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September 30

Blank post

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My new-messages-in-threads count has not worked for some time now

My new-messages-in-threads count has not worked for some time now. Is it me or is it MeFi?
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spoofer spoofed spoofing

So would This be considered a bug or a diabolical feature? I believe that what kchristidis did was copy the source for a previous comment into the top of his comment making it appear as though Meg posted a comment she didn't post. Is it even possible to prevent something like that?
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Name a post you actually liked. Go on, I dare you

Name a post you actually liked. Go on, I dare you. (more)
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Notification of new threads and comments.

Would it be possible to add a "There have been X new threads and Y new comments on MetaTalk since your last visit" to the MetaFilter page?
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September 29

Grammarian asks for proper formatting

Grammatical plea: any chance of changing "There HAS been X links and Y comments since your last visit" to "There HAVE been..." on the main page? The phrase is correctly plural on MetaTalk and pluralism rules all over Metafilter anyway.

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Nice way of handling a newbie.

A pat on the back, guys. Some positive feedback for once: veteran MeFites gently pointing out guidelines to a newby.

"Welcome...anyway!" Very classy.
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Has there been a noticeable increase in the amount of .gov or .mil IPs accessing Mefi since 9.11?

Has there been a noticeable increase in the amount of .gov or .mil IPs accessing Mefi since 9.11? Just curious.
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The double post checker isn't picking up "" as a repeat performance of ""

The double post checker isn't picking up "" as a repeat performance of "": possibly strip off the preceding "www." as part of the check? (There'll be a few false positives, but better that than a false negative.)
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September 28

XML on MetaFilter?

an xml threaded metafilter with structure based on the dewey decimal system. whenever you make a post or comment it fits it into the big picture. your xsl transformation(s) output based on criteria chosen like dates of submissions/comments, terminology, subject, or other criteria the client can select using a gui/web form, or their own custom xsl stylesheet.
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No really, take it to Metatalk

Is it OK to violate MetaFilter etiquette to complain about WTC posts? [more inside]
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Search MetaTalk button says "Search MetaFilter"

The submit button on the Search MetaTalk page should say “Search MetaTalk” instead of “Search MetaFilter.”
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div v h2

Is there a reason you use <div class="monthday">September 28</div> instead of, e.g., <h2 class="monthday">September 28</h2>? I don’t know about everyone else, but I’d greatly appreciate a switch to the latter.
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server down with coldfusion update

Sorry about the server probs this afternoon (more)
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A button that, when you push it, makes everything ok.

A button that, when you push it, makes everything ok.
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Comment guidelines?

We all know the guidelines for front page posts and obviously the rules are a bit more lax for comments, but what exactly is (or should be) the policy on deleting comments? Do ones like this qualify for the big eighty-six?
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September 27

does the site seem slow to anybody lately

does the site seem slow to anybody lately, or is it me? there are long waits when i click on comments, or basically anything which loads from the database.
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9-11 roundup

Ultimate WTC Post! (see inside!)
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MetaFilter is a Weblog, not a Newsblog.

MetaFilter is a Weblog, not a Newsblog.
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September 26

Happy Birthday Kottke

It's everyone's favorite weblogger's birthday Thursday. Help wish him well by buying a special commemorative shirt:
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How I Learned to Participate and Love the Web

Why I love Metafilter, or, How I Learned to Participate and Love the Web.
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Kill Post

How about a "kill post" function, with a tipping point. A little button next to front-page posts, that if 10, 15, 25, whatever people click within the first 10 minutes (or 5 responses) of a post, it gets deleted from the front page.

It's democratic, it's brutally efficient, and it will cut down on front page non-posts. I think people here are mature enough not to delete posts just because they're political.. and if not, the tipping point can just be scaled up a bit.
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No backsies

Can we just call a "do-over"or something today?
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September 25

Is a link to the Onion never justified?

Sometimes conventional wisdom simply doesn't seem to apply. Or does it?
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What's up with people cutting and pasting entire conversations from IM, ICQ or IRC on their blog?

