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April 30


Our dear leader has started a new website.
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A way to circumvent?

I recently posted an anonymous question to Metafilter (within the past week). I browsed to the 'New Question' page without thinking about the question limits because I had a new query, but to my surprise the page didn't restrict me from posting. A bug? A way to get around the question limit? Am I shortly going to be shot for pointing this out?
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Anyone know what happened to the Hymenplasty thread? Wondering why it might have been deleted?
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What do you want to read next?

Metafilter now has a group at LibraryThing. Inspired by the reaction to this thread, jbickers has set up a group with the name "Metafilter" at LibraryThing. Please join if you care to swap reading lists, see what books fellow MeFis own, etc. For maximum coolishness, sign up with the same screen name you use here.
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'Near' is a pretty relative term, don't you think?

I was wondering if there was any way to increase the cutoff distance for 'users nearby' in the profile pages. I realize the middle of Iowa isn't exactly a hotbed of technoloigcal happenings, but I know that there are some MeFites that live within 60 miles or so. Could this be implemented as a drop-down in the preferences page? That way, people who live in more densly populated areas could keep their list smaller, while those out in the sticks could have a bigger list. Or is there a page somewhere that searches user's long/lat by distance, and my goog-fu failed me (again)?
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MeFi Swap Tracklists

Post your MeFi Swap tracklist. I thought it would be great to see everyone's track selections and several people gave me encouragement so here goes. Mine is inside
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Tag format

Why are the multiple words we use as tags kept together, that is, no spaces?
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April 29

Remember to stick to the subject and issues raised by the post, not people that commented on it

This US politics thread gets pretty painful to read. My complaint isn't that original, but please, please, resist the urge to make it about other members of this site.
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April 28

suicide video link

This comment links to a video of a real life suicide without warning (other than "I'm a terrible person"). Normally I'd flag this and move on, but this is possibly the worst thing I've ever seen on metafilter and I'd like to see it deleted as quickly as possible.
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How about a "books I've read lately" feature on the profile page?

I've got a feature that I'd LOVE to see added, largely driven by the number of "I just finished reading this, what should I read next posts" ... a set of fields on our profile pages where we can add a book that we've recently read/enjoyed (perhaps by ISBN?), followed by a comments box. That way, members could build their "reading histories" over time, and they'd be available to the rest of the community. I realize there are plenty of stand-alone sites that do just this, but I'd love to see it integrated into MeFi, simply because I'd be very interested in checking in from time to time to see what certain posters are reading these days. We all kinda get to know each other over time, and there's an unusually high percentage of very literate people on this site. (Forgive, please, if this has been requested before.)
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April 27

Watch Your Back, ASavage!

Props to MetaFilter's Very OwnTM gomichild for debunking the story about a Japanese actress who mistook a lamb for a dog.
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Are we going to be bummed when we hear that users have offed themselves after posting their suicide plans on AskMe?

So, this user wants to ice himself and post it on the internet. Or, the question is "totally theoretical." Who knows. I know this question has come up before, but the film-my-own-suicide dude seems to have an actual plan. I am thinking of the Viriginia Tech situation where former professors and classmates are coming with an example-a-minute of things the shooter wrote and said that people didn't respond to. I am picturing a local news story with friends and family going through this dude's bookmarked sites and saying "He pleaded for help on this site..." and seeing the green up there. Maybe MeFites more senior to myself can shed some light on this. I don't have a position either way (or, I should say, I have opinions that go both ways), I am more just wondering what an online community's responsibility is to its members, if any.
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April 26

First GMail, then Joost and now Doostang

Anybody want or need a Doostang invite? Let me know ...
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Can we add a note to AskMe to mention your location where appropriate?

I've noticed quite a few times people will ask questions over on AskMe about laws or rules about say, taxes or renting an apartment or consumer rights, etc., but frequently forget to mention where specifically they are living, which can make the question very difficult to answer until further info is obtained. Can we add in a note to the AskMe posting page (just like the one that says "Have you searched Google?" etc) saying something to the effect of "Have you mentioned where you live, if it is a question about the law, your rights, etc?"
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best first post ever?

