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December 31

John Mackey, Whole Foods CEO no longer

I nearly missed the news myself, but I was happy to see that Ayn Rand / Ronald Reagan fan John Mackey (of Whole Foods) has finally been forced to step down from his post as CEO, largely due to the public damage his really stupid comments about health care in Wall Street Journal op-ed caused. [more inside]
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Bringing in the new decade

Just wondering what everyone who isn't headed for a meetup is doing for New Year's Eve, if anything? My hubby and I are going to see Avatar . . . . and you?
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She'a a grand old unflag ...

Could it be possible to unflag a post? [more inside]
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December 30

Melbourne, VIC Meetup!

Melbourne Meetup! (no really, honest, I won't drop out on this one, there are plane tickets involved and a wife who expects me to keep social commitments). January 8th, evening-ish...somewhere (the party planning committee is still working on the details). [more inside]
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Warren County NJ. Reprezent?

Are there enough Warren County NJ folks here to justify a meetup? Could we maybe arrange a surrounding-county thing, if not? I have a two-week hiatus, and would like to use it (plus New Year energy) to meet some new, quality folks.
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DOMINATE the hell out of the last of 2009

Last-minute New Year's Eve Meetup Hijinx [more inside]
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I make a hardcore tater hotdish

Twin Cities meetup [more inside]
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Favorite Posts in the Last Year?

Can it be added to see: "Most Favorited Posts in the Past 365 days"? [more inside]
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Meetup in Singapore

Meetup in Singapore in 2010? Why not! [more inside]
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December 29

Begone, tumor!

Yay, Matt's brain is now officially (mostly) fixed! Also, he's horny again. Details are here on his blog. [more inside]
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Welcome in 2010! With beer!

DC area Mefites: Would any of you lovely folk be interested in meeting up for a 'Get 2010 off on the right (boozy) foot' meetup? [more inside]
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What is the MetaFilter code word?

The numbers don’t support me but none the less I think MetaFilterians need a code word to “secretly” identify each other. [more inside]
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Delist MeTa

Proposed: Remove MetaTalk from the Google index. [more inside]
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Most Favorited Posts By Year?

Now that MeFi has over a decade under its belt, can we get "Most Favorited Posts in the Past Year?"
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exclusive posts

is it possible to start a new post that only members can see and answer and wont turn up on google?
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December 28

Is this style of post appropriate for MetaFiilter?

Is this style of post really worthy of the site? [more inside]
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Can you beat 5.47482014?

What thread has the highest T number, where T is 'number of favorites given to comments' divided by 'number of comments'? [more inside]
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Adam Curtis blog now international friendly

Now we can see (most of) Kabul: City Number One. [more inside]
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December 27

Toronto meetup?

Copycat: Toronto's first meetup of 2010? [more inside]
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Still bummed about that Jupiter mission, btw.

Chicago's first meetup of 2010. [more inside]
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Why no airplane terrorist post?

I'm curious about why nobody posted anything to the front page about the foiled terrorism attempt on the 25th. [more inside]
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How/why can/do you post to the wrong thread?

Comment "posted in the wrong thread" -- why? How exactly does one go about making this mistake? Confusion with multiple tabs or browser windows? Or is it an in-joke I'm not getting? [more inside]
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December 26

Heads up!

Today's London meetup location has changed.
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December 25

Cyngr bs ornaf

Pony Request: So, it's been discussed before, but could we have some support for discussing spoilers in threads such as this one? Like maybe a tag for rendering text invisible until selection, or built in ROT 13 support or somesuch?
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$5 wasted?

You can't use 2nd account to get around 7 day wait period on AskMe? [more inside]
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Fun and games

Merry Christmas! Got a game console for Christmas (either today or in the past)? Want to play a Mefite or three? Drop your info in here and lets go! [more inside]
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Database changes break my heart

MeFi Navigator and other Metafilter scripts are (I think) broken. But, merry christmas! [more inside]
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December 24

Casual Antisemitism

Do we really need to promote, tolerate, celebrate ethnic slurs on MetaFilter? I don't think mocking someone because they are a "JAP" represents a quality post on MetaFilter. [more inside]
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This Year Everyone Gets A Hug

Seasonal Schmoopy: What's the best thing a fellow Mefite ever did for you?
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I'll be traveling in Oaxaca from the 29th to the 4th. Are there any northern-hemisphere MeFites up for a Mexican-style meetup? [more inside]
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What is the accepted etiquette for asking multi-part questions to AskMe?

