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December 31

Happy New Year, MetaFilter. Hope it's a better year for all of us.

Happy New Year, MetaFilter. Hope it's a better year for all of us.
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Askers are asking multiple questions in AskMe threads

Stop cheating.
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I'd like to encourage new members to provide more information in their user profile.

I'd like to encourage new members to provide more information in their user profile. [more inside]
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This chatty non-question should be removed

This chatty non-question should be removed from AskMetaFilter.
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Are there any MeFites out there that are also regular members of OffTopic?

Are there any MeFites out there that are also regular members of OffTopic?
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December 30

Attention first-time posters

Attention first-time posters: hpsell recently made a hideous front-page post that violated just about every possible rule. Inevitably, he was greeted with a barrage of negative responses: [bad bad bad], "I'm not going to make fun of you because I strongly suspect that you're retarded," and the like. Did he whine, counterattack, or curl up into a ball and hide? No, he said "i didnt mean to ruffle any feathers... ill try to do better with the grammar." [more inside]
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Deleted comment notification?

Would it be possible, when comments are deleted, to replace them with a [comment deleted due to offensiveness] rather than delete it altogether, and have 100 people all scratching their heads going, "huh?" at the apparently non-sequitorous responses?

(Phrasing partially stolen from wackybrit)

(Caveat: This is not me bitching. Just a question. If it's a bad idea, just let me know.)
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December 29

Unban Keyser Soze

Unban Keyser please. (more inside)
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Can't we all just try to capitalize correctly?

Must we actively push the devolution? Is the shift button that hard to find? More inside.
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December 28

Is there a membership contract?

Does the $5 membership fee come with an implied "contract?" (more inside)
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Little tear...
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Anonymous Questions

WTF, Matt? Why are fingernail clipping, hypnosis, and theft worthy of being posted anonymously?
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Search is broken again.

Search is broken, part 532. But this time it's a Google bug. Here's an example: I couldn't find a recent excellent AskMe, until iconomy kindly answered my MetaAsk, noting it was called MySonHatesMeFilter. But using Google, even with that unique string, I don't find the original article, but Yahoo and MSN find it. I'm afraid Google is no longer necessarily "your best bet". How about adding Yahoo and MSN search boxes?
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Broken RSS on MeFi

The MetaFilter front page RSS feed seems to have become deformed. It has something to do with "Soup & Old Clothes?"
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The NYT has given MeFi partial credit for popularizing Pac-Mondrian.

Tired of links to the NY Times on Metafilter? Then perhaps you'll enjoy this Gray Lady link to Metafilter here on the gray. They've given MeFi partial credit for popularizing Pac-Mondrian (even though ifjuly's link only got six comments.) [via Slashdot Games.]
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Something changed in the past day with the front page formatting.

Something changed in the past day with the front page formatting. The right hand column now seems to shove everything past the first few lines downwards...but only when you're logged in. I've tried it in both Firefox and IE.
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I am in New Zealand, and we are on New Zealand Summer Time

I am in New Zealand, and we are on New Zealand Summer Time. UTC + 12 hours does not cut it - I need another hour. We start summer time early here, and finish it late, so this would make for many months of timezone happiness.

Just when you have time, mate.
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December 27

Eight visible double-posts currently afflict the front page

Eight visible double-posts currently afflict the front page (blights inside).
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Melbourne Meetup

Melbourne Mefi Meetup. Previously mentioned here. [There is more inside]
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Always blaming the US media/government

WTF is up with the "blame the U.S. media/government" derail which occurs every time there's a disaster abroad? Why do so few seem to be bothered by it?
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Banned anyway

Pleased don't ban Cancergiggles; just delete his self-post.
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December 26

How does one post to Ask Metafilter Anonymous?

How does one post to Ask Metafilter Anonymous?
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No one complains about newsfilter when people die

About today's earthquake/tidal wave post : today I read the New York Times site before Metafilter, but I dismissed the possibility of posting about it because of the recent snarking against linking to current news articles in front page posts.

Then I clicked on my Mefi tab to discover somebody had posted about it, and nobody's posted any "NewsFilter" gripes yet. Is it that the 0ldB33 Snarkers Committee really means " news articles we don't like (and you have to read our minds)", or is there a policy of ranking the human costs of natural disasters somewhere above doggie dildos after all?

As for that thread's content, I was little dismayed about the comments where people's big concern was for one dried-up (and never very good) Sci-Fi author (the movie "2001" was Kubrick's doing, y'all), but I withheld my remarks about that failure of etiquette and (as I see it) morals from the Blue -- as, as of this typing, so has everybody else.