I thought the buster keaton post was incredible, one of my favorites to read (and watch) in a long time, and even more so when i read it was a first post. Anyways I just want to recognize churl for putting so much effort into making such a great first post .. links to criticism, sources,background info and of course videos.. its awesome. Just a really auspicious begginning, i hope he does more like this
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No Fark for you!

We may not have Fark to kick around anymore:
Text comments, AudioEdit submissions, and Photoshopped images posted on Fark by registered users may not be reposted or broadcast without the express written permission or license from Fark.com, and must attribute Fark.com as the source.
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Buy this damn record already. Abused kids thank you.

A bunch of Mefites made a record. It's for a good cause. It's ridicolously cheap, too.
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Learning to code with MeFi's RSS

Looks like Hackety Hack is teaching kids to code with some of MeFi's own RSS feeds. Neat!
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Reposting on MeFi after a long period of lurkage. I need some advice about self-linking. While I know the rule is "don't!", I've worked with a video collective that would be relevant in light of recent posts about Night Flight. I don't run the site, but I feel that I should mention that I've worked with them in the past. Can I post this website, and should I mention my involvement after a [more inside] jump?
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Metafilter Runs 3: The Reckoning

So, it's been done and it's been done again. Is anyone up for doing a third one? I just got an ipod nano for my birthday and picked up the nike kit. I'll have the shoepouch shortly. Anyone want to do a May competition? I haven't created a formal one yet, but I think I can figure it out. I also figure I will be more likely to actually run if I am competing against someone. Is anyone interested? It seems to have been successful the last two times...
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April 25


Metafilter's background is white? Have I gone insane??
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Roger gets our get well card.

The Chicago Sun-Times ran a little item on page 30 today. It's full of get well messages from Metafilter to Roger Ebert. It's online too.
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snark feature disabled

the snark feature is disabled for me - by that i mean the comments arent working.
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April 24

“Confusion is an often too subtle sign of paranoia.”

Upon reading some responses in the "Shooty" post, I have a basic question that has started to bother me and I hope it is appropriate to post here. Why, when there is debate sparked over anything in general, does it seem to always point to Republican/Democrat, Race or Income? More inside:
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Proposed change to URL structure

It would be neat if the UTC date and time of postings could be incorporated into their URLs. For example, http://metatalk.metafilter.com/14082/Metafilter-Shoutout could appear as http://metatalk.metafilter.com/20070525-2249/Metafilter-Shoutout There would likely need to be an additional digit after the datecode to disambiguate between threads posted nearly simultaneously. The benefit would be to let people see how old threads are when mousing over links to them.
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Metafilter Shoutout

Check out the box in the background of this Mythbusters/Ask a Ninja clip.
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Shooty McGunpants

Given the events of last week, it is really inappropriate to "moderate" comments to this question, which announces (vaguely and without details or motive) a course of action that could very well be dangerous to public health. While requesting that responses be limited to those from people who agree with you is always counterproductive, here it is just stupid, and the moderators should either delete the question or leave on-topic comments alone. That. Is. All.
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So, the deadline for this rounds MefiSwap was last Saturday, time to mail them out you slowpokes.
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April 23

What exactly are the standards for scammy crap on askme?

How is it that this askme is kosher? [details inside]
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Is it acceptable to post several questions at once to AskMe?

Is it acceptable to fold three unrelated questions into one AskMe post on the pretence that they're vaguely connected (that is, they're all kinda sorta about Macs)?
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If you dupe a deleted post, does it make a sound?

One is deleted because it has no link. The other is deleted because it's a dupe of the first. But can you dupe a deleted thread? Can you dupe a thread that has no link? Or is this just capitalist revisionism?
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April 22

Too much hate, too much judgment

Why are people being so judgmental in this AskMe question? Just because there is a celebrity connection? Other people like myself who have legitimate stories to share are being turned off by the sheer abrasiveness and lack of empathy displayed inside.
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meetup at jessamyn's!

Northern New England Meetup @ My Place Sunday May 6th, Early Suppertime.
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Old thread not closed to comments?

I was looking at an old AskMe of mine from 2006, and it doesn't appear to be closed to comments (though I didn't try posting a reply.) The usual "this thread is closed" isn't there - instead, it's the normal reply box. Bug?
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Cambridge/Boston science trivia meetup April 25?