I'm pretty sure that this has been asked before, but I can't find the post. So, what is the accepted etiquette for asking multi-part questions to AskMe? [more inside]
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December 23

It's what time?

Is it possible to get "plus 21 hours offset" as a profile setting? I assumed when I went back to NZ that it was a daylight savings anomoly, but it hasn't seemed to autocorrect over time. Posted to MeTa in case I am missing something obvious that might help someone else later.
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Where did "This." come from? [more inside]
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Give me my best of list!

Did I somehow miss the annual "best x of the year" post? [more inside]
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Merry Festivus!

Merry Festivus, everyone!
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That's 602.920 US dollars or 420.566 Euros! (thank you, pleasure to entertain you, tip your waiter, etc.)

With the new year around the corner, and recently noticing that Mefites have burned 490,834 calories, traveled 2,364 miles, and lost 378 pounds, I figure it's a good time to ask: Is there interest in some sort of MetaFilter weight loss/exercise challenge? (Meta-fitter? Har. Har. Sorry.) [more inside]
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December 22

Sugru details and investment

In case anyone is interested, I delved further into Sugru. [more inside]
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Update on my daughter's broken back.

After our daughter was nearly killed back in April, we all struggled to find a way for her to heal both physically and emotionally. We found the answer halfway around the world. [more inside]
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Metafilter on CNN (.com).

Metafilter gets a mention on in an article about Modest Needs, a charitable organization we first talked about here back in 2002. [more inside]
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Pony: Easier way to access mobile site

Pony: An easier way to revert to the mobile site. Current link is 1. tiny and 2. all the way at the bottom. [more inside]
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Can I limit my favorites by category?

Miniature pony request: The ability to see categories while looking at favorites. [more inside]
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Take a Bow, Shothotbot

Shothotbot rocks!. As of yesterday, was proud owner of three boxes of delicious cookies AND a great SQ gift. Thanks so much for the efficient and delicious organization of the cookie exchange.
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Enriching the "new answers" field?

Ask.meta pony - how about tracking followups from the OP in "new answers"? [more inside]
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Undelete could be an option

If I can turn off favorites, why can't I turn on deleted posts? [more inside]
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"We have a Cancer -- within, close to the AskMefi, that's growing."

Given the guidelines for AskMefi, this seems a particularly hard one to answer at all.
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December 21

I really had a flash this time...

Tulsa is long overdue for a meetup. What say we get together for a post-holidays celebration of the Filter? Thinking of the second weekend in January. [more inside]
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Best of Metafilter: Food Edition

Best recipes, food ideas, cooking hacks of ask metafilter? [more inside]
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December 20


Why the hell did this thread get deleted? [more inside]
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Brittany Murphy

If you need it, here is a MetaTalk thread to hash out feelings about the Brittany Murphy obit thread.
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December 19

Commentary in FPPs?

A lot of posts get deleted because they have too much "commentary" but in the metafilter about section it describes an ideal post as a link accompanied by commentary, perhaps this should be changed? [more inside]
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I was preparing a post like this!

Is there any interest in creating a space on the wiki to collaborate on future posts and prevent sniping? [more inside]
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December 18

Nostalgia for blue and green

What happened to the Mefi blue and the green on my Acer Aspire one netbook? All I see is white. [more inside]
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YouTube embed now has fullscreen button!

MeFi YouTube Embed: Now with fullscreen! [more inside]
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Hey Numa Numa Make My Dreams Come True

"When will there be a MetaFilter lipdub to put these punks to shame?" [more inside]
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5M: Stick This In Your Sleigh And Ride It

Episode 5 of the Metafilter Music Podcast is the second, naughtier half of the two-part holiday series that started last week. It's about 46 minutes long and features 19 songs by 17 different metafilter musicians. [more inside]
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Recent Activity Test

Help us test a new version of Recent Activity. [more inside]
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Something wrong with the popular posts code?

How did this post from September end up in popular posts for the past 7 days?
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Can we have a Fuzzy Favorites option

Minor Favorites Pony Request: has favorites, lots of favorites, favoritest [more inside]
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The page is still loading, please wait to add favorites.

