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Feature request to list new askme posts by poster proximity

[AskMe Pony] Picture it: "There have been 16 new questions (3 near you) and 128 answers posted since your last visit."
posted by chota on Nov 14, 2006 - 27 comments

Easy link to favorites

I'm hoping this is a tiny pony request. Size of the cuddlier guide horses, p'raps. It is this: a [+] tag on the dateline of mefi front page posts. Clicking the [+] would add a link to one's Favourites tab.
posted by five fresh fish on Nov 13, 2006 - 20 comments

Jobs Expiration

Expiry date for MeFi Jobs. Jobs should expire automatically after 30 days, and should not appear in the main page/map/tags after that. There should be a possibility to prolong the expiry date if necessary.
posted by Sharcho on Nov 12, 2006 - 10 comments

Indicator for when a favourite post has been updated?

The [Favorites from Username] page; an indicator for when a favourite post has been updated since the last visit to the favorite's page?
posted by porpoise on Nov 7, 2006 - 5 comments

Searching for Deleted Posts

To help avoid multiple re-posts, wouldn't it be helpful to be able to find the deleted posts in a search? At least it would be a little easier to find than the single instance post.
posted by fenriq on Nov 4, 2006 - 10 comments

Contacts restrictions

I am wondering about the use of radio buttons vs. checkboxes in the "add contacts" page.
posted by Meatbomb on Nov 1, 2006 - 25 comments

Music donations

I would like to see a mechanism whereby MetaFilter Musicians were encouraged to accept donations (PayPal links?) and listeners were encouraged to donate. I would far rather donate to my favorite artists here than prop up Sony Corp.
posted by beniamino on Oct 31, 2006 - 12 comments

Spoiler tag pony request

If matt is looking for something to do he could whip up a <spoiler> tag, so (competent) people could conveniently hide their spoilers. Or is there already such a thing (I envision a textnode with "Here be Spoilers" text with DHTML magic to switch to the spoiler text upon mouseenter or hover).
posted by Heywood Mogroot on Oct 30, 2006 - 64 comments

Feeds by tab

NewTabsIWannaPonyFilter: For the various stuff that has now been tabbed-up on AskMeFi, MeFi, and MeTa, it would be wonderful for those of us who primarily browse by RSS feed if we had the option of subscribing to individual RSS feeds for the tabs in question. Hell of a lot more work, I imagine, but I'm just talking in an ideal world.
posted by WCityMike on Oct 28, 2006 - 6 comments

Pony: seeing tags from outside the thread

Could we have it set up that mousing over the number of comments in a FPP shows us the tags? [more inside]
posted by quin on Oct 25, 2006 - 33 comments

Popular Favorites

Pony Up: In the new tabbed feature (which I love), "Popular Favorites" tallies popularity by those who favorited the post. Perhaps a more valid index of popularity (read: worthwhile, not-to-be-missed nuggets) would be to include the number of favorites to both the post and assorted comments within?
posted by Arthur "Two Sheds" Jackson on Oct 24, 2006 - 12 comments

RSS autodectect to tag-specific feed

Here is a little feature request. I was thinking that the tag results page (e.g. posts taged with "ski"), should have a rss auto-detect meta tag in them that points to the tag specific RSS feed. Currently it has one that points to the site wide RSS feed. The specs are clear that you are allowed to have multiple rss auto detect tags in one document.

Whatcha think?
posted by mmascolino on Oct 24, 2006 - 6 comments

Alternative RSS Feeds

PiratedRSSFilter: I know that Ask Metafilter has an official RSS feed provided by Matt. But be thar any other RSS feeds available other than t' straight listin' o' questions and answers — either provided by Matt or pirated/screen-scraped?
posted by WCityMike on Oct 17, 2006 - 11 comments

Can I invite people to non-metafilter events?

