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December 31

Columnist compares blogs to the Reformation.

Columnist compares blogs to the Reformation...
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Back button runs a new TextAd.

Back button runs a new TextAd.

Just noticed that if I am in a thread I followed off the homepage, then click back, the page reloads with a new TextAd. But if I've scrolled down a bit to click on the thread in the first place (let's say I'm checking out what I missed yesterday), when I go back I miss the ad (unless I scroll up to see what it may be).

I'd assume this counts as an ad served, but it isn't seen. Now I know the ads are real cheap and it is just one count, but should it be different?
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December 30

tag fixing gone awry.

tag fixing gone awry. the culprit appears to be a colon inserted rather than a double quote mark in the html source for an href=url key-value pair, causing the tag fixer to become very confused and add an extra double-quote mark -- one for each of two a href tags -- at the end of the tags. you'll have to view source to see what the post was actually meant to be and where the problem is.
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December 28

Your Seven Wonders of the Web

In light of the Guardian's Seven Wonders of the Web (though more importantly because it would be very interesting) would it be possible to ask Matt and some of Metafilter's most active members to share here in Metatalk what their selections would have been? (I assume its ok to ask and this is an appropriate post ?)
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How do you pronounce 'mefi'?

How do you pronounce the shortened "MeFi"? "meh fee," "me-figh" or something else?
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Username embarrasses me

Would it be out of line to ask new member ( . )( . ) to choose another handle? It's annoying and embarrassing to type; vaguely sexist and makes it difficult to address his comments seriously because it's so graphically distracting.
Come on, Jason Kent, do yourself and all of us a favour and choose a sobriquet with some letters in it. It can be as juvenile as you like, but minimally verbal. You seem keen and have points to make. We'd appreciate the gesture, believe me.
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Duplicate link in previous threads

I just tried to post a link to this article:, but I got this message instead.

The link you entered ( ) was found in 12676 previous threads.

This can't be possible, can it? Any ideas?
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December 27

I can't see the comments on MeFi....

I suppose Matt is just working on something, but I can't see the comments on MeFi. [error msg inside]
posted by qbert72 to Bugs at 10:50 AM PST - 4 comments didn't work for me when posting this morning didn't work for me when posting this morning -- instead of a spellchecker window, I got this message:
Due to the current advertising climate, no longer offers a banner supported service. Webmasters: click here to sign up for the paid version of the system.
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Can I get the Metafilter code?

I like MeFi. I think it it sexy. Now where can I get the code for it? Are there even plans to releasing the code?
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December 26

How did we get more users?

I thought I noticed that the number of users has been hovering below 13,000 for a couple of months now, yes? Then all of a sudden, today, we stand at a proud 13062! What happened? Would that nice person (moz?) who posted the topic and user numbers links the last time I asked possibly mind posting them again?
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Please don't change fonts.

Holden baby, come on. Leave our fonts alone.
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Why do I get redirected to an online store?

Everytime I go to Metafilter's main face, after a minute of reading I get redirected to a different online store. The last one was ThinkGeek. Three times this happend, and then my system froze. I'm using IE 5.1 and Windows 98. This isn't what normally happens, and I'm confused as to why.
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Posts that promise 'Everything'.

There's nothing technically wrong with it, but how about fewer posts which promise grandiose unified political or social field theory or promise to upset your preconceptions about some subject? Explaining "everything" is admirable, but let the readers decide for themselves whether the world has just been bouleversé. (examples inside).
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Post order is by most recent comment instead of chronological

Has something changed about the way Metafilter displays. In the last couple of weeks all I see when I go to is posts which have had recent comments. From what I can tell the post with the most recent comment is at the top of the list.

Prior to this strangeness I used to see all posts in reverse chronological order going back in time, a week maybe? I've checked the Options page to no avail...
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What exactly is it that just happened to Blogger?

What exactly is it that just happened to Blogger? I saw hints that there had been some sort of security breach, and now everything is inaccessible. (And the Blogspot server is outright offline as I write this.) There was some sort of password break?
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How much airport security is too much?

