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February 28

Do women even *read* MetaFilter?

Do MeFites like each other? I've noticed that a lot of MetaTalk threads are MeFites butting heads. Are there any MeFites who actually enjoy each other's company? [more inside]
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jRun returns.

jRun or the Return of Daughter of jRun? jRun III: no one gets out alive? [more inside]
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February 27


How frequent are MeFi meetups in NYC? I'd kinda like to go to one, and see that I just missed a recent one in Brooklyn.
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You'll never answer this!!1!

Here is a great question that didn't get resolved because it wasn't the right answer the questioner wanted.
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Consider a therapist

Is there, has there ever been, or could there be, a Metafiler physician directory? [more inside]
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This one goes out to Stormin' Norman... and 311

Reading the recent story of Norman Van Lier's death reminded me of the "Dead neighbor, or overactive imagination?" AskMe thread from over the holidays. [more inside]
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Atlanta, GA meetup

Atlanta, GA meetup [more inside]
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February 26

The First Annual MetaFilter Interactive Fiction Contest

Announcing the first ever MetaFilter Interactive Fiction Contest, March 1st-31st. During the month of March all MeFites are encouraged to try to write an interactive fiction game or play games submitted by fellow MeFites. If you want to vote on the games or you want to submit a story, please visit the contest website and register. [more inside]
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Aggregate the alcohol advice, please. Thank you?

Which is the best thread/comment related to depression alcoholism on AskMe? [more inside]
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Vacapinta's awesome post about Ko Un

Vacapinta did a wonderful post this week. You should check it out.
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Any Mefites in/around K-Town?

Any Mefites in/around K-Town? [more inside]
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People need to chill out on this AskMe Poster

People need to chill out on the poster of this AskMe Question [more inside]
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You got your MeTa in my Projects!

Weird. Metatalk threads can be loaded with podcast URLS. [more inside]
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Bocomo, we'll get there fast and then we'll take it slow...

Any mefites coming to Columbia, MO for the True/False film festival?
I'm probably not going to any events (I'll be working a lot, natch), but I live here and would love to have a meetup.
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Safari 4...everything but content

Running Safari 4 (beta i know) the blue will load everything except the page content. Loads banner, side bar. but no page content. If i hit reload it loads up. Anyone else having this problem? [more inside]
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February 25

Is there a MeFi distinguished service cross?

Can the you guys put some at least put some oak leaf clusters or something on You's profile page - for this? [more inside]
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How do I get last.fm tracks to show up on my profile?

What's the secret to getting last.fm played tracks to show up on my profile? [more inside]
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I <3 nineRED...

I just wanted to say that nineRED is awesome! [more inside]
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Have you considered making Metafilter available for the Kindle?

Have you considered making Metafilter available for the Kindle?
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What all the cabal kids would be wearing these days, if they could.

It's been almost a year since this was last brought up. Can we has new t-shirts? [more inside]
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What's MetaFilter worth?

What's MetaFilter worth? [more inside]
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February 24

Can we revive older Askme posts?

What is the policy on reviving or revisiting (with changes) older Askme threads that lack a clear resolution? [more inside]
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Does that make Woody Guthrie an honorary MeFite?

Smithsonian Folkways pops by the blue to say hello... [more inside]
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"they are risking their careers and their liberty"

FPP Update: The police officers who murdered Kathryn Johnston are going to prison with no chance of parole. [FPP]
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Spoiler tag?

Pony: A spoiler tag. [more inside]
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Thanks a lot, Tower of Babel

I'm working on a post in which I'd like to use a certain article that provides useful and interesting background information, information I can't find anywhere else. Unfortunately this article is a PDF file... and in Spanish. [more inside]
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Where did it go? Oh, there it is.

Text display issues in MetaTalk (and MetaTalk only) after upgrading to Safari 4 beta. (Leopard) [more inside]
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Sita Sings

Sita Sings the Blues, the animated Ramayana by MeFi's own Nina Paley, is finally going to air on TV on March 7th on PBS (WNET) in New York. [Via]
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What is with all people on MetaFilter marrying/dating people that don't bath?

What is with all people on MetaFilter marrying/dating people that don't bath? [1] [2] [3] [4] [more inside]
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Short fuse meetup?