I was wondering about the etiquette of inviting mefites to non-metafilter events. I'm not talking about concerts or art shows or anything where money is exchanged, and I'm not talking about I'm bored/drunk/lonely, wanna hang out? situations. Rather I'm talking about open events that require active participation like parties, writing workshops, or bike rides. Can I do that?

By the by, Chicago Mefites, Zephyr's ice cream is closing for good this Sunday and I'm organizing a bike ride to go pig out there.
posted by elr on Oct 16, 2006 - 46 comments

Pony request: color coding on My Comments

Wouldn't it be cool if the My Comments page was color-coded by site section, like the usercontacts page?
posted by smackfu on Oct 16, 2006 - 13 comments

Connect MeTa threads directly to the original threads that inspired them?

It would be extremely beneficial to be able to connect MeTa threads directly to the original threads that inspired them.

When someone posts an innappropriate/poorly formatted/whatever thread, calling it out in thread gets it sidetracked, but they are unlikely to ever see the MeTa thread, and flagging for deletion isn't always the best solution. This way you could simply create a 'linked' MeTa thread, a link would popup in the initial thread (directly under headline on inside?) and discussion ABOUT the thread could take place there. Similar to the way wikipedia treats neutrality disputes, etc.
posted by sophist on Oct 13, 2006 - 15 comments

could there be a way to list items that have been favorited

This has probably been asked for before ... could there be a way to list items you have posted, either posts or comments that have been favorited within the last X amount of time? I have noticed that the favorite count goes up by one or two on my user page, but it's sometimes not obvious what has changed, and it ends up being some post I made 4 months ago.
posted by crunchland on Oct 13, 2006 - 19 comments

There's a spell check button on the Projects post page.

Matt, there's still a Spell Check button on the Projects post page.
posted by grumblebee on Oct 7, 2006 - 1 comment

pool for stumped questions

I got skunked! Since questions sometime slip off the front page within hours, how about a feature in which skunked questions are pooled somewhere until they get an answer? The skunkpool. Would that not be awesome?
posted by _sirmissalot_ on Oct 2, 2006 - 22 comments

Time between initial posting and final response

This really isn't a pony request, but it would be cool to see what FPPs and AskMe questions had the longest time period between their initial posting and the final response. I'm amazed that there continue to be posts regarding Mark Foley long after it's dropped off the front page.
posted by Kickstart70 on Oct 2, 2006 - 25 comments

Jobs Still Available?

Is there any way of knowing whether a vacancy in Jobs has been filled? Do they disappear if someone gets the job? Is there a flag?
posted by AmbroseChapel on Sep 27, 2006 - 4 comments

City Guides Subsite?

cityguides.metafilter.com? How about it?

Inspired by Lougi's recent Askme Q, I suggest a section be set up where people can a) post requests for specific city info and b) post their fave tips for cities they know well. These threads could remain open indefinitely and be a great resource for people travelling or moving and would cut down on AskMe Q's about such things. If possible, perhaps a sidebar on Ask which just lists the names of the last 5 cityguide threads that have had activity would be a handy way to see when a city you know/care about has questions/activities.
posted by dobbs on Sep 26, 2006 - 40 comments

Favorites Request

Can the favorites pages be tweaked so comments retain their formatting and links? Also, when the page displays the whole of a comment, there shouldn't be an ellipsis after it. TY HUGS
posted by riotgrrl69 on Sep 24, 2006 - 15 comments

You are ineligible to post

Idea: what if the "New Post" and "New Question" links vanish-or change to say "You are ineligible to post"-when you aren't eligible? That would eliminate a lot of the "Oh lemme ax metafilter about that." ...*click*... "Sweet Lady Marmalade! I can't yet!"

Then when you're allowed again they change back to normal.
posted by evariste on Sep 18, 2006 - 60 comments

Mark your contacts

Highlighting contacts? Would it be possible to highlight the name of anyone you have listed in your contacts? Nothing flashy, just something to draw attention to the poster's name if you are skimming a long thread.
posted by quin on Sep 17, 2006 - 10 comments

Anonymous category in AskMe?

