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February 28

Who's hungry?

Gawker likes the taste of Metafilter.
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AskMe hits Gawker.com.

We've been Gawkered.
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searching for a post

A few weeks back someone posted a link to a Canadian (?) university team who could render 3d faces from a 2d image. Does anyone remember the url?
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I have a force multiplier?

Something weirder is going on. Things I do keep getting doubled !. WTF?
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Detect Deleted Deletion Detector

For over a year or so I've had a very handy java script application in my toolbar called "Detect Deleted Metafilter Threads" that finds the hidden axed threads. In the last few weeks it stopped working. Does anybody know why or if there is a new working version?
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I, for one, would like to welcome our new overlord.
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Nashville TN meetup

Nashville, TN meetup? Not sure how many Music City Mefites we have here, but I'd like to try and get one started. The variables: Date Time Location I propose next Friday, March 9th. 7:00 pm. Jackson's Bar and Bistro on 21st avenue. If others have better suggestions for date / time / location, post em here and we can vote!
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Deleted thread reasons

How about signing the reason on deleted threads so we know who to bitch to?
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February 27

MetaFilter - now As Seen On TV

In Part III What's Happening To The News of Frontline's four part series News War, there came, during one of several discussions of the impact of the internet upon the news, a montage of screenshots of various websites, weblogs and community weblogs. MetaFilter was one of them. I seen it! Now should that be a little Woot! worthy or what?
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This is why we can't have nice things.

My, my...AskMe is mighty chatty today. If you can't answer the question, shut up.
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I have a question. (unrelated) Here's another one.

Asking two questions?
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Of course, there's

Is there now an official [more inside] cuteness moratorium?
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1 day in Moscow?

Any Muscovite MeFites out there willing to help a traveling fellow MeFite with 1 night of lodging and some sightseeing?
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St. Louis meetup (weekend of 3/9-3/11).

St. Louis meetup? C'mon! As far as I know it's been over a year. That one was actually pretty decent. Let's shoot for sometime on the weekend of March 9, 10, 11 (plenty of notice here so there's no need for shitty excuses). Throw out some times and places and then we can sort it out by vote. I volunteer to be a pseudo-organizer and tie-breaker. I'm committed, notsnot has committed (maybe he'll drag along Green Eyed Monster). Will pieoverdone show up (it's been way too long, you know)? Who else, who else? Eriko, Bradlands, Phat Lobley, kdern, limeonaire, crapulent, jedicus? C'mon guys and girls you know you want to come! I'll suggest NOT doing this at Erato but somewhere else that we can definitely imbibe and that also has a good selection for those of us that don't drink alcohol. Good food is a plus. What else?
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Easier tabbed browsing?

When browsing via the tabs up top, would it be possible / desirable to keep the tabs in session and redirect when you hit the home page? [more inside]
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February 26

It's really just a question

Just for future reference, when is it interesting and when is it not to post something about a naked celebrity? People seemed fairly interested in Tony Danza. Just asking.
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Are we gonna keep the "latest attempt to smear Gore" post on the front page just because it gets successfully refuted later in the thread? Or in the interest of being "Fair and Balanced", should Gore Bashing be kept equivalent to Bush Bashing?
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Strike out in titles of FPP's.

When doing this post (nsfw) I did a strikeout for the title and it worked fine in the preview, but when it went live the strikeout was removed. "Go back" should have been striked out.
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Band Tags on Music?

Music.mefi question: Would it be inappropriate to add a band name/artist name tag to tracks you post if your songs come from several different bands?
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Which do you 'believe' is better?

Baltimore area meetup at The Brewer's Art...St Patrick's Day (a Saturday) or April 1 (a Sunday)? Or suggest another day that works for you.
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SF Get-together?

I see no SF meet-up on the calendar, but one should be. I vote Mission-area. Thoughts?
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February 25

Double post on AskMeFi, in a row?

Something weird is going on.
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I found it at the bottom of a locked filing cabinet, in a dis-used lavatory with a sign on the door saying 'Beware of the leopard.'

Removing a favorite is hard! [moron inside]
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Have we turned a new leaf?

