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January 31

Ottawa meetup

There has been enough delay and debate! The time is ripe for a MeFi meetup here in Ottawa, Canada! I expect all three of us will have a great time.
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Can you delete follow-up comments when the original comment is deleted?

When you're pruning the site and deleting comments, do you mind deleting followups that only make sense with the original comment?
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Why was this post deleted?

So, was fivefreshfish's post deliberately deleted as a double to taumenson's, or are whole threads disappearing too?
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Crush isn't Crushing

It was discussed in the Philly meetup thread, but this is the official thread complaining about the fact that the "crush" contact option doesn't seem to work.
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I messed up some html with a single quote.

I inserted a single quote in a post on accident and the MeFi code that normally would be the rest of the page (i.e. all the buttons and such) showed up in my preview textbox.
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C'mon folks. I don't mean to break up the fun, but yea...
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I will be studying MetaFilter this semester for an e-communities class project

I am a graduate student at the University of Michigan School of Information studying human-computer interaction. I am posting this thread to let you know that I will be studying MetaFilter this semester for an e-communities class project. My term paper will describe MetaFilter’s purpose, the technologies used, roles, identifiers and identities, intergroup relations, norms of behavior, and governance mechanisms. For more information about the course, see http://www.si.umich.edu/~presnick/courses/winter03/684/

I will make my findings available at http://www.noor.bz/ecommunities. Feedback would be welcome any time. I have also included information there about how your privacy will be protected.

If you have any concerns about how I am conducting this study, you may contact me by email at nooraz at umich dot edu.

Thank you!
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Charts become a compelling possibility

As MeFi grows, charts become a compelling possibility. I think it would be interesting to graphically chart (is that redundant?) MeFi posts on the basis of number of responses, keywords, and dates. It might be instructive/interesting to see what subjects touch nerves, and whether an idea that hits a sensitive spot in 2000 has the same effect in 2005 (and so on).
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Is there an automatic identical URL detector?

Facts On Farts was deleted within ten minutes of posting. In point of fact, the double post alluded to was all about turds. I checked it myself. Is there some sort of automatic feature that sniffs out identical URL's? Because this was in error, even though I was warned before posting that it looked like a duplicate (but wasn't). FWIW, the fart site actually was written to address a lot of things that any reasonable person might be curious about.
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Pictures from extremely fun Madison MeFi Meetup.

Pictures from the sparsely attended but extremely fun Madison MeFi Meetup.
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January 30

What makes a post inappropriate?

What's inappropriate?
Is there a guide for how racy a post can be? I posted a fairly racy (but funny, or at least I thought so) thing eariler and it was taken off. Did I step over the line?
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Photos of last night's Berkeley meetup.

Photos of last night's Berkeley meetup.
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Search Metafiler bug

Found a bug in Search Metafilter that could be rather painful for both the server and the client. [mi]
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Have I been banned?

Have I been banned, or is "preview comments" simply not working?

Trying to add a comment to:

Hit "preview" and I get a "Preview Comment:" but no preview, and then the "Home About Archives MetaTalk Post Customize Search Etc " navbar.

Is this a bug, or by design?
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January 29

Archived post error

Sometimes, whilst searching the archives, I find stuff like this -- just a heads up.

I've also found dead links in some older threads, that's probably inevitable. I wonder if they could be purged somehow and replaced with a nice mefi- message?
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Mefi's scholarly value?

"My thesis is on Metafilter..."
This isn't the first reference I've seen to The Blue as an empirical playground for academic discourse. What exactly is Mefi's scholarly value?
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Overly graphic post: where did it go?

I read a post the other day (maybe two?) that included a link to gruesome pics of Iraqis killed in the Fallujah siege and ensuing massacre. I added a comment to the post, asking whether anyone with any forensic expertise might be able to reveal how the dead had been killed, because it looked as though they were not victims of conventional firepower (could it have been gas?). When I went back to see if anyone had responded to the original post had been deleted alongwith its accompanying commentary. Does anyone here know why the post was removed and based on what policy? Thanks in advance.
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Where did my comment go?

Disappearing comment in this thread: I posted a perfectly normal comment after 40 Watt's first comment, and I know that I did indeed remember to hit "post" because, well, I actually saw the comment posted on the screen. But just now, going back to the thread, my comment is gone. Are gremlins afoot? Because certainly my "hey, thanks for the reminder, I'm going to get this for my nephew" couldn't be considered worthy of deletion...?
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January 28

This is a community website. Chill.