But then of course I'm still a "n00b".... Are concerns like those I've expressed here today okay, or should I first submit my MetaTalk thread ideas to some MetaCognoscenti as well?
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xmas xmas xmas

I love Christmas as much as the next guy, but AskMe appears to be displaying December 25th three times at the moment, although no questions seem to be duplicated.
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Seattle Meetup

Seattle and beyond MeFi Meetup followup for scheduling.

y2k sez "nite after Xmas?" Alas, though, for we missed him playing slide guitar. Dan sez NYE and later. I'm open Monday and after. Others?
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December 25

Vancouver Meetup


When: Tuesday, December 28th, 6ish p.m.
Who: You, me, and a bevy of attrative females
Where: Vancouver. As for the specifics, that's up for discussion.
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TinyURL'd goatse in the title field of an otherwise excellent thread.

TinyURL'd goatse in the title field of an otherwise excellent thread. Please edit, thanks. And Merry Christmas.
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December 24

Jingle Rock Bell

AskMefiFollowup: I like to sing Jingle Bell Rock, but using only the words "bell", "rock", and "jingle":

bell rock jingle rock
Bell jingle rock
Rock jingle rock
Bell jingle bell
Rock bell
Rock rock bell
Jingle rock, jingle rock
Bell bell bell

Drives my wife nuts. I'd record an MP3 of me doing it if someone could find me a karaoke track.
posted by PinkStainlessTail at 10:25 AM PST on December 22

P. S. Tail, Esq, has followed through just in time for Christmas: May I present you with Jingle Rock Bell
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December 23

post policing is the new troll

A thread about some irresponsible thing Bill O'Reilly said is followed with some pile on comments and a few insights. Then, ten comments and forty minutes later, this: "Jeebus, how does this qualify as a FPP?" It seems that on the new MetaFilter, post policing is the new troll.
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Fark fat-bashing fusion

It's farkish and fatty-bashing in one convenient post!

Seriously, what do we hope to accomplish with this?
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Can we have titles in the AskMe feed?

When I subscribe to the Ask Metafilter rss feed (using Firefox's Live Bookmark feature) only the title tags show, making the list come up as Question #123523, Question #675745, etc. Could the description tag be copied to the title tag in the RSS feed? Maybe the first 25 characters and then a "..." if necessary? Is there another way of seeing questions using this? Thanks.
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merry christmas!

christmas greetings !
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December 22

Metafilter is the #8 blog of the year.

"For staying above the fray, Metafilter is the #8 blog of the year." Even if do we seem a bit collectively self-loathing sometimes, somebody still loves us! Hooray!
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DC mefites assemble!

DC mefites assemble! The time of the metafilter gathering draws nigh. Tryst is the venue, and your hostess is the lovely and talented amandaudoff.

The date of the gathering is December 29th, the time is 7:00 PM.

(Note: I am not a DC mefite, as I live in sunny Virginia Beach, VA, but I'm going to drive up for the get-together, assuming one or two of you are committed to going.)
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email for an art project

What's up with the profile pages? Every one I check has this at the bottom left of the page: email for an art project
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Not our most shining moment....

Not our most shining moment, as spotted by Leonard. Hopefully it's just holiday stress manifesting itself as assholery that'll blow over after the new year. One can hope.
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Don't forget the MetaFilter (Re)Design Contest.

Don't forget the MetaFilter (Re)Design Contest. Time for a front-page reminder?
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Can international users be added to the 'users near you' feature?

How about adding some mechanism whereby we Canadian users (and/or further abroad, but I don't know how complex that could get) could join the "Users near this user" crowd? Obviously we would have to provide postal codes, but the mechanism must exist, since it is used on several other site.

As far as integrating it with the US one, well, I don't know if that would be possible, let alone plausible, but it'd be a nifty addition.
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The use of small tags in front page posts bothers me

The use of small tags in front page posts bothers me. If something is worth saying, it's worth saying properly. A lot of the time it is used for unnecessary commentary about the post itself. Don't! Other times it's used to lessen the impact of a longer post on the front page, but preserving front page space by simultaneously posting less useful content seems like backwards logic to me. In preferences, I've set my small font size the same as my general font size, but it doesn't work.
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December 21

Countdown to posting?

Countdown to posting?
I had a good AskMeFi question and went to post it but got the No Posty For You page.
Would it be possible to get a countdown timer involved so that I could get an idea of when I could ask the question?
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AskMe thread about useful software for troubleshooting

There was an AskMe thread today about essential software to take on tech support calls to loved ones' computers over the holidays. It got deleted, I assume because the question's been asked and answered a couple of times. (+)
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HTML posting issues

Maybe it's been covered recently, but bold, italic and link buttons don't work for me. I logged out, deleted cookies, etc. Firefox .8
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December 20

MeFi Multinational Meetup in Dallas

I hear that someone, somewhere, is waiting for pics from the insanity that was the weekend long MeFi multinational meetup in Dallas. Chicobangs, doing his best Matthew Brady impression, managed to document it quite well. As per usual, I played second fiddle to his Cotton Ginnee.
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Counts in profile not right?

