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January 31

most recent posts on the MetaTalk frontpage don't show up

When I'm not logged in, the most recent posts on the MetaTalk frontpage don't show up. (More inside.)
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January 30

Jrun closed the connection

Anyone else getting "Jrun closed the connection" errors intermittently?
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Will stats for AskMe be available on the profile page?

Are we adding stats for AskMe to a user's info page? That is how I mostly keep track of threads in which I am usually only marginally involved. If this has been covered before I openly apologize.
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Why was my comment deleted?

If people are going to ask religious questions, does Matt apply doctrinal arguments in adjudging what is an acceptable answer or not? [MI]
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Who joe-jobbed me?

36 hours ago, I posted a message in Ask Mefi regarding what it would take for the world to adopt a more secure method of email to prevent nefarious people from spoofing legitimate email accounts.

This morning, my inbox was flooded with hundreds of bounced spam emails from AOL, apparently unrelated to the MyDoom virus.

What I want to know is, who's the wiseguy?
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January 29

Upgrade in progress

Just a heads up, I'm in the middle of a slightly messed up software upgrade in process - expect things to be broken for the next few hours
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January 28

Accents and posting

A boring, very minor quibble with a view to absolute perfection: accent xenophobia continues to run rampant in MetaFilter's and MetaTalk's posting boxes. [More inside.]
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January 26

IraqFilter, I/P, staying on topic

Re: Iraq.
Kinda playing off of what stavros was hinting at a couple of posts ago. More inside.
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NYC meetup!

Hey kids. The NYC meetup previously bruited about is a go for 20 February, at Veselka, at 19.30 hours p.m. of the evening. Get yer borscht on.
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Portland Meetup Followup

Why no commentary nor pictures of the MeFi Portland meetup? Here it is, Monday, and not a word about it. Did it happen? Did #1 make it? Did any of you?
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Details on the Amsterdam meetup.

Details on the coming Amsterdam MeFi gathering are here. Drop me a line if you'd like to join.
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January 24

Please no Iraq posts

As ineffective as the injunction against Iraq-related threads on the posting page was, maybe something similar might be a good idea to head off what is certain to grow into an onslaught of suboptimal posts like this one over the coming months.
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Political commentary is appearing in front page posts

I've noticed a trend of increasingly common political commentary in front page posts. Most recently, some of the links have been to news stories specifically for the purpose of criticizing them. Should we adopt an explicit policy of links on the outside, commentary on the inside?
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January 23

Posting links directly to download sites

Etiquette question. I posted this AM about a small software application. After posting it occurred to me that the link was directly to the download site version tracker and not to the software author site. I felt this may have been bad etiquette on my part and I followed up with a comment redirecting to the author site.

My question, Is it bad etiquette to post an interest link to a download site (such as version tracker)? Presumably because many Metafiler viewers will click through to the download site just to "look" or follow the link and thus adding unnecessary traffic to this site.

On a side note, it would be useful to edit a post after posting it , any plans to implement this functionality?
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FPP not for settling old grudges

So when did the Metafilter front page become a place to settle old grudges? Really, this is just a bit childish. Your links should speak for themselves; editorializing and playground callouts help neither you nor anyone else.
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MeFi skins/theme support?

Any plans for MeFi skins/theme support? The skins are designed by the users, for example at LinkFilter.
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Pagination of comments

Would it make sense to spread the comments on user pages over multiple pages in batches of 100 or 200 comments per page? Right now loading a page listing the user's comments in MeFi or MeTa takes a while to load if there are tonnes of comments to list.
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Are we infected with paid spokespeople/meme spreaders/spinners?

What would it take to buy a few Metafilter partisans ? Not much in some cases, I'd say. --from troutfishing in the Repub dirty tricks thread

He raises an very interesting question. Are we infected with paid spokespeople/meme spreaders/spinners?
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January 22

One question a week

Does anyone else think that Ask Metafilter would be improved if people could only ask one question per week? There are no 'bad' questions, and I love the site, but maybe it would be better if people saved up their questions for really good stuff, rather then just asking a question of the moment. The down side is that some off the cuff questions are the best, they mirror the way the mind thinks while on the web...
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Portland Meetup

Anybody who is going to the Metafilter Meetup in Portland, OR as discussed in this thread tomorrow at 6pm, please post inside.
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January 21

Did everyone read stav's phenomenal post on his blog?

Did everyone read stav's phenomenal post on his blog?
EmptyBottle.org: Never Mind The Bollocks, Here's The Wonderchicken
Tom Coates called it, "the 2004 State of the Weblog Nation."
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casual NYC-centric gathering

So, uh, what's the etiquette for convening a casual-stylee NYC-centric gathering? I've been here two months already - it feels like it's time to meet the locals!
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Anyone else getting their new link/comment counter reset to zero on the first (main page) reload?