Wow, two threads, one on finding an e-mail address and one on a Quicken password and no one jumps on the poster, calling them a stalker or questioning their motives. I commend you, Mefites!
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February 24

Can't remove a favourite

Lately when I try to remove a favourite, I get this error message: URL is malformed: can't remove as a favorite. This has only been going for a couple weeks, I think. Perhaps it could be fixed.
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Bloomington Meet Up

Here are all three pictures of all two of us at Monday night's Bloomington meet up. You can't even imagine how much fun we were having.
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An end to double posts!

Is the "The link you entered (http://etc/) was found in 1 previous thread." warning new? Cool, helpful feature! I had used the search field to check for previous posts, but hadn't found it - presumably because I was linking to a different page on the same site. (Won't it be funny if someone posted this before? [nervous laughter])
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href... slash... a.... dammit!

Is it just me, or did my autoformatting buttons vanish with my last Firefox update (I assume this is the cause, as the two coincided)? If I have to start hand-coding hyperlinks again I will probably just go into an unresponsive fugue state instead.
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RE: the infamous airnxt post

RE: the infamous airnxt post (which is now closed) an update http://ask.metafilter.com/27155/is-an-ebay-fraud-seller-free it has been a while since i checked back on the above post, but it looks like airnxt is still up to his old tricks, selling fake chanel handbags. oh, and his feedback is not private anymore. Two weeks for delivery! Received a fake! Sick to my stomach! Out $510!! http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=290069288442 he must be stopped! ok, before you post comments about how you need to check sellers feedback, please read the link to the thread. the guy in the original post was pretending to be a victim of an ebay scam, but was actually the person doing the scamming.
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February 23

it's just that's where my baby lives, that's all

Washington, DC meetup this Sunday (day after tomorrow)?! I'm going to DC for a job interview on Monday. I'll be staying with my brother in Mt. Pleasant (the job is in Reston). Come meet me and give me advice about whether or not I should move to DC. Sorry for the short notice, but I wasn't sure this was happening until recently.
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Enforced preview, please?

For my own sake, what about enforced preview when posting? In the absence of the ability to edit posts, post-post, forcing the preview stage would probably save me some embarassment. Maybe it could even be a user-configurable option.
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Though sometimes we venture into lust or schadenfreude.

Valleywag categorizes Mefi as pure stimulation!
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Favorite MeFi Music playlists?

What user-created playlists do you follow on MeFi Music? My playlist is just a dumping ground for anything that I've liked, but I figure that someone has to have made more specific ones (e.g., favorite singer-songwriter tunes, great jazz vocalists, best love songs, etc.).
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Greasemonkey or Mefi Bug?

Not sure if this has been an issue for others but.. I'm using the Greasemonkey script for MeFi quotes and every time I click it, it brings me to a blank page. I've updated all the MeFi greasemonkey scripts and I'm on FF Any ideas?
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connect the dots, la la la , connect the dots, la la la

So now that we have metafilter: the podcast, I'm wondering if any other metafilter products are going to enter the market? [more inside]
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Hey honey pie, I lost my biweekly question, can I have yours?

I have a time-sensitive question buuuut was unfortunately kind enough to let my friend use my account and my sockpuppet for questions in the past week and a half. If someone would be nice enough to post this to the green for me I'll never snark again! [q inside]
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Get paid to surf the web!?

As mentioned in the 2nd podcast: Slack jobs,whether their slack be built-in or sneakthieved, seem to support our participation here. How do you or your industry get away with it? What's the mefi crackmonkey dreamjob? I'll show you mine inside.
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February 22

2: Cortex Interview

A day early, it's the second installment of the MetaFilter Podcast.
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Handy guide to everyone's personal sites

Pretty cool resource: MeFi User Sites.
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Doubleplusgood doubleposting

Nevercalm deserves credit for anti-eponysterically advocating that his post, doubled five minutes later, be the one deleted. Mattamyn deserves credit, as usual, for not being blindly policy-bound.
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What was that movie post?

I'm trying to find a post on the blue about a low-budget indie movie about the West Coast of the US after some sort of apocalypse. Various tag searches have turned up nada, I think it was last summer. It had quite a spooky documentary style trailer.
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Frist Pots!

Heywood Mogroot's "first-fpp" tag finally gets used in another maiden post. Is tagging your first FPP as such a good idea? Should NeoFites be recommended to do so? Should we all go back and backtag our front page deflowerings?
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MetaMeetup in Chicago - Tonight!