I'm really sorry to bring this up, i discovered this site while actually looking for a old court case. But i saw the comments that had been put up about the man with the bombs in his shoes. On sunday i arrived at the Reno/Tahoe int. airport 3 hours early , so that i would make sure i had plenty of time to reach the flight. My husband had been radnomly picked for the bags checks. Not only did they search our bags while checking in, and i mean taking everything out. My nair clippers, tweezers, and razors which were in my checked baggage removed from my travel bag. At the check point my husband had to remove his shoes so they good inspect them he basically was strip searched. Okay so after all of that we reach our gate. Getting ready to board the plane we were again taken out of line to have our carry on bags searched. In the middle of a busy airport boarding a plane to Houston, they removed very personel female items from my back pack opening the box to where every person in that area would see them. Every item pulled out and gone through. not only was it bad enough with how overboard they have taken these measures to, But to publicly humilate the person;some computer picked is closely on the board of haressment. This also happen once we landed in Houston and were begining to board the same airline to finish travelling to Jacksonville,Fl. I know that i will not ever fly that airline again. But the reason i wrote was to ask how far is too far for the airlines to go? I realize i'm no where near as smart as lot of the members of this website are. And i'm sorry if i bored you.
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December 25

Brooklyn/NYC Mefi Meet

On the heels of this thread, I would bid January 24th, 25th, and my preference, 27th, for a Brooklyn/NYC Mefi Meet. Blah Blah remains my preference: it's fairly quiet on Sunday night--and around the corner from ME. D I S C U S S.
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"left" vs "right" mudslinging?

Maybe it's just me, but it seems like a lot of political threads like this one or this one seem to boil down to "left" vs "right" mudslinging? shouldn't we be more interested in rejecting labels rather than pushing them?
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December 24

Merry Christmas, and Thanks!

Merry Christmas Matt! (and everyone else BTW!)
Thank you Matt for what you have created and your obvious passion for sharing knowledge and may you and yours be blessed in the new year!
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Front page weirdness!

Front page wierdness! Under Opera 5 on Linux, the FPP for Digital Beauties is in Under Mozilla on Linux, the entire front page from that point on is . Looks like it's due to an unbalanced container. And SIZE=1??? What's up with that???
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December 23

Even doubles do not need to be shat on.

A simple "double post" or "current thread is here" is enough, no need to patronize or fill the thread up with stupid comments.
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Have you changed the numbers of days shown on the MetaTalk page?

MetaTalk related, actually. Has the number of days shown on the flat view of MetaTalk been reduced, or did I just notice? (more)
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December 22

A TextAd posted just to earn affiliate money?

A TextAd posted just to earn affiliate money? kufel, member since 12/20/01, has posted no links, comments or threads to MeFi or MeTa, but has taken out two TextAds for DreamHost, each with what I imagine must be his own WebID appended on the url.

I know they're paid ads, and the proceeds go to mathowie, but this somehow feels weird to me. (Is there even an etiquette for TextAds, anyway?)
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Personal attacks from anonymous posters

Personaly attacks from anonymous posters.
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December 21

Quadruple line breaks caused by tweaking

Where do quadruple line breaks come from? I hit return twice between each paragraph like usual and got that result instead.
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fixed a couple long-standing bugs

I finally fixed a couple long-standing bugs. One, when you used <blockquote> in a comment, the preview page would look screwy, but upon submission, it would appear fine. That is fixed. The second, as mentioned by nicwolff below, had to do with the preview not being an exact preview of the comment after submission. That has been fixed, and the special code clean up that is done on submission is done on preview.
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December 20

Images in Threads

Could we cool it with pasting images in threads? It used to happen once in a blue moon, which was okay - now it happens almost daily. If we want wacky photoshop graphics I think there's lots of other sites for that.
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Preview does not match post

This post had a white background when I previewed it (like this one still does), but it disappeared when I posted it. Shouldn't "Preview" mean "show me what I'll get if hit Post now"?