No. No, no, no. Frustration with ineffective enforcement procedures might be an excuse for revolution in a country, but this is a community website. Chill.
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Why was my comment deleted

Did I forget to hit "post" or was my comment deleted from this topic and if so, why?
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Meet Jessamyn in NYC

jessamyn will be in NYC next weekend, and she's free on Sunday evening, 6 Feb. If we take her out for drinks, maybe she'll let us touch the ban-hammer! (Or at least the delete-mallet.)
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Newsfilter, selfmoderation and namecalling do not make for a good post

In this thread, the poster begins with a cluster of mainstream political news links from BBC, Guardian, MSNBC, proceeds with with a healthy dose of self-moderation, and climaxes with "You're a lying SOB. Fuck off" for good measure, effectively derailing his own thread as one user points out. Aren't these exactly the kinds of posts we try to discourage?
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Username links go to threads instead

When I click on the username in this archived MeFi thread I am taken to an old post with the same number as the user, i.e. the url says 'mefi' instead of 'user'. Only true for the original post, not for comments.
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Related questions in AskMe

Suggestion for a policy discussion: In AskMetafilter, if somebody asks a question, and you have a related question yourself, up to what point is it okay to seek help for your own question in that thread? Theoretical examples provided within.
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RSS 2.0

How about a proper RSS 2.0 feed? The existing .91 feed doesn't provided authors or even datestamops. Also, the existing ATOM feed doesn't validate properly and doesn't work in the two RSS readers I use (NetNewsWire and Thunderbird).
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Is it too much to ask that FPP's be reasonably coherent?

Is it too much to ask that FPP's be reasonably coherent?
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Savannah, GA Meetup

Savannah MeFi, reveal yourselves! According to the zip code neighbor-finder, I'm the only MeFite in Savannah, GA. I'm hoping this isn't true, so I propose a gathering within the next few weeks. Post if you're nearby and interested.
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NYC meetups for Kaki King?

I know there's already a NYC Meetup scheduled for Feb., but I just saw that MeFi darling Kaki King is playing every Tuesday in February at the Knitting Factory. Any interest in either changing the meetup (disclaimer: I discovered I can't make the previously-arranged one) or having another brouhaha?
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Chicago meetup reminder

Reminder to Chicago mefites: meetup tomorrow, 8:30, at Hopleaf's upstairs bar.
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double post

double post.
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January 27

MeFi scholarships

This AskMe thread on work and school and aid reminded me: time to bring back MeFi scholarships?
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Always refreshes to the first view of the day

Everytime I view a MeFi/MeTa/AskMe page, it brings me to the first time I viewed the page that day. I can reload the page and see new posts and/or comments, but if I leave that page everytime I go back it displays the first load of the page, not even the most recently viewed version. [MI]
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Berkeley meetup

Meetup reminder: Jupiter in Berkeley, 6pm onward, this Saturday the 29th.
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January 26

Redact My Spoiler

My plot spoiler in skallas' AskMe thread wouldn't have been so bad if it were in ROT-13. It was just my luck that I didn't stop to consider it at the time. I'd like to plea Mea culpa, and request my comment be pbeerpgrq jvgu nyy gung hygen-frperg, rapelcgvpny glcr ubbqbb, if possible.
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Too graphic for the front page?

too graphic for metafilter?
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Welcome jessamyn, our new user#1a

Welcome jessamyn, our new user#1a

Seeing as we didn't all get the memo..
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Maybe this is only the second best

I was thinking, you know, maybe a post about a celebrity giving money to charity isn't so "best of the web."
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Madison Meetup

Reminder: Madison MeFi Meetup, this Saturday, January 29th, c.9:30pm, at Jolly Bob's, 1210 Williamson St. [more inside]
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What happened to the CD exchange?

MeFi CD Mix Exchange... please let me know if this is an inappropriate place for this question. A while back there was a sign up for a MeFi CD Exchange. I haven't heard anything about it again. Any idea if this was legitimate and is still going on?
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Announcement: sockpuppet given as gift to lurker

Attention: Per this thread, I have relinquished my puppet account, Voice of God.
It is now run by a long-time lurker who wishes to remain nameless. [MI]
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Having some problems with making links in AskMe

Having some problems with making links in AskMe, tried to add a couple to this post but preview reorganises the html, seemingly at random, ie added two links, one worked, one didn't, went back to fix (then delete) one then other one went wrong, even after I switched to cut and pasting a couple of symbols were added to the end of the URL.
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Bad Grammar

Just let me know when your in town

Because your playing in the playground of the internets

Dude your going WAY out of your way to insult me personally

So I think your going over the top here

Jonmc your joking, right?

only you can prevent "your" abuse. for fuck's sake, please. [mo' inside]
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14 bucks project tabled

Aw, almost a year has passed since the 14 bucks project launched and it looks like bird0g hung it up before even doubling the money. I ran into this while tagging my archives, figured it was worth mentioning again.
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January 25

Somebody's cranky.