What's up with people cutting and pasting entire conversations from IM, ICQ or IRC on their blog?
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cyniczny to General Weblog-Related at 7:59 PM PST - 11 comments

Spam? In *my* MetaFilter?

"Hello I am CTO of Lasoo....As a small dotcom in today's sometimes difficult marketplace every bit counts!...We are also always on the lookout for new ASP business deals."

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Douple post from comment to FPP?

is a post that includes a link previously posted in a thread, but not on the homepage, a double-post?
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Exposure is the only compensation I can offer you

As you know, New York City has been in turmoil since September 11. What you don't know is that my site, World New York, has been receiving ten times the Internet traffic as usual.

Instead of feeling like a traffic whore (and instead of posting more bad poetry from grandmothers in Iowa) I'd like to share that bounty with interested writers. Send me an article, a story, a column. It does not have to be about current events. Send me things as often as you like. Perhaps there's something you've written which feel deserves more attention, or that would not be appropriate for whatever media outlet you might currently work for. In any case, if it meets my standards, I'll post it on the site with your byline and contact information.

World New York does not carry advertising, is free to visitors, and therefore has no income. It is just a little project that keeps me mildly entertained. I cannot pay you a dime, but the site receives thousands of visitors a day. The traffic is not huge, but it is decent exposure. Judging by the logs, there are many employees from newspapers and media companies reading the site: that's encouraging, and again, it's exposure. The site has already been linked to by more than 700 other web sites, and mentioned in four traditional news outlets, including the New York Times. Exposure is the only compensation I can offer you.

Grant Barrett
World New York
New York Loves You Back

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One WTC thread a day

Since the large number of WTC threads is pissing off our leader, why don't longtimers post related comments and links only in the first WTC thread of the day and let the others disappear from our consciousness as quickly as that Live WTC tribute song?
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September 24

Didn't I already read this?

Don't get me wrong, here. I'm a big fan of Jeffrey Zeldman, and I have to agree he's been doing some damn fine writing lately. But does that mean that every one of his "My Glamourous Life" posts going to get a front page link of their very own from now on?
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The Blog Twinning Project

The Blog Twinning Project - Didn't think this was worthy of a front page post, but it's nice concept.
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Users growing: stats available?

Matt, I would like to thank you for hosting this fabulous forum. I have learned so much about the wonderful world of the web, most recently such things as E/N sites :) and cam girls and how some people react to them. :) And I have a question. I have been noticing the numbers of Metafilter members rising steadily on the front page (and kudos to you for hosting all 11,000+ of us). There was a rise in members (pun unintended!) right after you came back from vacation and another big bump following the horrible events of Sept. 11. Could you tell us how many people have joined since Sept. 11, since you came back from vacation, and say, since the beginning of this year? Do you have those statistics handy? I think it would be interesting to see how many of us have joined in what time periods, even from the beginning!
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Metatalk comments not shown in profile

When I click on someone's user name, why doesn't it show their metatalk comments as well as their mefi ones? Am I missing something, or is that info just not available?
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September 23


with the permission of chrish, #mefi is a reality. head over to, port 6667. if we were to schedule a time to meet, let's say... 9pm CST (7 pacific), but come on by anytime really (i'll be available to get on the channel late most evenings, not that i'm much of a marquee attraction or anything, but it'll be better than watching drywall peel).
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Bad Formatting on MeFi Threads

MetaFilter’s code is messed up. The front page is fine, but all of the threads start with an unclosed anchor tag. This is bad. To be more specific, there’s only the left angle bracket and the insides of the link. You’re missing a right angle bracket and the closing tag.
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Miguel Miguel Miguel, and his "zero posters" thread.

Miguel. Miguel Miguel Miguel, and his "zero posters" thread.
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Expand the timestamp to include the year, please.

I know this had been requested here before, but if it is not too much trouble, can we have a year stamp added to the time stamp for each post?

