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February 28

Tony Pierce is auctioning off a link from his blog to yours.

Tony Pierce is auctioning off a link from his blog to yours.
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What goes in MetaTalk? What goes in MetaFilter?

">More and more, I'm seeing posts here in MetaTalk that really should be in MetaFilter proper. I thought MetaTalk was supposed to be for meta-discussions about MetaFilter that would be distracting from the main site. Was I wrong? [ more inside ]
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Followup to Girls Gone Wild lawsuit

As a follow-up (of sorts) to questions posed in this thread from last September, a Texas State University student was today awarded $5 million for being shown in a 'Girls Gone Wild'-style video. Though the producers allegedly did more than simply filming the events, this may open a floodgate for similar lawsuits.
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I know the NYTimes has a MeFi login, what others are out there?

Recently I needed to do some research and began to use the Ajeeb translation site. You need to be registered to use it, so on a whim I used username and password: mefi. To my surprise, they worked. I know the NYTimes has a MeFi login, what others are out there? A list would be nice.
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Another MetaFilter reference

Another MetaFilter reference, but this time there seems to be some kind of time travel involved:
"Another community in which I reside is the Metafilter / Blogger Developers / A-List community. The pillars of this community include Jason Kottke, Meg Hourihan, Evan Williams and Cam Barrett. These bloggers do most of their discussions on Metafilter and generally have beautiful blogs. I am not sure if any of them would list me as a member of their community, but I don't think that they would kick me out if they knew I had joined."
From Mike Saunders at Keep Trying. Am I the only person to whom this rings oddly?
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Yeah, it is a small business, and...?

This is the second front page post in a week ridiculing bad small business design. A bad precedent, and today's post is aggressive to boot. (inside)

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February 27

Phone number in-joke on blogs?

So, okay, what's the in-joke on this thing popping up in all and sundry weblogs yesterday: "What is real? 415 564-1347". I assume this is some new Jason- Kottke- as- Laurence- Fishburne thing (I've never met him, but I get such a 'David Wooderson' vibe from that guy).
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Pony to get only new comments loaded on refresh?

From the I Don't Know If This Is Possible Dept.: Could MeFi be coded so that when hitting the preview button on a new post, the next page only lists any posts made to the thread since the person last loaded the page? I'm just thinking in terms of lightening server load, since on some of those active, >100-post threads, the server's having to reload and resend the entire thread just so the poster can confirm his/her response looks right before hitting "post."
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From discussion to bigotry

Discussion? Bigotry? Over the past few days, several threads seem (to me at least) to have degenerated from discussion to all out Muslim bashing (1,2,3). I'm not here to name names, point fingers or tattle on anyone for specific comments, rather to ask at what point do we say "enough is enough?" People have a right to their opinions (prejudices), but when those opinions are stated without some modicum of respect/even-handedness, we have to wonder why they are tolerated in a public forum.
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Blogging, working, and not working anymore

Webpig of IG got fired because he ran IG. Now Heather Hamilton of dooce.com gets fired because she posted not so nice things about her job and co-workers (though kept all names out of the picture). Is it wrong that people be fired because another employee sends an anonymous email to the boss about these things?
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Organizing MeFi favorites

Just a small thing. I've a section in my favourites for Mefi threads I'm following so that I can consult them easily later. Is this just me? Anyway, whenever they appear there, they are listed as 'Metafilter Comments on [insert number]'. How easy would it be to have something more identifiable so I don't have to remember the thread number (for example those little post summaries which appear on the top of the posting boxes)?
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Callout for awesomeness

Kudos to Kottke for initiating and hosting one of the best metablogging discussions of recent weeks. (Cf. Andrew Sullivan's blogging manifesto.) It never rains but it pours.
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February 26

What's Wrong With MetaFilter

This is the best write-up of what's wrong with metafilter to date. Especially the graphs and illustrations. Fine work, mr. edrants.
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MetaFilter Letters

Perhaps I'm seen as a soft touch or something but people keep emailing me with requests for posting links, comments or just general attitudes. Mostly they're honest reactions to discussions here. Or interesting suggestions.

