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November 30


MeFi Scoop! Two years ago, oneirodynia made this FPP about the Smothers Brothers. Tonight on Fresh Air, Terry Gross interviewed David Bianculli whose new book about the Brothers' career, Dangerously Funny, comes out tomorrow. [more inside]
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St andrews day

This is the Happy St Andrews day thread.... [more inside]
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ugh. silverlight.

Best of the web... whose web? [more inside]
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November 29

Mix CDs in Mefi Music?

Is it ok to post dj mixes to mefi music? I guess there are like copyright issues, but what about if it's a link to a third party site?
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Transgender LA Times sportswriter Mike Penner dead in suspected suicide

Veteran LA Times sportswriter Mike Penner dead in suspected suicide, a sad folo-up to this 2007 post about his bombshell column announcing his transsexuality and his decision to take a leave of absence and return to the newsroom as Christine Daniels. [more inside]
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November 28

Me asking AskMes

What makes an AskMe question get a lot of answers? [more inside]
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Is it about a bike?

Matt Haughey's spectacular new custom 'cross bike. [more inside]
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Meet up: mid-December, in Brooklyn.

Meet up: mid-December, in Brooklyn. [more inside]
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Has favorites for cuteness

Find the mod.
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November 27

This is a thread for discussion of November's favorites experiment.

This is a thread for discussion of November's favorites experiment. [more inside]
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November 26

Is polling wrong even if helpful?

When is a survey/polling type question okay on AskMe? [more inside]
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Not everyone celebrates Thanksgiving

Reminder to Americans: Not all MeFites live in your country, hence any references to “Thanksgiving” will be meaningless (or, for Canadians, will have arrived a month late). [more inside]
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November 25

Are Sarah Palin posts persona non grata?

Is Metafilter just not capable of discussing Sarah Palin, or was it my fault? [more inside]
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November 24

What Is This Creepy Disc Advertising?

Once again, the MeFi detective agency vanquishes viral marketers. Sadly, no ski resorts involved.
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Meat Up

NYC post-Thanksgiving pig-out meetup. [more inside]
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More Google Wave

More Google Wave invites here. Come and get 'em. [more inside]
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Worth checking out in Music: Jeff Buckley

Jeff Buckley sings on a song in Music. I kid you not. And it is awesome. [more inside]
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Sidebar Request

Just a request for a sidebar for some really compelling personal stories on the thread (esp at the end) for this post.
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How did this happen to my first fpp?

I am not an idiot. So how did my first fpp (after 4 years of enjoyable lurking) end up with a link back to metafilter itself? [more inside]
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November 23

Let's go for two in one month! Take that, Chicago!

Hey, St. Louis Mefites, sambosambo is going to be in town on Nov. 29. Let's use him as an excuse to avoid eating more leftovers! [more inside]
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Dear Providence

Providence for dinner? [more inside]
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Secret Quonsar 2009

Secret Quonsar (/snowflake /schmoopy) signups end in one week. Here's the signup link. [more inside]
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Help me see this youtube video in Canada.

The youtube video in this FPP is not available in my country (Canada) due to copyright restrictions. I've watched it before and would like to watch it again. Can someone either point me to it somewhere else online where it might work (maybe on youtube at another account), or at least tell me the proper title or some info I can use to search myself? Thanks.
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... and then she kissed him

This AskMe question had all the hallmarks of a frustrating unresolved drama in-the-making ... but it's suddenly got a happy ending!
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Time to pop the champagne cork?

Update on this fascinating thread, which discussed a controversial new treatment and theory about Multiple Sclerosis. Mainstream (Canadian) news agencies are now picking up the story: Article and video. [more inside]
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ReadMe is up to date

ReadMe is up to date. [more inside]
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November 22

AAAA++++ WOULD SHOP AGAIN - the return of MeFi Mall

Show us your shops! Every year we do a pretty simple page where MeFites who offer things for sale can show off their wares in a holiday store sort of fashion. Last year's shops page is here and we'll start populating the new page over here and eventually replace the older one with the newer one. If you'd like to be part of this, send me your info. [more inside]
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Making-of video posted for "I Gotta Feeling" lipdub

Remember the I Gotta Feeling lipdub done by students at the Université du Québec à Montréal? They've posted a making-of video. [more inside]
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Mexico City Meetup

Mexico City Meetup this week? [more inside]
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Brisbane Xmas Meetup!

Brisbane Xmas Meetup! Want to be involved in a thing? [more inside]
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November 20

100K raffle is over! Congrats to jamaro!

The 100K raffle is over! In just four days, we raised $12,745 for five good causes thanks to the generosity of several hundred mefites. Video of the drawing here...or if you can't stand the suspense, winners and miscellaneous details are below the fold. [more inside]
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boys are like this and girls are like that

Couch in the Ladies' Room. Am I the only one who thinks a chatfilter thread devoted to stereotyping and generalizing men and women is a bad use of AskMe? I'm more troubled that it's such a popular thread. What am I missing?
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Israel Meetup

Israel meetup? [more inside]
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November 19

Yay. Another favorites discussion.