Somebody's cranky. I tried disciplining him myself, but he's made me take the unprecedented step of dragging him to the principal's office.
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Post-post tag alteration?

Is there a way to alter the tags once a post has been made? I posted this with the tags "new orleans jazz funeral" and in hindsight, New Orleans and jazz funeral are single entities. Should they have an underscore? Should there be a way to group them? Suggestions?
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It's the end of this post as we know it

It's time this thread had time alone - Funny, but is this what we want on our front page?
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Is it chatfilter?

ChatFilter redux
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"Posted At" seems to be occasionally hinky

"Posted At" seems to be occasionally hinky. When I click the link to Mayor_Curley's embedded-image post (supposedly http://www.metafilter.com/mefi/38941#832736), it pops me to a different part of the page (http://www.metafilter.com/mefi/38941#832671) which is the first comment in the thread). I think I have seen that with some of my own posts in the past, perhaps when previewing, editing, previewing, editing, etc...
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What is the policy on giving away usernames?

What is the policy on giving away usernames? I purchased a spare during the Great November Influx and now its just sitting there, rotting on Matt's server. I really have no use for it. It was an impulse buy and I'd like to give it away.
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MeFi Oscar Pool

Any interest in a MeFi Oscar Pool? [...]
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Is MetafilterSelf-Policing?

There's been an awful lot of talk about levels of enforcement on MeFi of late, it seems, and it occurs to me that we maybe need to come up with more constructive means of dealing with the issues. [MI]
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January 24

Broken Posts: add them here.

Broken Posts: add them here. I also found a couple of threads that went wonky after adding keywords (1, 2). If anyone else has any nasties, we might as well batch them here.
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Deleted comment cipher?

In this post a number of comments that (at least in my opinion) were legitimately funny but a little tasteless were removed without notice. Two questions - (1) would it make sense to have a "comment deleted" notice so that meta-comments make a little more sense, and (2) why were they deleted if none of the guidelines were violated?
posted by thedevildancedlightly to Etiquette/Policy at 10:33 PM PST - 53 comments

Adding Tags

Speaking of which, how do you add tags to a post? If I look at the list of posts I've made, and click on "add tags to this post", I just get what seems to be the regular comments page. (URL is different, though.) Am I just being obtuse?
posted by Vidiot to Bugs at 8:53 PM PST - 9 comments

Adding tags to my old thread caused a mess.

I made my old thread unhappy when adding tags. Not sure how that happened.
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One link articles from popular periodicals

What's up with all of the one link articles from popular periodicals?
posted by Frank Grimes to Etiquette/Policy at 5:45 PM PST - 22 comments

a very unclear and contradictory message

This post was deleted for the following reason: plugging his own/friends site. Now wait a second: his or his friend's? The solution offered to not self-linking here has always been to have a friend post it for you. I think this sends a very unclear and contradictory message.
posted by rushmc to Etiquette/Policy at 3:50 PM PST - 23 comments

This is why we can't have nice things!

Someone here decided to thoroughly break our new toy. Not cool.
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Double post.

Double post.
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Hey, Woody!

Too much wood. Matt can you please fix my doubled word in my recent machine post
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Is there any call for a "quote" tag?

Is there any call for a "quote" tag? I think threads would look spiffy(er) if the style of quoted text were consistent. For instance:
johnnyEloquent: "Don't bet against yourself, you risk winning."

Hope this isn't a doublepost
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Drugs are (not always) the answer.

Why is it that whenever someone asks a question about psychological issues and says s/he doesn't want meds, all the pushers show up? Whenever it goes the other way, those who take meds attack whoever might suggest they aren't best. Is it too much to ask for the same respect you demand?
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And has been fixed

This thread is broken.
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January 23

Visualizing most popular tags

Right now, the top-150 tag page seems like sort of a novelty. "Art", "music" and "flash" are going to be huge, but the vast majority of tags seem to get shunted into the lower mid-range such that there's not a lot of perceived difference tag-to-tag or day-to-day. Over time, I'd imagine we'd see the same sort of homogeneity that characterizes the Flickr tag sizes.

The idea is to add some more dimension to the information display, showing not only popularity, but time-based "freshness" of tags and ordering them alphabetically rather than hierarchically for easier browsing ala the full tags listing. If time could be added as an organizational principle, people who aren't obsessive readers of mefi could use the top-150 page as a viable entry point to the site for finding new posts of interest.