The HTML filter appears to have elided the "style=" and quote marks from the tag.
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mathowie disappears link from FPP

Odd. The link in this thread's post just vanished. I know it was there because I linked it (a yahoo news piece) to read it and now it's gone.
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Dates on old posts

There doesn't seem to be any way to tell exactly when an old thread was posted. The original FPP has a 'time posted' tag, and the comments all have 'day' tags, but there's no year listed anywhere. (more inside)
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AOL, Netscape do not match IE

When I try to post something on AOL or Netscape (v. 6.0), why don't I get the settings on the post box that I do on MS Explorer? Like the Bold, Italics or link button? Also, Ctrl + Shft and T (for italics) or Ctrl + Shft + B (for bold) doesn't work either.
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December 19

Opera bug

A few things (inside).
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Mileston: 12701 users!

12701 members (164 online) Rock on!
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We like to apologize.

We like to apologize.
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Commenters Try to Fix Broken Link in FPP

This is interesting. Postroad's post had a bad link and other members went searching for an appropriate link. And finally they did find one which seems to fit perfectly(Good work, Tubes and Real9!)
I had a link too, but hesitated, as I didn't know whether this would be intruding on Postroad's post. How could I tell it was my link he was thinking of? Is it ethical or just Darwinian to provide a FPP's missing link?
So - is it right to "find a link" by proxy, based on a post's wording? (FWIW, I think it's acceptable, but strange).
We all know people who post to the FP should check that their links work. But shouldn't they also hang around for an hour or so to see if any there are any solvable problems?
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December 18

Banned French IPs redirect to

I know this has been discussed before, but I think it might be interesting to say that some part of France still can't access MeFi and are redirected to Plastic instead. (more inside, hopefully)
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This piece from OJR discusses MetaFilter at some length.

This piece from OJR discusses MetaFilter at some length.
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Not even newsfilter...

Newspaper sidebar polls on the FP. Really?
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December 17

MetaTalk is not the place for second-string MetaFilter posts

MetaTalk is not the place for second-string MetaFilter posts. (to quote gleuschk and jpoulos)
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AU may back off unsuccessful "Pacific Solution"

AU may back off unsuccessful "Pacific Solution"
    Howard himself may be clearing the ground for a back down. In a marked departure from his election campaign rhetoric, he said in an interview last week that turning asylum seekers' boats back to sea was "completely inhuman."
    That's not just marked, it's a 180! There was a bit of interest in this story here a while ago, but I thought this new wrinkle in AU's aid-for-beds deal with Pacific nations didn't merit another "FPP." (see also 1, 2)
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A great way to use a website to chronicle your college years: stealing overheard conversations

A great way to use a website to chronicle your college years: stealing overheard conversations.
"Dodge-dart sounds like a horrible game."
"Actually, it's a car."
--Two guys at A Cuppa Tea

Sort of "borrowed" from The Obscure Store
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Best web-logs of the year, 2001?

"These are the best weblogs this year in my humble opinion. Who will win? That's up to you!"

No it's not, it's up to you Dave, because you picked them (and they were of course, heavy on the Manila/Frontier-based blogs).

Here's my question: what's the point of doing this? To bring attention to Manila and Radio? To sell a few copies of Frontier based on the press? He asks if he should call his personal awards "the bloggies" but if he tried google he would see the first return is the Bloggies, which were nominated in a more democratic way and voted on in the same way.
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Overexplaining is bad

I would like to accuse Spoon of filling his front-page posts with a lot of needless verbiage.
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December 16

MeFi Book Club via Yahoo Groups

About a month ago jpoulos suggested a MetaFilter book club. Everybody seemed to think it was a great idea. Then, nothing happened with it. Not wanting to see the idea dropped, I went ahead and created a Yahoo Group. [more...]
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plastic is back appears to be back up, under new ownership -- maybe a change for the better?
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MeFi is not your sociology lab

MetaFilter is many things to many people but maybe one thing that we can all
agree on is that it's not for conducting your own sociology experiments?
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nothing more than a crass attempt to get a few bucks

Why do people persist in doing this? tsarfan posts a link to an Amazon page showing that they're selling sex toys, ostensibly to incite commentary on what Amazon and other e-commerce outlets will/need to do to become profitable. In reality, however, it seems to be nothing more than a crass attempt to get a few bucks from MeFi's significant readership by making the link include his Amazon referrer code. In the words of the immortal Michael Stipe, "I call bullshit on that."
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Blogger's been a bit upity today hasn't it?