Anyone else getting their new link/comment counter reset to zero on the first (main page) reload? Since yesterday or so, any time I click through to a thread and then go back to the front, every thread is reporting all comments as read. Seems to be happening on the grey and green too.
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Netherlands meetup 2004

Anyone interested in a MeFi gathering in the Netherlands ? It seems that there are at least two dozen Dutchies around. Dus laat wat van je horen, zou ik zeggen!
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Portland Meetup

The Portland Meetup this Friday (1/23) at 6pm will be held where?
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Slow loading?

the blue, gray and green all seem remarkable slow the last two days. pages seem to load in fits and starts. often the page appears to be waiting for google ads, but sometimes not. what's the deal?
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January 20

linking images inline is bandwidth theft

bandwidth theft
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January 19

We can discuss politics in AskMe, but we cannot joke about it

crazy finger treads the fine line... which is to say the kudzu seems to be taking...
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Matt Haughey: Under the Iron

New from the "I bet Matt will kill me for posting this here" department....
Matt Haughey: Under the Iron
A great, interesting, informative 'interview' with Our Fearless Leader.
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Weak sauce

Blatant front-page troll.
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January 18

Politics out of AskMe

Can we please keep politics off AskMetaFilter?
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[MI] needs to die PDQ IMHO.

[MI] needs to die PDQ IMHO.
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SoCal Meetup

MeFiSoCalWenCom04 came off nearly flawlessly last night, with attendence in the double digits (if you include MeFites' significent others and the MonkeyFilter contingent. [more inside. always more inside]
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January 17

There is no cute icon for AskMefi in Firebird

This is a microponiacal request. There is no cute icon for AskMefi in Firebird. I dunno how this is done, just noticing that Mefi and Meta both have one, and AskMefi doesn't
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Old Copyright Info

I notice the copyright information on The Grey, The Blue and The Green all say 2000-2003.
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I want this pony

I want this pony: To help make the AskMe archive a little more mineable and thereby cut down on repeat questions, might we include either arbitrary keywords, selected by the questioner, to flag the question, or more simply a choice of categories to apply to the question (as we have in MeTa)?
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January 15

Askme posts disappearing rapidly off the front page

AskMe threads are disappearing off the front page at high speed as floods of new questions come in. It seems to me that a good many questions could have been answered had the question-asker put a bit more effort into googling. What are we to do?
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very minor bug this

Very minor bug this, but I'll mention it given that I've only ever seen it happen on Metatalk and AskMefi...
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Expanding the URL search?

Very Small Pony: Matt, would it be possible to copy the code used for the URL search on the Post A Link page onto the Search page, so it could be accessed even if you have posted something within the past 24 hours?
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Are two word questions enough details for askme

I appreciate that this has been raised before, but wouldn't it be good etiquette for questions on AskMetaFilter to at least contain a question? Surely two words is not enough?
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January 14

Neither funny nor on-topic

Pardon me for asking, but WTF? I can't think of how this answer is useful, or even humorous yet off topic. It's just random and potentially offensive in a surreal sort of way. How do we head this stuff off at the pass? The "as useful as you make it" bit isn't working.
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Anyone really know the history of MetaFilter?

Anyone really know the history of MetaFilter? (more, as you expected, inside)
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Iraq/suicide post callout

Fact: This is an awful post.
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MetaFilter: Grand Royal experiment

What if everyone ponied up, say, five bucks to a PayPal account? That's $70K. We make that our max bid, and if we lose, we either get it back or make a donation to a music charity.

While the MetaFilter: Grand Royal experiment sounds noble, it would likely have to be conducted "off-site, yet in spirit". (Unless Matt's anxious for another burgeoning project to worry over...)

So how do we bell this cat, and how many brave mice want to participate?
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is it possible to ask Windows-related questions on AskMe without being sneered at?

Do you think it might be possible to ask Windows-related questions on AskMe without being sneered at?
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January 13

Is anyone interested in another round of the MeFi Swap?

I hate to use MeTa for this purpose, but I figure it's worth asking: is anyone interested in another round of the MeFi Swap? I've received a grand total of 8 e-mails about it since the unannounced and unintended skipping of the '03/Q3 and '03/Q4 swaps, so I'm not sure if there's still enough interest to get things going again.

If there is interest, though, I'm ready to tackle the administrative side of things once again and will open signups for a new quarter ASAP, probably as soon as next Monday. So let me know, folks, if there's still a desire to do this.
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What about a quick way to mark best answers or solutions in askme?

It would be nice, for the sake of closure, if there was a quick way of checking what solutions were eventually chosen by those who Ask MetaFilter, after having considered the answers provided to their questions. [More inside.]
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Would it be possible to get plaintext versions of MeTa and AskMe

Would it be possible to get plaintext versions of MeTa and AskMe, which could be tied to our selection of same for MeFi in our profiles?
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Is there an AskMe rss feed?

Is there an AskMe rss feed?
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Are self links okay in AskMe?

Are self links okay in AskMe? This question appears to appropriate AskMe for a commercial purpose.
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January 11

Portland Homebrew meetup?

In response to the answers I got in the Axme Thread here, who here lives in Portland, OR and wants to meetup to talk about homebrewing?
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how many members?

how many members?
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January 10

Where is the rest of my question?