There a few Meta folks gathering in Chicago tonight. Join us?
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Good ask metafilter thread that doesn't answer the question? Yes, they exist.

This (Medical Marijuana ask.mefi thread) is a good example of an ask metafilter thread where people don't answer the specific question of the poster, but still remain civil and helpful. Yay. So there's an existence proof that people can be helpful while not answering the question asked (and not fall all over themselves to be jerks).
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February 21

Subject from MeFi thread #58058 Appearing on CNN

Follow up to this thread: New Metafilter member silentmiaow will appear tonight (2/21/07) on 360 with Anderson Cooper.
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questions and answers for this week's podcast?

Questions for cortex? mathowie? jessamyn?
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fight for your rights in your own damn country, americans

"I don't like war, but my child is in there, fighting for your rights (Americia)." is, as edgeways says, inflammatory. [more inside]
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February 20

How about a ban up in this bitch?

Initium Sapientiae Timor Domini (0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13...)
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New York Times mention of Metafilter

The New York Times bases an article almost entirely on a Metafilter thread.
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Chat filter?

I read in a lot of Metatalk threads about this and that being "Chatfilter." So I looked around for this "Chatfilter" figuring it was just another section of Metafilter like "AskMeFi" or "MetaTalk". But it's not, it seems to be kind of a perjorative term for a lot of discussions that might prove interesting, but for one reason or another aren't appropriate for other sections of MeFi. So, uh, why not have a Chatfilter?
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Gonzo Scooter Journalism

would it be too newsfilter / doublepost to link the closing arguments in the scooter libby trial? the previous post three weeks ago was pretty generic, and the commenters in the thread are right that it was almost impossible to follow what was going on (and i say this as a law student who's fascinated by these things). today, however, was some grand drama, with the defense breaking down into tears, and Fitzgerald going after not just Scooter but Elmer Fudd himself with both barrels. this is stuff that's actually accessible to the general public, but i hate crowding the blue. (grey, i got no problem with, apparently...) thoughts?
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Denver, anyone?

so, it appears there are something like fifty or sixty Mefites in and around the Denver/Boulder area. Of these, at least a handful are active members, right? Anyone interested in doing a Denver/Boulder meetup? boo_radley? koeselitz? eekacat? My time is equally split between Boulder and Denver these days, so I'm not particular. I'd lean towards Denver simply for the sake of numbers. Bonus: as the weather improves, it's likely I'll be down in LoDo on Wednesday nights for the Denver Cruise anyhow yes I know they say they don't start these till May but there's a hardcore group of nutjobs dedicated cyclists who do the cruise all year long... any excuse for a pubcrawl, right?
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No, I didn't mean to do that TWICE.

Weird number translation issues? Maybe? I don't know, but when I posted to the "Crazy Congressmen" thread I know that the second time I used this link: http://www.metafilter.com/58687/FlatEarthers-No-FixedEarthers because I pasted it IN the comment box and then did the HTML around it. But it BECAME a link to the thread that I was commenting in. What? Or maybe I am totally and completely insane.
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Someone else is muscling in on ask's turf. Worse, they've got green, blue and gray all on one page. We're doooooomed.
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MeFi Fantasy Baseball 2007!!!

MeFi Fantasy Baseball 2007!!!: It's back! We had a great time last year with 14 teams, and I'd like to run the same deal again- 5X5 Roto, daily lineups. A few changes I'd like to incorporate: - Fewer pitching slots. - $5 fee, to cover Yahoo Fantasy Plus (sorry folks, the free service is just lame) and 2 prizes: League Winner, and Most Improved (in points as of the All-Star break) If you're interested, please drop me a line via my profile. I'd like to cut it off at 15 teams, with preference given to teams who played last year. I'm also open to (reasonable) rule change requests once we've gotten all the managers.
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Needed: Metafilter map

I could have sworn there was a Metafilter post that linked to a really fantastic free website for learning geography, but I can't find it. Or maybe it was commented in an AskMefi thread? It wasn't this one, though that's a good website too. Anybody know what I'm talking 'bout?
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Hoder Hoder Hoder - Hoder is a name that's fun to say three times

I ran across an interesting blog this morning written by an Iranian living in Toronto. It's called Editor: MYSELF. The publisher, Hossein Derakhshan, had a strong piece, "Democracy's Double Standard In Iran," in the International Herald Tribune/New York Times last year and seems bent on demystifying Iran's politics and leaders...
Iran's Bloggers. Well deservedly, Hoder gets a shout out in Steve Clemons's The Washington Note. May we all benefit from the prestige of our association with him. Oh, wait, we weren't mentioned. Well, all the same, three cheers for Hoder.
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February 19

PepsiBlue is bad for you!