PonyFilter: could we make "anonymous" a category at the top of the "Posts by category in the past month:" list in the sidebar on AskMe? The results, of course, would be questions from anonymous.

Dunno about other people, but I often find those the most interesting questions to browse.
posted by scrump on Sep 11, 2006 - 33 comments

Can we link the FAQ from the header?

I was having trouble figuring out how long I needed to wait before I posted again. I eventually found it in the FAQ, and that's all well and good, but I found the FAQ itself difficult to find. Sure, it's linked at the bottom of the various MeFi sites, but only on MeTa is it linked at the top. That's an issue for people like myself that mostly read MeFi through the RSS feed and don't normally scroll through the site to the bottom. Heck, I didn't even know the footer existed prior to today! So my request is to link to the FAQ from the header on the sites that don't currently have it there.
posted by taumeson on Sep 11, 2006 - 12 comments

Can we reorder comments by favoriteness?

So now we have a visual indicator of how popular a specific post is. Cool. Could we take this one step further?
posted by Pontius Pilate on Sep 8, 2006 - 41 comments

Personal Favorites

Can I have a pony? Favorites are a great way of finding worthwhile threads selected by the masses, but I would be even more interested in knowing which threads or comments their authors are most proud of, especially among people with a long history here on MeFi, and especially before the favorites feature was implemented. Any way of having a "my best post" feature, or even just to ask that question as a standard part of the profile? Failing that, people can just list their favorites themselves in this thread...
posted by blahblahblah on Sep 6, 2006 - 24 comments

Job listings in the Jobs section should have comment threads enabled.

Job listings in the Jobs section should have comment threads enabled.
posted by TonyRobots on Aug 30, 2006 - 11 comments

RSS for Favorited Comments

How about an RSS Feed that keeps track of when other people save your comment as favorites? Then you would never have to check that page manually to boost your self-worth.
posted by smackfu on Aug 29, 2006 - 28 comments

Profile Changes

Suggested Posting History order:
Ask MeFi:
MeFi Projects:
MeFi Music:

So that it matches the order of the navigation across the top?

Capitalizing 'Member Since' would be good too, to match the other page elements. I'll go away and stop being anal-retentive now.
posted by Kickstart70 on Aug 28, 2006 - 28 comments

Google Apps for Metafilter?

Google apparently now provides email, calender, and IM services for your own domain. Do you think this would be a useful addition to MetaFilter?
posted by monju_bosatsu on Aug 28, 2006 - 26 comments

Sorting Favorites?

Sort options for Favorites?
posted by timeistight on Aug 28, 2006 - 9 comments

Don't need no fantastic flag

Suggestion: get rid of the 'fantastic post/comment' flag, and replace it wholeheartedly by the favoriting engine. In particular, recode the fantastic questions and answers page to pull the most favorited Qs and As, rather than the most flagged. For a brief interval there, that page was the best way to see the best of AskMeFi, but its usefulness is fading as people move to faving things rather than flagging them. Also, it would be super-ultra-mega-cool to have an analog of that page for the blue.
posted by gleuschk on Aug 27, 2006 - 19 comments

My Recent Comments Pony

My comments pony: an option to only show comments made since the previous load of the "my comments" page.
posted by bleary on Aug 25, 2006 - 6 comments

View only favorites in thread

Ponyfilter: would it be possible to allow us to view only the "favorited" comments in a long thread? Ditto viewing only the answers marked "best" in AskMe threads?