Maybe we shouldn't be able to favorite our own comments?
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Sorry Dallas, you can always make the drive.

Sorry Dallas, Austin school's out meet-up? [more inside]
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Dallas sucks! Remember how much fun we had at the anniversary meetup in July, and we were all "We're besties now, let's do this every weekend, forever!!!" and everyone else was all "YEAH!" Then.... nothing. Austin has met-up three or four times since then. Even Houston has planned a couple. Dallas? Verily, we sucketh. Therefore, it is time. [more inside]
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Five years in the making and finally complete!

Thank you backtaggers! [more inside]
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November 18

MeFi Mall page for this year's holiday shopping?

MeFi Mall page for this year's holiday shopping? [more inside]
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URL shorteners?

URL shorteners in FPPs? [more inside]
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Desuetude Does Dallas... er... Houston

Hey Houston: desuetude is coming to town at the beginning of December. Let's get together so she can teach you how to pronounce her username! [more inside]
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Five years, same as in town

Five years ago today, Matt posted "New user signups are back on" letting all us rowdy unwashed masses into Metafilter for the mere price of five dollars american. Happy Fifth Anniversary to users 17578 to 18680 from 18117.
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MeFiChi Holiday Extravaganza

MeFiChi: It's that time yet again, where we bundle up our holiday cheer, throw it into the Chicago river, and head to the darkness of Lower Michigan Avenue.... [more inside]
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November 17

MeFites were right - it was a hoax

Anyone remember this thread about Dan "Blitz" Krieg who suffered a freak accident and then perished from MRSA? [more inside]
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November 16

Raffling off the big 100K

We're raffling off usernumber 100000! For the next week Through Friday, you can buy $5 raffle tickets (to benefit your choice of five charitable orgs) for a chance to win the big account and airfare to a meetup of your choice. [more inside]
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Great read!

Hi, just wanted to say how great (I think) this story comment is. I don't get to read everything on the site, and maybe someone missed this like I miss other things.
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San Fran Post T-Day Meetup

I'll be in San Francisco for Turkey Day and the weekend following. Let's meetup! [more inside]
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November 15

No English Help Please

This question seems like homeworkfilter to me. [more inside]
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Great shoe answer -and- Search the sideblog?

I'm looking for a great answer about buying quality shoes that's probably several years old. There was an answer from a shoe store manager(owner?) that was very good, and I think it was sideblogged. Which brings me to my 2nd question: Is the sideblog searchable?
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November 14

Does she owe him sex, too?

This answer in a recent AskMe made me very uncomfortable. I know about "flag it and move on," but I don't actually think the answer breaks the guidelines. It didn't seem appropriate to turn the thread into an argument about it, so here I am. [more inside]
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save the facebook luddites

Minor pony/bug relating to profile-page links to facebook. I'm on facebook but I don't have one of those fancy-dancy no-longer-so-new fb-specific usernames; my fb page is still index.php?profile=number. If I enter that on my user page as my facebook "name", the link doesn't work—the punctuation is encoded.
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November 13

Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu Providence wgah'nagl fhtagn

Providence! Ahh, Providence, Rhode Island...
Home of Lovecraft's grave, The World's Largest Bug, and Buddy Cianci...
On Friday, November 20, I am taking the T to PVD to rendezvous with jcw in YFC, and we'd love to meet up with you folk, while visiting NONE of the attractions listed above!
I arrive at 7:11, so... 7:30 PM, at a drinking-drinks store of your choice somewhere near the T station. Yeah?
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November 12

Recap on Toronto mini-meetup details (Friday the 13th of November)

Recap on Toronto mini-meetup details (Friday the 13th of November) [more inside]
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Oh, I believe in Secret Quonsar!

Everybody needs a little schmoopy right about now. Let's talk about doing Secret Quonsar again this year. [more inside]
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Get well soon, mathowie!

In case there are any Mefites who don't follow mathowie on Twitter, he just sent one out about his health that you should read. Best wishes for a full and speedy recovery, Matt!
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And I was just about to download SOS

Maybe there's a memo I missed, but what happened to the mefi music download links? I just get the flash player now.
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Could we post weak links to the "back" page?

Could there be something like a Back Page Post? [more inside]
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The awesome ocherdraco will be in Philly December 10-12. And it's been entirely too long and I mill all y'all's shayna punim. Let's get come drinks and food and show her a good time, shall we? [more inside]
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Anyone interested in a MeFi Film Club?

Anyone interested in a MeFi Film Club? [more inside]
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Organising a meetup beats donning a hairshirt every time (late November London meetup?)

Fancy a late November London Meetup? [more inside]
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November 11

How Not to Deal With Stress

The lying about having cancer thread. I'm responding here. [more inside]
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Guinness record for the Blue?

Is there a record for most consecutive days making a meaningful FPP post? [more inside]
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Further China-like Censorship

Don't Believe In Sex Before Marriage? Don't Bother Saying it in a Comment, It'll Be Deleted [more inside]
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MetaFilter Book Club this weekend

Just a reminder that the MetaFilter Book Club (previously) is discussing Margaret Atwood's Oryx and Crake starting Friday November 13, on this LibraryThing thread (possible spoilers). [more inside]
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November 10

Best Flame Out Ever! (Or maybe not).