My user page is borked. I've answered way more than zero things in I've posted more than zero responses in the blue. I'm pretty sure I can't post in the blue, either, though this may not be a problem anymore - I just haven't had anything blueworthy recently. My account is pretty old, and it was stagnant for a while. Does that explain things?
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Callout of Responses to Miss Lynnster's First Ever Post

This is my first MeTa thread calling someone out, but this just seems out of line. A new member posts a good link that is not news/politics/religion, and someone has to find something to whine about. Good job sticking up for yourself, though, miss lynnster!
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Return of MeFiSwap!

Per the misplaced thread in AskMe, and for all of you wondering about the MeFiSwap... [+]
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Links or discussion; which is more important?

What is the appropriate role of links in making FPP’s? A lot of people seem to think that MetaFilter is, essentially, about discussion. But Matt deletes “bad” links, even when they might generate good discussion. Why? If I want to discuss a topic, why can’t I just go and find any old link to start things off? Or can I?

It’s an old topic, but maybe we should adapt to our new users. And short of a definitive pronouncement from Matt, the only way to determine appropriate behavior around here is through community consensus. So: What say you all?
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Useless post that doesn't follow the guidlines, posted solely to mock religion?

Is it just me or is this a useless post that doesn't follow the guidlines, posted solely to mock religion?
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How do I work this Firefox-thingy again?

Could there be a customization option for Firefox users to have links open in a new tab?
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Google Images of MetaFilter

What is Metafilter?
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December 19

Wanna get together next week sometime?

Via AksMe. I know there's a few MeFites in Melbourne, Australia. Wanna get together next week sometime? (27th Dec onwards).
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West coast meetups

It's certainly been a contentious couple of weeks in MeTa! I'm hoping we can get back up to MEETUPS. Seattle, Vancouver, and San Francisco, I'm looking at you! [+]
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Can someone explain 'contacts' for me?

When I look at my own profile, I see this about "contacts":

Contacts: This user doesn't link to any other MetaFilter members. No other MetaFilter members link to this user.

When I look at someone else's profile, I see a button to add that person as a contact.

Have I missed something in MeFi guidelines about contacts? Why would I want to add someone as a contact or have him add me? Is there some benefit to doing that (like an IM channel)?

Can someone explain 'contacts' for me?
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Call for deletion

and please also delete the "Delicious new open-source Pepsi Blue!" pseudo-question
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Please delete scammy ipod link

delete the free ipod referral link, please.
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December 18

Why is there an AskMe limit?

I just skimmed the past two months of MeTalk looking for this thread and didn't find it, so excuse me if it's a DP, but: When I went to post an AskMe question today, I got this: You've asked a question in the past week. There is a limit of one question per week, which you've used up. Make them count, because you'll only get one a week. [+]
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This thread breaks the rules.

This thread, though a good attempt at humour, doesn't follow the rules.
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Please ban people for crummy answers.

There's been a lot of hand-wringing in re: askme lately, so, have we considered the idea of the temporary ban? I submit for your consideration this post. In my mind, that warrants, say, a 2-week ban from askme. Second offense is a 4-week ban and third offense is a permant ban. All from askme, mind you, I'm not talking about a mefi-wide ban.

Of course, this is all more administrative overhead for Matt and god knows I wouldn't bother were I in his shoes. It just sort of seems like a definitive "this sort of uselessness is not desired here" response would be nice.
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December 17

Crossword puzzle post isn't quite right.

I'm guessing this should be moved here, since MetaFilter is about links (and no, the 1998 report of the American Crossword Puzzle Tournament isn't enough). Yeah?
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DC Meetup

I'll be housesitting in DC from Christmas until January 6th and would love to meetup with some MeFites. Anyone up for grabbing a drink in the mid (or post)-holiday lull?
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December 16

You don't change a quote, duh

When you quote a comment from another user, you don't change the words that the other user wrote (unless you use clear edit marks like brackets and elipses to show you made a change). You would think this is mind-numbingly clear, and yet...
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I screwed up links.

I screwed up. Links I posted here are all screwy somehow. Instead of telling me what I did wrong, can someone tell me how to fix it?
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South Florida Meetup

The South Florida MeFi/MoFi meetup (previously discussed here) is hereby scheduled for Saturday, December 18. [details inside]
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My first post to metafilter was deleted. Why?