"The page is still loading, please wait to add favorites." [more inside]
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December 17

Loophole is to strong a word

Let's say I've got a picture that's in the public domain, and is in no way related myself, my family, or anyone I know (or anyone still alive, for that matter), and would be very relevant to an FPP i'm crafting. Problem is, I can't find it anywhere else on the internet. So, if I put the image up on a website that has no other content and was created for the purpose of showing people on metafilter this thing that is not mine, does it still count as a self-link?
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My Little NSFW Pony

Would it be possible for posts that have the NSFW tag to be marked as such automatically on the front page? [more inside]
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timestamp becomes a loop

I use comment time stamps as bookmarks on a thread to return to that spot, but they're not working like they used to. [more inside]
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47: Creepypasta

Our last podcast of the year was recorded on December 11th and covers the last month or so on the sites including the charity drive/raffle and the favorites kerfuffle. It runs about an hour long, with notes inside. [more inside]
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FDA investigates radiation overdose at hospitals

This NPR story from the 15th about radiation overdoses at three hospitals from CT scans reminded me of this post on the blue awhile back, which is now closed. I still think of this from time to time, so I thought some of you might be interested. [more inside]
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iPhone Menu Improvements

Stylesheet pony: jump between subsites from individual posts? [more inside]
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Asking complex, multi-part questions on AskMe?

I have some pretty involved questions I am thinking of asking on Ask Metafilter. There is a lot of contextual information, which, the more people know, the better I feel their answers will be. If I put it all in one post, there would be a lot of interlinked questions. Is it better to put things all in one post, or to post a few different questions and provide links to the information in the other questions?
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December 16

HTML Error with small tag?

HTML error? Using a "<" sign inside small tags seems to have done it. [more inside]
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Duckface = bad and Upside Down Smiles = Good?

I don't see the difference between the deleted duckface photos thread and the upside down photos thread. Can somebody explain to me why one got the boot and the other didn't?
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Let's pick a few games.

BCS time, people. Let's pick some games. [more inside]
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December 15

remove from activity, no really

i'm sure i'm just doing it wrong - but i keep trying to remove a thread from recent activity and it keeps popping back up there? [more inside]
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Indexing tags for search

Small pony: MeFi search doesn't index tags. [more inside]
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I just got an email using my metafilter user name that has been reproduced inside. Metafilter is the only site where I use this monkier, and I"m wondering exactly what the hell it is, and if anyone else has gotten it. It is called the "Living Life to the Full User Survey." [more inside]
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There seems to be a mefi tradition to not speak ill of the dead in obit threads, but what do we do when the obit is for someone abhorrent to the community?
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Press the PS button.

Could the PlayStation Network be added to the 'Also On' profile list? [more inside]
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Non-iPhone mobile optimization?

Any chance of getting a mobile-formatted MetaFilter for non-iphone devices? [more inside]
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December 14

Unique Tags

Is there any way to view tags that have only been used once? [more inside]
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So much dough he can't swear he won't change?

Anybody wanna help me scrape together a few bucks to buy PVRblog off mathowie? [more inside]
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Wanted: a quicker way to stalk, I mean memail people

Can we skip a step when memailing someone? I'd like to be able to type in the username in the TO field, rather than 1) searching for their username 2) clicking on their profile link 3) clicking on the "send mail" link.
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loaves and fishes

Do front page links now open in a new window?
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"Mom, Dad -- why did Metafilter name me ----- ?"

So, this AskMe got me thinking about this and this. [more inside]
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Infodump updates: contact dates, comment length, metatalk closures, munging

Infodump update: we've added a few new features. [more inside]
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December 13


Congratulations to emelenjr and No-sword, whose comments (1 and 2) in scalefree's post on the school that banned "Meep" were quoted in celebrity lexicographer Erin McKean's column on the subject in the Boston Globe today.
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Please help me stop Mrs Mutant from shopping on Boxing Day!!

Its Boxing Day. Surely you'd rather meetup than shop? [more inside]
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Copyright... we've all followed the various debates, and we know theres all kinds of morally ambiguity and grey areas and stuff involved. But where there isn’t much grey area at all are sites that are explicitly for the warezing of mass quantities of digital media. Could we not link to them or offer them our breathless support on the front page or use the site for the swapping of invites for them? Plenty of other places for that. Thanks.
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December 12

dum dum dum DUM DUM DUM DUM DUM

Um, is this a real member, troll, or a sock puppet? This post seems to strange to be true.... [more inside]
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JRun Error of 2009?

