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June 29

This post on "The Steakhouse Incident" is really disgusting

Sweet Mother of Chupacabra. Why is this discussion not deleted alltogether?
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June 28

Spell Check has been hanging my browser

Yesterday and today, Spell Check has been hanging my browser (IE 6.0 on Windows 2000). Not every time, but regularly.
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Deleted double post on fatness

Just curious: what happened to the thread that apparently linked to doctored photos to make celebrities look overweight? I have to admit I found the thread utterly stupid and offensive, but it's not like it was a double-post. (Heh.) And surely other posts have been kept up that have no redeeming value.
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How about a metaFilter chat room?

How about a metaFilter chat room? You can see who's logged in, get the angst off your chest and utterly destroy the last remaining productive minutes I have at work.
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Bug in Mozilla 1.0

When I try to post a comment in Mozilla 1.0, the Preview screen shows "Comment Preview:" without the text box/buttons. This is only true in MeFi, not MeTa.
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June 27

Does this post about Textism belong on MetaFilter?

Does this post about Textism belong on MetaFilter? As a link to directly to the Textism home page, it doesn't meet the guidelines, several people felt the link, and with the recent removal of the "general weblog-related" MetaTalk category, I wonder if it should be here at all. Isn't this what BlogRoots is for?
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June 26

Sorry about the brief outage today

Sorry about the brief outage today; the networking equipment at this end of the T1 had a seizure, apparently, and needed to be restarted in order to get things back in order. Makes no sense to me (or to the networking gurus at my ISP), but there you have it.
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June 25

Could it be the first known sockpuppet? (June 2002)

How is this (1,2) possible?
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Someone set us up the bomb

Can a chronological # be assigned to each comment(s) in each thread, so, saying or not saying, is more visible. I realize not all or the full comments are being read, or more etiquettely put, not everyone has the time. Then again it may make it that much easier for that, then were back to more etiquette??
Plus it may cut down for memory when were thinking of this. As your taking up space by copy & paste, one's words. I'm sure this will not stop it.
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Is an automated search feature possible?

Is an automated search feature possible? Before submitting let's sayMahir's "I kiss you" or "All your base are belong to us" the posted url would be filtered through existing posts.

Poster would receive a message saying something like : thanks for the effort but someone posted that already with a link to the original post.


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Metatalk for sportsfilter and blogroots? here?

Should one post etiquette/policy/bugs/feature requests for Sportsfilter and Blogroots in Metatalk , directly on both sites, via email, elsewhere? Assume identical guidelines apply as in Metafilter ? Thanks.
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Metafilter links appear in USA Today?

Seems to me that this USA Today reporter just visited us and borrowed a few links - anyone else recognize several MeFi links in this article?

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June 24

My triangle of sources

Gotta ask: how many of us poor souls are now lost in the certainly blessed, aesthetically coherent but ultimately life-consuming Bermuda Triangle of Sportsfilter; Blogroots and MetaFilter?
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Deleted threads should not show up in user history

Threads which have been deleted by Matt should not show up in a search of those posted by a user, but they do.
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June 23

DNS issues

www.metafilter.com is working for me, but metafilter.com (sans www) is not.
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June 21

Vancouver meetup June 2002

Vancouverites - mefivan? mevan? fivan? meefvan? We need a rapper to give it a cool name.

Stavros had asked about Canada Day weekend and a few of us raised our hands.

What about meeting at the Lennox (corner of Granville and Robson) on June 29th at 6pm? I know someone suggested the Sylvia, but I figure for those coming in from out of town or using transit, the Lennox is a more central meeting place.

Anyone interested?
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MeFi DNS woes?

Is MetaFilter/Turlyming DNS down? I only seem to be able to reach MeFi because Squid cached the address. NS1 and NS2.turlyming.com aren't answering queries. Anyone?
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successful posting of contentious material

Today's PreCrime post by grrarrgh00 is a great example of contentious material presented with balanced text, varied supporting links (with mouseovers!), and a meaty comment to start things on the write foot. Is this a good model given our recent debates over how to present controversial topics?
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June 20

MetaFilter trademark.