Cambridge/Boston meetup? Anybody interested in meeting up for a science trivia challenge this coming Wednesday night (April 25, 6:30pm)? It's too late to sign up as a team, but it should be fun just to watch.
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Cookie problems on Mefi

I'm getting a server error when I hit any of the *.mefi sites that looks like it's related to cookie processing. Here's the relevant error message: Element USER_PASS is undefined in COOKIE.
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Self-link (?)
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London meetup?

Is it time for another London meetup? Maybe something midweek, or a weekend afternoon picnic?
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that was a rough winter, I remember

Why is this thread from December 2004 near the top of AskMe's "Popular Favorites"?
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April 21

East Van Meetup?

Off the back of this AskMe, I propose an East Van meetup sometime in the next couple of weeks. Weekends are out for me (for the next couple of weeks, anyway), but I work more or less in the area, so after work at 8ish somewhere on Main would be good...who's in?
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Where is that post about the fake Aussie pop star?

I'll looking for a post from maybe a year or so back. It was about an Australian pop star who's father basically paid for his sons' stardom. It culminated is a concert where the son was booed off the stage and exposed as a fake. Does anyone remember this post?
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April 20

Let's meet n'at!

Pittsburgh Meetup! It's been nine months and I miss you guys!
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MeFi Music favourites/add

At MeFiMusic, adding individual songs from other users' playlists to ones' own, or otherwise favoriting tracks looks time consuming. How about 2.0/itunes/etc style 'starring' beside the trackname to add a filter-layer for favourite/playlisting?
posted by acro to MetaFilter Music at 12:18 PM PST - 16 comments

Why are links removed?

Could someone direct me to specific policies that state why posts are removed? I had one removed today because someone chose to use inappropriate language in a comment. The language use was apparently blamed on the article I posted. That is very strange. I don't know where the policy is that states what can and can't be posted.
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NYC Meetup?
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Marketing plant?

This post might be a self-link with one level of indirection. It's certainly just marketing, regardless.
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April 19

Self link

This shouldn't have happened. mibs created the poster.
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Recent Activity Newness

Hey all, I'm working on an updated page that shows recent favorites activity. You can play along at home by adding your userID to this URL:


And for fun here's recent activity for mathowie, jessamyn, and cortex. There are probably still some bugs to catch, this isn't the permanent home, void where prohibited, etc.
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July does seem a long time ago

Double post.
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Double favorite bug

There are two favorites by the same user on one post on the Virginia Tech shootings thread. Similar can be seen here, as mentioned here. Also reported in a MeTa thread on another favorite bug.
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New windows launch on clicking very boring link

I have metafilter set to open all links in a new window so I can enjoy sweet, sweet linkage while still keeping my wholesome metafilter goodness. It's very, very convenient. However, just now I was posting to the blue and when I deleted my كشري tag (I guess Arabic support is out of the question?) clicking on the [x] spawned a new window. It probably shouldn't do that, since most similar links (adding favorites, top nav, pretty much anything other than a link in a post or comment) don't.
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I get lovely positive feedback with favorites, but unless somebody says something negative, I don't really know when I've been naughty. How about a My Flags page?
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End the Mefi-celeb love!

Could we please stop in-thread "celebrity" derails?
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April 18

MeFi shoutout on tonight's Mythbusters

Speaking of asavage, did anyone else see the MeFi shoutout on tonight's Mythbusters? On the wall during one the post-myth summaries, "MeFi" was written in what looked like chalk on a green chalkboard. asavage mentioned that he'd shout the site out out in MeFi Podcast 3, but it sounded like that would only be for the old west show.
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List of famous MeFites?

Is there a list of famous MeFites? I know Adam Savage is here. Just curious who else is around. Not looking to out anyone who prefers anonymity.
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more inside

Dear Y2Karl, For someone who is so pacifist/gun control you sure are a bully about the amount of front page real estate you use to make a post. Was that paragraph so important? Do you have to ram every point down our throats? WE GET IT. YOU HAVE AN AGENDA. PRETTY MUCH EVERYONE WHO VISITS THIS SITE UNDERSTANDS YOU DON'T LIKE BUSH. It gets freakin tiresome. More inside is your friend.
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Truth is beauty, beauty truth, sir!