Not everything that tastes great is PepsiBlue! [more inside]
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By the time we got to Woodstock...

A new milestone passed. Say hello to elricky, roustem, antareus, waitingtoderail, Koko, pjlennon, missouri_lawyer, nikirobertson, and esolo: among the first of metafilter's 50kers.
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What price MeFi's soul?

Some of the current adsense ads running for non-members seem inappropriate. For example soulmate calculator, which appears to be a data harvesting, phone spam service. The UK version of the site doesn't even have any T&Cs, to make it clear you are signing up for £9/month of unwanted ringtone/wallpaper hell. Can the adsense filtering be turned up a notch, in line with our community values?
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February 18

Bloomington Meet Up

Bloomington, IN meet up reminder: Soma Coffee House (at Kirkwood and Grant) at 8 PM this Monday night (meaning tonight, that is). Look for the guy with a camera, markers, paper, and a big foam sword. Bloomington, IL and Bloomington, MN mefites are welcome to make the drive.
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Regarding philosophical AskMe questions

Regarding philosophical AskMe questions and answers to philosophical questions... [far too long for anyone to want to read]
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Santa Barbara Meetup

Reminder: Santa Barbara Meetup 7pm Mercury Lounge Goleta Friday February 23.
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Why can't I add a hyperlink in MeTa?

In trying to flag this post, http://ask.metafilter.com/57197/Dont-Worry-Be-Happy as the worst sort of existential Chatfilter/guideline buster, I realized there isn't a 'link' feature in MetaTalk. And I am an HTML cretin. I expect this is intentional, or I'm missing something obvious.
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Any Final Fantasy III dorks want to swap friend codes? I believe you can open up side quests by sending enough mail. I've edited the wiki's DS page to include FFIII mognet codes.
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Dot Squatting

This article tells people to check out askmetafilter.com, not ask.metafilter.com. The link goes to AskMeFi though, not askmetafilter.com, which appears to be a shady spam and pop up info site...and I refuse to link to it.
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SXSW 2007 - meetup?

SXSW Interactive -- do the cool kids do that anymore? I'll be arriving a day early, the evening of the 8th, and leaving the last day of Interactive. Any MeFites want to do a meetup in Austin?
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Better way to link

Is there be a better way to automate links in comments and answers?
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Searching for user on Music to show players?

Pony request - could user music search pages show the embedded players for each song?
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Metafilter is really, really fucking good lately

Metafilter is really, really fucking good lately. 'Lately' being weeks if not months on end. My theory is that favouriting encourages people Be Swell. Whatever it is, though, I offer a sincere thank you to everyone concerned, because this place is still the best damn game in town.
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February 17

Looking for an old post

I'm looking for an old post that was like a three link post to customized in-flight safety cards that described an office revolution back to garden of eden-esque... Have no clue how to find it..
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Brisbane, Australia, Metafilter Meet Up.

Attention all Brisbane Me-Fites! Anyone else interested in having (what I believe would be) the first ever Brisbane, Australia Metafilter meet up sometime soon?
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The NYTimes Covers MeFi post on Seth Godin

The NYTimes covers our post on Seth Godin. Includes quotes from two users, localroger and zabuni.
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London meetup photos (Feb 2007)

Photos from last night's London meetup. Straight from sueinnyc's camera to my Flickr account to your face. Features health warnings.
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February 16

add to playlist from music index

Why can't I add to playlist from the index page of music mefi?
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1: The First One

Hey kids, it's the first MetaFilter podcast.
posted by mathowie to MeFi Podcast at 1:35 PM PST - 128 comments

The Wheel

In the middle of this thread, robocop is bleeding has written a truly awesome short story. Shades of... I dunno, Chuck Palahniuk, maybe? It's seriously that good. rib, have you published an anthology? 'Cause I'd buy it.
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MeFi's Dylan?

