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June 30

y2karl, why would you link to goatse?

y2karl, why would you link to *NSFW*NSFW* goatse *NSFW*NSFW* ?
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What makes a good political post?

Good news post; Bad news post.
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Mefi menu needs fix

The MeFi menu looks wrong to me.
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Let's use our indoor voices

Why am I being yelled at for asking about software to help me do something that I already know is hard? This is my first bad encounter with AskMeFi, otherwise, it's been great.
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Should this thread be deleted?

Should this thread be deleted? Will Keyser's reporting of this end up leading back to the thread? Does anyone who voiced opinion on it have to worry?
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June 29

What do people think about polling the membership?

What do people think about polling the membership? A feature that would allow Matt (or others) to provide questions on popular issues/ideas/songs or whatever and get a sense of what the community thinks. The obvious example is topical stuff, e.g. who will the Metafilter users vote for in the election? This idea could either enhance the community, or divide it. The biggest negative is that statistics are misleading, they can polarize things, and they give people easy examples when they are generalizing, and that sucks. But, it would be fascinating to know how the community stands on a given issue. I still think this is the best community on the internet and the most interesting, and I think many people would like to know how we feel on this or that. If it were to happen in the style of this site, it would be a once every few months kind of thing. A side feature could be to have all discussion on that issue reside on that page (get them off the front).
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Vermont Meetup

Any MeFites who want to come by Central Vermont this weekend for my annual Fourth of July shindig, please do.
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Hey something happened at kottke.org! I'm gonna post it to metafilter.

Hey something happened at kottke.org! I'm gonna post it to metafilter. [via kottke.org]
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HTML needs fixing

This date-rape thread is broken.
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June 28

Ticketstubs problems

Trying to pull up http://stories.about.ticketstubs.org/ or http://www.ticketstubs.org brings up the Mefi home page instead of the page described on http://haughey.com/matt/sites in the links section. Intentional? Unintentional?
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June 27

How about less Michael Moore posts?

Can we shut the hell up with the Michael Moore posts? Whaddya say, team?
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June 26

No questions since I last logged in?

don't know if this is a bug-

On the Green, I'm finding that it reports no questions since I've last logged on. Clearly there are new questions; additionally everything is fine (and correct) on the Blue
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June 25

London Metafilter gathering tonight!

London Metafilter gathering tonight!
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June 24

"Double post" callouts

double post, double post...you missed something from 2001 I would hereby like to call a moretoreum on "double post" callouts in threads when the original link was more than, lets say, 18 months ago. Not everyone has been a member since the beginning, most people don't have the time to go back and read multiple years of archives, nor is it reasonable to expect that they would. The search is wonky, we all know that. [more inside]
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Snarky newsfilter criticisms are bad.

EB: "c"? WTF? GYOBFW. [MI]
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Why does the "white" template load slowly using IE on Mac OS9 or X?

The white (ie the blue with the white option set) takes an age to display for me using IE on Mac OS 9 or X; far slower than it used to be. The status bar usually reads something about loading javascript/comments.js and activespell.js (IIRC) while I'm waiting.

Has something changed? Grey and green are fine.
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June 23

Meetup at WebVisions?

Supporting our new advertiser. Since we know #1 is there as a speaker, anyone else want to make it a gathering?
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Nationwide movie meetup - Farenheit 9/11

Whats say we make a list of the members who are going to watch Farenheit 9/11, and see if we can meet each other at the movie theater? Weve got a little time left, it may be cool to do.
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June 22

Follow-up post corrections annoy some people

Followup post corrections in th reads. Theydrive me nuts. It takesawayfr om the point your tryingto make. People knowwhat your tryingtosay. It disrupts the flow of conversation. Mostpeople are not spelling/grammer nazis. It looks worse to correct it.
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Is somebody feeling cranky?

Is somebody feeling cranky?. I recently handled a personal attack poorly, so this time I'll do the civilized thing and bring it in here.
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Some problems with Atom feed

Atom feed. I've been trying to cobble some code together that'll do interesting things with the atom feed here but most times it comes up as mangled (Firefox says the same too). Any one else having problems? Any chance of it being fixed?
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Spellcheck issues

Is anyone else having trubble with the spell check?
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Moratorium on 9-11 posts?