There certainly seems to be a lot of occasional readers who feel strongly about the issues discussed here. Could there be the equivalent of a Letters category on MetaTalk, for readers who aren't members to react to the threads that exercise them? At least until registrations are open again? As a fan of letters sections in newspapers and magazines, my opinion is that it would make MetaFilter even livelier.
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Single source post?

Is it kosher when an infrequent participant here posts links exclusively from a single source?
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MeFi on O'Reilly

O'Reilly discussion betwen Steven Johnson, David Sims and Rael Dornfest touches upon MeFi.

Sims. A blog tribe.

Johnson. Yeah

Dornfest. Metafilter comes closest to that of the things I've seen. It still has a personality, but it's very much a group dynamic.

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Callout: "fat, lazy, no discipline"

"In the end, it is true that fat people are lazy and/or have no self discipline . . . "

Leading to "idiot troll" accusations. Ugliness. And I didn't join in for a change!
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February 25

Getting my local time on posts instead of PST

How about, when previewing a comment, showing the current time in much the same way that the actual posted comment is flagged? (more)
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Something fishy about this comment

In an old MeTa thread, there is a comment by WIL WHEATON (just below this one) that has an invalid timestamp/comment link, and when I try to get his member info, it sends me here. Is this some sort of masterful cloaking on wil's part, just a bug, or is he part of the cabal of mefi users who cannot be traced by their user profiles?
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NYTfilter - is weblog technology here to stay?

NYTimes: Is Weblog Technology Here to Stay or Just Another Fad? You have to wonder how many times they can write the same damn article.
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How about subtly altering the color of every other post?

I have trouble sometimes telling posts apart when people use multiple paragraphs. How about subtly altering the color of every other post to improve readability? For example alternating white and light grey.
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Amazon donation bug

Clicking on the "Donate" link brings me to the Amazon donation page, then kicks out to the home page. I'm using MSIE 5.5:

Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 5.5; Windows NT 5.0; T312461)
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Anyone else ever dream about Metafilter?

Ok, I know this is gonna sound really weird, but I guess I got totally involved in this thread, because when I went to bed last night, I dreamed that Matt asked me to take over his admin/moderator duties for the day. It was a bizarre dream, I tells ya. There's no way I'm qualified to do that, I don't even know how to code! Anyone else ever dream about Metafilter?
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MeFi Demographics: Let's have a census!

"The best mirror is an old friend." -Peter Nivio Zarlenga.
With all the questions about who make up us, is it time that we organized some sort of demographic survey of Whom Constitute Mefi?
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Celebrity guest FPP idea

Random idea re "Celebrity guest" front page posts - perhaps invite Dvorak (or other chosen person) to become a guest for a day (or permanent member), brief him on how its all works, allow him to front page post anything he chooses, and have all the ensuing commetary with his participation. Other choices might be Colin Powell (oops this isnt MTV), Tom Friedman of the NYT (so often linked to), even Andrew Sullivan, etc etc. Just a thought.
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Dvorak's back and he's Annnngray!

Dvorak's back in the second of three promised installments, where he boisterously calls out the Cluetrain gang and webloggers...
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February 24

Was I out of line?

Curious (especially in light of the previous thread in MeTa) about whether I was out of line in this exchange. Please note olav's posting record and his homepage URL.
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Shilling on MeFi

Lame, lame, lame. Something just occured to me, and it is worth mentioning. thebwit is the guy that owns the domain bigblogtool and is a big supporter of his pal ruzz' creation. In the previous thread, he poo-poo'd Blogger Pro to hype BigBlogTool, which I called him on, but it turns out he doesn't run the service. Now, he posts a thread about hacking a competing product, greymatter. Ruzz says it's a good post, and shits on the community while doing it. I know this time around, they're not working together to openly push BBT, but they are dissing greymatter in arguably the biggest weblog community they could. And look, here's the same post, but with a plug for BigBlogTool. thebwit also used the ever-impartial WeblogReview to post about the hack, and conveniently the footer of every message reminds all that the post was made with BBT.

Here's a tip ruzz and thebwit, don't use MetaFilter to shill your product or shit on your competitors, and your current marketing practices are a bit transparent, to say the least.
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Is Metafilter a Boyzone?

