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Too many relationship questions on AskMe

Since when did AskMeta turn into HoldMe? ComfortMe
posted by ThePinkSuperhero on Sep 30, 2005 - 105 comments

Steven Spielberg thread next to be led into I/P debate

Cleardawn seems dedicated to posting long discourses about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict in any post that mentions Jews or a Jewish person, even in passing, and has succeeded in derailing a number of recent threads. Here and here and here., and probably elsewhere as well. The user obviously thinks that they are fighting the good fight, but this is clearly getting to be a bit much, and they don't seem to listen. Help?
posted by blahblahblah on Sep 26, 2005 - 123 comments

Minor 'typing' errors

oops, 'Piccadilly' - is it really necessary for everyone to correct extremely minor 'typing' errors with a follow up comment?
posted by Frasermoo on Sep 22, 2005 - 46 comments

Sidebar This

Please put this on the sidebar. It is a stunningly brilliant piece of satirical writing.
posted by cmonkey on Sep 22, 2005 - 35 comments

I would have bumped them off and then blamed it on the blacks.

What would you have done?
I would have bumped them off and then blamed it on the blacks.

I don't think that sgt.serenity is living up to his handle.
posted by Irontom on Sep 14, 2005 - 52 comments

Hey refugee/racist people, get your own thread

Hey refugee/racist people, get your own thread. Eight comments into it, the troll succeeds and we're no longer talking about the camps. Good work.
posted by tomharpel on Sep 11, 2005 - 80 comments

Complaint on single link FPP on Katrina

Oh please....
posted by Necker on Sep 7, 2005 - 39 comments

Sweating it

In this thread on ask.mefi, purpleporpoise asked me to defend my call-out. (More inside)
posted by oddman on Sep 7, 2005 - 16 comments

Is someone using Mefi as his own private soapbox?

Is someone using Mefi as his own private soapbox?

He has his opinions and that's great (even though I strongly disagree with a lot of them), but I don't think providing a platform for the Gospel According To Cleardawn was what matt had in mind.
posted by jonmc on Sep 5, 2005 - 134 comments

paleocon is being seriously disruptive.

I say die New Orleans die.
posted by Optimus Chyme on Sep 3, 2005 - 75 comments

Please keep your politics out of Ask Metafilter questions

"Criminal incompetence is probably not an impeachable offense, but something has to be done about Bush." Please keep your politics out of Ask Metafilter questions. (And another.) It tends to attract the wrong kind of answers.
posted by smackfu on Sep 2, 2005 - 25 comments


How does a member with a user number so low make a post like this and say with a straight face, " I would also wish to add that I really don't wish to be seen as one who is trolling, because I am not...I actually don't think it's that terrible a post. "
posted by dhoyt on Aug 31, 2005 - 17 comments

What does it mean to be Akbar'ed?

Can someone explain the Admiral Akbar pic? I got "Akbar-ed" a while ago, but dismissed it as an in-joke I'd eventually figure out. Then I saw someone post it on this thread. What's the deal? Is it a dumbass callout? Should I look out for another Akbar-ing?
posted by ObscureReferenceMan on Aug 29, 2005 - 37 comments

Calling out a racist comment

posted by Dreamghost on Aug 21, 2005 - 4 comments

What does mrblondemang have against bloggers?

What does mrblondemang have against bloggers and others who write for a living or seemingly just because? Perhaps RodgerJ should beware.
posted by FlamingBore on Aug 12, 2005 - 15 comments

Self-link. 'nuff said.

Self-link. 'nuff said.
posted by clevershark on Aug 12, 2005 - 13 comments

A seemingly editorializing post

What do you think about this? (mi)
posted by Count Ziggurat on Aug 11, 2005 - 17 comments

Be nice to PP.

Be nice to PP.
posted by five fresh fish on Aug 5, 2005 - 10 comments

There's good and there's bad.

I'd like to give a thanks to the new "your link has been found in another post" feature, and a pox to those people who don't use tags.
posted by Citizen Premier on Jul 28, 2005 - 27 comments

User Callout

My question started out simply asking for advice on how to make business cards, and Fandango_Matt not only called me, he helped me design a set of professional cards. I met a future business partner the other day and he was impressed; no doubt if it weren't for Fandango_Matt's help things could have swung the other way. Thank you.
posted by Dean Keaton on Jul 25, 2005 - 34 comments

This post is not the best of the web

Can we get a restart here?
posted by Necker on Jul 14, 2005 - 23 comments

Comment removal discussion

I really don't think "a Glock" is an inappropriate answer to this thread, but it seems to have been pulled anyway. In fact, I've seen lots of relevant answers that might offend a mod's delicate sensibilities get pulled. That's not cool.
posted by trevyn on Jul 13, 2005 - 50 comments

My delicate sensibilities are offended.

Sorry if that offends your delicate sensibilities. Yes, actually, it does. It's ok if it's a man, but not a woman? This is vicious talk and a double standard. I flagged it but nothing happened.
posted by tweak on Jul 11, 2005 - 107 comments

Self link, with proofs

Owner of FPP'ed Flickr set: "I'm 19." FPP author: "Age: 19" Inconclusive. Likely coincidence.
Owner of FPP'ed site: "Copyright 2005 Aaron Wynn & William Wynn." (google cache) FPP author: "Aaron Wynn" (home page) Conclusive. Enough.
posted by mistersix on Jul 11, 2005 - 36 comments

ParisParamus callout.

ParisParamus. [mi]
posted by mosch on Jul 7, 2005 - 270 comments

Linking to your own Livejournal as a news source: deceptive?