Matt: Given the insanely redundant traffic it's already generated, how about a several day or weeklong moratorium on Farenheit 9/11 posts, or perhaps a general thread like the Reagan one? Do we really need a new front page post every time somebody farts in Moore's general direction?
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i'm irked

i'm irked by the way matt trolls out minor changes (introducing major bugs) and forgets it all them soon as the mefi thread rolls off the page.
contacts is munged in several ways which is wan't before the "oh my god we must fix the free-forem text hippy-hack!"
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London meetup June 2004

MefiLondon meetup this Friday!
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Linking to everyone is obnoxious and counterproductive

I find Angry Modem's linking to everyone obnoxious and counterproductive. Could it be possible that one could reject a linkage?
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June 21

Confusion about AskMe self-answer

WTF? Shane-a-go-go answers Shane's question as if it's his own and replaces the comment link with a link to a photobucket image. And mentions a site called linkagogo. Spam? Self-destructive attempt to get banned? WTF?
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Gay, straight, I don't care.

Big ol' Iowa farmboy hands, keswick? I have a piece you can put them on, but it's not a timepiece...

Gay, straight, I don't care. This kind of stuff is just crude and out of place.
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I was thinking of using the new open source FCKeditor on all textareas here

I was thinking of using the new open source FCKeditor on all textareas here. Play with this demo textarea and let me know what you think. Would WYSIWYG editing help or get in the way?
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June 20

Breaking up comment pages

Can our comment pages be broken up into smaller pieces? (more inside, yo.)
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June 19

using IE for Mac Classic, I cannot post on Metafilter

Since I'm able to post this, I have to assume I have not been banned from Metafilter. And yet, using IE for Mac Classic, I cannot post on Metafilter.
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June 18

Anonymous post or comment pony

Secret pony request. I was wondering if it could be made possible to obsfucate a username in AskMetafilter? There have been times, and I imagine I'm not the only one, that I would have liked to post a question anonymously. This could be for a variety of reasons, ranging from the ethical to the legal, but I have lots of questions that I may not want linked to my user page forever.
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Email Notifications

VanityFilter: would it be a good idea to have the option to be emailed or otherwise notified whenever someone posted in a thread you created?
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Call the Waaah-mbulance

Waah!Filter : Talk about posting your petty grievances in the Blue! Heheh.
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June 17

No real content, just more trollish junk

It might as well have been titled "This is today's senseless bickering thread". No real content, just more trollish junk. Delete please?
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Potential tool for newsy post obsessed Mefites...

Obviously, given Seth's latest tirade, many of use are tired of the volume of newsy posts. Heck, even I've complained about it before, although I've long since given up on voicing my complaints. However, there is a new tool over at TodaysPapers.com that I think could be useful for diverting some of the discussion. Look, it even finds the news for you! No need to wait for a post, just jump straight to the discussion! It's also virtually empty, and ripe for a takeover by the MeFi newsies. Please?
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An argument over trucks turns ugly

"...listen here you smug little fuck. I have caught you fucking up facts and figures on several occasions and you admitted wrong. STFU" - An argument over trucks turns ugly.
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June 16

Chicago meetup

I'm calling for a Chicago meetup. Anyone interested? Anyone want to propose a date and place?
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Time Zone Bug

My timezone doesn't work now.
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MeFiPNW Meetup is this Friday

The MeFiPNW Meetup is this Friday at the Elysian in Seattle at 7:00PM. Will you be there?
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MeFi Contacts Feature

MeFi contacts stuff is back online and here's what it looks like in action. It is displaying the last 10 contributions in the last month from your contacts in all three sections of the site, as well as a list of their URLs if you want to read their blogs. I'll be adding recent comments from contacts as well, but I thought this was at the point where it was cool enough to share.
posted by mathowie to Feature Requests at 11:54 AM PST - 122 comments

Preview bug

When previewing a comment to a MeTa thread, the links to separate comments behind the time is broken, it links to http://metatalk.metafilter.com/contribute/metadetail.cfm?link_ID=xxxx#yyyyyy (which doesn't exist) instead of http://metatalk.metafilter.com/mefi/xxxx#yyyyyy.
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Community-building posts just for the fun of it.