[Mistakenly posted this on MetaFilter - apologies for category error]

Is Metafilter a Boyzone? Was recommending MeFi to one of my girl-pals, and she came back to me with the following: "interesting...but it's a bit of a men's room, isn't it?" When pressed she cited postings like sex classes, gross-out cartoons, nerdish obsession, flimsy pretexts for nudity, and whiny self-pitying threads about failing manhood. Somewhat surprised, and in mild defense, I cited back postings on the horror of honour killings, drag queens talking about false breasts and male self-parody. Now she's actually v. pro-men, and no knee-jerk feminist, so she's got me wondering: Are we? And if so, does it matter?
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February 23

Is there a way to include the TITLE attribute in front-page post links

Is there a way to include the TITLE attribute in front-page post links? Obviously it's trivial to add this to any hand-coded hrefs you include in your description, but not in the main link via the submission form. And what's the word on pimping the site where you found the link? Should we manually give credit in the description, or should a VIA field be officially added?
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February 22

"Write a better weblog" article

Surprised this hasn't surfaced here, but Dennis Mahoney has written a "Write A Better Weblog" article. He makes some good points, some of which many (myself included) MeFi'ers could stand a lesson in. And, you've gotta love the great Hemingway quote.
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Is suicidegirls the first porn textad ever on MetaFilter?

Is suicidegirls the first porn textad ever on MetaFilter? It is certainly good to see such a liberal editorial attitude being displayed. Money does not corrupt. I wonder what their click through rate is, with the promise of naked girls and all? BTW I only clicked on it because I'm interested in goths and punks, and wanted to read their blog...obviously.
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why was this post deleted?

For the sake of review, and so that we may all learn from the past in hopes of making a better future, why was this post deleted?
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MeFi Chat

What do people think about creating some kind of Metafilter chat forum? It's been suggested by at least one other person, and might be just what Metafilter needs right now. Mefi long ago grew into a community with its own in-jokes, celebrities and infamous posters; in lieu of a chat forum in which to have casual discussions, a lot of the 'off-topic' stuff has spilled over into Mefi and MeTa, arguably decreasing the quality of many threads.
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The return of a member and what happens next

at the emailed advice of a fellow mefier, i need to say something to all of you. no, this isn't a stunt for attention, or yet another thread to stir it with a stick...he tells me that my entry back into mefi has been rude, and he questioned why i did it the way I did. when I told him, he said i should tell the rest of you . more inside...
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February 21

MeFi -> Wired

What's the deal with Wired? And now it looks like they are using MetaFilter as a source for stories. Note the dates in the following examples:
1(MeFi, Wired), 2(MeFi, Wired), and 3(MeFi, Wired). In example 3, they even link
to the same government pdf document. Or maybe they're just following tpoh.org around.
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web design tool

I couldn't find a link to this anywhere, and I think it's a great tool, if, like me, you are crap at web design (in the limited sense of making all the pretty colours harmonize) but still like to fiddle around a bit with it. Hope you find it useful.
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Neale's MSBlog review is a gag, right?

Neale's MSBlog review is a gag, right?
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What's with shit weasel?

What's with shit weasel?
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Maybe there should be a limit on MetaTalk posts.

Suggestion: Limit users to one MetaTalk front-page post per week.
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Comment bug

Front page: Take a Virtual Hajj Tour (via beliefnet)...
posted by adnanbwp at 8:42 AM PST - 4 comments

Inside: Take a Virtual Hajj Tour (via beliefnet)...
posted by adnanbwp at 8:42 AM PST (3 comments total)

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MoneyFilter for MetaFilter

MoFi4MeFi (MoneyFilter for MetaFilter): Last September, Matt asked the following: What if I killed [MeFi] sometime in the future, and brought it back, but you had to pay a small membership fee or some other 'high' barrier to entry? That'd keep the crowd small, manageable, and only those that really cared to discuss things would contribute. Would that make things better? Worse?

The discussion that followed did not necessarily address the question (a few positively responded to a subscriber-based MeFi). Maybe, this idea needs to be reviewed again. [more inside]
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Can we just ban people for being stupid?