I recently posted my first thread to Metafilter today. Within five minutes, it had been taken down. Did I happen to violate some policy/taboo/sense of etiquette?
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This and this leads to that

So I posted this (about trying to rid myself of two cats), and then there was this, and since it caused a bit of a stir, I thought a brief follow-up couldn't hurt. [more]
posted by vraxoin to MetaFilter-Related at 9:01 AM PST - 64 comments, firefox, and popunders

In this askMe post, which is now gone from the front page, rio (and several other people) wondered if there was a way to post to from FireFox without a pop-under window. After some research, I found this extension which does the trick (tested on my winXP machine). After installing it, you can post to in a pop-UP window (even with the blocker turned on) by pressing ctrl+shift+s.
posted by grumblebee to MetaFilter-Related at 8:51 AM PST - 14 comments

Are annual repostings of this nature acceptable?

Annual repetition. This thread has begun a discussion on the MeFi acceptability of pages which change on an annual basis. Are annual repostings of this nature acceptable? [MI]
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December 15

Does anyone want my account?

I never use this name/account, so I was wondering if anyone was interested in taking it over...
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Another 30 seconds with bunnies

Matt, it would be great if you could whip up a little script that would automatically post to the front page every time a new "in 30 seconds with bunnies" movie is posted. It would save us users a lot of time and effort.
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askme sample page improvements

Recently, Matt put up a sample page for the new AskMe Ask A Question page. Included in the sample are sections for questioner selected categories and keywords. The cataloger in me sees both the use and the danger in this, so... [+]
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You don't have a 'right' to post anywhere

Sigh. . . [+]
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Error in the 'posted by' links.

The write-up author's homepage link is broken.
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December 14

be nice to n00bs

Things I learned in kindergarden, or... just be nice.
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Text ads linking to linkfarms

Looks like some users are using MeFi text ADs to post google linkfarms. Example: This site, and this one.
posted by shepd to Etiquette/Policy at 6:00 PM PST - 5 comments

Unnecessary callout

Biffa wrote to me "Lots of people don't read NYT or slashdot and neither of these have a relationship with MeFi such that links can be regarded as exclusive. Perhaps you should focus more on finding some good links for yourself rather than trying to Metapolice with what appears to be your first contribution of any kind as a member. And take it to MeTa if you have any further problem with it." []

I've been reading metafilter for three years and I feel qualified to make my comment. I re-checked this page before I posted:

If that page is incorrect, then perhaps someone should change what is stated before handing out conflicting advice. I figured Slashdot and the lead article of the NYTs (and this isn't life and death news) weren't FP material. But perhaps I'm wrong.
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What makes people stick around?

One moment, you're a noob; the next you're old furniture. If fairly lax criteria were applied (say at least one post, even if it's only a brief lackadaisacal or flippant comment per month - but no no less! (more prolonged absences, for whatever reason, counting for nothing, whatever the original date of joining), just how many old-timers or veterans (inveterates even) does MetaFilter have? Who are these people? The interesting question being, of course, what made them (you) stay and, as it were, stay regular, despite all the alleged turmoil and changes we've been through?

P.S. This might be a silly question and I'm not painlessly aware of this.
posted by MiguelCardoso to MetaFilter-Related at 12:28 PM PST - 111 comments

This comment is very unnecessary, distracting and long.

This comment is very unnecessary, distracting and long. It also has nothing to do with the posted links. Can it please be removed?
posted by loquax to Etiquette/Policy at 11:13 AM PST - 47 comments

questions get pushed down off the page at AskMe too damn fast

As has been noted before, questions get pushed down off the page at AskMe too damn fast. Most of the questions are good ones. Which means, I guess, we need some better information architecture (categories or something) to happen. When, oh lord, when?
posted by stavrosthewonderchicken to Feature Requests at 4:10 AM PST - 96 comments

December 13

Sidebar request for chicken genome sequencing!

Should there be a sidebar mention of the insider perspective on the International Chicken Genome Sequencing Consortium provided by grouse?
posted by srboisvert to MetaFilter-Related at 6:10 PM PST - 15 comments

Metafilter login doesn't work for me on Firefox.

Metafilter login doesn't work for me on Firefox. Just sends me back to the homepage without logging me in. It does work on IE. Metatalk and Ask Metafilter seem fine on both browsers. I've deleted all cookies, etc, and still no luck. Can anyone suggest a solution other than "use IE" or "don't post to Metafilter"?
posted by Justinian to Bugs at 5:39 PM PST - 22 comments

We passed the 20,000 user mark today

We passed the 20,000 user mark today, according to the count on the front page.
posted by timeistight to MetaFilter-Related at 4:51 PM PST - 16 comments

Oprah doesn't need any help shilling her book club

Oprah doesn't need any help shilling her book club.
posted by monju_bosatsu to Bugs at 3:14 PM PST - 133 comments

Large blank space unintended

Large space on the mainpage between superposition's Oprah post body text and the footer. Doesn't show in the comments section. Firefox 1.0. XP
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Is "There is a special place in hell for Bush" really necessary?