Problems Posting a Comment. [more inside]
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Flagging own comments for deletion? Is there a convention? [more inside]
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December 11

PDX Yuletide meetup

Portland "bah-humbug" meetup, Dec. 25 at Powell's Books downtown. Coffee, conversation, and board & card games. [more inside]
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Quonsmus Every Day!

ZOMG! QUONSMUS!!!! ZOMG, THANK YOU!!! [more inside]
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Was it something I said?

That's the THIRD time I write an answer in the green and click on the close tab button. No, it wasn't by mistake, I just thought better of it. Is it me??!? The last one was the one was a question by Goodgrief ("Keep a name from a previous marriage?"). I realize the question is a little chatfilterish, but I was going to post my opinion; like most others were doing. Then, right as I was writing an answer, I thought... What if they don't like that answer? What if everybody thinks I'm a jerk for spouting my opinion? This has happened a little too much to be comfortable.
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How much is that bloggy in the window?

Mathowie's PVRblog is for sale. (via)
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At long last, have you no decency left, sir?

Update on this topic about renegade Sheriff Joe Arpaio. Events are exploding. [more inside]
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4M: A Socially Acceptable Christmas

This is the (long overdue) 4th episode of the Metafilter Music Podcast, and part one of two in a series of holiday-themed collections. This one is Nice, the next, in a few days, will be Naughty. This episode run just over 41 minutes and features songs by fourteen different mefite musicians. [more inside]
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December 10


Can the pro- and anti-pregnancy sets please take their arguments here before this post is utterly derailed?
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Links for the Memories

The welcome-back message on the front page reads 'x links and y comments posted since your last visit' (except, y'know, with numbers). But most posts contain more than one link. Would it be better to have it read 'x posts and y comments'? There's probably a downside I'm not seeing.
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Where do you discover the links you post to the blue?

Where do you people find the things you post to the "blue", and how do you consistently find them before the rest of us? Specifically to those of you who make art or photography posts here on Metafilter, where do you first learn of the things you link here? Reddit? Stumbleupon? Digg? Certain blogs? Where is the bleeding edge of the internet? [more inside]
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Is this where I sleep with a mod to get a gold star?

What's up with MeFi Office Hours? Is this a new feature? I've never heard of it before. [more inside]
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You've got your Facebook in my Metafilter!

In taking the Favorites survey and dipping into the Mike Rowe/TED Talk thread, I discovered something completely new about how I use them. [more inside]
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What's with the 'tude?

There's always some drive-by snideness any time someone posts an AskMe post that mentions education in any of the humanities. This question from last night is an entirely valid question and is in good faith. Some of the answers, not so much. [more inside]
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December 9

No one would have believed in the first years of the twenty-first century...

The 00s. Let's talk about them here. There's been a lot and will continue to be a lot of discussion of this past decade - 2000-09 - in the coming weeks (and perhaps months). Can we please stop talking about what to call them on the blue? [more inside]
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Cheque this out!

Weird preview spell-check mistake... [more inside]
posted by ob to Bugs at 12:59 PM PST - 41 comments

Hit Me, Hit Me, HIT ME with Your Viral Stick!

I Wanna Take A Ride On Your Media Stick! [more inside]
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Link economy

MetaFilter in The Guardian's 100 essential websites: Living if isolated proof that a site can be successful without pictures or video, and can also host thoughtful conversations.
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Appear on Oprah, Sell A Book

Well, January Schofield's father just got his book deal. [more inside]
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Now we are six

Ask MetaFilter is six years old today-ish. The subsite that began without its own URL has grown into its own fully tagged, categorized (mostly) searchable archive of our little hive's collected wisdom. Just last month over 1900 users wrote questions and 5300 users gave answers. [more inside]
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December 8

Help make me cry with a recent mefi thread!

Looking for a relatively recent ask mefi thread concerning scenes in movies and short, internet available videos that would cause one to cry, although not necessarily sad. More along the lines of "uplifting and touching." All I remember is that both Big Fish and UP were mentioned, and it was around 3 weeks ago. Help!
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you're swell!

Dear Mathowie, [more inside]
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December 7

cookie exchange

Is anyone interested in an actual cookie exchange? [more inside]
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that's a lot of cookies, mefi...

that's a lot of cookies, mefi... [more inside]
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December 6

Your thread != my litterbox

Not sure if this can be cleaned up... [more inside]
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December 5

Eugene Meetup?