Lately, grapefruitmoon has been posting some wonderful art FPPs.
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April 17

So Who Stands Where?

I'm trying to get a sense of the political affiliations of certain prominent Mefites, being a lurker and all.
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Office chair question bug

Is there a bug in this question? Looks fine on its own page, but on the main AskMe page it starts with the second sentence: "But this time...". Perhaps something to do with the fact that the first sentence is identical to the title?
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Metafilter.com, In a Nutshell

A short guide to MeFi.
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Astronomy Day Contest?

What about an Astronomy Day post contest?
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Neat comment!

Possible sidebar? The mission planner for a orbiting satellite chimes in with corrections and interesting information.
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Well, this is probably a bug...

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April 16


Some posts just don't get enough love. Dead kids - 477 Creative French language video - 3 hmmmm
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Too much tragedy for one thread

I respectfully suggest that we move the gun control discussion here. If for no other reason than to limit the in-thread argument on whether or not we should be commenting on gun control in-thread.
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April 15

Pearls Before Breakfast Followup

"This story got the largest and most global response of anything I have ever written, for any publication." -- The author of the septuple-posted "Pearls Before Breakfast" article explains himself.
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web2.0 expo?

anyone hitting the web2.0expo today through wednesday? lots of fun stuff going on.
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FOWD MeFi Meetup?

Any UK MeFites going to FOWD this Wednesday?
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MeFi featured in 'Loose Change'?

Is this MeFi featuring in the Loose Change "documentary"? The colour scheme suggests yes but I can't read any of the text on the page. [Google Video]
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April 14

Freedom! We're better than Myspace!

I added a new feature: Custom CSS for profile pages. You simply create a .css file on your own server, write whatever CSS you want, and it will load after all the mefi CSS when anyone views your user page. Here's mine (which loads this). Just plop in the URL of your custom CSS file on your server in your user prefs. Be sure to post here when you've got something cool to show. Let the ugliness/coolness begin!
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Apparently Brad doesn't

Congratulations frenetic, or as most of us know you, Brad Sucks on yesterday's appearance on New Music Canada Track of the Day! When you get rich and famous, remember - we recognized your brilliance first.
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Metafilter got pegged?

Is this who I think it is?
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April 13

6: Chatting with the father of the permalink

Episode 6 of the MetaFilter Podast: the one where we interview pb.
posted by mathowie to MeFi Podcast at 8:47 PM PST - 56 comments

Metafilter Self-Exam

As I stopped in here trying to catch up on threads, it was hard not to notice that LandedGentry's original post about Kurt Vonnegut's death had about 600 entries. (Will the more anal among us please count the periods?) davidmsc threw in his dime early on, and it was both counter to the general opinion and given in a very flippant manner. That SINGLE comment generated nearly three hundred other comments on the brown. Now I ask you all. Does this make any sense for the long term best interests of metafilter?
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how many posts can a duclod snort?

why does my contributions from quonsar saved as favorites by others page include the Duclod man post? that was posted by Mo Nickels, not me.
posted by quonsar to Bugs at 7:28 PM PST - 30 comments

Change double hyphen to dash.

Feel free to put me in my place if this is way too trivial an issue, but I've been posting more recently and can't help but notice the little tip below the posting box, and—I know this is trivial, sorry—can we replace the two hyphens with a dash? kthx.
posted by Firas to Bugs at 6:58 PM PST - 67 comments

About that Kurt Vonnegut thread

Does anyone have a clip of Kurt Vonnegut's "Back to School" segment?
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April 12

Mandatory Mourning?

So let me see if I have this right...we're only allowed to comment in this thread if we heap glowing praise upon the recently deceased? Huh. Sorry I missed the memo.
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New UI feature: resizable textareas

We're testing out a new resizable textarea feature. If you'll notice the comments area of any MetaTalk thread, there are some grab handles on the side and bottom of the comment box. Stretch that to a usable size, and it will set a cookie as your new default textarea size. The default size is the same as it was, so people that don't use it should be unaffected. We'll add it to other sites as long as it's working for most people here.
posted by mathowie to Feature Requests at 2:33 PM PST - 143 comments

Clueing people in about the title field and RSS?

