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Time Zones

Time-zone custom settings don't work properly for AskMe or MeTa, you California-centric bastard.
posted by Civil_Disobedient on Sep 12, 2005 - 11 comments

Preview Bugs in Opera

As noted here, Opera has a bunch of bugs wtih the live preview (vs. safari or firefox.)
Of course MI
posted by filmgeek on Sep 8, 2005 - 11 comments

Search Error

The front page gives an "Unterminated String Constant" JavaScript error. I think it's something to do with the search box, but I don't really get it. The error's been around for months. IE6
posted by Mephistopheles on Aug 22, 2005 - 7 comments

Coldfusion error?

On my home computer I'm getting a coldfusion error when trying to access metafilter, on both firefox and IE (win98se, by the way). I've deleted cookies and cache and still no go. Please hope me!
posted by ashbury on Aug 19, 2005 - 7 comments

Is the feed broken?

XML feed error?
posted by jonson on Aug 17, 2005 - 5 comments

AskMe Timeout

Ask keeps timing out on me when I do searches for anything except "questions only". I get: "The request has exceeded the allowable time limit Tag: CFQUERY..." In case it's relevant, I'm searching for stars of the lid. I'm on Safari 2.0.
posted by dobbs on Aug 7, 2005 - 6 comments

RSS Feed Issues

The main Metafilter RSS feed is currently not well-formed XML, which is causing some odd displays in different feed readers. The feed validator says "invalid token", and my best guess is that it's the unescaped greater-than in this post's title.
posted by ubernostrum on Jul 26, 2005 - 3 comments

Bug in AskMe posting?

I tried to post a question in AskMe, but it wouldn't show up. When I tried to post again, it said: sorry, you already asked a question this week. Catch 22, or is there a delay in question posting that I'm not aware of?
posted by NekulturnY on Jul 15, 2005 - 304 comments

Blank comments, the new "."?

Blank comments, the new "."? (or a bug?)
posted by thedevildancedlightly on Jul 15, 2005 - 37 comments

Odd display bug

Odd display bug: Empty lines inserted in posts prior to posters' names. Earlier, The Jesse Helms post had roughly 20 empty lines. Now the post below it has about 10.
I'm on Firefox 1.0.4 for Mac
posted by klangklangston on Jul 13, 2005 - 3 comments

Minor issue with metafilter CSS.

Minor issue with metafilter CSS. I use Safari, and have defined a custom CSS file to handle some default styling. For whatever reason, this forces most--but not all--*.metafilter.com links to appear in the link color I've defined; the boilerplate links at the top and bottom appear in Matt's intended yellow. I think that by adding the typical a:link etc selectors to MeFi's CSS would do the trick. It's possible I've done something goofy in my own CSS, I suppose.

This is a problem at a handful of other sites, but I notice it most at MeFi, because the lack of contrast makes links almost unreadable.
posted by adamrice on Jul 8, 2005 - 10 comments

Can't see google maps for users in IE

Internet Explorer is giving me problems with opening up user pages for members. Looks like it's coming up ok then gives me a pop-up and aborts loading. Is this likely to be server end rather than mine?
posted by biffa on Jun 30, 2005 - 3 comments

Odd Safari bug - the nav in the green is grey

The nav in the green is grey.
posted by Robot Johnny on Jun 23, 2005 - 5 comments

Weird Google Ads

Do you need a liver or heart transplant? Do you have $175,000 cash on hand? Logout of MetaFilter (required), then go to this askMefi. Then tell me, how does Google know these things about Bangkok?
posted by orthogonality on Jun 22, 2005 - 8 comments

Element CNT is undefined in NEWASKLINKS

Bug >>> Element CNT is undefined in NEWASKLINKS.
posted by dirtynumbangelboy on Jun 19, 2005 - 8 comments

Are tags broken?

Are tags broken? I can not add tags to my last post.
posted by caddis on Jun 13, 2005 - 4 comments

Bugs in Music

Questions/comments about MetaFilter Music. I can't download anything...are the files being moved? Do people still send MP3s for it? Does anyone still use it? It looks so neglected...

Also, starkeffect's page has some errors on it.
posted by iconomy on Jun 10, 2005 - 11 comments

Link date error when posting to AskMe.

Variable LINK_DATE is undefined. [more]
posted by stavrosthewonderchicken on Jun 3, 2005 - 8 comments

Metafilter Server Performance

I for one am interested in any plans for possible future improvements to the uptime capabilities of the website "MetaFilter". I am eager to discuss these issues with the group as a whole!
posted by Pretty_Generic on Jun 1, 2005 - 58 comments

View my threads not working for anyone else?