Quick-and-dirty HTML example here. (or screenshot).
posted by Jeff Howard to Feature Requests at 9:31 PM PST - 19 comments

someone likes the sound of his own name

It would seem that friend quonsar has been experimenting with tags to propel his username into Top150 glory. Harmless fun, a really good idea, or destructive to the idea of freeform tags being useful (since we can see all his posts, if we're so inclined, from his userpage already)? You decide!
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HTML Formatting

Have the recent changes included removing the "B | I | Link" buttons from the comment boxes? (Because they're gone).
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What's up with the date headers on AskMe?

Right now I see three "January 23" headings in AskMe, atop three "January 22" headings. Prior days display just fine. What's the story, Morning Glory?
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Userpages closed to indexing?

Revisiting this.

Metafilter is the biggest site that I can edit a page (my user page) on. I'd like to have "I am the [my name] that went to so and so school, and so and so high-school and did so-and-so" so that if someone googled my name looking for me, they could find that. However, userpages are marked NOINDEX for robots, for to stop villians from using google to harvest stuff, I assume. Given that it would be trivial to write a script to go through all the user pages and snarf anything, and given that these are The Internets, is there a reasonable expectation that an email address or other information you put on a publicly viewable page will *not* be harvested? Doesn't everyone have a spam-catcher address for this purpose?
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Recent MetaTalk Comments?

The MetaTalk front page currently reports two new comments but only shows me one. Obviously, a thread that has scrolled off the page is still active. How do I find out which one it is?
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is this MeTa post open or closed?

Quick! - tell me - without clicking through - is this MeTa post open or closed? Well, which is it? Open or closed? You can't tell, can you? Sucks, doesn't it? You'd think a pop star tag junkie could spare an ASCII spangle to mark molested threads. But Nooooo. Crazy fascist likes to lure you in and jump out at you like a jack-in-the-box Mussolini. Sad. I spoke to his mother. She tells me he used to be such a good boy.
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January 22

Today's massage broke lofi.mefi.

Today's massage broke lofi.mefi.
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Bug in old thread

This old thread gives me: Invalid CFML construct found on line 363 at column 99.
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January 21

At least read the post before violating the main rule

If you are going to use MetaFilter to push your web site and agenda, at least read the freakin' post before you post your NSFW childish self links (on your first day as a member no less). Thank you.
posted by terrapin to Etiquette/Policy at 11:52 AM PST - 87 comments [closed]

Death to embedded video!

Proposed: if the purpose of your MeFi post is 'watch this cool video', then please try to include a direct link to that video as well as a link to the HTML web site. Death to embedded video!
posted by Nelson to Etiquette/Policy at 7:59 AM PST - 21 comments

37signals blue

I'm a fan of 37signals, but I don't think we need to do their advertising for them. [more inside]
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January 20

Update guidelines page

Phil Greenspun has, sadly, closed Loquacious due to spam, and BlogVoices appears to have gone bye-bye too, but we're still pointing people to them on the guidelines page.
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Too Much MetAskMe

MetaTalk is a discussion area for topics specific to MetaFilter itself

However, it seems like half (or more) of the MetaTalk posts lately are actually specific to AskMetafilter. (more inside)
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Mefites by Occupation [broken]

Who are the people in our neighborhood? Just found this, so apologizes if it is well known. What other hidden nuggets like this exist on MetaFilter?
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The fuzzy line of chatfilter

In this AskMe post, ad hoc asked whether or not people would accept an offer of immortality. Rushmc dubbed it a "chatfilter" question. Vacapinta pointed out that rushmc had asked a similar question ("what poetry books do you like?").

Here is rushmc's response to Vacapinta's accusation:

...That question was of direct practical benefit to me, as I discovered new-to-me poets to investigate and bought five of the works recommended in the thread, which was my purpose in asking the question. Immortality is not an option, so debating its desirability leads to no practical outcome.

posted by grumblebee to Etiquette/Policy at 1:31 PM PST - 97 comments

Minneapolis Meetup

Minneapolis Meetup Reminder: Tomorrow, 8 pm, Rock Bottom Brewery (at the corner of 9th St. and Hennepin Ave., downtown).
posted by neckro23 to MetaFilter Gatherings at 1:14 PM PST - 37 comments

chatfilter again?

We've discussed the usefulness/appropriateness of threads such as this, no?
posted by FlamingBore to Etiquette/Policy at 12:37 PM PST - 9 comments

Public arguments make for a poor discussion.

Having a public argument among a few people limits the ability of everyone else to continue a discussion. If you need to have an intense back and forth, please consider moving your discussion to another forum. Please also consider limiting the number of comments you make in a thread so that others may have the chance to voice their opinions.
posted by spaghetti to Etiquette/Policy at 11:23 AM PST - 25 comments

Policy on posting links found on Fark/Slashdot/Boingboing?