I know everyone here voted for Kerry and despises the President, but is "There is a special place in hell for Bush" really necessary?
posted by Steve_at_Linnwood to Etiquette/Policy at 1:36 PM PST - 68 comments

Better current events posts

In response to this post about Dick Clark, here are some ways to make better current events posts (more inside).
posted by KirkJobSluder to Etiquette/Policy at 12:50 PM PST - 18 comments

Too Many iPod Ads-as-Posts

I don't care about your damn iPod products. We've had like a billion iPod-related avertisments as posts on this site in like the last few months? Can we stop advertising for the iPod? How about it?
posted by xmutex to Etiquette/Policy at 11:05 AM PST - 35 comments

how to lookup user pages by user name

I used to be able to lookup user pages by user name, with the URL "" but now, when I put that in, it resolves to "" I know this has been mentioned before, but I can't find the discussion; is there any way to lookup a user's page if you only know their user name (and not their user number), and you can't find a comment they made (in order to just click on their name)?
posted by jonson to Feature Requests at 10:35 AM PST - 16 comments

AskMe RSS Feeds

Individual RSS/Atom feeds for Ask MeFi would be a good place to test the feasibility for the rest of the MeFi network. Besides, at the moment - Ask Mefi is the site that has the most need for people to easily track responses to their posts. It's also the least trafficed of the 3 sites, (I believe) and will allow Matt to get a decent idea of how implementing individual feeds will affect the entire site.

Or....just do a drive for a new processor/ram for the server so we can implement them across all 3 sites. ;)
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How long should i wait for my baseball shirt?

Metafilter Custom Baseball Shirts from Cafepress - How long does it take? I'm wondering if I'm being overly anxious since I put in the request in mid-October and I'm still twiddling my thumbs waiting for a link to be e-mailed to me.
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Michigan Meetup

Detroit/Ann Arbor MeFi/MoFi Meetup this Saturday. We'll start at 2PM, at the Arbor Brewing Company in downtown Ann Arbor (114. E. Washington). Hope to see some of you there!
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Global meetup reminder.

Meetup Chaos: MetaFilter's first Rome/St. Louis/NYC/OKC/Dallas meetup is coming at 'cha like a Texas haymaker. This Friday (uh, in Dallas) down at Monica's (in Deep Ellum) we'll be having dinner. Shenanigans will continue long into the night... (more inside)
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agressive search advice commentary

Should this advice on searching for previous posts be on the search page?
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December 12

Melbourne meetup request

I'm in Melbourne visiting my grandparents. (For a month; and I know nobody.) Anyone want to get a coffee?
posted by Tlogmer to MetaFilter Gatherings at 5:16 PM PST - 16 comments

Automatic detection of the un-best of the web?

Would it be possible to do a little real-time checking for easily catchable sub-par posts, and provide the user with a little advice or more information?

One instance where (given the largely negative feedback in this earlier post) this might be appreciated: If the post consists of a single link to an ebay item, present the user with a message as they preview, something along the lines of "You appear to be posting a single link to an item on ebay. Even if you think that it is quirky or wacky or outrageous, metafilter is probably not the place for it, and you may wish to reconsider your post."

There is some more inside.
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Over-reaction to my not-so-stellar AskMe

Okay, so in a lapse of early morning judgement I post a not-so-stellar AskMe post. But does such deserve...(MI)
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Anyonymous: signal or noise?

Have anonymous posts made AskMetafilter better?
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December 11

jewelboxing ad on the front page makes my browser hang

Matt, that jewelboxing ad on the front page makes my browser hang (Safari.) When can I start paying you to not see any ads on Metafilter?
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Askme: rein it in, please

Can we please be done asking questions that aren't actually questions already?
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I love Metafilter and this is my way of saying thank you and hello.

I love Metafilter and this is my way of saying thank you and hello. [How could there not be more, inside?]
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As posted here. I'm entirely busy all day Sunday, so the 18th (Saturday) it'll have to be. Well, unless nobody else is available then, obviously.


1) Saturday December 18th, 7pm.
2) The Bishop & Belcher (Queen West, south side, just east of Peter).
3) ??????

No, there will be no profit. Just beer.
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CFML error

The Daily WTF thread is broken. Blah, blah, blah, CFML error.
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December 10

A historical oddity: self-link gets a pass

I hate to say it, but: self link.
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Can We Have Thread Ratings?

Could we have a feature by which each FPP is rated numerically, say, 1 to 5, and if it doesn't reach a 3 within an hour, it's dumped? Then we could all stop complaining about lousy FPPs.
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why is there no link to the green from the blue?