(Well, yes, of course it'd be possible. What I'm really asking is whether there's any chance of it happening.)
posted by scrump on Aug 24, 2006 - 13 comments

The next big thing

What's it all for, anyway? Why do we fight? I mean, where's it going? What happens if the whole ball of wax just up and disappears one day? In short, why are we here? I'm speaking of Metafilter, of course! Pony-please: An admin blog detailing site-related news, plans in development, maybe a good call-out now and then. This seems preferable to combing MeTa for stray comments in re the next big thing.
posted by anotherpanacea on Aug 23, 2006 - 21 comments

Swapping on MeFi

Feature request: I want swap.metafilter.com. I really want to unload my junk on my fellow MeFites, and buy their junk off them. Please, Matt? Craigslist and eBay don't require a 5-spot to join, unlike MeFi, so that cuts down dramatically on the skeezy lowlife scammer factor. Another advantage is that this place is a real community and people care about their reputations. The community self-policing is strong, and MeFi's full of interesting people with (most likely) compelling junk they want to get rid of. One man's junk is another man's treasure.

Also, people here are really creative. Wouldn't it be cool if Miguel could sell his books here, for instance? Or Steven Den Beste could trade anime with other otaku. MeFites who are painters could sell their paintings. Sculpture. And so on.
posted by evariste on Aug 22, 2006 - 59 comments

Image options in preferences?

Can we have image toggling as one of the choices in our preferences?
posted by hooray on Aug 22, 2006 - 24 comments

From talking behind your back to...

How about creating including in each user profile a discussion thread, so that we can have a friendly conversation with and about the user whose profile we are viewing?
posted by Pastabagel on Aug 18, 2006 - 63 comments

Want usernames spelled out

It would be nice if one's username pointed to the spelled-out version somewhere on the front page—maybe on the upper right—so it could be easily found. It's useful for typing in other users' names when you want to see what they've been up to. Much more useful than, say, this.
posted by interrobang on Aug 17, 2006 - 41 comments

RSS Feeds

Per-thread RSS feeds? I'd like to subscribe to my own Axings, especially the one I just made which is unlikely to get very many answers.
posted by evariste on Aug 14, 2006 - 17 comments

Request: more ways to display popular favorites.

Low priority feature request: A "Favorites Hall of Fame", including things like Most favorited comments by week/month/year, Most favorited posts by week/month/year, all split between Mefi/MeTa/Axe, and even a list of users who have had the most personal contributions marked as favorites by others.
posted by lilbrudder on Aug 14, 2006 - 25 comments

Hot Topics Request

OK, now I rarely venture into this grey area here, so I may be way off base but I was kinda thinking - no matter how popular a thread becomes it sinks down and out just as quickly as people post new links/questions/dumb feature requests. I was wondering, would it be possible to have a separate page for MeFi, AskMe and MeTalk in which the threads were listed by most recent comment. This might give threads a bit of a longer lifespan and give an easy way to see what topics are 'hot'
posted by criticalbill on Aug 13, 2006 - 22 comments

[-fave] button

In this thread, there is some horrifically bad advice being offered (along with a lot of good advice, I should add). Would it be a good idea to implement a [-fave] button as well as a [+fave] button? I would certainly have wanted to mark down a few of the answers if I had the chance.
posted by salmacis on Aug 12, 2006 - 30 comments

"Ignore Thread"

How about an 'ignore thread' option? That way people like this can ask for advice without people like this complaining about it.
posted by triolus on Aug 9, 2006 - 30 comments

What about a Ditto feature?

What about a Ditto feature? It would be like a fave, but more like re-inforcing what someone else said. This would not only be helpful for technical questions, but also for personal ones.
posted by k8t on Aug 9, 2006 - 22 comments

What if you really could page users?

What if you really could page users -- alert them to a thread they would interested and/or helpful in?
posted by jjg on Aug 8, 2006 - 95 comments

More functionality from project, music listings

In the projects RSS feed, the URL points to the submitted project, not the projects page, so in order to vote or comment I have to go to projects and find the link manually. Also, it would be nice if on the music page, you could favorite and playlist songs right from the main listing, rather then just on the individual song pages, so that if you're listening to a bunch of songs, in order, you could favorite without needing to change pages.
posted by Paris Hilton on Aug 3, 2006 - 4 comments

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