What's the policy on posting links you found on Fark, Slashdot or BoingBoing? I read through each of these daily, and constantly find links on MeFi that were posted earlier on one of those other three sites. I've refrained from posting info that I found on those other sites because it seems to easy. If you get the info from one of those other sites, shouldn't you do a "via xxx?"
posted by boymilo to Etiquette/Policy at 10:33 AM PST - 19 comments

could the blue have a 'spoiler' tag?

Skoosh's reply here reminded me - could the blue have a 'spoiler' tag added to the [B][i][link] tags by the reply box?

By using blue text on a blue background then anything spoilerish for Flash games (etc) would only be visible to those who highlight the text with their mouse.
posted by twine42 to Feature Requests at 5:33 AM PST - 28 comments

womanparts tag needed

Do we need to find a special code for stating "girl grossness/irrelevant to men talk inside, boys kindly stay out" for askme? Seems no matter what one puts in the question, some poor lad will walk in the room and have to share his screams of ick with everyone. We know you'll be peeping anyway, but sharing what you think about it does not follow the please limit comments to answers rule. ta.
posted by dabitch to Etiquette/Policy at 5:03 AM PST - 218 comments [closed]

January 19

User Profile Semantics

Wording in user profiles seems to be off:

abiku has posted no links 8 comments to MetaFilter
and no threads and no comments to MetaTalk

I believe there should be an "and" in between "links" and "8" on the first line.
posted by abiku to Bugs at 8:30 PM PST - 6 comments

Impressions on rereading old posts

Adding tags means going back through your old posts, and if you are like me, rereading them for the first time. Any impressions?
posted by Secret Life of Gravy to MetaFilter-Related at 7:03 PM PST - 41 comments

AskMe today regarding changing the stylesheet on user profiles

I swear that there was an AskMe today regarding changing the stylesheet on user profiles. I can't remember who posted the question, but they linked to a few profiles that they liked. Now I can't find the question. Was it deleted or am I experiencing hallucinations?
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Disappearing comments

comments disappearing from this thread:
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Writers helping each other?

Wondering if any of MeFi's up-and-coming screenwriters / tv writers are planning on entering Nicholl or Austin this year and if they'd be interested in helping each other punch up their scripts. (Feedback from the working pros is appreciated as well, of course.) {more}
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Madison Meetup

Anyone interested in a Madison meetup? I'm pretty new around here, and would like to meet some of y'all. [+]
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Guns questions get derails, not answers

A particularly egregious example of commentators hijacking an AxeMe thread instead of answering the question.
posted by norm to Etiquette/Policy at 10:45 AM PST - 140 comments


May we please refrain from GoogleFilter?
1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5
[In a bit over a month, excluding some that were tangentially related]
posted by sciurus to Etiquette/Policy at 10:44 AM PST - 23 comments

The copyright thread was closed to comments after 24 hours

The thread on copyright was closed to comments after 24 hours. I assume that either there is a bug that made the thread think it was 30 days old, or Matt has decided that all that needed to be said has been said. Either option points to a problem with the system somewhere.
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January 18

Keyword Tags For Metafilter

I'm in the process of adding keyword tags to MetaFilter. Right now, you can go back and tag all your old posts. Please, help me make this a useful feature by tagging your stuff with descriptive keywords that help people find other related posts. We could really turn this into something useful if we stick to that. I'm still working it into the new post form and working bugs out of the display end, but the basics are now there. Go forth and help make this useful.
posted by mathowie to Feature Requests at 4:14 PM PST - 178 comments

poo will always be flung around here

For those involved in the MLK Weatherman fired thread, I call your attention so some first hand action.
I point this out because while poo will always be flung around here, gems like this can only be found on blogs such as here and help to keep this place awesome. Plus, there's nothing like quelling rumors that will naturally arise with firsthand accounts
posted by jmd82 to MetaFilter-Related at 4:04 PM PST - 12 comments

Bush Go George Bush FPP callout

Could we just get it over with and delete this childish tit for tat response?
posted by Specklet to Etiquette/Policy at 2:43 PM PST - 61 comments

Chicago Meetup

MeFiChi Meet-Up: Hopleaf upstairs bar, Jan. 29, 8:30pm. Look for the pancakes.
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Sounds like someone's got some sand in her vagina.