Eugene Meetup? [more inside]
posted by teamparka to MetaFilter Gatherings at 1:37 PM PST - 11 comments

Internet Phoenix'd the Radio Star

Is there a radio station of Mefi Music? [more inside]
posted by humannaire to Feature Requests at 11:02 AM PST - 46 comments

Host File Search

I'm looking for an old metatalk thread about adblocking and host files. [more inside]
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December 4

Thanks secret quonsar!

Mysterious package arrives...thank you secret quonsar! [more inside]
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Strangers in the night... exchanging glances...

I live in Melbourne and need a roommate! I don't know what to do! Help!
I'm moving to Melbourne and need a place to live! I don't know what to do! Help!
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Search Through User's Activity?

Would it be possible to have a search box on Activity subpages -- in other words, a search function that limits itself to a single user's comments or posts? [more inside]
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litterateur 1985 - 2009 "You give your/words to me"

I got an email from another member letting me know that litterateur, the young woman who posted a few questions to AskMe about her leukemia and its relapse, died at the end of October. Her questions and comments encouraged a lot of us to become bone marrow donors and learn more about marrow donation. [more inside]
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Secret Garden Party on December 12th shall we?

Anyone attending Secret Garden Party on December 12th? [more inside]
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December 3

Paypal update

Paypal update: after two weeks of stalling, it's off to final review. Results should come in a few more days. [more inside]
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Shades of Blue

What ever happened to the Metafilter redesign contest? Weren't we going to see one of these designs as the site design at some point?
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Congrats Interrobang

Congratulations to MeFi's own Interrobang, whose first book for young readers, The Secret of Invisibility, was just published! He is both author and illustrator - preview the illustrations here. [more inside]
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Putting some money where are tears are.

Fundraising in the wake of the NY gay marriage vote [more inside]
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How to post anonymously?

Where is the link on to how to post an anonymous askme? [more inside]
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December 2

Winter MeFiSwap!

You listen to good music. You pick some of it out, and you put it in a certain order, and you listen to your mix all the time. It's good! It sounds good, too good to keep to yourself. So you burn 5 copies of your mix to CD and you put 'em in the mail. Soon 5 different discs containing 5 different mixes from 5 other people appear in your mailbox, and this is good because you're tired of listening to the mix you made and some new tunes from cool MeFites is just the right thing.
MeFi Swap Winter 2009 is open for sign-ups. [more inside]
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Mobile computer word-up!

My home computer is my Blackberry. Thank you so much for the "Mark resolved" link. It saves so much work!
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Long threads on iPhone? Yuck.

Browsing long(ish) MeFi posts on my iPhone makes me want to kick puppies. Every time I hit refresh to see new comments, a little piece of me dies as I look forward to another six minutes of flicking my finger down the screen. I know, I should be lucky to have such problems, am I right? Anyway. [more inside]
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The Yankees still suck

I realize we have sort of a policy of not editing posts, but is there any chance an update could be added to the NY Marriage Equality post? [more inside]
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Google Wave Invitations Available

I have Google Wave invitations. If you would like, please contact via [more inside]
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DARPA challenge update?

Did Metafilter register a team for the DARPA balloon challenge? [more inside]
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All's well that ends well?

Many ask.metafilter questions don't have an "end" to the story. Which questions are you most curious about how they ended?
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December 1

SF is better than NYC. There. I said it.

Hello, San Francisco! I've been living here for six weeks now and already I know that this is the perfect place and time for me to exist. I love everything and everyone here, and I want to marry you all and best friend you and have a thousand million babies with you. Which is to say, YES! I live here now! KEEEEE YAH! Which is to say, YES! LET'S! MEET! UP! [more inside]
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Comment instead of thread number in Fuzzy Favorites.

On this activity page, the "more" on the first item links to; unfortunately, we haven't reached 2.8M posts on MetaFilter. Also, the same comment appears as item 3 of the list, but this time the "more" link works (gets to the right comment in the existing thread). [more inside]
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The one where we talk about November Experiment stats

A thread for discussing November Experiment data, stats, graphs, and other datawankery. [more inside]
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November Favorites Experience concludes. New preferences! Survey! Discuss!

November is over, and favorites are back to normal. In addition, we've got a couple related things to mention: a survey about the November exercise and favorites in general, and a couple of new display options for folks who want to alter the default favorites view. [more inside]
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Favorites in December

Woot! Favorites are back. [more inside]
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NRW meetup!

Meetup - Northwest Europe. Let's try this again! [more inside]
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