View my threads not working for anyone else? Just on the Metafilter feed; AskMe and MeTa working fine. I keep getting a CFQUERY error & a timeout.
posted by Civil_Disobedient on May 15, 2005 - 4 comments

MeFi RSS Problem

Is there a problem with MetaFilter's main feed at the moment? No new posts have come up in my feed reader for over twelve hours. This is the first time it has happened for me too.
posted by sjvilla79 on May 15, 2005 - 3 comments

Spellcheck Bug

Malicious Insects: Starting today, as soon as I click Spell Check when posting a comment with Firefox (version 1.03 in Fedora Core 3) my browser immediately crashes. This didn't occur yesterday or previously in the same environment. Also, doesn't happen on my Windows XP machine with Firefox 1.03.

Now that I think about it since I'm on Fedora Core 3 instead of Windows or a Mac, I'll probably just have to live with it.
posted by melt away on May 14, 2005 - 13 comments

Preview breaks html character entities.

HTML entities, like Π or Σ get converted in the input area to the actual displayed characters after a preview.

So when the comment is posted, the displayed characters -- not the entities -- are actually submitted, and the submitted displayed characters are then converted to question marks in the posted comment.

The result is that a preview that looked fine turns into a comment that doesn't.

Also: using the
 tag (say to preserve original whitespace) results in double-spaced lines, taking up too much vertical space. Using the  tag prevents this, but whitespace is not preserved. Adding   appears to be a (n ugly and hard to edit) work-around, but while leading non-breaking spaces within  tags are retained in previews, they are stripped in the posted comment.

As a number of askMefi's ask for program code, and as even some FPPs may contain code fragments, this makes the code unreadable or even syntactically incorrect in languages than foolishly assign meaning to whitespace.

And it's a pure pain to spend the time to carefully add the whitespace and to Google the correct HTML entities for a post, only to see them stripped out.

(Browser: Firefox 1.0.3)

posted by orthogonality on Apr 27, 2005 - 70 comments

I did not mark this as best answer.

I did not mark this as best answer. I really, really doubt I did it accidently which is why I'm listing it as a bug. No offense, the answer isn't bad, but the best? I wish to wait.
posted by geoff. on Apr 24, 2005 - 3 comments

Time Zone Problem

It's currently 05:37 JST. Metafilter says it's 06:37 JST. I doublechecked, but the user configuration is correct: UTC + 9 hours. Is Mefi applying daylight savings time to Coordinated Universal Time, throwing off calculations?
posted by Bugbread on Apr 13, 2005 - 4 comments

Safari/Firefox on OSX userpage comments discrepancy

My user page lists 347 comments to MetaTalk, but when I click on that 347, I get a display of 1-50 of 432 comments. No similar discrepancy for MetaFilter or AskMetafilter. This as viewed in Safari and Firefox under OSX 10.3.8.
posted by squirrel on Apr 7, 2005 - 15 comments

I can't see any comments when I click on them

thebabelfish's post works fine and there are supposed to be eight comments but I can't see any when I click on them.
posted by Tarrama on Mar 21, 2005 - 6 comments

Putting a quotemark in a page title breaks said title

Putting a quotemark in a page title breaks said title.
posted by Pretty_Generic on Mar 14, 2005 - 7 comments

Connection timeout members

A little bug on the front page. Top right reads "Connection Timeout members | You are logged in as ..." or merely "Connection Timeout members" if I'm not logged in.
posted by 31d1 on Mar 14, 2005 - 9 comments

Misplaced "More Inside"

Small UI problem? A couple of times in the last week or so, people have typed their askme question in the title box, and their "more inside" in the question box. Could the interface be made a bit clearer somehow?
posted by andrew cooke on Mar 9, 2005 - 26 comments

"Add tags to this post" link not as described

On the page which shows me my FPP in the blue, I see a "add tags to this post?" link for each post. But when I click on that link, even though it's a different URL than the usual link to the post (http://www.metafilter.com/comments_active.mefi/nnnnn rather than http://www.metafilter.com/mefi/nnnnn), it looks the same as the usual thread page, with nowhere to add additional tags.
posted by DevilsAdvocate on Mar 7, 2005 - 7 comments

Category Typo

As a sop to us nit-picking philosophers, could the Religion & Philosopy category be renamed "Religion & Philosophy"? Sorry, I know painquale already mentioned this in a comment in another thread, but that was months ago.
posted by bricoleur on Feb 25, 2005 - 15 comments

Invalid CFML construct error on front page

Invalid CFML construct error on the MeFi front page when not logged in. Happens in both IE6 and Firefox.
posted by neckro23 on Feb 23, 2005 - 3 comments

Can't log out of the site.