Attention store manager: Cleanup in aisle 38721. Troll juice has been spilled, making people cry.
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no-caps does not mean no-value

We've been over this before. Some people prefer typing with the shift key. Others prefer all-lowercase. For the record: can we stop bitching about this in threads? No-caps doesn't detract from the quality of a post or comment. The bitching about it does.
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Tags now avaible!

tagging comes to metafilter test post for the tagging system
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Well I know my interest is certainly piqued. Dish, dish!
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Old threads link usernames to posts, not users

Bug: old threads have the poster username linking to the thread with the same number as their usernumber. Example (working). Example (nonworking). Only in the post; the username links in comments are fine.
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January 17

Self-link detected.

They're clamoring for it, and here it is. This post contains a nakedly aggressive self-link. For shame, doc.
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How are metafilter .org and .com different?

Is there some significance or explanation to the finding that metafilter.org looks like mf.com, except for the fact that I can't log in to .com and I can to .org?

Part of the reason I asked is that for two months, since joining, I have tried in vain to log in to Metafilter.org, which was what my bookmark pointed to, and I accidentally went to the .com site and had no problem. I admit I'm not always very savvy with these things.
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Is AskMe sending unsolicited info?

I have only been a member since Jan. 1, but today for the first time my firewall program alerted me that Ask Me was attempting to send information in the "private information" category (my home address) to the Ask MeFi site. Has anyone else noticed this? Why is this being done?
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One should be allowed to ask questions more often

What's with the one question per week? I am an active Ask.Mefi user and often have many questions (to the tune of 2-3 per week) that get awesome responses. Anyone know of comparable places to ask on a wide variety of subjects?
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Multi-questioned AskMe post.

Multi-questioned AskMe post. It's a particularly (IMHO) obnoxious kind of transgression, in that there's no way to claim it's anything other than an attempt to circumvent policy that's in place for good reason. Can the post page make the "one question per post" point more clearly?
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January 16

AskMe Error

I'm getting an Error # 4096 while trying to post a comment to Ax Me right now.
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979 new questions and 15866 comments

"There have been 979 new questions and 15866 comments posted since your last visit." I'm pretty sure this is an error, I've only been gone for a few weeks.
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Chicago Meetup

All right, broad-shouldered MeFites, mark your calendars: after tabulating the votes, the Chicago meetup will be Saturday, January 29th. [location to be determined inside]
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Visiting DC for the Inauguration

I may be in D.C. for the inauguration. Anyone else? I've never been to Washington. Any tips for travellers? Or tips for someone going to a public gathering like this? I've been to a football game before, but I imagine this is a different type of get-together.
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January 15

Timezone bug.

Timezone confusion; though my prefs are set for Eastern time, timestamps are coming up PST. ?
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Is this really appropriate for AskMe? (!)

Is this really appropriate for AskMe? (!)
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SF Meetup Photos

Photos of last night's San Francisco meetup.
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Closing MeTa threads may be a bad idea

I submit reason number one that closing metatalk threads may, in fact, be a bad idea.
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January 14

best of the yawn

Here we have a short (and fairly dull) Wired article, a link to Google News, a repost, and a bandwidth-exceeded Geocities site. I'm new(ish), but, best of the web?
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Thank you, Matt

I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank Matt for deleting the Invisibility/Flight thread in Ask.Me
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Any or all of the following additional sections would be most welcome: MetaFilm, MetaLit, MetaDesign, MetaMusic. They could be discussions on current trends/reviews in the chosen fields and/or critiques on Mefi members ventures in these areas. I know this is more like a herd of ponies and most likely not forseeable in the immediate future but I thought we could at least talk about it.
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January 13

Typophile Film Festival

San Francisco: For anyone interested, the Typophile Film Festival is tonight, at 111 Minna, doors open at 6pm. Registration is closed, but it's still free at the door. If you have any problems, though, call my cell.
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A warm fireplace with overstuffed chairs

Is anyone willing to create a MetaParlour? [Come into my thread, said the swan to the MeFites]
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Boston Meetup

The 2005 Boston Mefi Meetup is still on! 7:30 at The Burren in Davis Square Friday the 14th (tomorrow). Any MeFibrarians who are in town for ALA are encouraged to attend, as are all you civilians.
posted by robocop is bleeding to MetaFilter Gatherings at 6:38 AM PST - 33 comments

January 12

Deletion Reason

On Ask MetaFilter I appealed for advice on how to get around being banned from a blog. It seems the thread has been deleted. Why?
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This thread is has [sic] been closed.

This thread is has [sic] been closed.

Matt, you're closing MeTa threads after four (or ten) comments now?
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Quit with the Rampant Assholery

0-14, indeed.
0-15, indeed.

Come on, guys, I don't care if you don't like her posts, but why be such assholes about it?
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sidebar getting dated

The election contest item in the sidebar is pretty old now. Is it still there for a reason?
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Post-Jeopardy meetup?