Can we just ban people for being stupid?
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My br0wz0r is 0wnz0r3d

My br0wz0r is 0wnz0r3d. I can access Metafilter & Metatalk but nothing else. No yahoo, no google, etc. etc. etc., none of the links.
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February 20

Any update on the Ticket Stub project?

The Ticket Stub Project still looks like an excellent idea. Apart from the personal stories who wouldn't enjoy, for instance, capsule reviews written by fellow MeFis of concerts, plays, sports events, etc? Is there any chance of it taking off soon? Would each "ticket stub" capsule stand on its own or would there be comments and queries allowed? Is anybody else intrigued by this project?
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thread closed but I NEED to comment!

Okay, so the comments got closed on the teen log generator. But I just couldn't... [more]
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Too many links in post

How many links does a front page post have before they become irritating?
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February 19

how many people actively participate in MetaTalk?

All this recent navel gazing has me wondering--is there any way to see how many people actively participate in MetaTalk? An informal count of the front page posts just now puts it at about a 1/3 who may not even know there's all this discourse going on behind the scenes (based purely on if they have posted any comments or links, they may be lurking). No ponies needed, mathowie! Just curious if any of the MeFi Coder Brigade has come up with anything to generate that sort of info. Thanks!
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Come with me and take on the Mefi burden.

The Kafster's comment got me thinking. Anyone want to join me in refraining from posting anything "hot button" or anything so far left or right that all it will get is a bunch of flames? Come with me and take on the Mefi burden.
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February 18

Jose Saramago joins Metafilter

An appeal: "I've stopped posting to the front page" is increasingly said by our most experienced and respected posters, sometimes with an absurd sense of pride. Various reasons are given - usually to do with some decline in standards or overcrowding.

What would happen, though, if everyone stopped posting links? What would be left? Surely quality can't be promoted by inactivity. It's easy to criticize and go on about how MetaFilter is going downhill. So why don't critics lead by example? Would it kill them to post good links a little more often? This would probably be the best way to quickly raise the standard here and restore the "glory days". As it is, not to be rude or anything, it looks more and more like a "put up or shut up" situation.
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February 17

What happened to the reading discussion?

What happened to the reading discussion? I signed up at Yahoo, read the Tax Inspector, and never heard a thing?
Is there s discussion going on somewhere?
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bunnyfire says goodbye

May I have a moment of your time/
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Random weblog homepages

Eureka! A couple of weeks ago in this thread I pleaded for some help in setting up my browser so that it would load a random website each time I started it up. Now that I've cracked it, I thought I'd share the link with you as a thank you to all those who pitched in ... it loads mostly weblogs completely at random ...
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Sent to the top of the page

How come, when I click on a link to a specific comment in a MetaTalk or MetaFilter post or comment--like evanizer's in the polarization discussion linking two specific comments in the Compassionate Conservatism Anyone? thread--I get sent to the top of the thread each time? The same happens when looking at comments in user profiles--is this on my end or is this something that happens to everyone now?
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I/P: look, we are behaving

I think it would be nice if today's Palestine/Israel thread didn't vanish (as per mathowie's recent MeTa post, stating that he is going to delete them all until further notice), at least not before the name-calling starts. The post itself is a bit of a bait, but so far the responses have been well-thought-out, even-handed, and intelligent.
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February 16

yep. i'm still working on that mefi amp skin...

yep. i'm still working on that mefi amp skin...
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what about a footnote button?

What about a footnote button? [more inside]
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Checking for responses efficiently

Is there some easy/efficient way to check for replies to your posts (e.g. your nick mentioned in a new post), so that you don't have to look at each individual thread you've posted to, checking for respsonses? (more inside)
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LA meetup?

Has there ever/will there ever be a Los Angeles MeFi gathering? I did a search but all I found was this. Did anything happen there? Is there another thread about this I'm missing? I've been seeing the posts about the NY gathering and I'm jealous.
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everything is italics

everything is italics (except for links), both on the front page and in here. or is it just me?
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Name Calling Callout

Here's a thought: name calling and the polarizing that follows as everyone is either in one group or the other leads to pointless shouting matches. Is this a debate tactic? Make a slice down the middle, split everyone in half and let them fight it out?
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February 15

Obitfilters only for . . and .