Case in point, MiguelCardoso's this post was posted on the same date, but two years after the original thread started.
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9-11 abbreviations disrespectful

There is something disquieting and deeply disrespectful about the way some well-intentioned but impatient members have chosen to abbreviate the September 11 massacres. After 0.81 there has just appeared a 911 designation. Is a geeky insider-code-thing acceptable in these circumstances?
Is it even understandable to non-savvy members? To non-Americans, for instance "911" is a Porsche or an emergency phone number or the 9th of November.
Also there seems to be something inconsiderate about saying "WTC" when so many others died in Washington and Pennsylvania.
I am at a loss for suggestions. It would be too jinxy to say History will probably record the attacks as the September Attacks(there already is a "Black September"...) - because September is not yet ended.
Any ideas, meanwhile?
I often need to refer to these events here at MeFi and would welcome a short, but respectul abbreviation.
Thank you.

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Comment length

Guidelines or opinions on ultra-long essay-style comments?
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September 22

MetaFilter is now neither meta nor a filter

MetaFilter is now neither meta nor a filter. Discuss.
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"Winer exception"

Is there some sort of "Winer exception" to the Mefi Prime Directive? I sure hope not...
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can anyone else not log in?

can anyone else not log in? i'm getting the "This main page is currently being rendered as a static page . . . if you're logged in, you'll be able to comment" message on the front page. so i log in, and it takes me to "Thanks for logging in, you're now ready to jump directly to the index page," which i do, but it still says i'm not logged in. i've tried refreshing, but that doesn't work, either. any advice?
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WTC filter exhaustion

Much as I wish to be informed about what's going on with current events, I *really* wish we could focus on life for a little while. Now I know this has been talked about here before, about posting non-WTC links, and I'm attempting to do so, but I wonder what other options there could be. Maybe a Or a 'WTC' check box? What can be done short of matt saying 'chill out homies'?
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September 21

MeTa needs to catch its breath

MetaTalk of late has been living as accelerated an existence as the Mothership has. With complaints, controversies and crises coming in every few hours, it increasingly seems to me that MeTa needs to catch its breath. More inside.
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Problems with Links

I can never include a link in my comments. I go through the motions and the appropriate window appears but then, when I preview or post the comment, it either comes out as gobbledygook or disappears.
Why is this? Subliminally it also makes me post more than I would feel like - because URL links are so effectively rendered when you post one to the front-page- so this is a real problem.
What can the matter be?

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Why double posts are bad.

Why double posts are bad. A tutorial for newbies. Click for more...
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there's a MeFi Fantasy NHL league

There's already been a MeFi Fantasy Football League, now there's a MeFi Fantasy NHL league. Details inside, if you're interested.
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First paragraph of initial post missing on comments page

I seem to be losing the first paragraph of the initial post when I click through to /comments.mefi/# (win98/IE6). Not a big deal, as I've already read it on the front page, but... thought I'd mention it. Ignore me if it's just a result of heavy traffic (or something I'm doing wrong).
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The best case for a MeFi waiting period I've ever seen

The best case for a MeFi waiting period I've ever seen Survivorcam 2 gets mentioned, 3-4 people (at last count) sign up to create a stupid thread. Anyone want to invite the good people at Slashdot over?
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Link editorializing?

What's up with all the link editorializing (i.e. people who use their links to prove their preconceived opinion and make a point unrelated to the link content)?
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three front page posts just this afternoon

jbou sure is enthusiastic....three front page posts just this afternoon. And, natch, no e-mail address to mention this to him offline.
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Server isn't serving....

It might be my LAN, but I get a "Connection Failure" where the main chunk of posts on MeFi should be ...

