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Thanks for the letters

Very very long overdue, but thank you so much for all the mail! [more inside]
posted by divabat on Feb 2, 2008 - 20 comments

Too much hate, too much judgment

Why are people being so judgmental in this AskMe question? Just because there is a celebrity connection? Other people like myself who have legitimate stories to share are being turned off by the sheer abrasiveness and lack of empathy displayed inside.
posted by divabat on Apr 22, 2007 - 112 comments

When can I post a question?

The New Question page on AskMefi is giving me conflicting information. First it says that I have 7 days 15 hours (etc) to post, then one countdown says I have 15 hours left, then there's another countdown which was constantly changing between the two, but as I type this it's settled itself to 15 hours. (One of the countdowns is from a GreaseMonkey script). Which is it?
posted by divabat on Mar 3, 2007 - 6 comments

Great answers are great!

Which AskMefi questions have elicited great responses or answers - the sort that just perfectly answer the question, or those where what seems like a long shot is serendipitously answered by the perfect person? Looking at the "metafilterhistory" tag, I found this and this, but are there others?
posted by divabat on Jan 17, 2007 - 49 comments

Deleted AskMe trying to identify a painting via email

Earlier on AskMefi there was a question from "siahny" asking to identify a painting via email. I've got the picture (which is a Word document). The thread seems to be deleted, but should I post it up anyway? She really does want the painting identified...
posted by divabat on Jan 6, 2007 - 55 comments

AskMe weighme judgeme

Ask a question about being bugged and everyone says "see a psychiatrist". Ask a question about losing weight or dying while trying, with mentions by the OP of bulimia and not caring if it affects her health - and people come up with tapeworms and smoking? What the heck?
posted by divabat on Jun 13, 2006 - 51 comments

weaponsgradecarp: any updates on this?

weaponsgradecarp: any updates on this?
posted by divabat on May 10, 2006 - 27 comments

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