Does anyone else think that we need to have a little more fun together on a regular basis? Opportunities to be creative, silly, funny, loony, just for the hell of it, can really disperse tension, and might help us vent negative energy. Certain FPPs come along with a game everyone can play in the comments. People love those, but they're rare. I thought this was a pretty enjoyable spontaneous outpouring of randy energy, but, again, rare. Other sites have Photoshop contests, or other games/challenges. Those seem a bit puerile for us. Getting drunk at meetups is fine, but not practical for all of us. Suggestions? Is this a totally lame line of thought?
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June 15

Louisville Lebowski Fest Meetup

This weekend is the third annual Lebowski Fest right here in river city. Any Louisville-area or visiting Mefites (Dudes or Dudettes; we don't discriminate) interested in a meet-up? I will organize (heh) if there are takers. (Not Sunday lunch, though, because it's Dad's Day.)
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Bay Area Meetup, July 6, 2004

Bay Area meetup July 6th 8pm. Whaddya say? East Bay? In the city? Going on the board game theme, Albatross in Berkeley's great, but if our numbers get too big, Jupiter's patio might be a better idea. I'm also open for other suggestions in SF. An earlier start time might also be nice.
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No unread threads? Unpossible!

Something is rotten in the state of ask.metafilter.com. For about a day now, each time I've visited AskMe just after visiting MetaTalk, it has told me that I have no unread threads, but dozens (or hundreds) of unread messages. I imagine that somehow the threads are being marked as read when I visit MetaTalk. Eerie!
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Vancouver meetup

Meetup, Vancouver, June 17 (Thursday). Don't know where, because I'm 150 miles away, so the last couple miles make no nevermind to me. I suspect when == after work. (Start 5ish? Anyone? Juan?) I can't party all night because I have to get home at some point. How about it?
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have we completely given up on any standards in the Blue?

Matt, have we completely given up on any standards in the Blue? Is the whole "best of the web" standard officially dead? It seems so, but I would like to hear it from your own mouth.
One look at the wonderful posts on the blue today which will surely continue the so pleasant conversations we have had:
[continued inside]
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Gmail Invites

While this AskMe thread regarding gmail accounts for MeFites is still going strong, I thought the wiki would be a good place to keep track of who is offering accounts and who would like to receive an invitation.
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we've now got some XFN features in place

Thanks to the hard work of timeistight, we've now got some XFN features in place to do some of that social networking you've read so much about. As of right now, you can add folks as contacts, and describe the relationship optionally. Soon I'll have a page showing contributions to the site from your contacts, so if you have a favorite writer here, add them as a contact and hit that special page later when it's online. Imagine, ssoon you'll be able to say "show me all the questions asked by my friends to Ask MetaFilter" and get a page back showing just that, among other things.

I will definitely be working on the display of this info on user pages, as it currently looks like ass. Sky's the limit once we have this in place with some data. Oh, and I have no idea what a muse is either, anyone know?
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June 14

particular brand of insane troll logic not welcome

Ok, I wasn't going to say anything when Witty decided to spend an inordinate amount of time trying to ruin amberglow's thread with his particular (read: vapid, boring) brand of insane troll logic. However, he then decided an interesting course of action would be to make a similarly unwarranted (perhaps even moreso) comment in an unrelated thread.

Therefore, I politely and humbly request that Witty please refrain from making similarily irrelevant--and snide--comments in the future, at least in in the blue.
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Announcing the new search features

NewFeatureFilter: Ask MetaFilter search, and all user pages have Ask MetaFilter history, with Ask MeFi removed from MetaTalk history. This is the tip of the iceberg, several major features will be added this week.
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The weight of agenda.

The weight of agenda. Can the burden not be borne on personal weblogs?
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I did not stumble; I came with purpose!

You've stumbled upon a non-existent post, or one that was deleted for various reasons.
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Ask Metafilter update from mathowie 6/14/06

Ask Mefi update: all the questions and answers are in a new database, meaning that new features will be coming soon. First up will be links to all questions and answers on your user page, probably done tonight. Then categories, keywords, and all sorts of cool shit. Let me know if you find any errors in the meantime.
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Sidebar please

Ummm, this needs to be on the sidebar.
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I get a glow from low user IDs

Does anyone when looking at responses to posts in The Blue actively look at the User ID # of the respondants and get a good feeling when most of the posts are from people with single, double, tripe or quadruple numbers?