As he's currently holding 4 of the 5 coveted "Most Favorited Tracks in the past 7 days", a staggering 86 (and counting!) favorites for his latest MeFi-related (and sidebarred!) tune, is it perhaps time to consider changing that heading for MeFi Music to "rock and/or cortex"? Well, anyway, congratulations, cortex!
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London meetup 16/2

London MeFi meetup tonight! More details Venue: White Swan Time: from 6:30pm (previous thread
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February 15

Sock Puppet News

Sock Puppet News: I don't know if I am completely behind the curve and everyone already knows, but in this thread cortex gets the strings all tangled up, and accidentaly outs himself as the puppet master behind Astro Zombie and/or Astro Zombie 2 and/or InfidelZombie... I think.
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VideoFilter Debate: Take 42

VideoFilter Debate: Take 42 - I like Tom Waits. A lot. But YouTube and a link to Wikipedia? Hardly the best of the web.
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Thank you for deleting this.

With all the MeTa'ing about why-did-you-delete-my-post, I feel sure this one will get challenged, too. But I just wanted to say excellent moderation there, w00t. Depressing-as-fuck does not equal best-of-the-web.
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Pandora Playlist TradeFilter

As per Afroblanco's request, let's trade some Pandora playlists. Link (With brief description of what it is) would be a good format, I think. Here's mine (Underground hip-hop, quality lyric based, mostly extreme East and West coast based. Started from West Coast Lyrics Born and East Coast Mr. Lif)
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404 issue in recent comments page view

Error: File Not Found Clicking on the (xx new) section after a post gives me a 404 - but only when I'm in "Recent Comments" view. Does that make sense? I hope so.
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Just an Observation

Our Fearless Leader Sylar from Heroes
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I come not to praise Caesar but to make some salad dressing

I would like to say something nice about languagehat.
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We have box sets.

We have box sets. Slashdot has the goods on Amazon trying to give flashbacks to MetaFilter with their new and improved pricing shenanigans in which they deliver two box sets to lots of people for the price of zero, wait a five days (crossing over Christmas in the process), and then demand that people return them unopened. Now they've begun charging people's credit cards for what Amazon decides they should have paid.
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February 14

88 lines of HTML make my wrists hurt just thinking about it

The greatest mefi song ever to date. Dios mio, cortex.
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Follow-up post

Feature request: Allow a follow-up post on closed threads by the original FPP poster. I often come across relevant and important information about subjects I made a FPP about months ago, but the thread is closed and it's not worth making a new FPP about it. It would be nice if the person who made the original FPP had the ability to make a single follow-up post after the FPP has closed. The example I had in mind was this thread about Citizenre solar-power, and this new story Citizenre: A House of Cards, an important development that should be in the archived thread.
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Mathowie now a member of the "Gray Lady"?

It seems our fearless leader has a little New York Times thing going on in tommorow's paper. Unless there's another Matthew Haughey who writes tech stuff.
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MetaGras in New Orleans

MetaGras 2007 Any MeFites coming to New Orleans for the annual Pre-Lenten festival next Tuesday? Or am I deluding myself once again?
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Can Metafilter Help Give The Gift of Life?

This recent AskMe Question about being a bone marrow transplant donor is very inspiring (Matty's marrow is apparently going to help a one year old child), and has sparked a bunch of people (me included) to sign up on-line to be a marrow donor. MeFi has a wide reach - can this maybe get a sidebar or some extra attention in hopes that more MeFi readers (especially those of non-white heritage) might sign up?
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I want my askme back!

Revisiting the two-week Ask limit: I still see questions scrolling off the front page daily. Has volume decreased any, or is this arbitrary limit still there just to be frustrating?
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Cheating woman thrashed on radio prank show

A while back there was a post of a radioshow pranking a cheating woman. The host built her up to think she was getting engaged, and then bought her crashing down with the news that her now ex boyfriend had found her out. I cant find it! Help!
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Ironically Non-Descriptive

A thread in which someone who browses AskMe via RSS, annoyed by people's tendency to post inadequately descriptive "Headline/Title"s, but aware that this has been discussed before, illustrates his displeasure by composing alternative questions to fit some recent titles, in an attempt to encourage others to submit titles that better describe their questions.
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Full disclosure, the main link and story is to LA web site, LAist, which I am the editor...
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Oh, please.