I didn't want to derail the Kevin Smith obit thread from where ever it might be going so... [more inside]
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Editorial personality in profiles

What about somehow allowing members to choose their most and least favorite front page posts in profile page as a way to add some metafilter-specific editorial personality to each profile page?
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What's the gender breakdown on MeFi?

The large penis thread got me thinking -- along with going bowling with nine guys during MeFiSea -- what's the gender breakdown on MeFi, for those that have a stated gender?
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Matt Haughey arrested!

Matt Haughey arrested!
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Being John Malkovich

A Metafilter option to sort posts/threads by a given Member's contributions (as that Member can by "My comments") Sort of like Being John Malkovich.
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Busted statistics

the stats are broken.
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Supposed Taliban BMP getting blown up by US forces thread

A few months ago there was a thread which discussed the famous hoax image of a supposed Taliban BMP getting blown up by US forces. Someone who should really know better just sent me this photo, essentially saying Go USA!, and I'm trying to find that thread to gently explain that it's untrue. I've tried a bunch of searches and couldn't find it. Does anyone remember the thread or have any information on the image?
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February 14

After deletion, still waiting 24 hours?

If a post is pulled because it is deemed inappropriate(I assume mine went because the subject matter was too close to one you don't wish discussed) are we still subject to the 24-hour rule? Just wondering.....
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The cupid thing is just evil...

The cupid thing is just evil...
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Problem with Preview

Preview is badly broken, at least under IE 5.1 on Mac OS X. Details inside.
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February 13

Metafilter or Metatalk

Which is better?
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Deletion of Comcast FPP?

A FPP was posted today, regarding Comcast, but seems to have been 'disappeared.' Anybody know why? [my first post to MetaTalk, and I can't seem to find a tool for embedding a link, so here it is:]
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It's double-post day here at Metafilter.

It's double-post day here at Metafilter.

And those posts which are new have turned into very nasty places to visit.
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Hit post then... nothing

I wrote my post, hit preview, and nothing showed up. So, stupidly, I hit post, resulting in the world's most terse front-page post.
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Adding attribution to quotations

In my dotage, I sometimes find it difficult to identify italicized quotes in longish threads, specially when they're short and there are a lot of comments between the excerpted comment and the rejoinder. So I do a lot of scrolling up and down looking for the original comment. Would it be too much, just for time-saving purposes, to ask ourselves to add a quick attribution to our quotations, when they're difficult to locate?[ Here's an example from the Pazz and Jop thread, where eyeballkid's recent excerpt of a post by almostcool was not easy to find.]
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February 12

Let's take Olympics posts to sportsfilter.com

I've been tempted lately to request that people 'take it to sportsfilter.com' with the olympic posts. Since sportsfilter is a spawn of metafilter...it seems like doing so would help Both, but i'm not sure. It just seems like an excellent opportunity to reduce the number of posts here while helping build up sportsfilter.
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Metafilter poster gets cranky

Sometimes, if it's late enough, even the best amongst us gets cranky -- while I would never suggest emoticons outright, some kind of 'poster mood indicator' might smooth out a lot of misunderstandings and help MeFi in it's scale up problems.
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February 11

font and indenting fubar

Oh no, bad things. Fonts and indenting are FUBAR.
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Terrorist threat alerts do not make good posts.

I think this thread is a prime example of the kind of things not to post to MeFi...
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Does one get notified before one is banned from posting from mefi? a friend is wondering.

does one get notified before one is banned from posting from mefi? a friend is wondering.
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Google Appliance

The Google Appliance is an interesting move on the part of Google. Don't know how much it costs but it would be nice if they were to offer it for smaller sites.
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Critical IP Sucks

Google bombing at it's finest. Matt's Critical IP Sucks page has officially overtaken search result numero uno, directly preceeding the official Critical IP site.
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February 10