I go in for surgery in a couple of hours to have a tumor removed from my neck. I'm getting a parotidectomy (link not safe for breakfast). [more inside]
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Why doesnt Deleted Posts show up?

No Deleted Posts Script? It doesnt seem to be working for me (Firefox 3.5, Windows Vista)
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November 9

Robot goes adventuring.

Sydney Meetup ?! [more inside]
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DC Mefites play mini golf!

After the EPIC MEETUP FAIL that was this weekend's DC meetup, there seems to be interest in trying again next month. [more inside]
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100k auction?

Behind the scenes, we've been thinking about what the 100,000th user on MeFi would mean, and how we could commemorate it, so I'm floating our idea here... [more inside]
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Another day, another digit.

User registrations are quickly coming up on 100k (Highest user number is around 99300 as of this posting). Are there any plans to either commemorate the occasion, or reserve the number? [more inside]
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AskMe to Recent Ac

Could one's AskMe questions perhaps show up in Recent Activity? [more inside]
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The GifWell Thread

Can we have have the ability to upload gifs as our profile pix? [more inside]
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November 8

RSS feed or reader broken by long thread?

The November Experiment thread has broken something RSS-related. [more inside]
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November 7

Watcha reading? Well, this thread for one thing

This recent thread, from October 8, is just about to close. It's been an extraordinary one, and is still active as of this afternoon. [more inside]
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November 6

iPhone posting

New iPhone interface! High fives! Although I had to switch back to the regular site to post this. But don't get me wrong.. looking good San Diego. [more inside]
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Venezia, anyone? [more inside]
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Favorite counts went away again

WTF? I turned back on favorite counts and now it's back to showing me "has favorites" WHAT GIVES METAFILTER?
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sack, some rope, a couple rocks and a pond

The display of the second-to-last related question here is absolutely fantastic.
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November 5

46: Help, I'm trapped in my room

Episode 46 of the podcast was recorded last week on October 27, 2009 (sorry about the delay getting it edited and out). We cover our favorites from Projects, Jobs, MeFi, Ask MeFi, MetaTalk and even throw in a few Music favorites. Show notes follow. [more inside]
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iPhone Stylesheet for MetaFilter

MetaFilter has a new look on iPhones. [more inside]
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What did I do wrong?

Why is Glenn NOT being killed in a horrible accident NOT best of the web? [more inside]
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November 4

Don Draper Does MeTa

Do MeTa Mad Men style, Just like Don Draper. [more inside]
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Meetup In Toronto, Fri 13th

Friday the 13th Meetup in Toronto! Got the guts? [more inside]
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Kansas City Meetup, Eh?

Alright KC Mefites, I know you're out there. A Kansas City Meetup is way overdue. Let's do it. [more inside]
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AskMe answer makes it to reddit.

The best AskMe answer ever recently made it to reddit. It was, of course, upvoted as the best answer.
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November 2

10 Luftballoons Go High

The Darpa Network Challenge: Let's talk strategy. [more inside]
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Pinning/sidebarring mod posts?

Request: could important posts about the site be pinned to the top of MeTa for a little while? Or sidebarred? Or something? They tend to get lost in the shuffle, and then you have those "Hey, whatever happened to [whatever]?" posts that get closed. [more inside]
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Has Favorites

I just noticed "has favorites". When did that start and why? Just about every post has favorites, doesn't it? Personally, I liked the old system better. I just read the number of favorites and I knew whether or not I should favorite it too. The way it is now, how am I supposed to know what's good or bad without actually going in and counting them?
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November Austin meet-up

November Austin meet-up [more inside]
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"Maybe, maybe, maybe this will be reprinted? A girl can dream."

I, too, have reason to thank MeFi today: Back in January, peep posted to Metafilter about Mel Juffe and Edward Gorey's The Recently Deflowered Girl, which had been long out of print. Through a delightful stroke of luck, I have become the editor responsible for bringing the book back into print, and the mefi thread about the book was pretty darn helpful to that end. [more inside]
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Update on hoder

Another update on Hoder (previously) via boingboing: [more inside]
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Thanks, Metafilter

Thanks Metafilter [more inside]
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Or, as a great bumper sticker once said, Safety Third!

Safety First Filter: Can we not advocate actual death, please? [more inside]
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The Official 2009 Halloween Costume Recap Thread

We've had a day to recuperate from our post-Halloween comas and now it's time to share our awesome costume success stories. And horror stories, because it wouldn't be Halloween without them too. [more inside]
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I'm Dreaming of a Blue Christmas

Last year we gave a little girl a bicycle. Anyone interested in getting together to sponsor a whole family? [more inside]
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The banhammer

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you an actual Banhammer. [more inside]
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November 1

How many times was this post faved? Who knows?

Can we vote about this new favorites policy? [more inside]
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From MeFi to Comic

The Greatest Halloween Costume Ever, as a comic. (original comment)
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