Is it possible to reach these people about the tasty moral goodness of using the title field properly - BEFORE they hit the submit button? The one at a time approach seems counterintuitive.
posted by Orb2069 to Feature Requests at 9:57 AM PST - 31 comments

Most responses to a post ... ?

I really started something yesterday, and it's got me curious - do we know what the greatest number of comments ever made on a MetaFilter topic is?
posted by jbickers to MetaFilter-Related at 8:01 AM PST - 51 comments

Wake for Vonnegut in Ann Arbor/Ypsi

I think that Kurt Vonnegut would have approved of commemorating his death during Happy Hour. Corner Brewery, Ann Arbor/Ypsi, Friday, April 13, 6:00 pm. Or get there earlier and save us a table.
posted by ardgedee to MetaFilter Gatherings at 3:56 AM PST - 7 comments

April 11

Only at rainbow parties.

This question is fake and stupid, and it's all the more stupid for being fake.
posted by Mr. President Dr. Steve Elvis America to Etiquette/Policy at 10:34 PM PST - 168 comments

Mountain View, CA meetup, 20 Apr 2007

Remember the vaunted and only slightly overhyped Peninsula/South Bay (northern California) meetup? IT'S HAPPENING AGAIN. Friday, April 20th, 7:30, at the Tied House in Mountain View, California.
posted by tangerine to MetaFilter Gatherings at 4:56 PM PST - 36 comments

Univac: a callout

univac doesn't like SEIU president Andy Stern. Fine. But he's pedaling too close to the turfgrass line for my tastes, and the latest article is pretty shaky.
posted by anotherpanacea to Etiquette/Policy at 3:28 PM PST - 27 comments

Hi, I'm From MetaFilter, And I'm Here To Help

I find myself fascinated by unhindered's "contributions". Which is to say that I find them annoying as hell, pseudoscientific at best, and skirting the boundaries of acceptable behavior on MeFi.
posted by scrump to Etiquette/Policy at 3:14 PM PST - 75 comments

Don't tell me to take it as a compliment

This question about harassment seems to be striking a chord for a lot of folks. Possible sidebar?
posted by serazin to Feature Requests at 2:50 PM PST - 58 comments

How to directly answer a question based on flawed assumptions?

"I think it's pretty clear that I'm not asking for your opinion on the idea's viability." Sorry, this question (and response from the asker) is crap.
posted by aberrant to Etiquette/Policy at 1:27 PM PST - 10 comments [closed]

Atlanta Meetup

Anyone interested in an Atlanta, GA meet-up? I recently moved from an area with no local MeFites so it would be nice to finally meet some members.
posted by studentbaker to MetaFilter Gatherings at 12:50 PM PST - 37 comments

Okay, folks. You convinced me.

Miko creeped me out, because I was just coming here to suggest my own Chicago meetup. Wednesday, April 25 at the Hopleaf. Details in the comments.
posted by sjuhawk31 to MetaFilter Gatherings at 11:03 AM PST - 10 comments

Green Deadication

# 16 is willing to take a bullet for the truth.
posted by R. Mutt to MetaFilter-Related at 10:56 AM PST - 36 comments

The site, it renders well on small devices

MeFi looked real nice on my fancy new phone device. I was impressed. That is all.
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Chicago Meetup

Chicago Meetup. Saturday, April 28th. Details after this message.
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Pounding waves of colorful bands of creeps

Skot summarizes Ask Metafilter: "AskMe is often quite an amazing resource; it's made even more impressive by the fact that this 'community' of thousands of sun-deprived gripers frequently give good advice. Predictably, however, you have to wade through pounding waves of horrible bullshit to find it. And then, when you do find it, you have to sit there a moment and worry about the fact that this community—like all communities—is filled with a colorful band of assholes, half of whom hate the other half; a full two-thirds who are illiterate or insane; an unidentifiable portion who are basement-dwelling hate-wraiths; ten percent who are axe-grinding creeps, possibly with real axes; and your average random smattering of mean-spirited shitheads. But somewhere in there are some good answers! Usually." Great Scott!
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April 10

The death of Protoman?