Blogger's been a bit upity today hasn't it?
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Founder self-links to, the site where Drupal was developed is a community of web developers promoting the mutual exchange of ideas and experiences, and that enjoys reading, discussing and dreaming about web application development, community design, weblog software, online journalism, collaborative writing, and much much more ...
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Any chance of a more useful/informative 404 page?

Any chance of a more useful/informative 404 page?
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Chicago bowling meetup

MeFiChi2: Rock'n'Bowl (n'beer). Saturday, January 12th, 8pm at Diversey-River Bowl. Chicagoland MeFi kids, other area webloggers, and any visitors around at that time or other curious onlookers are all welcome! (Sorry for the delay in setting up the event; November was a weird month for me.)
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December 15

Most obnoxious flash ad ever?

Most obnoxious flash ad ever? Wired News just lost lots of hits from me since I used to read it twice a day and linked to it often.

"Used to" being the operative term.

The flash ad fad is starting to fray my nerves.

(I wanted to post this to Metafilter, but I thought I'd get chewed out since it probably isn't linkworthy by some readers standards.)
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Bollywood screenwriting overload

Cripes, how long did that take you?
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December 14

Pancakes. Cooked with high voltage.

Pancakes. Cooked with high voltage. Yum
link via good morning silicon valley
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textads bug on konqueror

TextAds don't click through on Konqueror 2.2.1 (KDE 2.2.2)
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Online Journalism Review on microads

Online Journalism Review on microads, scroll down for MeFi and Haughey quotes. Great CTR on Mefi apparently.
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One of my favorites is going down.

One of my favorites is going down. Hopefully, only for the nonce, but Robot Wisdom is going on hiatus due to Jorn Barger's financial troubles. See his message at .
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December 13

Warblog hot zone

Is the beast dead? Probably not, but Matt Welch issues a pretty strong condemnation of the "old school" of commentary versus the new, especially the recent outbreak of "warblogs"
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December 12

I tried to embed a midi

I tried to embed a midi of "Celebrate (good times)" to topple a thread at 99 posts. It was there in the preview screen but absent after posting. This is a bug.
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I wanted to know which Mefi user I really am!

Wah! I wanted to know which Mefi user I really am! I can't really be feelinglistless can I?
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Wil Wheaton Interviewed at Salon.Com

Brief interview with Wil Wheaton.
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server timeouts - anyone else?

Since about 6:00am PST, I must have had about 30+ server timeouts like so:

Error Occurred While Processing Request
Error Diagnostic Information
Request canceled or ignored by serverServer busy or unable to fulfill request. The server is unable to fulfill your request due to extremely high traffic or an unexpected internal error. Please attempt your request again (if you are repeatedly unsuccessful you should notify the site administrator). (Location Code: 26)

Anyone else having problems?
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December 11

IE has a huge, gaping hole

IE has a huge, gaping hole that allows executable files to be downloaded and run on the computers of browsers.

Pynnonen revealed that the bug lies in IE's processing of Internet addresses and "header" information that tells the browser what type of file it is handling. The flaw is particularly dangerous because it can be exploited using ordinary Web page code, without help from JavaScript or other scripting programs, he said.

thanks to the wonder of non-disclosure agreements, we won't know the precise nature of the bug (yet), but this one sounds bad.
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Author responds to mefi in village voice

in the village voice letters section this week, the author of the article discussed in this thread responds to a few letters about the article with this:

Tony Green a/k/a N. Bedford Couch replies: To quote malphigian from "I'm aghast, Mr. Swift is proposing we eat the poor Irish children!" The short version is that the piece was satire—I'm not entirely convinced some of the letters I have received (like the two wholeheartedly agreeing with the piece) aren't also. If people didn't get it, it's likely because it's not that far removed from some of the oddball takes on race and music that they (and this black man) have heard and read since the dawn of the hip-hop era.
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Fake weblog?