I'm going to be trying out for Jeopardy at 2:30 PM, February 11th in Atlanta. Would anybody be up for doing coffee during the evening of Feb. 11th or 12th? It'd have to be coffee, as I am not of legal drinking age. And if I could perchance find a mefite who could put me up on the night of the 12th I'd be even happier.
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January 11

Where's the line on product-related content?

MetaShillter: there's never been a deficit of accusations regarding the use of MeFi to push product. Many legitimate Best o' the Web posts contain product-related content. While it's clearly contra-Matt if you profit from a post, where's the fine line?
posted by cosmonik to Etiquette/Policy at 8:06 PM PST - 51 comments

Sticky meetups?

MetaFilter gatherings are common, and often planned weeks in advance. In that amount of time, the related threads are pushed off the front page. Is there a system we can work out where they become sticky? Maybe be posted on the sidebar until they happen?
posted by Steve_at_Linnwood to Feature Requests at 3:20 PM PST - 23 comments

New York Meetup

New Yorkers: We have been asked out for beers. I know we all hate drinking, but maybe we can come together to greet a foreigner and suffer for his sake. Plus, if we plan ahead, perhaps even the perennially missing can make it.
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January 10

Salvage without the self-link

Delete the self-link and this post stands on its own.
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January 9

Milwaukee Meetup

Milwaukee drunken board game meet up?
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Meetup in San Francisco, Jan. 14, 2005

MeFiSF Reminder :: Friday, Jan 14, 7 PM, Toronado. This place has everything. 60 million beers on tap, a back room we can stretch out in a bit, loads of nearby food options, and convenience to Muni (Fillmore route and the N train). We see dozens of new additions to MeFi in our nearby zip codes - please come out and say hello!
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Self-Link Ahoy!

The 2011 post leads to a paid-subscription only article and indirectly through the comments ends up being a self-link. I'm sure it's accidental, but it shouldn't be there.
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Photos from the Milan meetup.

First MeFi International Transoceanic Interfaith Metrosexual Milano Meetup Part 2. +
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Metafilter ranks third when using 'weblog' as a search term in Google

Metafilter ranks third when using 'weblog' as a search term in Google at the moment. Worth celebrating?
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January 8

CFML error while processing request in AskMe

Anyone else having problems with AskMe right now? [+]
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Milan Meetup Followup

Cashmere sweaters, rare organic green tea, fine arts photography, designer sex toys. This, and much more, just happened at the First MeFi International Transoceanic Interfaith Metrosexual Milan Meetup. More inside.
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January 7

Twin Cities Meetup

Twin Cities Meet-up: Mr. Bula can't make the 29th and I feel we need our prized photographer with us. This might be too soon, but could anyone make it tomorrow night?
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January 6

Am I the only one having FireFox crash....

Am I the only one having FireFox crash while trying to load the y2karl thread below?
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smart quotes and other characters mangled (IE, mac)

IE for Mac occasionally mangles posts with quotation marks, apostrophes, etc. For example: “Y’all must stay non-nuclear, but we’ll have as many nukes as we want. We’ll make new nukes but keep the old. And if you don’t like it, just take a good look at Iraq, because you could be next.�
posted by Miss Bitchy Pants to Bugs at 1:37 PM PST - 25 comments

UNICEF ad display issue

The UNICEF ad on (not logged in) MeFi is a little funky. I think they were expecting a white background. As it is, the child's face and the "relief" text to the left of it are obscured. Not a big deal, just thought I'd mention it. So this isn't just a complaint, I'm happy to copy/modify/send it somewhere, but I don't know to whom that'd go.
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There should be a comment limit per thread in MetaTalk.

There should be a comment limit per thread in MetaTalk. There are people who made 50+ comments in the Alex Reynolds thread. That is just wrong. No one should be allowed to make more than a fixed number of comments per MetaTalk thread. I say five. Pile ons are not cathartic releases, mob psychology is not self-policing. This place has gone from Harrison Bergeron meets Lord of the Flies to The Jerry Springer Show meets the Married With Children studio audience. It's a waste of bandwidth, creates nothing but ill feeling and a collective sense of entitlement to say shitty things. We might as well be bearbaiting or throwing cats into bonfires.
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Chicago Meetup

So what with all the new members around, we should be able to get more than four people together for a Chicago meetup, right?
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"Asses of Evil" blogad

Not my call, but I don't think that "Asses of Evil" blogad does anything for MetaFilter's aesthetic, perceived image or credibility.
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Vote-Banning Proposal

In light of the recent tragic events in AskMe, and on MeFi, I move that we enable some kind of vote-banning system, or just close new user signups altogether until inbreeding causes us to become one eyed, immune-system-less pedigree albinos.
posted by armoured-ant to Feature Requests at 2:15 AM PST - 102 comments

How to say "thanks Ask MetaFilter"?