MetaFilter is trademarked! Woo!
One problem.. it's not trademarked by Matt ;-) Randomly stumbled across this during an adventure through the trademark archives. The 'METAFILTER' trademark was filed in 1946, and was last renewed in 1988. It is still 'live'. Watch out, Matt. The 'Metafiltration Company' might be on your back if they take a fancy to this site!
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User profile bug

My gender keeps vanishing. This only happens on Metafilter, though, so it's not a personal problem. I don't think. This is like the third time I've had to re-input it. It's not because I label myself a "big fag" is it? I swear I'm not an internalized homophobe.
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CSS being killed on Mac

More than a few threads have had the css broken by tags like this:

It completely kills the stylesheet in IE5 on mac. Anyone else notice this problem? Are these tags added by the person posting, or are they part of the server side processes? I've been irked by the digression to no left margin, default font mess the page becomes because of this.
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June 19

MeFi Swap 2

MeFi Swap II. Are you interested in taking part? More importantly, are we doing it?
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What constitutes movement?

What constitutes movement?
[more inside]
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June 17

New Server Address

The new server is here for now:
Be a dear and please give it a go today. It's a copy of the entire server, as of this past weekend, and I don't mind if you post drivel there, as I'm just checking to see how it performs. Try out the search engine, change your sorting options, post a dozen comments. The server should be downright zippy at all times, do report back here if you find any snags or slowdowns.
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Self-linker sets new record

Who needs textads? A new world record in self-links has been set by the publisher of Sound the Sirens, Billy Maulana. He's gotten seven self-links past us.
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June 16

I'm going to draw attention to this thread

At the risk (feh, who am I kidding?) of pouring salt in the proverbial wound, I'm going to draw attention to this thread. These two users were apparently engaged in some buffoonery, and perhaps the community was a little harsh, but their reactions really made me mad. Do I, or we, or MeFi in general, really need these guys maliciously baiting other users?
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What are cult threads and where are they?

I saw the phrase 'cult thread' used not too long ago. What are they, and where are they?
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June 14

Welcome back (.)(.)?

Welcome back (.)(.)?

Or am I just confused?
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This username link is not what I'm looking for

In this thread from yesterday there is a comment from babyyoda. The link from the user name goes off of MeFi altogether and the timestamp is untagged. Just curious. Save the yawns.
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June 13

Changes to MetaTalk

Just a note to future posters to MetaTalk, I've removed the option to make new posts about "general weblog-related" items, as Blogroots is a much better place to do it, and designed for that subject matter. The site is just getting off the ground but will turn into a resource that is much more fully featured than anything MetaTalk can offer. I also took the "ticketstubs related" category out as I've languished on that idea for two years and it didn't make much sense to keep it around for now. I'm planning on going back to it this summer with the hopes of finally launching it, between the code here, at sportsfilter, and blogroots, I've got everything I need already written somewhere for it.
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Get rid of images

Images in Threads... They're annoying, they kill modem users, there's only a few times I can think of that they had any relation to the thread topic, and most often they're unneccessary to the discussion at hand and could just as easily be represented intelligently in prose. Please, make it stop!
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Recommend a free weblog site

Request for opinions: What free weblog site would you recommend?
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June 12

number of new comments doesn't change on refresh

Ok, dumb question time. No matter how often I refresh the page, the new comments number for this thread seems to stay at six. Now, for a while the last comment on the thread was mine, so I know I've seen them all, and this isn't the first time I've encountered this. Anyone tell me what's up?
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what happened to the mefi zine idea?

While following a stavrosthewonderchicken link elsewhere on MetaTalk, I happened upon this thread, wherein Matt proposed this idea. What ever happened to this project? I think it sounds like a terrific idea...
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Thanks, Matt!

OK, either everyone has decided to take a day off of MeFi, or the new server is finally in place. Kudos to Matt (and the rest of the mefi crew), the site really smokes.
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Problem opening MeTa links in a new window in IE6.

IE6, running on Win98SE. I have "open links in a new window" selected in my profile customization, but they open in the same window anyway.
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June 11

Can we call out the comment without calling out the commenter?