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Fixed new/same window problem

I fixed a longstanding site problem for members. The "open links in a new window/open in the same window" feature has always been a bit buggy, but I finally cleaned up all the code that does it. So now, if you have your prefs set to new windows, you will always get a new window on any offsite link on the front page and comment pages, including everyone's comments (I wasn't doing this before). Also, I added a "two years ago" link to the sidebar.
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September 20

Static page for non-members to reduce load

I've restored the main page for members, non-members will get a page that is somewhat static and updated every five minutes. I've removed the custom sorting options for non-members, since it's an expensive query. I'm trying to minimize resource use, as the server is getting pummelled now. In the long term, I'll continue doing optimizations with the code and server, and hopefully be picking up the latest release of ColdFusion server (5.0) and some more RAM.
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IRC you know you want to set it up, matt.
posted by moz to Feature Requests at 12:38 PM PST - 7 comments

duplicate post after preview

I was adding a comment to a thread I started, and I previewed it once, added another line and previewed it again before posting. But it posted the message twice. The first being what was in the first preview and the second is what I wanted to post. The server had a slow reponse, and maybe that was a result or the cause of the error.
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Try this Chat

check this out, it's a real-time chat app done in XML and DHTML that floats "over" a site. It's kinda buggy and took me a few loads for it to work. Apparently, it's not private just to this site, and the other users are on other sites, but it's interesting.
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philosophy and metafilter

he ehe hello.
um, following the thread regarding multple posts within 24hrs i shall make this a single post. which is probably about to be deleted.

1. has there been a case where one person has registered two names in order to argue against themselves? a kind of plato thing. how would that be spotted?

2. have i stumbled upon one of the must self affirming experiences of my life? i enjoy metafilter due to the quality of debate, i feel that there are other people *like* me. is this simply because of the thorough 'policing' of the site removing all 'trolls' etc? am i living in a dream-world where what you say is as important as how you say it?

well, anyhoo, i'd like to thank the community for it's strength and openess in these emotive times.
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September 19

Would it be possible to implement a "watch thread" feature?

Matt: Would it be possible to implement a "watch thread" feature? With so many posts now there are some I really don't care to follow while others I'd like to check back on often and have them at the top when I log in or switch views. The sort by most or recent comments doesn't quite do the job in this instance.
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Any interest in MeFiCon 2001?

In this thread, some of us briefly rallied around the idea of a MetaFilter Conference in NYC and quickly named it MeFiCon 2001. By the time I got there the thread was a day old - ancient history on MeFi these days, so my question now is: who else is interested? I don't live in NY, or even that close, so I might not even be able to go, but is anyone willing to seriously do this?
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Signal-to-noise ratio declines

Signal-to-noise ratio declines. Especially in the Falwell and dead-or-alive threads, but elsewhere too.
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Search Timeouts

The search facility is basically dead on its feet: I get timeouts 9 times out of 10. Understandable, given the size of the DB, but might it be worth outsourcing (ie, a Googlified link)?
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Any ideas about distributing the load?

It would help a great deal if we had traffic news for MeFi. Timezones are all-important. Us Europeans tend to post when all you American members are asleep.
To save bandwidth, perhaps we could all try to post whenever traffic is slower.
There seem to be three definite waves: European, East Coast and West Coast. If we all fell into our appropriate slots - it feels mean to barge in on you Americans because this is an American site, after all - perhaps we could speed up access for all members and readers.
Any ideas about distributing the load?

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What about an option to display the last 10 or 20 most recently commented on posts?

Most recent!? What about an option to display the last 10 or 20 most recently commented on posts? If you counted the initial post as a comment it might be a way to a)save bandwidth and b) keep up on what's being discussed.

For me metafilter is about discussion, and this would be a great tool to cut through the clutter.

Oh, and a pony.
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September 18

How about adding formatting for bulleted lists

How about adding formatting for bulleted lists to the style sheet? Advantages:

  • Lists wouldn’t look like this
  • Jakob sez “Web pages have to employ scannable text, using…bulleted lists”
  • How can making MetaFilter that much more like PowerPoint be bad?

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Do we need all the news updates on 9/11?