Salt Lake City Meetup? [more inside]
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The long delayed, frequently threatened Hampton Roads (VA) Bonfire is on for 3/13. [more inside]
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wha wha penis

In light of Recent Events, I'd like to come clean. 90% of my mefi posts are ripped directly from SensibleErection. I hope you'll forgive me in light of my pre-emptive fear-driven honesty.
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February 23

I'm disgusted and repulsed and... and I can't look away

This AskMeFi post on what to do with your extracted teeth is completely bizarre - and noteworthy?
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Welche Soße bitte?

The Döner inventor is alive and well. [more inside]
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No Hulu

Can we avoid single link posts to videos available only in one country/continent. [more inside]
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Wha Wha Wibble

Optamystic's comment of February 20th. [more inside]
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Make it stop!

A while ago I fell for that link (maybe an April fools daylink?) that makes the color of the MF screen change VERY slowly. It is driving me insane, and I can't find the link to make it stop! Help me please!
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Slate piles on the green fanwagon

The mainstream love for the green continues at Slate.
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February 22

pre tag display issues

Thank you for making <pre> tags work predictably and consistently between live preview, full preview, and posting. However.. [more inside]
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February 21

Mod ahoy.

Repony Filter: Can we flag or otherwise make obvious posts by our benevolent mods? [more inside]
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They shoot ponies, don't they?

Meetup thread unpony? [more inside]
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February 20

rumors! innuendo!

Sorry for the millionth metatalk post today, but shouldn't we delete this FPP? [more inside]
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Mom is waiting by the phone, hoping you'll call.

Is everyone on this site an orphan? [more inside]
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MEETUP IN SHEBOYGAN to find a flash game!

Looking for some Friday Flash Fun with the vaguest of details... [more inside]
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Broken link patrol

James Joyce's dirty letters were discussed a long time ago... [more inside]
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Please remove the hook from your lip before attempting to answer.

Does this AskMe post seem fishy to you? [more inside]
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Ÿütüb Ïnlïnë

Why doesn't the "display Youtube videos inline" setting affect MeTa? [more inside]
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February 19

Last-minute meetup in Boston

Impromptu meetup in Boston tomorrow (Friday) night to welcome an old friend... [more inside]
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AskMe category pages don't list any questions.

AskMe category pages aren't listing any questions for me. [more inside]
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February 18

Pa, be happy that wasn't WHITE powder!

BUSTED! A follow up! My father found out what the mysterious substance was, but I didn't tell him... [more inside]
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this new rule is not my favorite

"You hit your favorite limit for the day." WTF? Can someone please tell me why we have a limit, what the limit is, and why the hell it's not in the FAQ? [more inside]
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Keying her car?! What-the-what-what?

Juvenile-RetaliationFilter: I'm amazed at some of the advice to retaliate in this thread, which would seem to endorse escalating the conflict rather than trying to find a workable solution. Especially alarming are suggestions of interfering with or causing the dogs discomfort in order to exact revenge on their owner (which this poster rightly objects to). Perhaps these are in jest, but the OP seems to take the suggestion to key her car seriously. [more inside]
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February 17

MeFi, meet T-Mobile. T-Mobile, MeFi.

Apparently MetaFilter and my cellular internet connection aren't playing nice with each other. Is it me or is it MeFi? [more inside]
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Sic Semper Opiners

In a comment I posted here on January 16th, I asserted that Ted Rall got Tim Kreider nixed from a discussion panel. That was incorrect. [more inside]
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I'm assuming this got lost in the Great Server Disaster of 2009, but is the Infodump ever coming back?
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Best of the Web

Metafilter is one of Time's top blogs of 2009.
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"V" is for "Valiant"

Thank you to all those who have sent kind words to us - they really do help us stay tough. And thanks as a whole to the MeFi community, which has kept me entertained, interested and mentally functioning the past weeks as I lurked, learning new things and following the drama. Vivienne passed away in her sleep last night - I guess she was waiting to make one final point.
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February 16

anti-vaccinations VS death to your children

Please stop screaming that my children will die. [more inside]
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February 14

Maybe we'll run into Jonatham Lethem.

NYC meet-up. Brooklyn represent. [more inside]
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How will we validate each other's existences without favorites?