Regrets on posting by proxy

Someone sent me an email saying he hadn't any posting privileges and wanted to add his comment to a thread I'd started. I posted it by proxy. I now have severe misgivings, expressed in that thread, reacting to mr_crash_davis's objection. What should I have done? The comment, by Thom Carlson, was intelligent and cogent and did provoke some lively responses. He's now sent me a second email, backing up his first comment.
I remember rebeccablood's thread about posting a link for someone and how most people felt it wasn't OK to do so. What about a single comment? Do the same principles apply? Please advise as I'm at a loss...
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Mefi themed winamp skin requested

Last night I was wandering around DeviantArt
downloading a few Winamp skins, when I realized that noone had ever made
a MeFi themed Winamp skin. With all the programmers and graphic designers
among the MeFaithful, I woulda thought someone would've thrown something
together. I'd do it myself, if my complete lack of artistic talent wasn't
an issue. so who'll rise to the occasion?

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Comments in posting history not in order

Miguel's comment got me to check my posting history (it's an ugly thing to do, I don't recommend it). Anyway, I found that the comments I posted aren't in any kind of order. (more inside)
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the best times at MetaFilter?

For newer members, including myself, what were the best times at MetaFilter? Any ‘I remember the good old days’ thoughts that you would like to share? Can we learn anything from this past? Is there any advise that the old guard would like to offer up to us rookies, by way of assuring that this community continues to thrive? We are listening, well I am anyway.
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February 9

How can I add other links in the post?

My first post here on Metalk so please excuse me if this is (has been) covered elsewhere. While I understand how to make a "basic" post, how can I add other links in the post (within the description text). I have no idea. Any help?
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Google News Headlines gives thanks to Jason Kottke

Has anyone noticed that Google News Headlines gives thanks to Jason Kottke? (Scroll to the bottom of the page.)
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bowling at sunset bowl this Sunday

MeFiSea -- Bowling at Sunset Bowl in Ballard this Sunday 7:30 pm. We're not great bowlers and we don't just talk about the inTARnet.
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February 8

The December 2001 archive has a bad link to the DWW Aids Page

The December 2001 archive has a bad link to the DWW Aids Page - it points to 2000, not 2001. Could someone fix it?
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Where do I put this to discuss it?

I would like to talk about the opening ceremonies of the Salt Lake City Olympic Games. Is it more appropriate on MetaFilter or MetaTalk, or not?
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No hotlinking to images, please.

funny. i get snarked at for hotlinking an image, but i don't see any snarking for just plain cut and pasting content.

maybe i'm just not looking hard enough, but i don't see a difference.
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Don't Go Nuts

Yes, I know I have gone nuts on the Ronald Reagan thread. No I did not mean to. Yes I am calling myself out. Yes I have gone up on my meds. Yes the thread is too chatty. If Matt wants to pull the thread, he may.
You got a problem with that?
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Help Me Find Defense Spending Thread

Help a guy out. I'm looking for a link to a website that was posted here a few months ago. It was a flash animation about what America could do as a country if it reduced its defense spending by 5%. I've searched and just can't seem to find the original thread. Can anyone help? Please?
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How big is MetaFilter?

How big is MetaFilter? There's a description of the server on the about page, but I'm interested in how much disk space the site consumes, and how big the DB is. (more inside)
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Server busy or unable to fulfill request

Request canceled or ignored by serverServer busy or unable to fulfill request.

I'm getting a lot of these today. Is it my ISP or something else? Anybody else?
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LPP wall of shame

Yo! Matt and other interested parties... I've noticed a lot of deleted FPP posts lately. Ever thought of saving some of them on their own page (with comment function disabled) so people can see real-world examples of what not to post, or where people who like that stuff can take a look?
Think of em as LPP's - last page posts.
This is a stupid idea, isn't it... where's my coffee?
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Give the gaddamned snide comments a break!