Can't log out of the site. Both at w*rk and a 'Net cafe, clicking "logout" doesn't actually log me out -- just takes me to the front page. Right-clicking "logout" and opening it in another window does seem to actually log me out. FYI.
posted by Vidiot on Feb 22, 2005 - 4 comments

Broken AskMe RSS?

Did the new AskMe ponies break AskMe RSS? I get invalid XML errors in T-Bird. Browsing to the XML file results in broken badness.
posted by mnology on Feb 17, 2005 - 3 comments

Consecutive Non-Spaces Are Breaking RSS Feed

Consecutive non-spaces in MeFi descriptions. See the title tag (the repeating dollar signs)? That gets translated into a headline in the MeFi RSS feeds. It's currently breaking the layout on my RSS page. Can we please not do this?
posted by ricecrazy on Feb 17, 2005 - 4 comments

Calling All Bugs

This is the Ask MetaFilter is totally broken bucket. Please leave all refuse here, and I'll do my best to fix it in the next 24 hours. I just made the new posting page live and will try and get everything up and running before I got to sleep in a couple hours, but I'm sure I'll miss a lot. Help me here.
posted by mathowie on Feb 16, 2005 - 31 comments

Missing Anonyme

SecondTryFilter: After today's updates, the Anonymous AskMe link is gone from the post-a-question page.
posted by agropyron on Feb 16, 2005 - 1 comment

Grammar Issue

It's worth its weight in grammarcheck to use it's and its correctly.
posted by divrsional on Feb 15, 2005 - 56 comments

Why does the recent comment page list them in reverse order?

Bug: the recent comments page is grouped again, but it looks like comments for the Blue are in reverse-post order. AskMe are in the correct order.
posted by Civil_Disobedient on Feb 12, 2005 - 7 comments

Bugs in Atom Feed

The MeFi atom feed is throwing a parsing error.
posted by rhapsodie on Feb 9, 2005 - 13 comments

The timezone slips occasionally.

PST slippage in the blue... Occasionally my time reference on MeFi gets whacked back to PST, though my preferences are EST. When I see the problem, I edit my profile (changing nothing), submit and ta-da, EST. Don't need no pony, just bringing it up. Happens ~ once a month.
posted by nj_subgenius on Feb 5, 2005 - 7 comments

I messed up some html with a single quote.

I inserted a single quote in a post on accident and the MeFi code that normally would be the rest of the page (i.e. all the buttons and such) showed up in my preview textbox.
posted by taumeson on Jan 31, 2005 - 4 comments

Where did my comment go?

Disappearing comment in this thread: I posted a perfectly normal comment after 40 Watt's first comment, and I know that I did indeed remember to hit "post" because, well, I actually saw the comment posted on the screen. But just now, going back to the thread, my comment is gone. Are gremlins afoot? Because certainly my "hey, thanks for the reminder, I'm going to get this for my nephew" couldn't be considered worthy of deletion...?
posted by scody on Jan 29, 2005 - 24 comments

Username links go to threads instead

When I click on the username in this archived MeFi thread I am taken to an old post with the same number as the user, i.e. the url says 'mefi' instead of 'user'. Only true for the original post, not for comments.
posted by Pigpen on Jan 28, 2005 - 4 comments

RSS 2.0

How about a proper RSS 2.0 feed? The existing .91 feed doesn't provided authors or even datestamops. Also, the existing ATOM feed doesn't validate properly and doesn't work in the two RSS readers I use (NetNewsWire and Thunderbird).
posted by xmutex on Jan 28, 2005 - 8 comments

Adding tags to my old thread caused a mess.

I made my old thread unhappy when adding tags. Not sure how that happened.
posted by falconred on Jan 24, 2005 - 1 comment

What's up with the date headers on AskMe?

Right now I see three "January 23" headings in AskMe, atop three "January 22" headings. Prior days display just fine. What's the story, Morning Glory?
posted by killdevil on Jan 23, 2005 - 6 comments

Bug in old thread

This old thread gives me: Invalid CFML construct found on line 363 at column 99.
posted by too many notes on Jan 22, 2005 - 1 comment

The copyright thread was closed to comments after 24 hours

The thread on copyright was closed to comments after 24 hours. I assume that either there is a bug that made the thread think it was 30 days old, or Matt has decided that all that needed to be said has been said. Either option points to a problem with the system somewhere.
posted by willnot on Jan 19, 2005 - 14 comments

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