Maybe stupid to ask, but why is there no link to the green from the blue?
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I see two "December 10" headers in the green.

I see two "December 10" headers in the green. Do I need a new glasses prescription?
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Does Mark Morford read AskMe?

Does Mark Morford read ask mefi? It sure looks like it.
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NYC Meetup

NYC Meetup reminders:
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December 9

The effects of noobs on MetaFilter.

Not in defense of noobs. Because of noobs (myself included), the sky is falling and trends clearly show that metafilter is getting rapidly out of control!! Seriously though, this analysis shows that the "average age" of a metafilter poster has dropped by almost 200 days, I am in whichever camp wants to extend the incubation period for noobs like us...
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In defense of newbie posts

In defense of newbie posts (No Text. I mean... More Inside!)
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I've been getting this error

I've been getting this error:
The request has exceeded the allowable time limit Tag: CFQUERY
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Discussion from FPP

" get more reactions by being obscure." Newish Mefites: An FPP that leads to an interesting discussion is like catching a foul ball at a baseball's a nice outcome, it will probably be one of the things you remember about the game, and you might even want to bring a glove to improve your odds, but it shouldn't be the main reason you come to the park.
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Collectively smarter than all of you put together

It would appear that Metafilter is collectively smarter than Scott McNealy, Mitch Kapor, and a lot of other people ... and quicker than Snopes (as least in this case). Collectively is the operative word, of course, but I thought this was worth a chuckle.
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This was my first front page post - how did I do?

How'd I do? This was my first FPP - too politicky, too religiousy, good stuff, bad stuff, indifferent? I like a good ego stroke as much as anyone, but I really want to know if I helped make MeFi a better place.
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December 8

Hey, what happened to that lion FPP?

Hey, what happened to that lion FPP?
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Multiple offensive comments

I wasn't going to say anything because the grey has been so god-awful busy today, but what's the deal here? And can it stop?
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Request for a mistake deletion from AskMe

Dear Matt: I made a boo boo. Delete this and let's make sure we never discuss it on AskMe. Thank you sir and have a good day.
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Get it right the first time

Just because there's no good way to get a thread shilling a new piece of free software noticed once it drops off the top of the front page is no reason to make a further thread noting the addition of a uninventive feature that was missed in the original post.

Nor does that fact that KevinSkomsvold saved it by turning it into a discussion about the merits of RSS mitigate my point. IE: What is the best way to do it?
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There are many people who see Metafilter as sexist, a boyzone....

There are many people who see Metafilter as sexist, a veritable boyzone of aggression and braggadocio. What can be done to address these concerns?
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Weird TextAd

"Nekkid Celebrities, updated daily" kinda caught my eye in a TextAd. I don't actually see anything in the TextAd policy this clearly violates, so maybe it's fine. I'm at work so I haven't clicked the link to check, but thought I'd mention it.
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something interesting to read

This doesn't belong in the green, but it's something interesting to read.
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Closed thread bug

This thread, posted today, says it's over 30 days old and is closed for archival purposes.
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RSS for AskMe and MeTa?

RSS for AskMefi and MeTa: Do they exist or am I just missing them? If they don't exist, can we have RSS-flavored ponies? If they do exist, can they be made more plain? How many past discussions of this topic have I missed? What other interesting facts will I learn inside? Fezzy minds want to know.
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AskMe Coldfusion Error

AskMe throws a ColdFusion error when I'm not logged in, but works just fine when I am.
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NYC Meetup

A thread for the last New York Meetup of '05! (Probably.)

Sunday, Dec. 12. We'll meet at 3:00, and go until... probably a lot later than that. (These n00bs don't initiate themselves, you know.)

We'll all meet up at Dempsey's (as kind of agreed upon in this thread), but it may move in the leisurely Sunday afternoon way these things sometimes go...
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Happy Birthday AskMe

Happy Birthday, Ask Metafilter! Best thing ever. Thanks, Matt.
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Self appointed sanctimonious MeFi gods/censors

I am struck by the amount of clutter which is created by apparently self appointed sanctimonious MeFi gods/censors. Comments on etiquette, self promotion etc are constructive, however what on earth (other than self promotion) is achieved by pointing out that you have seen something before or that it doesn't interest you. So what? I would have no interest whatsoever in a post linking to a 1973 article about bestiality amongst jazz lovers but that is just me and I am not small minded enough to pontificate against those who want to follow this particular hobby. The one thing I can conceive of that would be more tedious than reading the article would be wading through "old link - I've seen it before" or "this is boring". This is hypocrisy gone mad.
Anyone else?
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AskMe Followups

Often having read an AskMe thread I wonder later how it all turned out. Did the raccoon make it? Did she freak out about all your new books? Did the tramadol screw you? How'd the ginger martini go down? Those are recent threads, still open for comments, so adamkempa could easily let us know as to whether he found the pez shirt, but that doesn't work for learning how effective were scarabic's body disposal guidelines. Or if anonymous is in deep trouble, or is it not so bad.