Okay, so I'm, like, 99.39% certain that this weblog is a fake of the variety. Help me out with the other %0.61, here. Can anyone figure out if this Onion article is mocking a real site, or whether the Onion author created the site as a suppliment to his story?
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Want to post, don't have privileges

i'm not grown up enough yet to post to the main page, but i have this fascinating link that's burning a hole in my browser... what should i do?
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eBay has been especially zany lately

what is with the recent spate of threads about 'zany' ebay auctions? it's not like there's a shortage of other, more appropriate venues. can/should something be done to curtail this practice before it becomes a daily occurrence?
posted by mlang to Etiquette/Policy at 6:42 AM PST - 7 comments has been down for a while; does anyone know what's up?

Apologies if this is the wrong venue, I can't think of another place to ask:
"Just give us a couple of days" said Plastic as they went offline about a week and a half ago. Anyone know if they're over and done with?? :(
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Can we post articles on Metatalk as well as Metafilter?

What is view on posting external articles of interest in metatalk much like metafilter ? Thanks. (PS Wash Post and NY Times articles are posted in comments, as I am somehow unable to link from here, maybe just as well until I get the response.)
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Yesterday, NPR's Fresh Air attempted to introduce its listeners to blogging

Yesterday, NPR's Fresh Air attempted to introduce its listeners to blogging, and the results weren't pretty (RealAudio file). Linguist and commentator Geoff Nunberg says "The only thing bloggers have in common is that they have a lot of time on their hands and an exhibitionist streak."
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Deleted post topic pony

Instead of simply deleting posts that people suggest should be deleted, remove them from the front page and disable further new posts on them. That way people like me who don't read MeTa very often will still know what you guys were talking about and why thread x should've been deleted rather than just having to figure it out from comments.
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Please kill this thread

Please kill this thread. [More]
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December 10

Some people don't like Kottke

"Anyone who posts to should die. heh. uhh?" Feel free to post any derogative posts about this MeFi post which are not helpful to the actual thread here. "I'm tired of Kottke." "Zach's a loser." All that stuff goes right here. I reserve the right to defend myself.
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Are you supposed to reference your source?

Are you supposed to reference your source? Sometimes I feel like I should let others know where I found the info and other times I don't feel it adds anything to the post. I've often seen people add a [link via X site] to their posts. In my post here I didn't think it was necessary to include that I saw the article in the latest WIRED magazine b/c if you subscribe to or read WIRED you saw it and if you don't then it's new to you. Not suprisingly, the obligatory backhanded comment was made.
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Can we raise the level?

Can we raise the level? MeFi is what we make it. Is there anything we both can and should do, besides policing, to deliberately improve the site and our enjoyment thereof? [more]
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Do people actually visit the links they're commenting on?

Here's a thread who's discussion seems to have almost nothing to do with the link it was supposedly based on. I know we've asked this before, but do people actually visit the links they're commenting on? 13018 could be a worthwhile, unique discussion. Instead, to my eye at least, it's mostly people discussing something that's fairly obvious.
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Annoyed by "What [x] are you most like?" Sites

Am I the only one who finds the proliferation of What [x] are you most like sites on the Internet annoying? Note that I'm not saying they shouldn't be linked on the front page, just that most of the ones I've seen on the Net as a whole have been pointless and increasingly nonsensical. The sites that attempt to tell you how [y] you are with a percentage are equally ludicrous. I am not, for example, 22% goth.
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What makes all the new comments lights disappear in MeTa?

The moment I click on the first MeTa thread all the useful little "new comments" lights on the other threads disappear. This has never happened over on MetaFilter. What are we, second-class citizens here or what? :) Anyone know a way round this?
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December 9

Problem with not getting to today's page

Description: wasn't brought to current day's weblog
1. typed in url
2- clicked on link
3- clicked back
4- brought to weblog for 2 days ago.

actually, this has happenned to me three times over the last three days. Very wierd. The only way around it is to keep refreshing the page. I hope this isn't happening to other people. Could it be because i deleted all my cookies recently?
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December 8

starring Matt Haughey

Haughey stood at the massive glass windows of his permanent residence at the W Hotel on Third and Howard in San Francisco. He'd had the top three floors made into a single towering space with 40-foot ceilings. The elevator flowed to a smooth stop in the center of the space he shared with his wife, Kay, who was now standing near the Henry Moore reclining nude eating a pomegranate. "What's the weather," she asked, although she could see perfectly well what the weather was. After all, those were some big fucking windows.