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Show me/Tell me you love me

In the spirit of Valentines Day I am reminded of a thread on mefi or askme about the different ways people express and understand love. That is, some people are "do-ers" (ie make dinner, buy flowers) and others are "say-ers" (ie "I love you" "You look pretty today"). And there was a theory that this was the source of a lot of misunderstandings between couples because say-ers don't interpret the actions of do-ers in the right way. Does anyone else remember this? I have a strong feeling this was actually a comment on an AskMe thread. Thanks.
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February 13


Is this a bug? Or did everyone sleep in these three days? [more inside]
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Is AskMe always this crappy when Jessamyn steps away for 40 minutes?
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Buffalo Meetup?

There seems to be a surprising number of people in the greater Western NY/Buffalo area. How about a meetup?
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FYI 4 web 2.0, YMMV

Google Reader is pretty crappy at updating certain feeds, especially MeFi and del.icio.us feeds (I'm pretty sure it's been discussed before and chalked up to whatcanyoudo). On a lark, I tried making a yahoo pipe for ask.me that doesn't actually do anything to the feed, just grabs it in, and splurts it back out. And guess what, its been updating like a champ all day. Your mileage may vary, but I thought I'd share this TOTALLY AWESOME and buzzword compliant "hack" with youse guys. It works on my del.icio.us network and for feeds too, which were updating maybe once every couple weeks, if you care.
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Firefox & AskMe problem

I can't post on AskMe - on the preview page, hitting Post just reloads the preview page. Firefox Not seeing any error messages either.
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Two new features

Recent changes: 1) I finally updated the MetaTalk posting page to be more like the rest of the site, and added titles. RSS will soon have titles added. Also, no more "bugs" category as the generic catch-all, as I force you to pick one.
2) - For firefox 2.0 and IE7 users, you might notice being on a mefi site, the upper right search box is glowing or highlighted. If you click it, you can add a server-wide MeFi search (using the Google aggregated results from all *.metafilter.com sites) and search directly from your browser.
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February 12

Referral bug?

Apparently, amazon.ca URLs are not rewritten like amazon.com ones to include mathowie's referral info. Might be a teeny bug.
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Is it appropriate to ask AskMeFi for a scholarship reference?

Is it appropriate to ask AskMeFi for a scholarship reference?
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Indiana Meetup

I assumed there weren't many of us (and maybe there aren't), but a recent AskMe made me wonder if anyone would be interested in a Bloomington, Indiana meet up?

Just, you know, checking.
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Please do not ask blackmarket questions here.

Are users allowed to ask for advice on carrying out illegal activities, such as selling your organs on the black market?
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I got an amusing email relating to this earwaxy thread from last year

I got an amusing email relating to this earwaxy thread from last year. [more inside]
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pileon someone you disagree with

In this thread (http://www.metafilter.com/mefi/58548) people are piling on jonmc simply because they do not agree with him..(MI)
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Deleted tag/thread issue? Count inaccurate.

The tag page for infanticide says that there's 1 post tagged with infanticide, but there doesn't appear to be any. Deleted tag/thread issue? Bonus points: relevant tags for Indian/Chinese infant gender disparity.
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February 11


I made this post, then found out that the link is all over digg/reddit. Is there a policy against diggfilter?
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Little help?

So I heard about a thread where someone posted a picture of a guy in a plush dolphin suit fucking a 300 pound woman. I can't find it. Little help?
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London meetup

Are we having a London meetup on the 16th? If so, where?
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Filtering Posts

Is there a way to not receive posts matching a given tag? [details inside]
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Vancouver meetup

Hello Vancouver people, I'll be in Vancouver this Monday evening and wondered if someone is up to go for a beer / food?
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On blood salinity, science, proof vs. test, etc

A fight breaks out in this thread on the evolution of blood salinity because two people agree on the meaning of a word. Meet in here for post-post analysis, connotative denotating, preventative etiquette, homeopathic semiotics, other bullshit, brandy and cigars.
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February 10

Remember this popular post about the debunking of Noka chocolates?

Remember this popular post about the debunking of Noka chocolates? The New York Times has a follow up to the DallasFood.org article. It mentions boingboing, chowhound, and slashdot, but not metafilter.
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Baltimore Meetup

St. Patty's or April Fool's Bawlmore meet?
sorry I missed the last get-together but youcancallmeal may be in NYC *any day now*!
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LinkedIn now has an "Ask" feature

LinkedIn now has an "Ask" feature.
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If you go down to the woods today

No fucking way is this bearable on MeFi.
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February 9

This was definitely not chatfilter!