I see a lot of front page posting with a slightly different angle on the same thing...with a link to story in the Independent or CNN or MSNBC...Shouldn't people be reading those sites if they want up-to-the-minute reports on the WTC and all its ramifications?
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appropriateness of posts on illness of minor celebrities?

Can I get a witness?

Even if you think "RIP" posts for obscure celebrities are appropriate, do we really need "X is sick", "X is really sick" and "X is dead" posts?
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Personal attacks received by email instead of in-thread. Weird?

Can someone tell me if it is standard procedure to receive personal attacks from Metafilter users in my e-mail box because I posted a comment that they didn't like? Wouldn't it be better to post their opinion of my comment in the normal Metafilter thread? Specifically I am referring to a comment I made on this thread.
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Misspellings. Not just on metafilter, but throughout the net, I've seen the words "Taliban," "Taleban," and "Talebin" used to describe the majority rulers of Afghanistan. I've also seen "Bin Laden," "Bin Ladin," and "Ben Laden," as well as both "Osama" and "Usama" to describe the alleged terrorist mastermind. Have you noticed any others? Which is the right spellings for either, by the way?
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What happened to bloghop?

What happened to bloghop? It seems to have disappeared...any ideas?
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every discussion starts with a link

Uncle Sam wants you ...
never to post no-link discussion threads.
posted by rcade to Etiquette/Policy at 8:13 AM PST - 15 comments

Static HTML Issues

How long will metafilter's static-html "crisis mode" last? It's become quite difficult to follow and participate in conversations without the "New: X" portion of the comments link.
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September 17

All your base are belong to us

The new AYBABTU?
posted by holloway to General Weblog-Related at 10:08 PM PST - 12 comments

Options in Sort By... dropdown don't show up

Some options on the Sort By drop down list don't show by default. After goofing around, the 'my comments' item shows up. Details inside...

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How Can I Filter Out 9/11 Posts?

My brain is mush - is there a way we could metafilter metafilter to filter out all the war/terrorism/WTC Attack posts for those of us on information overload. I'm longing for just plain old interesting links and news again
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Logout - this does not appear to be working in metatalk

Logout - this does not appear to be working in metatalk. Using IE 5/Win2000, i select the logout link and i get redirected to the homepage where it appears that i am logged out. However, if i select a thread, when i enter that thread on the page, i am still logged in. i do not believe it is a cache issue.
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How do you change your password?

Password changes - how do you do it?
posted by username to Bugs at 1:09 PM PST - 1 comment

Let there be karma

A Karma (voting) system for thread quality coupled to a front page ranking/filtering method. Karma to be weighted by the degree of enlightenment of the voting MeFi (using join date as proxy). Selected MeFi luminaries accorded Budda status, capable of bestowing Big Karma. [more]
posted by RichLyon to Feature Requests at 10:40 AM PST - 11 comments

recycling your thoughts post after post?

"My ideals are strewn throughout this site like shards of glass from a broken vase." (fooljay). What's policy for recycling your thoughts between threads? Consider them said, and run down your Big Idea Battery? Artfully paraphrase them to disguise lazy ctrl-C/V work? What wouldn't be acceptable (easiest form of the question to answer, I suppose).
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self-policing too many posts

Help Police! Hey, self-policing community members, let's start cracking the whip a little but here. Number of posts on September 16th alone:

HoldenCaulfield: 4 posts
aaron: 3 posts
NortonDC: 2 posts 2 posts
arf: 2 posts
Postroad: 2 posts
MiguelCardoso:: 2 posts
Oxydude: 2 posts
adrober: 2 posts

posted by sylloge to Etiquette/Policy at 2:54 AM PST - 33 comments

Suggestion for a new Metafilter tagline

Dear MeFi members and Matt,
I'm only a newbie but what inspired me to register and join in was the beautiful sentence I got under MetaTalk when I first went there: "we're all in this together".
Your other tagline - "The it's OK to hate" - which is childish and funny, is the perfect complement; if not the nicest compliment.
Together they capture the spirit that captivated me and tens of thousands of others.
However, I dare to suggest another line, brought up by the very frequent use, before members' comments, of the phrase"Maybe it's just me".
It is, of course:
"Not Just You".