Two years ago, MeFi covered the Protomen (the Megaman rock opera). They are still around, and may be in your area. [mi]
posted by grobstein to MetaFilter-Related at 10:07 PM PST - 9 comments

For want of effort.

Is it worth flagging AskMe questions that seem to have been asked without any attempt by the user to answer the question? They may contain a "legitimate" question, but the user has clearly failed to make the effort prior to posting. I'm asking not in reaction to a specific post, although there was one recently, but just to know if it's worth the effort, and would such questions be likely to be removed?
posted by edgeways to Etiquette/Policy at 8:38 PM PST - 38 comments

This job post bugs me

This does not seem like an appropriate use of the jobs section. My attempt to flag it resulted in an error.
posted by necessitas to Bugs at 12:07 PM PST - 12 comments


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Functional, clear design & intuitive systems would improve MetaFilter

A Short Post In Which I Suggest: 1. Good Design Doesn’t Need Explanatory Diagrams, and 2. A Thorough and Simple Search Mechanism Would Prevent Many Double Posts.
posted by Milkman Dan to Feature Requests at 10:26 AM PST - 73 comments


Today's edition of what irks me: Hijacking threads with unsupported claims of doubleness. Either put up or shut up--don't shit on good threads just because you read boing boing and have a bad memory.
posted by null terminated to Etiquette/Policy at 10:02 AM PST - 63 comments

Metafilter City Pages?

Metafilter city pages: How about creating a section on the site, or in the metafilter wiki, that is a guide to various cities across the world, using links to ask.mefi responses to give the information?
posted by drezdn to Feature Requests at 7:13 AM PST - 28 comments

Candidate for deletion?

There's a thread in AskMefi that may be a candidate for deletion or at least expunging identifying info. It includes personal info of third parties and asks if a business is a "scam" with no evidence/logic. And after this inflammatory claim there is no follow-up by the OP.
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April 9

Simple Twist of Zanzibar Buck-Buck McFate

So, as the guy who posted Dylan Hears a Who, I'm uniquely shamefaced to have failed to download the mp3 files before the Geisel estate pulled the plug. Does anyone know of a working mirror, or, failing that, could anyone contact the address in my profile to... um... discuss this further?
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"This is Operation Daisy-Bird: Welcome to Paedogeddon!"

I would like to welcome two of our newest members, Chris Hansen of "Dateline NBC" and Helen Lovejoy of Springfield, USA.
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Show #5 of the MetaFilter Podcast
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Giving too much credit to overthinking beans and plates thereof.

Other then getting 90 plus favorites, why is this on the sideblog? Was it really so incredibly thoughtful and witty that it merits special attention? After all, later in the same thread, flarbuse mercilessly and elegantly deconstructed it and kind of makes it look, well, a bit dumb.
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I really think this brilliant post by lemuria, although a few days old, deserves some sort of special notice. Maybe put it on the front page or something, just below the plate o' beans quote.
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April 8

C-c-c-combo breaker!

Okay. We've seen it. Now stop. The Pearls Before Breakfast piece has now been posted six times (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6) in the last 32 hours. Is this a new record?
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It's not a question if your voice doesn't go up at the end

Do AskMe posts that don't contain a question on the front page annoy everyone else? Should the relevant text on the "Ask a new question page" be more prominent?
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Please hold my hand

Dear MetaFilter, please help me crack some 'leet warez.
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April 7

Maybe phrontist needs Thorazine or a lobotomy?

If it's wrong when I do it...
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Accusing anonymous posters of lying and being on chemo.

IANAD, but you're lying and you have cancer. I've never done a Metatalk callout before and never will again, I promise. But are answers like this really warranted?
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Song and artist???

I need help with a popular song for the late 80s / early 90s. A chanting song, with monks in the background and a woman repeating latin sayings. Can you help? I tried Chant, but that's not the right album.
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A gentleman always calls girls sluts on the Internet.

Am I wrong to thing that this is way out of line?
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April 6

It's a really interesting question though. (but it's chat)

I would like to participate in a disscussion about dumb, funny, or peculiar advice found in a self-help books. Oh, and I'll go first.
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Consumerist, just as annoying as those they fight?