Conversely, do you feel bad when those 17K rapscallions are the only people that respond?
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June 13

Bad-faith post about Kerry and McCain

This hasn't been mentioned, and it went unremarked in the thread, but eyeballkid's recent post was an example of a very bad-faith post, using MeFi as his ironic playground.
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A Man of Mystery

Geoff. broke the pile. His user page throws an error.
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The Metafilter 1, 2, 3 years ago links are broken

The Metafilter 1, 2, 3 years ago links are broken... could this be the same as Orange Goblin's problem below?
posted by armoured-ant to Bugs at 6:24 AM PST - 8 comments

MeTa search seems to be broken?

MeTa seach seems to be broken. The results come up, but clicking them gives an error.
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June 12

NYC Meetup

As sort of a followup to the recent reminiscence of the ol' sound of the 'ol days, I was wondering if anyone was interested in a Micro Meetup in NYC.

It seems dkt/MC5 will be playing the Bowery Ballroom this Monday & Tuesday. It's short notice, and on a work/school night, but what say ye, MeFites?
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Spell checker isn't checking spells for me

Spell checker isn't checking spells for me, it says it is but just does the 'trumpet fingering' thing for ages.
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June 11

Connection failure members...

Just in case you haven't noticed:
"Connection failure members..."
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From the outside looking in

“Much as I hate to admit it, I like Metafilter and I wish that I could become a member so that I could participate in yet another failed attempt to acheive concensus in our grand extended mediated public conversation thing we got going on here (or, from a different perspective, this fantastically successful attempt to foster fractious contention).”

“Listen, not everyone is meant to be ‘With It,’ right. Long ago I decided that the least I could do to stand up for all that divides us is to refuse to be the kind of person who milled in line in front of the club whose cache was primarily granted by the fact that you (and the likes of you) couldn't get in. The rest of us have two choices. We can mill around in the line, playing the fools to justify the chosen types, or we can go it alone.”

“And thus meta-meta-metafilter is born. Metafilter already has a meta-Metafilter, Metatalk, so I had to take the next step down.” [more inside]
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Isn't this profile question getting a bit dated?

What's the deal with your nickname? How did you get it? If your nickname is self-explanatory, then tell everyone when you first started using the internet, and what was the first thing that made you say "wow, this isn't just a place for freaks after all?" Was it a website? Was it an email from a long-lost friend? Go on, spill it. [more inside]
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When will signups be reopened?

As long as I'm asking questions, when are new members going to be accepted again? A friend who I introduced Mefi to recently offered $ for my login. He was desperate. I said no. He cried.
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AskMe Archives

Why isn't Ask Metafilter archived more extensively? Why is it not searchable? Seems like a great source of info and trivia.
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June 10

Ray Charles Obit Thread

a good man is dead, let's be snarky!
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the only words left to add are irrelevant

Do we really have to have a post every time the OED adds a couple of flash-in-the-pan words? [Glasgow kiss inside]
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I switched over to Apache, so some stuff might not be working

I switched over to Apache, so some stuff might not be working (like spellcheck). If you find any bugs with MetaFilter, MetaTalk, Ask MetaFilter, or any other site that used to be on this server, let me know here.
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June 9

Michigan meetup pics

A few days ago I had the privilege of attending the first mefi-meetup featuring quonsar. That's when something absolutely amazing happened. You won't believe it but here are the pictures to prove it.
posted by wobh to MetaFilter Gatherings at 10:17 PM PST - 29 comments

Whatever happened to this idea?

Whatever happened to this idea?
posted by pieoverdone to MetaFilter-Related at 2:20 PM PST - 12 comments

Apache >> IIS

The Apache server has been really fast for me, with better uptime than the IIS one. I'm even posting comments on it successfully, though other things like the user page don't work yet. What's the dev update on its deployment? I don't meant to be impatient, just curious.
posted by scarabic to Bugs at 12:00 PM PST - 16 comments

Is it possible to have a conversation around here?

Is it possible to have a conversation around here?
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June 8

It's awful. Why is it still here?