This would have the obvious advantage of promoting MeFi's essential character - bringing different, disparate people in - while affirming a certain need to be respectful to others. I.e., make contributions worthy of others' attention.
Don't forget that most people read MeFi without joining(like me until now)and this headline would appreciate their silent participation without coercively suggesting they do something about it.
So what do you all think about "Not just you"?
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September 16

the end of swallowingtacks

Citing recent events as well as personal reasons, Elise Tomek has decided to shut down swallowingtacks. I for one will miss her.
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The One World Ribbon Project

The One World Ribbon Project. Is this a temporary and necessary relaxing of the rule against self-linking? Or does it set a bad precedent?
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I'll take it MetaTalk Skallas! And I want to know where you get off?
BTW happily taking my meds, taking it to MetaTalk and definitely wondering where you get off. . .
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September 15

Reactions to 9-11

Wow. We're pissed, and sad. And for some, things have switched from Conservative-Liberal to something else entirely. But I think arguing and discussing all this on Mefi is a lot better than having this crap eat us alive from inside.
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Often I want to go straight to my last comment in a thread

It would be really helpful if the comments (as seen from the comments by user page) within a thread were in order.

Often I want to go straight to my last comment in a thread, but sometimes finding them in threads where I've commented a bunch is difficult without careful inspection...
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Some new users are acting in weird/not-quite-okay ways.

The link/comment ratio for some new users is all over the place, as are a lot of other behaviors such as overly-lengthy front page posts (not to mention basic respect and tolerance for people's views)

posted by lucien to Etiquette/Policy at 11:44 AM PST - 5 comments

HELP page

I don't see a MetaFilter HELP page anywhere...and I think some is needed.

For example, tinkering with Preview shows me that some HTML is accepted, but as it looks odd there apparently are restrictions that I can't find. I do see that a simple blank line is fine, and a Paragraph tag breaks the MF formatting.
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Could we have a moratorium on that Gordon Sinclair piece?

Could we have a moratorium on that Gordon Sinclair piece? I fear that if I read it for the dozenth time, its intended effect may be somewhat curtailed.
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September 14

non-existent username gives error

If you try to manually type in a non-existant username, you get an error. (Example ). Minor issue, really, but I thought I'd point it out.
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Post Sept 11: Smaller text for more posts

Matt -- thanks for your work over the past few days -- will you indulge a suggestion? If the front page is being rendered manually, could the text be smaller, as in the same size as this text here (10pt is it?). With so many threads appearing every few moments it may make the front page more readable and the difference between discussion, news, solace and troll threads more apparent.
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Outage thread

In order to jam up MeTa as well as MeFi -- and to be insensitive and unpleasant -- any guesses or thoughts on how long it will be before "normal" operations resume?
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September 13

Too much Ananova.

Could we have a moratorium on Ananova links for now? While other news sources have not been dead on, they seem to be way off base more than others. There are quite a few reading Mefi right now, and disinfo from what looks like a credible source could hurt.
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rationing to, say, one front-page post a day?

Since we're on something of a war footing here, can I suggest some kind of rationing to, say, one front-page post a day? I know that MiguelCardoso simply mucked up the URL on his last topic, but it just makes it harder to follow the active discussions...
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NYC Meetup

Some good news in Manhattan: an NYC webloggers' get-together. We are assuming that south of 14th street will be open by Friday night, but if not we will find a good replacement, I'm sure.

It'll do us all a world of good to get out and live a little.
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Zeldman's site is down because he's hosted by a company called Internet Channel

For those wondering, Zeldman's site is down because he's hosted by a company called Internet Channel. (INCH, familiarly.) INCH's servers and connections are completely down.

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Help Me!!!!