Consumerist recommends spamming Metafilter (among others) with your corporate complaint as a means to get attention (or retribution) from the corporate world. Watch the $5 roll in. . . .
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less meta mefi sideblog?

I'm missing the inclusion of noteworthy posts/comments on the sideblog (it's been a couple months since a non-"site news" tidbit). Is it on its way out as a "super bump" or has the community just been that uninteresting?
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Natural life cycle of...MeFi?

Re: progusks' thread, this "natural life cycle of mailing lists" joke has been circulating the Internet since forever, and has some relevance to MeFi these days. I think MeFi passed #4 long before I got here.
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It's so big!

Ridiculously long Headline/Titles result in ridiculously long "add to favorites" pop-ups. See here.
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If I hadn't said that I had any connection in this posting would it still have been deleted?
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April 5

BlanketFilter -- Dolores Park this Sunday.

SanFranciscoBlanketMeetup. Dolores Park Easter Sunday. Don't miss Hunky Jesus!
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etiquette filter

This has probably been covered previously but I couldn't find it. Can I post to Projects for a friend? It's a good project that I think MeFites would appreciate. It's non-profit and others might like to check out similar things in their communities.
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'My Comments' bug

For this thread in 'My Comments' in my profile, and in the other people's profile I checked, the comments are out of order. The comment appearing after mine in 'My Comments' appears before mine in the thread.
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Pentagram's Paula Scher diagrams the lifecycle of a blog post (via NYT op-ed.). Who'll do the MeFi variant(s)?
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I would love to see a page that lists the tags related to the threads I have favorited.

I would love to see a page that lists the tags related to the threads I have favorited. My favorites list has become unmanagable, and this would be a great way to navigate / explore what I've saved earlier. I have no idea if this has been asked for previously...
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A Richmond meetup?

Richmond, Virginia: delicious, nutritious or suspicious beverages? [more inside]
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April 4

NOT raining on florence....honest!

Observation... Preference for florence henderson? While I truly enjoy florence's entries as much as you all do, I honestly don't see them as being better than SO many other comments, yet she seems to always get a fav vote or four. Is there something I should know here? Sorry, flo, not meaning to bust, I luvs ya too. Just asking though?
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Shall we put a mint on your pillow too?

God knows usually I'm ALL over the travel posts. (Love 'em!) But I'm sorry... are we really supposed to be someone's pro bono travel agent?
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Jobs map broken

The map portion of jobs isn't loading. The job location of this post seems to be the cause.
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Admins Please Fix My Mistake

Help me, O Admins! I screwed up! Even though I previewed three times, I mixed up the tags and titles on this AskMe After I am tortured and ridiculed, can you please change the to "In Here, Out Over There"?
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I know I'M slow, but Metafilter?

In the past couple of weeks, whenver I load a fresh copy of the Blue it takes a couple of seconds for all the links (in posts, profiles, etc.) to start 'working'. Once or twice I've gotten an error message that says "Scripts are taking a long time to load, do you want to continue loading them?". What's going on? I'm a Vista user, but as I said it's only been for the last couple of weeks, and it doesn't happen in AskMe or MetaTalk. I ask here vice in an email in the event it's happening to others...
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0 users marked this as a favorite

When I click on 'popular favorites', the number of favorites for each post is consistently wrong. I think the number I see corresponds with how many favorites the post had when I last clicked it. This question feels familiar to me - I think this has been discussed here before - but as I mentioned earlier, I have a difficult time searching for stuff here. If you want to point me to a previous discussion on this, feel free. Thanks.
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Did he or didn't he? Snort, that is.

So apparently Keith Richards didn't snort his father's ashes. At least according to MTV.
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link me inside

Minor AskMe usability gripe: Can [more inside] be a link to the thread? When a question is unanswered, the only way to get into the thread is by clicking "0 Answers." It seems more logical to click on [more inside].
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Your favorite feature is out of sorts

Can we please have a way to sort savedfavorites by "Most recently favorited?" Either as a default, or an option? As time passes, more and more active users have multiple pages of comments that have been favorited and it can be difficult to track down what's going on when old threads are suddenly rediscovered.
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healthy dialogue

Often there are questions posted to Ask Metafilter that have a similar format. The poster will have a general health problem, and will also be fat. In 95% of the cases, losing weight is the first step to solving the problem. Yet, this answer is often immedietly removed. Is it really so terrible to point out the elephant in the room? And, more pointedly, are we doing others a diservice by not being frank?
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LOL XTIANS #45,982,761,305...