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Matt's dad has had a stroke

I really hope that mathowie isn't bothered by me posting this here, but since he's talking about in on his site, I'm going to assume it's okay. Matt's dad has had a stroke, and is in hospital. The reason I bring it up is to request that we maybe take some care not to break things here over the next little while, and maybe send some positive thoughts in the general direction of Matt's family.
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December 7

Testing testing, is this thing on (Dec. 2001)?

Test post -- I'm showing nothing posted in MeFi or MeTalk since 5:00 pacific... :: blows in microphone :: Is this thing on? :)
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Single subject weblog

The Joy of Soup. Yum. With so many weblogs about, is focusing on a single subject the way to go?
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the p in fpp is not for poll

What's your favorite among the many recent FPPs (front-page polls)? There are just so many to choose from.
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December 6

Thank you for Christmas songs

Just a follow-up to the now-defunct Christmas song thread...just wanted to thank my fellow MeFi-ers for providing an invaluable service. My husband was assigned the task at work to compile a Christmas song CD to give away at the office party, preferably some "unusual, or out of the ordinary" stuff. When he came home and whined about this assignment, I assured him, no worries! Ran to MeFi, found the Xmas song thread, and was able to provide him with more suggestions than he could fit in a wav format on a CD.

So thanks, all, for your great Christmas song recommendations! And happy holidays to all!
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Quadruple post in two minutes

1 quadruple FFP in 2 minutes [1, 2, 3, 4]!!!
Do we have a winner?

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Rewriting the Metafilter Guidelines

Your Impossible Mission, should you choose to accept it... is to re-examine the MetaFilter Guidelines, and rewrite them, or discuss whether or not they need to be. [more]
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Cam Girl Advice?

At the moment, I'm working on the Valentine's Day section for my newspaper chain, and the topic of the centerpiece this year appears to be "cam girls". I've never bothered with them, so I know bupkis; anyone have links and enlightenment to get me off to a start?
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Tony Danza making a comeback??

What is THIS? Tony Danza making a comeback?? -- PLEASE!
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December 5

Does anyone have Norwegian?

Does anyone have Norwegian? I'd love to know what this weblogger's been saying about us...
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long FPPs still happen

Vertical space at a premium, yet long FPPs still happen. How about a count on the characters in the textarea (server side probably better) and a warning like "Are you really sure all this text needs to be on the front page? Have you considered the [more inside] technique?"
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Is there a lexicon--on or offsite--of commonly used idioms hereabouts?

Is there a lexicon--on or offsite--of commonly used idioms hereabouts?
'Snarky' comes to mind, a word to which I took an instant disliking but the exact meaning of which still eludes me. Not being on the Net 'since we were programming Univacs with punch cards--or abaci with cuneiform tablets--etc.' and all that, it would be nice to know common usages...
I await the instant jpoulos response.
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Ranking most linked sites? Search posts by site?

Is there a way to see a ranking of the sites most often linked to by mefi members in their posts? (would be interesting to see where mefi takes us every day, sites might find it interesting to, if that mattered) Also, is there a way to search for all mefi posts linked to a particular site? (was going to post something from ApeCulture but then thought maybe everyone goes there already, so why bother) Thanks.
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Comment display error (Dec. 2001)

Okay what'd I do wrong this time? =(
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December 4

continuation of mefi tangent on email clients

This is a continuation of the tangents raised while discussing e-mail clients. Up for discussion:
* whether there is any "naturally occuring phenomenon" in cyberspace
* whether Microsoft understand the environment they are in
* whether Outlook is a secure product or not.
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Mathowie on The Morning News

The Morning News is hosting a round table discussion on writing on the web, with mathowie among the contributors. Check it out.
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Slate Mention

MetaFilter is cited for its good discussion thread on IT at Slate. Just thought you'd want to know. I wonder how many standard media reporters look at MetaFilter for ideas or witty comments?

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button to adjust font size?

Would it be possible to add a button to adjust the font size in the edit comments field? Similar to the Bold or Italics button, a "-1", so it's simpler to add asides to your comments. Having a "+1" would be bad, for obvious reasons. (also, there's a small bug -> inside (that -1 would have been useful here))
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Can't we do any better?