I wanted to post a question to AskMe, which I see ok in preview but when I hit post, only 1 sentence of it comes up and I get a 404 page saying the rest of it can't be found, etc. I'm using Mozilla 1.4 on Windows XP but I tried it in IE6 and the same thing happened. What am I doing wrong?
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Racist jokes on MeFi and AskMe

What's happening here? Is it just me, or are these comments simply inappropriate? Or has humor devolved to pseudo-racist jabs?
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Pink Tank Snafu

What's the appropriate response when someone loses their cool for no apparent reason? You guessed it, Postroad loses his grip in a post about a pink tank. I know the dude's got a history of derailing, trolling etc, which this community moderately tolerates. But this was a post about painting a tank freakin' pink. When is it time to say STFU?
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January 9

LA Meetup is COMING

The L.A. MeetUp (unpopularly known as MeFiSoCalWenCom04) is coming: Not this weekend, but next weekend. I'm requesting "pre-registrations" so I can put together "swag bags" for those who attend. Still taking location suggestions. More details at MEAT.METALIFTER.COM Mis-spell it carefully.
And be warned... the Southern California MonkeyFilterites are coming...

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the real helpful folks

On our inividual profile pages, it says how many times we've posted to MetaFilter and MetaTalk, but it doesn't yet mention AskMeta. That way we know who the real helpful folks are.
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January 8

sidebar link broken; what was it?

'Dec 21
MetaFilter in Iraq. Thanks Jeremy!'

From the front page side bar. Is the link broken or down?
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Please answer the actual question, not what you think should have been the question

AskMe policy proposal: "Please answer the actual question, not what you think should have been the question".

For instance here, crunchland seems to think the question is "what's a good approach to picking colors", whereas namespan is saying "fireworks used to have a feature, now it doesn't, what can I do". This happens all the time. People ask how to fix something on a computer running System A, and the answer is switch to System B. People ask about Anti-virus apps, and are told not to use them and just practice safe-computing. It's a small peeve, but the added noise is not appreciated, especially when you actually care about the answers.
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January 7

Why make an ASSUMPTION about someone's intent?

It's common knowledge that written text lacks some of the communications cues used in speech, like intonation and body-language. So we all know that it's easy to make a false assumption about someone's intended meaning. Yet I see constant flame wars breaking out on the MeFi sites because two people interpret the the *subtext* of a post in two totally different ways. My question is, why make an ASSUMPTION about someone's intent? And if you do make an assumption, why make a negative assumption? If you think it might be intended as an insult, why not ask (via email preferably) the writer about his intent BEFORE posting a nasty retort? [more inside.]
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It used to be frowned upon to post links from other link agregators/filters. Has it changed?

When I used to read MeFi regularly, it was generally accepted that you didn't post anything from "the usual suspects" such as memepool, boing boing, b3ta, etc. because they themselves are weblogs about interesting, offbeat links and most readers read them as well as MeFi. Seeing as this "LSD art" story has been the top item on memepool for a week, I guess this policy has changed. (This is really not meant to sound rude or snide, apologies if it's taken that way)
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January 6

A link to an AP correction is not a good post.

A link to an AP correction is not a good post. A kill is mandatory.
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With the utmost respect, blow me. WTF?!?!?

With the utmost respect, blow me. WTF, FFF?
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The Worst. Macworld Keynote. Ever.

I just want to congratulate AppleFilter collectively on refraining from any lame, gratuitous FPP's about the Worst. Macworld Keynote. Ever.
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January 5

Nice answers in Onion Askme

Ask MeFi's finest hour. Enough to bring tears to my eyes.
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MeFi Spelling Standards

How do pidgeons mediate when they're on the loose?
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I can't post a comment to Ask MetaFilter

I can't post a comment to Ask MetaFilter. When I hit preview it shows nothing under Comment Preview. I'm using Mozilla 1.3.1.
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January 4

Is it illegal to post information here that would enable someone else to do something illegal?

Matt doesn't want it but it seems a bit harmless to me. Is it illegal to post information here that would enable someone else to do something illegal? Bearing in mind that any possible crime in this case would take place in Portugal. What could happen to Matt+MeFi if we put up enabling information here? Any lawyers?
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Ask the damn question on the front page

Ask the damn question on the front page, already! A few recent examples of a growing Ask MetaFilter trend that's starting to annoy me. I'd move for a few guidelines: 1. Ask a question on the front page. 2. Make some effort in striking a balance between salience and brevity on the front page.
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January 3

French-fried cars callout

Getting quite fed-up of Postroad's racism. I take it it's not an acceptable form of speech to characterise a whole nation as violent as it's most anti-social elements?
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Weird Character Entity Behavior

If you include a character entity in text for preview then it is displayed correctly and appears (as the appropriate character) in the edit area. However, when you click post, the character is converted to "?" (ie. posting character entities is OK, but if they're previewed then they're converted to the equivalent extended character, which is not accepted by "post").
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January 2

Safari Sidebars?

I'm a big fan of Safari. Any chance of Matt, or any other programmers here, creating a MeFi sidebar for this browser?
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