At least let me know whether deafmute has managed to get away from the dog yet.
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December 7

banning serial flamers

banning serial flamers: internet community no-brainers [mi]
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This is not good

Crap post. Discuss.
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Have we been trolled?

Have we been trolled?
07 Dec 2004 : Cost to me £96.99 : PapPal Donations £0.00 : Reaction on Metafilter - Priceless

Read back through his comments on the original thread with this in mind, and the whole thing smacks of a self post.
*W = we
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December 6

Noise in the cat question.

How about answering peoples' questions in AskMe, instead of berating them over their reasons for asking?

Y'know, just sayin'.
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does this look more like an advertisement than a genuine post?

Am I seeing what's not there, or does this look more like an advertisement than a genuine post?
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a couple of the n00bs are taking advantage of their soapboxes

Self-linking in comments has been tacitly condoned, but a couple of the n00bs are taking advantage of their soapboxes. 1, 2. Perhaps it's time for a meta-nudge in the right direction? Just sayin'.
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Um. Doesn't this belong in AskMe instead?

Um. Doesn't this belong in AskMe instead?
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Crush contacts

I tried to add the ever-sparkling Sidhedevil as a crush with the "Add Contact" thingy, however after submitting the form no relationship type was mentioned in the list. All the other relationship types work, but crush just won't stick. I appreciate the way this plagiarises Real Life, but still think this constitutes a bug.
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Self-Linking on AskMe Permissible?

How does one post a question regarding their homepage (that definately requires a link) in askmeta without getting people complaining about self promotion on metatalk?
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Hitting back erases question preview

When you're previewing a question in AskMeFi, it tells you to hit back on your browser to tweak the question. When you do, the initial text you wrote no longer appears in the box. (Or is this just me?)
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December 5

blinding color blindness test link

Watch out for fatllama's link to a color blindness test in Keyser Soze's AskMe thread. It's not for the easily disturbed, or those looking for a quiet night of surfing. I should have recognized it from previous experience with it on the net, but I didn't and now metafilter doesn't have to either.
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display how many comments since you last opened the thread?

This might be far too much work, but would it be possible to have a thread display how many comments there have been since you last opened the thread instead of comments since you last reloaded the page?
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Something like a favorite would be awesome

I have no idea if this is something other people would want or if it would be easy enough to do...
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Montreal Meetup

YAMP (Yet Another Meetup Post): anyone here from (or near, or interested in getting near) beautiful Montreal (or Montréal, c'est correct aussi!), Canada (eeeeh!) interested in a little get-together? Inquire within...
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South Florida MeFi/MoFi meetup

South Florida MeFi/MoFi meetup, mid-December, anyone interested? (more inside)
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Gratuitous self-link, or a legitimate part of the question?

Gratuitous self-link, or a legitemate part of the question?

It's not quite as bad as this one, since in this case the self-link has at least a theoretical connection to the question being asked, but it still feels to me more like bwerdmuller is hoping that "the best way to find new business fast" is to post a link to his own work on a popular forum and see if anyone bites.

Am I just being grumpy? Where should we draw the line on self-promotion within AskMe?
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Mathowie, blog advisor to the stars

User Numero Uno gets a shoutout from Gary Becker, a Nobel laureate in economics, and Richard Posner, a prolific author and influential federal judge. I just wanted to say thanks to Matt for assisting these two true intellectual heavyweights in getting online. Although the original test posts have now been deleted, you know you have groupies when your "Hello world" posts get 25 trackbacks.
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Making fancy posts

I am looking for some Metafilter/HTML/Posting suggestions. I have seen some nicely done, complicated postings with hover-tags, acronym tags, imbedded items, etc. I have not found these suggestions/hints/suggestions - have I missed them?
Is there a spot someplace to test postings (/dev/null) posting page? So one could practice sophisticated postings without incurring the wrath of the Meta-masses by posting gibberish in order to test various methods. (HINT: yes Preview post is a start)
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December 4

AskMe Etiquette

Callout to take care in your AskMeFi posts:
"parking meters and nyc" question. Ummm... did you mean Fire hydrant?
"is there a well-known phrasing of the concept that 'the three (or bough, or branch)" Uhh... did you mean tree?
People seem to take extra care with spelling, phrasing and clarity in the blue and this is great but it seems like a poster should take even more care in the green because rather than offering information you are asking for it to be given to you. Just sayin'.
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Who is playing world of warcraft?