Help Me!!!!
I am going to do I TEACH IN at my school I need help finding info. If you live anywhere in Pasadena and want to come e-mail me
What we are going to talk about is the attact on the US and how we got here. Things like facts about BinLaden and where he got his money. How we have done some bad things throughout the world. Also how to get politisons to leason to us. So, any info, links, or anything else will be use full
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NJ-Based Post-9/11 Services (Grief Couseling, Missing Persons)

There is so much going on the front page, I didn't know where to include this. I know this doesn't affect everyone as it's more New Jersey info, but putting it out in the hopes that the right people get it makes me feel less useless. (more inside)

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Facts v Conspiracy theory

I feel like all I've done here today is bounce from thread to thread trying to remind people the difference between news/facts and rumor/speculation/conspiracy theory.

Are people really so ready to believe just about anything? Or is the thrill of posting the latest outrageous tidbit on the front page too damn hard to resist?
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Mefi condolences thread more visible pls

Hi, would it be possible to link the Mefi condolences thread on the main page below the member number or something? This is not a discussion thread, and it would be useful to have it up top instead of buried somewhere.. Maybe also a link to the dontations page? Just an idea..
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With traffic dying down, is it possible to re-open the front page to members?

With traffic dying down, is it possible to re-open the front page to members?
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How do you define trolling in the present atmosphere?

How do you define trolling in the present atmosphere? At the moment anyone who suggests that america has performed atrocities is flamed.
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September 12

Fare thee well old chap

Jack Saturn is taking his discussion list down after two years of active posting, at least partly because of inflammatory posts over the last two days. (More inside...)
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Venting anger, rage and grief? Just over here...

I wish there was something similar to the dead letter office that we could direct folks to specifically for venting anger, rage and grief.
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Are these threads really right for MetaFilter?

Is this really the venue for moments of silence and lists of condolences? Especially when posters order 'do not comment here'? We saw how well it worked in the case of the first thread.
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Milwaukee/Chicago meetup

For those in the Milwaukee and Chicago areas looking for some food and fun tomorrow, a fair number of web-dev types from are getting together for the End of Summer Bar-bE-volt 2001 grillout.

There is a good amount of crossover in membership between evolt and mefi, so hopefully this isn't too out there for this forum. Basically, its a get together for web-developer types to hang out, gossip about the industry, and have a good time :) Also, in light of the events of the week, we thought it would be a nice idea to get together with friends to talk about it and try to return to normalcy a bit.
More information can be found here (RSVP in the comments section if you're bringing a dish), and mefi'ers in the area all are encouraged to come!
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"My comments" bug

Remember that bug we talked about a few months ago, where "My Comments" doesn't show up on the front page pull-down menu? It's back. I wonder if it has something to do with how the page is currently being rendered as a static page, instead of pulling from the db.
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This sort of behavior has no place on MetaFilter.

This sort of behavior has no place on MetaFilter. I know that people are upset, but that's really no excuse.
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Why is there a %40 where the @ should be?

FidelDonson's Profile
Name: Fidel Donson

I am wondering why the @ shows up as a %40 in the user profiles
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This week especially, make it a good one.

Make a Wish. This week especially, make it a good one.
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Dealing with Crisis

Should anything be done about this thread, with all the inflammatory language and anonymous posting (which, IMO, does absolutely nothing positive or constructive for anybody)?
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September 11

Stop the madness

For the love all that is righteous and holy, please stomp all over the hideous and pointless Nostradamus threads on the front page.
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some might say that today is no day for diversion, but perhaps today is the day we need it most: k10k is back with some experimental clay animation, though their main site isn't quite ready. interesting.
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I'm only logged in some some pages.