I don't understand why this was posted. Most LOL XTIANS get deleted; why is this one still here?
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Grow a skin, people.

This is a good post, marred badly by its comments, which seem to be mostly in a vein of defensive nationalism. Odd, since a few minutes' research seems to indicate the poster is from the US, or at least was educated and is living there, and the story as described does merit the hostility of the poster.
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April 3

A self-link waiting to happen?

A self-link waiting to happen?
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Price fixing guidelines?

Are there price fixing guidelines for AskMefi? After this question came up, I realized I am not very certain of price fixing laws. Is it okay to tell someone that there's a typical entry-level rate for freelancing or that a certain range is typical? If they come up with a fee, can we say yea or nay? I'm in Canada, so I assume rules may be different in the US. But perhaps we can establish some sort of guideline.
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Wondering again about the passwords...

This sounds remarkably familiar. Is that why we can't change our passwords?
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Good charity keeps plugging along

Remember Modest Needs? They turned five years old this week and hit one million dollars in funds dispersed since they started. In the anniversary post, the founder mentions they got their whole start thanks to that post on mefi.
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Just a question about daylight savings

Metafilter and Daylight Savings [More Inside]
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What's wrong with my pre-post searching?

I did a google search, looked through the tags, and did a mefi search (for bee and bees) and found no posts that were related, but this still seems to be a double. Why didn't this show up in my searching? This kind of thing has happened to me on a few of my recent posts -- how can I change my search methods to find archived posts more reliably?
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April 2

Comment length hard limit?

(Minor issue, but) is there a character limit on comments?
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AskMe brings the cheese in

"Long tailed awesomeness" - or AskMe brings the cheese in. In November 2005 I uploaded this question to Ask. In September 2006 I uploaded this song to Music. This morning I recieved this image and a nice note.
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April 1

Step 1: ask about bread Step 2: wait two weeks; Step 3: Ask about mayo. Step 4: Wait two weeks.

What is the policy on questions like this? Is ask.me the proper venue for asking questions that are serial in nature? Is helping someone through every specific aspect of their life (and at 2 week intervals) something that is condoned?
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old-fashioned names

Can anyone help me find that great AskMe post from a while back that was about finding a nice, semi-unusual, old-fashioned boy's name for a baby?
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What Not Tot Post to AskMe II

In honour of the 1st, we're revisiting the "deliberately flameworthy hypothetical AskMe question thread" over at MetaChat. Feel free to join in with fake questions or answers.
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Glastonbury Festival

Thought i got Glastonbury tickets this morning. no confirmation email yet. anyone else in the same boat?
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It's a joke frchristssakes.

Y'know...I can handle bad April Fool's jokes from tech companies (or others). Yeah, they aren't great, but megacorporations aren't really known for their great sense of humour. What I hate is that people feel this is there opportunity to bitch, whine and complain about someone else's attempt at humour, how much they hate AFD, how it should have been funnier, or how they would have done it better. It's a joke frchristssakes. Laugh. Or don't. Just don't whine.
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Looking for MeFi Puzzle Pirates

Ahoy, scurvy sea dogs! After looking around AskMe for MMORPG recommendations, I've become addicted to Puzzle Pirates. I am having fun all by myself, but I was wondering if any of my fellow Mefites would care for a rumble or a good pilly. I'm Otterlee on the Viridian Ocean and I'm a member of Floruit Ab Intra. E-mail is in profile if ye want to parley.
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Bundle up, it's gonna be cold!

???, NYC! It's almost time to ring in the Boar! Since nobody's suggested a meetup for the Chinese New Year, I figured we could find someplace to hang on February 5th. Naturally, any venue with Sonny & Cher on the jukebox is a must, as would be any old Disney memorabilia. Who's in?
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