This was definitely not chatfilter! I am working on putting together a class about good and bad "radical" radio and want some listener opinion besides my own. Can we reinstate the question, please?
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bug: can't submit an AskMe question

bug: can't submit an AskMe question. The final "post" button just reloads the page, like the "preview" button. Firefox
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In breaking news, miko is awesome!

MeFite in the news: Our very own miko is featured in CNN.com's article covering the RPM challenge. Neat!
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FPPs to Copyrighted Material

Is there a definite rule about not FPPing links to possibly copyrighted material? As Viacom noticed there's a lot of videos on YouTube that probably shouldn't be there, and I'm unsure if we're allowed to include such things in posts.
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February 8

No More Anna Nichole Postings

Metafilter quality challenge (in re: Anna Nichole postings)
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Album art for your music downloads

I'm a bit obsessive about my album art, but I never had anything for the songs I've snatched from MeFi Music (chococat, I'm looking in your direction). So I whipped up a little something that I thought I'd share with the community. It's nothing special, but perhaps it will help fill out your Cover Flow.
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you should be deleted, banned, drawn, and quartered

Maybe it's just me, but I think when you sign up just to have AskMe to help you do research for some blog and you are too dumb to hide the fact that you are crossposting, you should be deleted, banned, drawn, and quartered. What do you guys think?
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February 7

Philadelphia meetup February 2007

Reminder: Philly Meetup tomorrow, Thursday, February 8. Meet at 7 p.m. at Abysinnia (45th and Locust Sts.) for tasty Ethiopian food and humor that favors the the lewd, the geek, and more!
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What are the most favorited commetns?

What are the most favorited comments on metafilter? I found the faq link to the last 24 hours' worth of favorited comments, but I wonder about the all-time greatest bon mots, putdowns and general jocularity. Thanks!
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Reading Deleted Posts

My old method of reading deleted posts (so sue me... it's entertaining) doesn't seem to work. I used to use the following javascript I picked up somewhere (inside):

Is there a new way to do this?
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mattamyn gets it

Just read this, and couldn't help but think "mattamyn gets it."
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February 6

Can someone help me find an AskMeFi post?

Can someone help me find an AskMeFi post? I've spent ages searching and scouring the tags but can't find it. It may have been a year ago or so (not sure of exact date) but the question was about exercises for helping people get to know each other in a big new group - the context may have been a work conference. AskMeFi users suggested a lot of different techniques that a group organiser could employ to get strangers going together. Also if anyone could give advice on how best to find a tricky old post like this in future, please go right ahead.
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https v. http

When posting this, it wouldn't accept https: in the URL field. At the time, the server was forwarding from the comparable http: URL, so I didn't worry about it. Now, it's deciding not to forward.

(Double, anyway, so it could also just be deleted--but I wanted to mention the https issue too.)
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Question math

if ((TodaysDate-DateofLastPost)+(TodaysDate-DateofPostBeforeLast) >60 ){ ok you can ask your question}else{ no sorry wait some more}

wouldnt something like this give people their 2 questions within 30 days to use as they wish? (and stop all the whining)? if not programmers feel free to tell me im stupid
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Why are multiple links to the Astronomy Picture of the Day OK?

Why isn't this APOD post considered to be a double, triple or quadruple? [MI]

APOD doesn't seem to be an aggregator like BBC or CNN, all they do is post invariably awesome pictures of space everyday. Is it going to be acceptable to post to the front page every time something interesting is posted there (ala the proliferation of youtube links)?
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February 5

NYC Meetup

NYCFilter: Do you have dinner plans in the city tomorrow night? Great, me too -- wanna have drinks together beforehand? Let's waste time together in that layover hour between your manhattan day job and the commute to the outer boroughs -- or whatever your situation is at precisely 5:30pm.

Would enjoy the company of any mefites in the area, especially if you're also occupying time before the next engagement. It would be like those happy hours in airports, that easiness between strangers when everyone's on their way to someplace else.

First-timers encouraged! I've learned so much here, but have yet to meet a single person from this community (that i've known about, obviously). I'll be at the Yuca Bar (EV) tomorrow night, 6-7:30. Drop by if you're in the hood! No social agenda, just a chance to say hello to some of you for the first time.
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Categories on AskMe

Ask MeFi finally has category feeds.
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Hacked account or gone crazy?