Clicking the plus sign to favorite a comment sends me to the top of the page and doesn't add the favorite. [more inside]
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Don't do it Hermitosis

Metafilter is flirting with disaster. Just in case.
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February 13

Amazon links gone wild.

Amazon referrals need some fixing. [more inside]
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Microsoft, LOL, OMG

This is so not even close to best of the web it's embarrassing. Microsoft, LOL, we get it.
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This post was deleted for the following reason: blank

When I load the front page, I can't see all these posts here. Greasemonkey is listing them as deleted, yet I can comment in them.Furthermore, it seems to be random, since some newer FPPs are visible.
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Open All Nite!

Mass deletions? 79140, 79144, 79147 and 79149 are all showing as having been deleted but none of them are closed for comments or given a reason for closure. Is my Greasemonkey broken or is your Blue broken?
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Sorry if it's just something on my end, but I am having trouble loading the site. About a third of the time, it won't load at all (ask, meta, and mefi itself). And I just reloaded a thread and got this.
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He knows about the dwarf in the box.

Eisenkr is a lovely person who helped my Turk problem. [more inside]
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February 12

It ain't me

This thread achieves orbit. That is all.
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1234567890 salute

1234567890 observation in Denver, 2/13 starting 4:00pm at The Broker [more inside]
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Should this really have gone through?

This makes me very uncomfortable. [more inside]
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What are taters doing in AskMe

Ok, what's the deal with the term "tater"? (NSFW) [more inside]
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February 11

flapjax at boing boing

flapjax at midnight is featured on Boing Boing for his new album, Roomful of Ghosts, which has a blog too. Yay for an awesome MeFite!
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why you are deleting

Message : my friend show me, i show metafilter. why no?
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Craigslist can only take me so far...

I was hoping you could help me find a specific recent Job / Career Search MeFi question. One of the answers was a list of several job search sites. [more inside]
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“Ads? in *my* feed?” / It's more likely than you think.

Advertisements in the RSS feed? Given that Matt has written before about his disdain for this bullshit, what gives?
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Big thanks to a helpful MeFi-ite

Big ups to DarlingBri who struggled through our phone tree and stepped in to give me some much needed advice and context about ECommerce. [more inside]
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February 10

Austin 2009

New Year, New Administration, New Austin Meetup? [more inside]
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Attention RI Mefites!

Hudson Street Market in Providence is closing some time next week! [more inside]
posted by SheMulp AKA Plus 1 to MetaFilter Gatherings at 12:23 PM PST - 11 comments

Prison Rape

Another goddamn prison rape thread. [more inside]
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February 9

Pony: Bigger text-entry boxes?

Pony: Can we please get bigger text-entry boxes? [more inside]
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Minor display error with IE 6 & 7

The stripy background at the top of the page is broken with IE. But what isn't, amirite? [more inside]
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Son Or Shamefully Electrified Corpse of Son of MetaFilter Mini Meet Up Now With Live Vintage Blues at the Marco Polo in Georgetown

Well, after a hiatus of some months, on Saturday, February 28th, at 8 PM, the Phantoms of Soul return to the Marco Polo Saloon in beautiful downtown Georgetown, as in Seattle. And, as once proposed and well linked, and well and Tube attended, here and here, I renew the proposal that we meet up there and then and yak and drink and eat and laugh and so on. Maybe even dance to the Mardis Gras Mambo. [more inside]
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Does MeFi have a privacy policy?

Why doesn't Metafilter have a privacy policy? [more inside]
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February 8


My hat is forever off to Nanojath for his amazing answer to my now-resolved question from December. Beyond the shadow of a doubt, you are the king of google-fu. [more inside]
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Requesting a recount

The vote counts seem to be off on the Mefi Projects Archive page.
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A Welsh meetup

New in town. Any mefites around Bangor, UK? [more inside]
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February 7

MeFi Eve Corp?