A troubling thread. Insulting in tone, shallow in content, this thread is an extreme example of a type of behavior that seems to be growing here. More inside.
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Evolution of MetaFilter

From what I understand, Mefi began as a forum to discuss Web design, whereas it has become a forum to discuss news, ideas, whatever, with a Web site almost incidental to the discussion. Opinions as to when this happened; a specific day or week (these kind of questions interest me)? Also, as much as some people bemoan this evolution, wasn't it inevitable?
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December 3

Help me find this old thread

This is almost certainly bad MeTalk etiquette, but I desperately need to find a thread posted some months ago about an autistic (or otherwise mentally handicapped woman) who made "art" by wrapping common objects in string. I want to write a paper for my Philosophy and Art class on this woman, but can't find the link... I've been Mefi/Google searching for about an hour now with no luck. IIRC, there was quite a lively discussion at the time... can anyone remember where the link was?
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I've been SmartFiltered out of MeFi at work

I've been SmartFiltered out of MeFi at work. I swear I only looked when I was doing a build. Mostly.

I tried using Ben Brown's MeFi/RSS demo but it's got no links. Bad enough I can't see the discussions, but no links! (It's kind of like wanting a cigarette and having to make do witha picture of one.)

Where do I want to go today? Without MeFi, I haven't got a clue.

Is there a solution, or am I doomed to be more productive at work?

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Does the FBI read weblog posts?

IS FBI reading and acting on weblog posts and comments or is it publicity stunt ? From today's Plastic mefi thread and Kuro5hin page: "As some of you may or may not know, we've apparently been read by the US secret service as a way of keeping tabs on citizens who voice opinions which are 'too dangerous' " (sorry cant get links to work)

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I absolutely adore long front page posts

For the record, I absolutely adore long front page posts that are three paragraphs long with more links than I'm ever gonna get around to clicking on. I just wanted to say that before some MeFi cop came in here reading the riot act. =) I cite this as an example of when it's okay to do that. Who's with me?
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Collective usernames/passwords for free registration sites

NYT login info: metafilter/metafilter posted by o2b at 7:47 AM PST on December 3:
Perhaps it would help to have our collective usernames and passwords for free registration sites permanently posted somewhere - say on the sidebar?

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Thanks for the excite@home posts

I'd like to thank all those who posted about the excite@home collapse, esp. this thread. [more inside]
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Q: what is the best designed weblog?

Q: what is the best designed weblog? For me, it's either what used to look like or DiK.
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December 2

Free weblog services? Opinions please.

Free weblog services? Opinions please.

I've had a page for close to two years.

Unfortunately, pitas seems to be collapsing under it's own weight. Outages and "page not found" errors have become rampant. It's become too damn frustrating to use anymore. My requests for an explanation as to exactly what the problem is have been met with a deafening silence.

I'm not going to sit here and complain. It's a free service and you get what you pay for. Are there any weblog services out there that are reliable and relatively simple to use for those of us who are somewhat HTML impaired?

Thanks in advance!
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Login link placement

I share my computer and have to login and out of MeFi a lot. Would it be too much to ask to have a login link at the top of the opening page instead of just the bottom?
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December 1

Since when did Microsoft start using textads at the top of the MSN Portal?

Since when did Microsoft start using textads at the top of the MSN Portal? Granted, I don't visit MSN much, but weren't there banner ads up there in the not too distant past? Did they take a hint from MetaFilter and PyrAds?
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Where's Plastic?

Plastic down? Only a bizarre message from "humble(d)" Anuff and Steadman is up. AFAIK they never had a working revinue model, but they did rack up 22K users in a year.
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Is it irresponsible to post crackpot theories on MeFi?

Is it irresponsible to post crackpot theories on MeFi? This post questioning the link between HIV and AIDS links to a site that is full of misinformation and has no scientific validity. Misinformation about AIDS is potentially deadly. Shouldn't a poster do some minimal checking first? I didn't want to respond in the thread itself because I think the fewer people who see it, the better.
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Metafilter's new visual style. Like it?

metafilter's new visual style. like it?
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