Give the gaddamned snide comments a break. It's a flippin' discussion and some tend to add anecdotals. Yes! That is what some people do. To add to DISCUSSION. Would you be like this during a conversation at the pub? To hell with being personable!
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February 7

Selling MetaFilter

I was just reading the "About MeFi" page and was struck by the quote "If you'd like to partner with MetaFilter, license the code, buy it outright, or hire me to build a similar site, email me and we can discuss terms." Would you really sell your baby, Matt? And at what cost/under which circumstances? Would all the old-school MeFi'ers be pissed? Just curious.
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Cliques in MeFi

I've been reading everyone's MeTa post's about "What's wrong with MeFi," and thinking on it had for awhile. I've decided that it's not right vs. left, old-timer vs. newbie, or even dumb wacky-news items or pancakes.
Basically, as the community has grown larger, everyone's broken off into little cliques. Now there's nothing intrinsically wrong with that, birds of a feather and all; however, back in high school I used to love introducing mebers of the various cliques to eachother and(somtimes) watching the cultural exchange(for lack of a better term) that happened when they realized the other clique was cool, too. Unfortunately, most of the time the cliques just snarked at eachother.
In my early days at MeFi, the various subgroups resisted this temptation, but not lately. Hopefully we can turn back the clock.
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Why was my post about someone having sex with a goat deleted?

Why is a post about someone having sex with a goat not worthy of discussion. The story had everything - intrigue, surpise, excitement, passion, shock, and much more. I know why it was delete - because mat thought it was 'sophmoric' to post something like that - well I didn't post it in a sophmoric manner, I posted it because it is a very interesting story. I have never heard of anything like it in my life. It makes me wonder whether you even bother to read past the headline before cracking the sensorship whip.
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pancake posts mostly deleted; but I want the one with the bunny

I was just running a search on the word "pancake" (stop glaring at me, I was looking for the URL for the bunny!), and the first hit at the top of the list was the complete "Schizophrenics make the best web sites" front-page post. In fact, half the posts it pulled up are threads that have been yanked.

Including the one with the little bunny. So I still the URL to that too, plz, if anyone remembers it. Please, no kittens.
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"poof" unexpected, explanation demanded

What was the problem with the post about the soccer player giving the finger up? I was really surprised to see that one go "poof." It wasn't high art, but it didn't seem like it was out of line.
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Making fun of the mentally ill.

Making fun of the mentally ill.What's the craziest you can be and still be funny? Catatonic? Help me out here, I have such a tin ear for this stuff.
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Links that inspire little or no discussion.

Links that inspire little or no discussion. I don't generally play MeFi cop, and this is by no means the worst link I've ever seen, but it really doesn't generate any level of discussion, and frankly invites snarky attempts at wit. What should be foremost in a poster's mind: "Wow factor" or "Hey, I bet folks will want to talk about this"?
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I know you are but what am I. (liberal)

You know things have changed on MetaFilter when aaron gets accused of being liberal!
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moonlighting mefites

Everywhere I look on the Internet I find my fellow Metafilterians moonlighting somewhere. Just today I came across a very interesting web site called Cafoon/Erotica Rules, where the very latest contributions come from poster heroes such as owillis and feelinglistless.

Forget SportsFilter and Plastic.com(where the great holgate is in finest form). Come clean now! What are the Metafilterians' secret haunts? And are there any steadfast, exclusivist, MetaFilter-only loyalists left? [I, a minor traitor, confess to lurking very discretely on filepile, Kuro5hin, fark and a certain red cricket where Crazy Uncle Joepontificates - but that is all...]
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February 6

New comments indicators more indicative

I fixed the long standing new comments bug on MetaTalk, so the new comments indicators should be more reliable and not "disappear" on you when you refresh the main page.
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Top Web Personalities

Matt Haughey : Lucky 7 on Shift's "Top 25 Web Personalities". Via Fark. We're not worthy!
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A very nice article about MetaFilter is up on the CSMonitor site.

A very nice article about MetaFilter is up on the CSMonitor site.

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Improved title element

If you have the poster's name when printing the TITLE element on a post's detail page, it'd be nice to have the window title be e.g. "MetaFilter | Comments on ParisParamus's post" instead of "MetaFilter | Comments on 14703". It'd let the browser's history list be more useful...

(Although of course you'd have to implement a sophisticated possessive-forming engine to avoid "s's" as in my bad example...)
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Think of the potential power of MetaFilter

Willnot's pledge drive idea below got me thinking. Think of the potential power of MetaFilter (more >>)
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February 5

So how about a Pledge Drive?