Maybe it is just me, but I thought that the recent consensus is that FPPs using SA are a bad idea.
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followup.metafilter.com would be a nice pony

PrinceValium is right: followup.metafilter.com would be a nice pony. (more)
posted by mcwetboy to Feature Requests at 3:39 PM PST - 21 comments

Cool tools link with RSS feed

Gizmodo + Cool Tools + Whole Earth Catalog = Meta-efficient .. following up on luser's FPP a few days ago, Reactual has added an RSS feed.
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Austin Meetup Photos

Updated and Corrected Austin Meetup Photos Inside!
posted by Ethereal Bligh to MetaFilter Gatherings at 11:37 AM PST - 15 comments

June 7

Double-chill al-double-ready

I know I'm probably asking for it, but I don't understand the bile that comes with double-posts, or even posts that some people are already familiar with (even if it's not a double-post).
posted by o2b to Etiquette/Policy at 9:09 PM PST - 40 comments

UK Meetup

Yes, it's finally happening, and i_cola and I will be there. Will you?
posted by cbrody to MetaFilter Gatherings at 7:49 AM PST - 17 comments

Register to view any links in FPP? Grrr

"Look on other sites before posting" is a classic argument against certain FPPs, yet here we have an FPP that requires a full registration at another discussion site to view any of the links. Anyone care to defend Keyser?
posted by mischief to MetaFilter-Related at 7:38 AM PST - 103 comments

Death of Reagan observed on Metafilter

The Media will be inundated (if it isn't already) with retrospectives on Reagan. I don't need Metafilter front page posts help me find them. Thank you.
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June 6

Way, way inappropriate.

Way, way inappropriate.
posted by grateful to Etiquette/Policy at 7:26 PM PST - 74 comments

Best response?

Does this belong in the top 25 best responses in Askme?
posted by Keyser Soze to MetaFilter-Related at 4:19 PM PST - 27 comments

June 4

Okay, I'm not complaining about this.

Okay, I'm not complaining about this. I'm genuinely bewildered. I've seen a few threads like this and I feel like I'm missing out on a Metafilter in-joke. Mefi, please hope me.
posted by 4easypayments to MetaFilter-Related at 2:24 PM PST - 76 comments

Think before you post

Not on your best day, Metafilter. Wow, just wow. Can we please think before posting?
posted by PrinceValium to Etiquette/Policy at 12:47 PM PST - 87 comments

Dangerous precedent?

Am I alone in thinking that this thread could be setting a dangerous precedent? I spend more time reading the green than the blue these days, because it is 99.4% apolitical. ISTM that questions like that, which are clearly attempts to produce support for an exisiting agenda, rather than an actual request for knowledge, are just a stonesthrow away from the craptacular mess that the blue becomes alot of the time.
posted by jammer to Etiquette/Policy at 12:28 PM PST - 18 comments

unescaped quotation marks in title

Ran into the unescaped quotation marks in title problem when posting to the blue just now. My entire title was a quotation, so my post now has no title. A warning of some sort on the post entry page would be great until this (admittedly minor) bug can be fixed.
posted by DrJohnEvans to Bugs at 8:56 AM PST - 6 comments

UK Notcon Meetup

Any Mefites going to NotCon '04 this Sunday? On the subject of a UK gathering, the poll currently shows a plurality in favour of "some other Saturday", with Friday 25th June coming in second. I propose to close the poll today, so hurry up & vote!
posted by cbrody to MetaFilter Gatherings at 5:51 AM PST - 5 comments

June 2

taxonomy organization volunteers

As I understand them, Matt's plans for AskMe include some organization of the archives by topic. (I may be wrong about this; if so, stop reading here.) As the archive grows, it becomes a bigger and bigger job going through the individual posts and tagging them with the appropriate (sub)category. So my questions are, first, has any kind of organizing taxonomy been proposed for AskMe, and second, once that's done, would it make sense to organize an effort at distributing the tagging process across willing MeFi volunteers? If so, I volunteer.
posted by luser to Etiquette/Policy at 8:50 AM PST - 43 comments

Austin meetup reminder

Austin Meetup tomorrow!!
June 3rd, 7pm Trudy's Central
409 W 30th St (Cross Street: Guadalupe Street )
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June 1

How about an "occupation" blank on the user pages?

How about an "occupation" blank on the user pages?
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Ads on MetaFilter.

A thousand dollars? Are you serious?
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