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Keep it here, kids, part 2

Bad form, stonerose. You may not have agreed with the FPP, but it certainly wasn't made in bad faith. So there's no excuse for linking to the poster's blog just to get in a personal dig.
posted by PrinceValium on Sep 28, 2003 - 71 comments

RetroFilter. double?

RetroFilter! Since "Eric Conveys an Emotion" was first posted over three years ago, both the contents of the link and the Metafilter community that discussed it have changed. Now that Metafilter has surpassed 25,000 threads, perhaps we could use a forum dedicated to the dredging up of old-school links from Metafilter's past? Alternatively, should we encourage "selective doubleposting" to Metafilter itself?
posted by PrinceValium on Apr 21, 2003 - 3 comments

Internet community or "flame the newbie"?

Internet community? Or the lightning round of flame the newbie?
posted by PrinceValium on Jun 10, 2002 - 22 comments

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