So how about a Pledge Drive? My local NPR station is begging for money again, and I was thinking - you know I'd rather give my $1/day (why that's not even enough for coffee) to MeFi. Currently the donation kitty is at $3,597. I bet we can get that up to $4,500 in no time. What do you say?
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Comment Count Mismatch

Front page lists more comments than are actually in the thread. As of this writing there are 13 comments, according to the front page, but the inside page only shows eight.
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pancakes are no longer funny

oh stop it with the pancakes already.
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unicom followup

A while ago, chipr's fight to save his domain -- Unicom.com -- was linked to on the sidebar. Slashdot is now reporting that the judge on his case has decided in his favor. (Congrats, chip!)
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Here is an article from John Dvorak from PC Magazine about blogging.

Here is an article from John Dvorak from PC Magazine about blogging.
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February 4

Has the newly revamped WSJ online adopted the Metafilter post and comment process?

The newly revamped WSJ Online devotes much more individualized space for each of their columnists, including a detailed "About" biography, a "Personal Comment" space for each columnist, a "Recent Columns" section, a "Readers Response" section and weekly hosted "Online Debates". Said differently, it seems the online articles and commentaries are being treated by these journalists and their readers more like the Metafilterian post and comment process. Was the relaunch in part inspired by this place and others like it, and is this what professional news organizations now aspire to ? Maybe I'm just imagining things.
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Time magazine columnist gets weblog.

oh, goodness, now even my mother will know about weblogging. Time magazine columnist gets weblog.
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What would you who want a buffyfilter want? (I've got the url, a hosting provider and matt's permission...) i want to write it in perl/mysql, because i think that that would be fun. i have some ideas, but they are in my head.

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Personally, I like news links.

It has been discussed. But can we do anything about it?
Personally, I like news links. And I'm guilty of linking CNN. But this is too much. I prefer slightly more obscure news sources when visiting MeFi.
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February 3

Superbowl Spoilers

A plea from those of us in other countries - could you guys not give away the Superbowl results in a FPP next year?
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About TextAds

I looked on the about page, the front page, and elsewhere, but could not find a single link to the adwords page. Big barrier to entry that.
Also, would it be possible to use the adwords on other sites by including a piece of code, etc?
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Couple of obscure browser bugs

couple of obscure browser bugs
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MeFiSea -- Bowling

MeFiSea -- Bowling, Sunset Bowl, February 10th. If last time is any indication, we are all of varying skill levels, so don't let lack of bowling know-how keep you away. What time works for everyone?
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February 2

E-Z Trolling: What are the rules?

E-Z Trolling: What are the rules? [Nothing else inside, fuckwits!]
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freerepublic is watching

Oh jesus, god, no. The worst has happened.
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Is MetaFilter/MetaTalk's blue/gray color scheme an allusion to the Civil War?

Is MetaFilter/MetaTalk's much-beloved blue/gray color scheme a subtle allusion to the Civil War?
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Remixing the pancake batter

How to fix what's wrong with MetaFilter
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February 1

Deleted but still on front page

This thread still appears on the front page (after several refreshes), but clicking on the comments gives you the standard "Nothing to see here" thread deletion page.
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Delay of allowing comments pony?

Stop me if you've heard this one before...

A lot of angst/anxiety/breast-beating/whining/etc. has been made over the apparent knee-jerk quality of the responses to FPPs. People rush to get that first (usually obvious, especially if obvious) witty/snarky comment in, often resulting in thread hijack. This can happen within seconds of the original post, making the likelyhood that the commentor has actually looked at/read the FPP's link(s) highly questionable. Perhaps this could be remedied by instituting a "No Comment Period"? A delay of say an hour or so before anyone was allowed to post a comment, during which time people who were interested could read the links and assemble their responses/comments. (More inside)
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Manila Meetup

Sorry for this super last minute invitation, but: if you live in or are visiting Manila and have a blog or journal, a bunch of us (most of whom are MetaFilterians) are getting together for lunch tomorrow -- February 2, 11:30 a.m. at Press Cafe (inside Page One bookstore) at the Power Plant Mall in Rockwell, Makati.
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mefi channels?

Is this an old idea? Make a series of littler mefis, maybe mefi channels, run by Matt-designated hosts.
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