Have we at last completely abandoned any hope of civility and reasonable discourse on Metafilter? There's disagreement, and then there's constant, consistent patterns of personal attacks on anyone who disagrees with one in the slightest. Is there no line to be drawn, or is Matt on vacation? (links inside)
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doublepost bug bug

Well not a meta bug but an IE5.1/OS 10.1.5 one, and a first for me, I was using IE5.1/OS 9.1, never had the double comment blurb.

This is what changed for me, if I use the browser back button, after hitting post in the previous window, it post's twice, never happened in the earlier system, and I did it a lot (back button)...won't again I hope...but for what it's worth...
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how is work on the unemployed member directory going?

I am just wondering on how work on the unemployed member directory is going? I know kindall is running the Mefi-Projects mailing list, but is there a better way?
(more inside)
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What's the scoop on Andrew Sullivan and the Times?

"The New York Times Magazine contributing writer Andrew Sullivan has been banned from the mag indefinitely."
This from Bulldog Reporter's Lifestyle Media Relations Reporter, a newsletter that keeps tabs on media personnel shifts for PR pros. Unfortunately, that's all they said. Anybody got the goods?
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No more PR I/P threads!

is it possible that postroad could maybe not post a palestine thread once every couple of days or so? i realize that the odd controversial topic not directly related to israel and palestine is occasionally thrown in, but really.
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Blogs on Medieval history

Of all the blogs out there, I've been unable to find any relating to a field that I'm very interested in: medieval history (or history at all, for that matter). Anybody else out there share this interest or know of any weblogs like this?
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June 10

Spell check doesn't work properly on opera 6.0 for linux

Spell check doesn't work properly on opera 6.0 for linux. The checking works fine, but if you replace a word after the run is complete the entire comment text gets replaced by the last corrected word (owch).
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Internet community or "flame the newbie"?

Internet community? Or the lightning round of flame the newbie?
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Your post sucks

I just thought your tired old thread wasn't good enough to comment in, or post relevant information. After all, everyone knows a thread is dead after 4 hours.

C'mon, this just seems inappropriate.
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Looks tasty! (may crash browser)

Looks tasty!
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Has the new server been set up?

I would guess that the new server is up. Wow! Thanks Matt. Anyone else notice or am I just getting lucky?
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June 9

"A New Book Scratches At A Weblog Wound" (NYT)

(NYT) A New Book Scratches At A Weblog Wound
Should Bookblog, a project to collect 9/11-related blog entries (e.g. opinion on WoT events, not day-of reactions), exclude those veteran webloggers. Jason Kottke and others say no. I suppose I could have read a response on the Op-Ed page, but Ariel Sharon sent one in that week too. More here
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RSS: next big thing, or nothing?

Recent thread on RSS was a real eye opener. The ever growing mass of great blog material to read is making it impossible to keep up. With abundant tools now available for the blog writer, more and better tools are needed for the blog reader, or one will be forever swamped. (Another good summary on how RSS can help here, another good aggregator/reader here. , don't think either were mentioned in recent thread)
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June 7

A-list drama

Matt Welch hauls Ty Webb to the woodshed. A few weeks back, Matt wrote an article for Reason magazine, in which he discussed his observations of the Nader campaign on election night 2000. Ty has twice now claimed the story is but a figment of Matt's imagination. Matt is none too happy about the accusation. Apologies? Explanations? And when we are personally involved in the subject we're discussing, what is/should be our duty to get all the facts before posting?

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June 6

One of our favorite words

One of our favorite words.

Some people use it on Metafilter and get called on the carpet for it in MetaTalk. Others write songs about it, create newsgroups about it, or even (Miguel, I sense your hand in this) name cocktails after it. These guys get it. These guys, I'm not so sure.
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is there any way one can delete a thread one posted?

is there any way one can delete a thread one posted? i am the idiot behind the daniel pearl video rationalization thread that's clogging up the front page and had i realised the page i linked to included screen grabs i would have marked it as such. i shouldn't have linked to it anyway and i would really like to end my own embarrassment by taking it down.
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Weblog FAQK

As always, the Brunching Shuttlecocks nail it, with their Weblog FAQK (spelling theirs.) Excerpt: "Weblogs cover a wide range of topics, such as other weblogs, what the mainstream media are saying about weblogging, new weblogs, advances in weblog publishing, books about weblogging, the future of weblogging, and that one naked guy painted up like Spider-Man."
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Toronto Meetup

Anyone in Toronto? I'm going to be there at a business conference June 9-12, so you could have a party for me.. uh, I mean a Metafilter gathering.
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Argh, another Israel/Palestine post!