Any of you folks play the new-fangled World of Warcraft game? Rollcall inside.
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Amazing post.

Positive Callout:

I just wanted to say, I've been reading MeFi for quite a while, and this is probably one of the most amazing posts (both formatting and content) I've ever seen. Thank you, jefgodesky!
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December 3

Toronto Meetup

BaaFilter: Okay, I'll be a sheep. TorontoMefites, let's get together and drink Too Much Beer(tm).
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Biography based on previous comments

I recall a while back someone posted a sort of biography of another MeFi member using information gleaned from that person's comments and posts. Anyone remember that/have a link?
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NYC meetup Dec. 2004

Any chance of another NYC shindig before 2005? Y'know, for those of us who missed Jucylicious' visit?
posted by Smart Dalek to MetaFilter Gatherings at 6:46 PM PST - 46 comments

Anyone here from Alabama?

Anyone here from Alabama?
posted by Ryvar to MetaFilter Gatherings at 6:37 PM PST - 50 comments

Portland Meetup

Anyone else in Portland, Oregon?
posted by cmonkey to MetaFilter Gatherings at 6:29 PM PST - 21 comments

Michigan Meetup

How about Comstock Park, MI?
posted by quonsar to Bugs at 6:24 PM PST - 23 comments

Canada Meetup

Anyone else in Edmonton, Canada?
posted by livingsanctuary to MetaFilter Gatherings at 6:19 PM PST - 21 comments

Mefi rendering performance being debugged

page rendered in: connection failure ms
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MeFi Librarians

Mefi Librarian Call-Out?

I'm tickled by the idea that Metafilter is a secret bastion of (potentially erm, "turned-on") librarians. I wish Iwas a librarian. I think all the librarians on Metafilter should sign in here and band together at suitable meet-ups to form an army of goodness that (please God please God please God) will take over the world.
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who doesn't like heated massages?

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I'm already in pain, and didn't need your wiseass remarks

In the course of answering PurplePorpoise's pillow question, I mention (for background) that I suffer from a painful, chronic autoimmune disease. This is Pretty_Generic's response. That didn't hurt much, really -- less than my back does most days -- but it doesn't make him any less of an insensitive prick. Mocking someone's illness shouldn't be considered good conduct.
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Can I suggest a word limit on Ask Me posts?

Can I suggest a word limit on Ask Me posts? I have just had a look over and the first 2 posts for December 3rd are, in my opinion, rather over the top.
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December 2

Any chance of getting trackbacks turned back on?

Any chance of getting trackbacks turned back on, Matt? I really liked the way I could follow them out into the bloggy cloud of commentary, which often included longer essays and pictures of kittens and stuff.
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Metafilter Statistics through November 2004 have been updated

Metafilter Statistics through November 2004 have been updated! Tons of interesting new activity...
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We can haz Projects?

I've heard rumors around here about a potential .mefi section for 'fites to share projects they are working on with the community. Is this something that is in the works? If not, could it be considered?
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December 1

I like the new windows

I like that when I follow a link from The Blue it opens in a new window but when I am on The Gray or The Green links open in the same window.

Do I need to somehow make a setting in my Customize page for it to work across the board or can this pony be fixed?
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MeFi Hit Count

I'm curious: how many hits does the Metafilter front page get on an average day?
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Metafilter accounts on BugMeNot

I am concerned about the appearance of Metafilter accounts on BugMeNot.
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a piss-take in a meta sandbox

Probably the most fun I can remember having here, despite running as it does very much counter to the notion that MetaFilter is not a soapbox, and your primary subject should be links, not opinions.

It's a piss-take, but some of us needed that. Anyway, come on in, the water's fine. And thanks again to Vidiot.
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Why did this anonymous question make it to AskMe?

Why did this question make it to AskMeFi?
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No tinyurls please

Can we please not use tinyURL in postings and especially in FPPs.

They are of no benefit and they put a another layer of vulnerability between readers and the content. And they are guaranteed not to work at some point in the future.

Not only do the URLS expire they are recycled. So even if they don't point to tubgirl now they might in the future.
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Is this even possible?

Is this even possible?

Highest Contribution Indexes
6952.00 jonmc
10.75 amberglow
10.31 bugbread
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Can we close signups now?

Can we close the door now? I'm genuinely happy to have some new blood, but here's the problem. Pretty much everyone who's been reading the site with their noses against the glass has been let in. Hereafter, we're going to get a bunch of folks who happen to be wandering by, and know nothing of how things are done around here. (I don't know if that's the case with notmtwain, I'm only using his/her post as an example because it glares so.) We can always open it up again later, but can we have a moratorium on new users? Just for now? Please?
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