular Favorites stuff determined on the fly, or do the posts and comments get an invisible tag stating that they've made it to the page? [more inside]
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Thread hiatus switch or something something ...

Pony Request: It would great to have a thread hiatus switch oriented along temporal vectors. [more inside]
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September 12

Creepy Happy People

Find me the shiny happy people? [more inside]
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September 11

I know where you're coming from

Feature request for profiles: phone numbers. [more inside]
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sorry i was made these purchase because a error... seems to be broken. There's only one option, and it's not available for sale. [more inside]
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September 10

I believe the consensus last time was "Give 'Em Hell"

Dear Givewell: You're kidding, right? [more inside]
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I'm already sad, the commercialism is just making things worse.

Am I the only one who is disgusted and depressed by the coverage of the 10th Anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks? [more inside]
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September 9

Tennis Ace Isner

MeFite John Isner is playing well at the U.S. Open. He just took the third set from Andy Murray with a 139 mph ace. Murray is up 2 sets to 1, but I would love to see Isner win this match. How about you guys? Let's cheer him on.
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September 8

MeFi RSS feed is invalid

My RSS reader says the MetaFilter RSS feed is invalid. I'd really like to use it because I've become RSS oriented and I'm not checking MeFi. It could be a problem with the RSS reader, Thunderbird 2.0.24 (I know there are other readers, but TB uniquely meets my needs), but the MeFi feed has worked previously and the AskMefi RSS feed works currently. I've tried the feeds coming from the host and the one from feed2.. Thanks in advance.
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Why, cortex, why??

I have no desire to contact the mods, or use the contact form, I just want to ask people a question, and have them answer it. But whenever I do so, my posts are deleted. Can I get my five dollars back? [more inside]
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David Vill's Soul Patch Costs .5 Extra

Attention all MeFi soccer/football enthusiasts: If you're not already fantasy leagued out, the MeFi UEFA Champions' League Fantasy League is renewed for the 2011/2012 season. League code is 46760-8861. Hurry! First matches and scoring starts September 13, 2011.
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September 7

Metafilter - my leader.

Metafilter: entrepreneurial inspiration.
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November MeTa Book Club

Disclosure: this is the monthly MeTa book club notice. The often controversial Philip Roth capped his Zuckerman trilogy of books with The Human Stain. The book won the WH Smith Literary award for 2001. It was also the basis for the 2003 movie, The Human Stain. [more inside]
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Ask MetaFilter Travel Locations

Today we're introducing a new way to find travel questions at Ask MetaFilter: Travel Locations. [more inside]
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September 6

Is this a self-link?

No self-linking, but what about stuff you're tangentially involved with? [more inside]
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Containing the "10 Years After" Posts

MeFi was a big part of my experience of the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001. I want to skip the concerned, oh-so-caring, oh-so-sincere newscasters, who are pumping fatuous bilge on overtime. This is a good link. Can we please keep the Sept. 11 "10 years after" posts corralled? Many people need them to exist, but MSM is on hyper-saturation with it, and I don't want more of that. [more inside]
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MeFi Pick 'em: Fantasy Football For Lazy People

MeFi NFL Pick 'em is on. Details inside. [more inside]
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Skipping posts on a topic

Is there a greasemonkey script that hides all posts with a given keyword? Can there be? [more inside]
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September 5

Jessamyn Day 2011

Today is one of the great Metafilter holidays. Happy Jessamyn Day, everyone! Especially to Jessamyn!
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September 3

Some Green Links Not Working

Very often I can't open random green questions from my iphone4. HALP! [more inside]
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Why are threads closed?

Why are threads closed to new comments after 30 days in AskMetafilter? [more inside]
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September 2

links only please.

Is there any interest in a display mode that shows only the comments providing links? It might make a fairly convenient way to skim long messy threads quickly. [more inside]
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Out of the doorway the bullets rip

Remember Aardvark? Goodbye Aardvark. Aardvark will be shutting down at the end of September. [more inside]
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It's dune and over with.

Dune Week is CANCELED! [more inside]
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I liked the Waffle House post.

I'm here to defend zarq's alleged double and the deleted Waffle House post. [more inside]
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Posted, but not marked

Jezztek's wonderful Monsters of Grok site in Projects got posted to the front page but not via the "post this to mefi" button. Is there a way to get it marked as such anyway? [more inside]
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September 1

Text not "MeFi" enough?!

Regarding this post, which was deleted. "This is the sort of thing you need to write a more MeFi-like post for." Well, considering that the text of the headline I used is very similar -- if anything, less graphic -- than the headline of the article I linked to, with much of the text is taken verbatim from the memo, with additional information accurately presented, can I get a clarification on how this isn't written in a Me-fi enough way, please?!
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Bringing out the dead

My first pony. [more inside]
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Unconditional love? What?

Am I doing this right? I never leave the green. Sorry in advance if this isn't what MetaTalk is for. AlsoMike talked about unconditional love in this thread and it reminded me of some thoughts I've wanted to ask people about - namely that unconditional love just sounds like absurdity to me. Quote from the thread and more explanation below. [more inside]
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"One day I told him I thought the world should have a book of everything he knows."

Sheila Heti and Misha Glouberman started Toronto's Trampoline Hall, a non-expert lecture series. Heti has recently written a book entitled The Chairs Are Where The People Go, a 72-chapter long interview with Glouberman, whom some of us know as ManInSuit. [more inside]
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