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Is it acceptable to offer an incentive for a successful answer in AskMe?

Is it considered in bad taste or a breach of policy to offer a prize or reward to whomever successfully solves a tech problem I'm tempted to post in askme? I've tried various customer support avenues and have had no luck so far.

If it is acceptable, what sort of incentive would be appropriate? Money strikes even me in poor taste. Any ideas, or should I just scrap the reward avenue?
posted by sourwookie on Jun 20, 2006 - 32 comments

I don't wish to breach protocol, but....

I don't wish to breach protocol.

I found a great page that has been posted on another high profile community. That page is a .swf image I wish to print in a large size. I had planned on posting on Askme on how to do this.

I also find the image cool (and informative) enough that I thought it would be great material for The Blue-though I have reservations about posting it on both pages. Additionally this page was just shown on digg.com, so it may be old hat anyway.

So--any thoughts?
posted by sourwookie on May 27, 2006 - 1 comment

Why has this question in Ask Metafilter gone so smoothly?

I posted a smartass answer in this thread.

I admit it was a rude, snarky answer and shortly after posting it I wished it was deleted. Without my request, it was--to my relief.

Over the course of the evening, however, I found it unusual that what would in any other Metafilter setting would be a hugely inflammatory post (SUV, taxes, as subjects), yet after several hours no one had contributed (despite the topic matter and a user base in the tens of thousands).

So: Have Mefites become exceptionally complacent, did the topic (against all expectations) generate no interest, or was there a culling of the thread?
posted by sourwookie on Aug 25, 2005 - 31 comments

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