Is there a Metafilter Eve corporation? Should there be one? [more inside]
posted by empath to MetaFilter Gatherings at 9:02 PM PST - 97 comments

To kill a mocking turd

Death to Strawberryviagra... [more inside]
posted by strawberryviagra to MetaFilter-Related at 6:22 PM PST - 12 comments [closed]

eyecandy in MefiMail

oooh eye candy! [more inside]
posted by mwhybark to MetaFilter-Related at 3:19 PM PST - 27 comments

Auto-removal of the 'stumped' tag

Could we set things up so tagging an AskMe post as 'resolved' automatically removes the 'stumped' tag?
posted by the latin mouse to Feature Requests at 3:08 PM PST - 24 comments

Feeds problem

Since the "troubles" all of my MeFi feeds have been messed up - posts are being identified in several different feeds etc. Is the best course of action to wait for things to correct themselves as the deployment wrinkles get worked out or delete the old feed addresses and re-add now that the new servers are deployed?
posted by mikel to Bugs at 8:28 AM PST - 16 comments

February 6

What does the metafilter server look like?

Tanks for the new server. Can we see a picture of it? [more inside]
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February 5


Recent twitters page isn't working. It's blank for me, anyway.
posted by ocherdraco to Bugs at 10:19 PM PST - 16 comments


Massive slowness throughout mefi. [more inside]
posted by Netzapper to Bugs at 3:15 PM PST - 65 comments

Music.Metafilter access problems

Getting "403 Forbidden" errors for some music.metafilter tracks. [more inside]
posted by potch to Bugs at 2:42 PM PST - 20 comments

you're gonna love my blockquotes

I would like a small formatting pony. [more inside]
posted by boo_radley to Feature Requests at 1:12 PM PST - 67 comments

Quoting capabilities for MeFi mail?

Quoting capabilities for MeFi mail? Yeah, I know, it's not meant to be a full-fledged mail client, but it's annoying when someone responds to something you said and you have to go back to your sent folder to remember what the heck it was.
posted by desjardins to Feature Requests at 12:50 PM PST - 27 comments

Your tags are bad and you should feel bad

What to do about crap tags? [more inside]
posted by carsonb to Etiquette/Policy at 12:20 PM PST - 45 comments

Amsterdam Meetup

Amsterdam - let's hang! [more inside]
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February 4

"Was the post on Ask Metafilter about ME???"

Busted by AskMe: have you ever posted a question about a relationship to AskMe, only to have the person you were writing about discover the post and call you out on it? [more inside]
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February 3

Michigan Meetup?

There must be a decent population of Michigander MeFites.. [more inside]
posted by waxlight to MetaFilter Gatherings at 7:26 PM PST - 71 comments

Help me give more helpful answers on AskMefi

How can I answer Mefi questions more helpfully? [more inside]
posted by giggleknickers to Etiquette/Policy at 3:54 PM PST - 150 comments

Miami-So. Fla meetup?

Miami- South Florida meet up? [more inside]
posted by boyinmiami to MetaFilter Gatherings at 3:06 PM PST - 5 comments

February 2

It's that new server smell everyone loves so much

The new server: you're soaking in it! We're on the new boxes now, post any bugs or weirdness you find here and we'll work on it as fast as we can.
posted by mathowie to Uptime at 11:13 PM PST - 208 comments

Metafilter Ad Appropriateness FAIL

"Metafilter Ad Appropriateness FAIL" [more inside]
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You know you want to meet up, baby!

Boston area MST-up, Feb. 21. [more inside]
posted by Horace Rumpole to MetaFilter Gatherings at 9:11 AM PST - 112 comments

February 1

Movin' on up...

Preparations are in order for the big move. [more inside]
posted by mathowie to Uptime at 8:50 PM PST - 156 comments [closed]

Mefi Meetup in Canada's Capital (MMCC?)

Ottawa meetup on the 20th of February, any takers? [more inside]
posted by Phire to MetaFilter Gatherings at 2:48 PM PST - 39 comments

2009-02-04 - Chicago meetup, once again: check it to wreck it, let's begin.

I serve at the pleasure of wfrgms: MonthlyMetaMichAveMeetup on February 4th, 6-ish, Billy Goat. That is all. [more inside]
posted by eamondaly to MetaFilter Gatherings at 9:22 AM PST - 16 comments

This is NOT cool.

This is poor advice, deceptive, and probably would backfire, to boot. [more inside]
posted by St. Alia of the Bunnies to Etiquette/Policy at 5:10 AM PST - 71 comments [closed]