The I/P FPP nightmare is back with a vengeance. Three of them only yesterday. Even Evanizer can't stand this anymore. I know it's been discussed before, but what about a limit of let's say 2 I/P threads a day? Since they become painful flame wars anyway, 2 is more than enough isn't it?
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I do not care for the recent upsurge in images being posted to threads.

Am I the only one who does not care for the recent upsurge in images being posted to threads? I hate to sound like my grandfather yelling at the kids in his yard, but it really irks me. I come here to read, not look at stupid images of Barney, fox medals and purses. Although, looking for the specific examples of the last two, maybe Matt has been deleting them?
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June 5

Vancouver Meetup

Calling all Vancouver MeFites! Are there any? [more inside]
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Seattle Meetup

MeFiSea -- Metafilter Seattle get together, this Saturday, June 8th, at Gasworks Park. We have two picnic tables reserved starting at 10 am, but I figured we could show up around 5 or 6, have a little potluck and maybe retire to a nearby bar afterwards if the park rules against alcohol [and nearly everything else] seem too meddlesome. Sound good? See you all there.
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Forbes Best of the Web

"The Good Life" - In there among Angling, Summer Camps, and Dating are "Web Logs". Forbes Best of the Web.
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ReadMe link

ReadMe is your standard warning regarding the do's and don'ts of how readers should respond to blog output. Granted, MetaFilter promotes discussion, sometimes quite heated, but perhaps these are good rules of conduct for MeFites?
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June 4

two requests

1. How about a standard notice when a comment is deleted from a thread? Replacing each deleted comment with "[comment deleted]" might make threads like this more understandable.
2) MeTa doesn't notice that I've set MeFi to open external links in a new window. External links don't always open from comment preview pages, either, which causes a tiny moment of angst when I double-check links before posting. Am I missing something?
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I want to be more Plastic

Since the proverbial "MeTa seal" has been broken, and posts are flowing freely again, I have a request for management. I frequent Plastic, and their commenting structure intrigues me. You have the ability to comment to a specific comment within the thread, or create a free-standing comment. Is it possible for MeFi to have the same/similar structure? That way, when a poster would like to comment specifically to another poster, there's no need to search the entire thread for responses.
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please don't do this

[Yes, here I go again]
So, now it's album announcements with uninformative links? I realize that there really aren't any more blockbusters that people have been waiting 20years for, at least until Christmas, but do we actually need a replacement?
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And yet MetaFilter is a joy to read

Piling on clavdivs; piling on riviera; piling on fold_and_mutilate; piling on stavrosthewonderchicken; piling on rodii; piling on evanizer; piling on rcade; piling on bluetrain; piling and unpiling; back and forth; predictably lashing and then cuddling; the pack mentality rife; the mob rule always subjacent... This is what MetaTalk looks like after two weeks away.

And yet... and yet MetaFilter is a joy to read. I'd wished personalities weren't made into issues at the cost of issues themselves - issues are, after all, what MetaFilter does best - but then it struck me that perhaps MetaTalk is fulfilling its role as a sort of blotter-paper, soaking up all the displaced aggressiveness and natural human attrition and rivalry. And keeping MetaFilter clean, so to speak. Is this perverse or healthy in a leeching, purging sort of way? So - can this be talked about without thinking it's about somebody or another? Has MetaTalk been efficiently used so that MetaFilter can be MetaFilter? Is it being dumbed down and fouled up? And does it matter if the result over in the blue seems so successful?
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June 1

E-Online is scraping MeFi for comments.

Remember when reporters used to contact general people and ask opinions? Well now it appears E-Online is just scraping MetaFilter for their comments.

So the question is... is MetaFilter a good venue for quick comments about news, or should reporters still be doing the leg work on their stories first?
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Italian weblog directory

A nice Italian Weblog Directory if you feel like traveling. How much longer before it all becomes truly global?
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