Using breaking disaster news threads to post deceptively authoritative-looking self-links to Livejournal updates: threat or menace?
posted by brownpau on Jul 7, 2005 - 187 comments

Can we have this shot down?

This post (http://www.metafilter.com/mefi/43307) is spreading a malignant internet troll. Could it be shot down, please?
posted by TimothyMason on Jul 6, 2005 - 34 comments

NewsFilter NewsFilter NewsFilter NewsFilter.

Can we get more NewsFilter? Please? I really think it's the best of the web.
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15 and on...
posted by Captaintripps on Jun 20, 2005 - 83 comments

AskMe poster shoots rabbit?

Fuckwit AskMefi poster wonders if torturing bunny rabbits is a good idea.
posted by Asparagirl on Jun 19, 2005 - 134 comments

All the usual suspects say all the usual things and call each other names.

The Schiavo post is crap. The resulting thread is worse. The thread contains examples of everything wrong with MetaFilter, excepting the downtime. All the usual suspects say all the usual things and call each other names. Make it stop, daddy, it hurts.
posted by Ethereal Bligh on Jun 15, 2005 - 43 comments

I claim this isle in the name of Asshattery

could we get a flag on isle 42780#957736?
posted by delmoi on Jun 15, 2005 - 118 comments

Obligatory Title for an Obligatory Callout on an Obligatory Metafilter Post

Obligatory Metatalk thread. [More Inside]
posted by drezdn on Jun 13, 2005 - 59 comments

A mystery wrapped in an enigma wrapped in a puzzle videogame preview

A mystery wrapped in an enigma wrapped in a puzzle videogame preview wrapped in a shameless plug wrapped in a viral marketing blurb...
posted by Smart Dalek on Jun 6, 2005 - 18 comments

Single-link newsfilter with MeFi comments?

Dammit, orthogonality, I'm every bit as rabid a liberal as you are, but I'm calling you out. This is ridiculous. A single-link NewsFilter FPP laced with links to comments in another MeFi thread? I appreciate your agenda, but seriously, get your own blog, at least until you can pull these scraps into something more meaningful.
posted by Faint of Butt on Jun 6, 2005 - 68 comments

The Wacky Antics of user BushIsForEating

The Wacky Antics of user BushIsForEating (continuation of closed mt below)
posted by Heywood Mogroot on May 24, 2005 - 243 comments


Could we nip this in the bud?
posted by Kwantsar on May 24, 2005 - 20 comments

Chatfilter cleanup

Chatfilter: Which is prettier, rainbows or unicorns?
posted by planetkyoto on May 23, 2005 - 51 comments

Too much snarking in Tim Burton thread

The signal to snark ratio on Metafilter is at an all-time low, as evidenced by this thread.

Metafilter's always been snarky, but I just thought the vicious personal attacks in the thread were completely out of hand and ruined it completely, starting with kjh's "that's what you get for dressing like an idiot" and spiraling downward to keswick's various "clever" remarks. (The irony of the image near the bottom of the page just kills me, though.)
posted by MegoSteve on May 17, 2005 - 224 comments

Crosses the line

"And that clot is blocking your wife's cervix."

First, bait emotionally susceptible people with some easy trollery. Second, after you've drawn out some victims, call them "shallow hags" and tell them to "take [their] self-absorbed neuroses to an appropriate forum." Third, deliver the knockout blow: attack them with their own medical conditions!

All in a day's work for Mayor Curley: defeating infertile, shallow internet hags everywhere.
posted by Mid on May 13, 2005 - 148 comments

Scandal Fatigue

Maybe there's a time for NewsFilter, maybe there isn't; but can we all agree that posts about politicians' sex lives are a complete waste of space and time?
posted by nthdegx on May 12, 2005 - 66 comments

What does this add to the discussion?

What does this add to the discussion?
posted by AlexReynolds on May 9, 2005 - 41 comments

Tired old argument

This thread should be fun.

Really? I hate to spoil the ending for you, but this thread has already been fun over and over and over and over. It always goes the same way. Thanks for summarizing it for us, but is there some purpose in posting the results of a Google news search for "smoking" other than to rehash the same old tired argument yet again?
posted by casu marzu on May 3, 2005 - 33 comments

Suggesting comments on drunk posting are emailed vs. made in thread

If you suspect another user has been PWI (Posting While Intoxicated) why not send him an email instead of ridiculing it in the thread? See related alarmist post here
posted by dhoyt on May 2, 2005 - 51 comments

All but one of the first thirteen comments in this thread are terrible.

All but one of the first thirteen comments in this thread are terrible.
posted by Optimus Chyme on May 1, 2005 - 41 comments

Following the posting guidelines

I guess we are not even going to pretend to follow the guidelines for posts anymore.
posted by Steve_at_Linnwood on Apr 28, 2005 - 116 comments

I think this post warrants review.

I think this post warrants review.
posted by Crushinator on Apr 27, 2005 - 100 comments

Are we twelve?

Are we twelve?
posted by mek on Apr 17, 2005 - 59 comments

It seemed like a snark-in-good-fun

It sounds as though this post was meant as a frivolous laugh at all parties involved, which is why the personal swipes sound so out of place. I partially note it because I was about to make a similar FPP, but perhaps should be glad I didn't....
posted by jenleigh on Apr 15, 2005 - 19 comments

Bevets is abusing his membership

Bevets is abusing his membership. Undeniable evidence included inside.
posted by furtive on Apr 9, 2005 - 100 comments

This is a solid example of a lame 'newsfilter' post.

Submitted for discussion: This is a solid example of a lame 'newsfilter' post. A link to a very brief local news story with zero attempt at intelligent context.
posted by mediareport on Apr 2, 2005 - 41 comments

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