How to say "thanks Ask MetaFilter"
I recently asked a question and and amazed with the help I recieved. Should I just smile, post in the thread (but who would see it?) or email individual posters? Or just shut up?
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January 5

This fella has issues.

This fella has issues.
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This is a pretty dumb comment.

This is a pretty dumb comment.
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is there any chance of getting a feature similar to the "Best Of"?

Not to be all like Craigslist or anything but is there any chance of getting a feature similar to the "Best Of"? (More inside)
posted by KevinSkomsvold to Feature Requests at 11:00 AM PST - 26 comments

January 4

MeFi Swap returns

As per last month's teaser, the Swap is back, better than ever and super sex-ay with the php/mysql automation-fu for the new year. Check the latest news before signing up, and have fun with it, kids.
posted by Dreama to MetaFilter Music at 10:07 PM PST - 25 comments

Did we really have to delete this thread?

Did we really have to delete this thread? Just when the discussion was getting interesting?
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A regular depository of "Best of the Web" sites

PonyIdeaFilter: A regular depository of "Best of the Web" sites, as inspired by this question in AskMe. [+]
posted by Doohickie to Feature Requests at 2:24 PM PST - 10 comments

Self-Link Callout

I know someone has posted a self-link as a FPP and hasn't identified it as such (he has also done it in comments). I think it is because he wants to keep his anonymity. I don't want to out him, but at the same time I think it isn't right to post a link to a site that is your own (esp. without disclosure). Should I just email him to let him know I know? Should I email Matt directly about it? Thoughts on how best to handle?
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Seattle meetup pics

Seattle meetup pics and shoutouts now posted here.
posted by astruc to MetaFilter Gatherings at 12:03 PM PST - 90 comments

MetaTalk for the logged in only?

This is probably an annoying pony to add, but is there any way we can get a flag added to MetaTalk posts so that they'll only be visible to a user who is logged in?
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The suspense is killing me [more inside]

Could we maybe dispense with the cliffhangers in Ask.MetaFilter?
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January 3

Single-Link FPPs

Are one link posts on Metafilter taboo these days? I often see it listed in complaints for bad FPPs. I couldn't find anything in the posting guidelines. Just curious.
posted by agregoli to Etiquette/Policy at 2:04 PM PST - 126 comments

Policy regarding FP links requiring registration.

Policy regarding FP links requiring registration. [more inside]
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January 2

San Francisco Meetup

MeFiSF: We'd talked a bit about January 14, and it sounded like some neoFites were on board, too. Is there is momentum? Or shall we just meet in Berkeley at the end of the month?
posted by caitlinb to MetaFilter Gatherings at 10:22 PM PST - 7 comments

angry modem just moved to Minneapolis, so I think we should have a meet-up in his honor.

angry modem just moved to Minneapolis, so I think we should have a meet-up in his honor. Any takers? How about the weekend of the 21st?
posted by Zosia Blue to MetaFilter Gatherings at 9:24 PM PST - 58 comments

deleted threads bookmarklet broken

Milov's sweet deleted threads bookmarklet has stopped working. Is it me or MetaFilter?
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Any of the MeFi Librarian Posse going to ALA this month?

Any of the MeFi Librarian Posse going to ALA this month? Boston/Somerville/Cambridge Mefi Meetup: Friday January 14 at The Burren in Davis Square in Somerville 7:30-ish. I'll be down from Vermont and robocop is bleeding says he'll be there.
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Bay Area meetup January 2005

Bay Area Mefi/Mofi Meetup: Saturday, January 29 at Jupiter in Berkeley. Occasion: tracicle is visiting from New Zealand.
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Askme bold bug

Minor bug ... all text at AskMe is bold starting with the "I need a case for my iPod. [+] posted by Who_Am_I at 7:45 AM PST - 8 comments" - and below.
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January 1

Followup: Show your MeFi Designs

I believe the deadline for the MeFi Design Contest has passed. Does anybody who entered have the nerve to show off their actual entries to the MeFi public? I have half a notion to, but I don't want to be the first (or anything before sixth) to expose my web design shortcomings...
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AskMe for feedback on projects

Legitimately unsure if the following is an acceptable use of AskMe: (more inside)
posted by John Kenneth Fisher to Etiquette/Policy at 9:08 PM PST - 22 comments

Askme bug

Ask has 3 December 31sts. Matt - i'm sure you'll catch it. But I figure you might come here first.
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This is NOT what AskMe is for.

This is NOT what AskMe is for. The poster even acknowledges it in defiance.
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