Comment Tourette's? Snoktruix seems to be all a twatter about something today.
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February 4

MeFi Swap

It's that time once again. Please feel free to sign up now for another round of the MeFiSwap. (And yes, the security glitch that plagued a subsection of the site for a few days last time around have been addressed and solved.)
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Split AskMe

Instead of having this ridiculous two-week wait between questions, which makes the site practically unuseable, why not split AskMe into two separate sites?
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Can we please assume that AskMe questioners are honest?

Instead of assuming that most AskMe users are cheats, let's assume they're honest.
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I somehow triggered my timeout on AskMe but my question didn't post.

Tried to make a post on AskMeFi few minutes ago. After hitting the post button the page didn't refresh and when I went to the main page my Q wasn't listed. Of course, trying to post anew I get "You have asked a question in the past 2 weeks... 13 days, 23 hours to go..."

Any clues?
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Lots of medical advice

3000 answers, and not one of them should be taken as medical advice. Here's to you, ikkyu2.
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Links from favorites (Music) to song broken

When checking any given user's favorites page, and if it's a song from MeFi Music that the person has favorited, going to the date/time stamp for that song post results not in arriving at the post, but rather with the message: "Error: File not found". Now, I see there was a thread concerning a problem with favorited comments from MeFi Music, so maybe this problem is just something still awaiting the necessary laying on of hands from # 1?
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February 3

Dubai Meetup

Any Mefi readers in the middle east?
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Jessamyn in Valley News

"Everybody's Interesting" Metafilter's own, Jessamyn West, was profiled today in a local Vermont / New Hampshire paper, The Valley News. Metafilter and Ask MetaFilter are mentioned a few times. Unfortunately, the pictures that accompanied the dead tree version don't grace the online version because there are two cute photos.
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February 2

Portland (OR) <3 Apple

It's an Apple town right to the core. That is the headline on an article in the (Portland) Oregonian.
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Help, my AskMeta post broke the front page

Oh crap, I broke metafilter, again =(
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Midatlantic Meetup

DC/VA/MD Meetup Reminder - 6:30pm at Atomic Billiards in Cleveland Park. Possibly moving to the short-for-this-world Yenching Palace for some dinner. A good time shall be had by all.
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wtf is the point of this FPP?

Seriously, wtf is the point of this FPP? The site's not in english so it seems to me to be a thread that has no other purpose than to comment on the attractiveness of the women who are featured. How is this appropriate for Metafilter?
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February 1

I'm deploying a new (backwards compatible) URL scheme for mefi

I'm deploying a new (backwards compatible) URL scheme for mefi [more inside]
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Broken RSS Feeds

It appears that the RSS feeds are down. Obviously I can still get to the rest of the site, but Firefox's Live Bookmark feature is coming up with "Blank" instead. Other bookmarks are correctly updating. When I try to browse to the correct location, I time out. Started around noonish today, EST, I think. Before I wiped away my MetaFilter list by requesting the bookmark, the most recent story was the one about Ellen Feiss. I know this is happening to MeTa, MeFi, and AskMe.
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Is someone compiling/has someone already compiled statistics?

Is someone compiling/has someone already compiled statistics such as: the average number of favorites per post, the average number of comments per post, comment quantity by time posted, average number of favorited posts by user, etc? I assume this has been discussed here in meta previously, but I couldn't find it in searching. Feel free to direct me to old threads on this topic though.
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Cory Doctorow Toronto

Any Toronto mefites going to Cory Doctorow's book signing tonight?
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Can I get you to enjoy this without complaining about navigation?

I very much want to post the collection of comic valentines found here to the blue, but I'm worried the site navigation is so convoluted that the thread will be nothing but complaints about it. Can this post be saved?
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Deleted Thread

WCityMike got me thinking with his recent thread. I like deleted thread. Frankly I think its uniqueness constitutes BOTW. So...would it violate the rules to do a blue post about it? (AFAIK no one has yet)
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Taxes and AskMe

We all know tax time is coming. Could we please have a moratorium on all tax-related AskMe's that are more complex than "I live in X, where do I mail my return to"?
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hama7's getting grief for nothing.

hama7's getting grief for nothing.
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Smells kind of self-linky to me: 1, 2.
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