Haven't been shown as logged in on the front page today, but once I get into the topic discussion area, I do show up as logged in. Anyone else getting this?
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mad propz

I would just like to offer mad propz to The Haughey for keeping the site up and running today. Where Microsoft failed, a lone hobbyist working for free came through.
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Should long posts be paginated? (again)

As I keep refreshing a 350+ post thread, I got to thinking about what that does in terms of bandwidth. Would it make sense to break up posts that exceed 50+ posts into multiple sections or would that just discourage people from reading posts that happened earlier in the thread?
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Please delete my post from Before

Please delete my silly post from early this morning, before everything went down. In the context of what's happened today, looking at it on the front page makes me feel silly and trivial.
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September 10

Page Two?

We've been going through a several-month bitch session out here about what Deserves the special honor of Metafilter's "front page".

Problem: there is no Second page - the front page is also the back page.

So, why Not a secondary page? Allow stories to be voted to the front page by either the number of reader contributed posts, or by straight vote, which would give sufferage to the lurkers.

That way the purists get their crown position, and we don't have to listen to yet another border war in every other post about what belongs, what doesn't belong, what should be in Metatalk, what is a double-post from eight months ago, or hear yet another bemoaning of the lessening quality of Metafilter posts.

I personally wouldnt mind Meta-Aphartheid, if it would knock off all this stupid bickering.
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Nothing's worthy of the front page anymore.

NOT THE FRONT PAGE!!! How come there's never anything worthy of Metafilter's FRONT page anymore? Clipart links, VH1 and Sports Illustrated stories... Rabbits with stuff on their heads!!! It offends me that I must be subject to these unworthy posts!! All of it should be moved to the SECOND PAGE, and leave the front for the REALLY Good stuff.

So - who wants to form the Star Chamber, stop all this 'not worthy of the FRONT PAGE!!!' whining, and replace it with the benevolent dictatorship so many pine for? Or maybe someone would like to put up a link to the SECOND page of Metafilter, where all of the lesser beings can put their contributions..?
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Can my comments include my posts?

I have no idea how difficult this might be, but it would be nice if "My comments" also included threads I started even if I didn't add any comments to them.
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A knee-JERK reaction

What the f--k is this?
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Just chatting

Ending something starting something new. The deadline support of uni is now over for me, finding the discipline and motivation to just do design, that's personal stuff 'a labor of love'.

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10000th comment

10,000! We should have a party.
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September 9

Shoutout: new member aeschenkarnos provides positive post

An articulate, insightful, on-target post by a brand new member of Metafilter. Just proving that the recent growth of the community can be positive, because it means even more intelligent voices with interesting things to say. More noise, but also more signal.
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I like rainbows. They are nice.

Today it's raining outside, but I think it's just a shower. It was sunny yesterday, and I hope it'll be sunny tomorrow. Is summer your favourite season? What sort of weather do you recommend? I like rainbows. They are nice.
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September 8

please don't do this

Not really very pleasant at all....I'm not sure if singling someone out is the best thing to do, but there's no email address on his profile, the URL is dead, and all of his comments have been like this of late... we all have bad weeks, but this just stuff is just pointless.
Is it worth noting, or am I being too much of a schoolmarm?
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So glad to be able to get here. Downtime?

So glad to be able to get here. Downtime? What happened?
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v-i-c-e-n-t-e fox

Not directed at anyone particular, but I don't know where else to put it: It's Vicente Fox, people, not Vincente. Please tell all your television and radio buddies.
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September 6

As a new user I find myself over-stimulated by MeFi...

As a new user I find myself over-stimulated by MeFi and so tend to bore the pants off everyone with too many comments. This may sound ridiculous but I am a great believer in good manners and would like to know what the acceptable limit is for comments per day?
On the other hand, I think interactivity within each thread is much more interesting than mere lists of separate comments. Engaging personally with other members of the community and directly addressing their thoughts seems more fruitful and respectful than just adding to the sum of opinions.
If there is some sort of "ethos" about it being uncool to answer someone else's post I think it it's misplaced. I know of three other newbies, more intimidated than myself, who are shying away from full participation because they feel they would be mocked.
Can a debate be started about what constitutes reasonable person-to-person debate, within the accepted and laudable public framework that MeFi has established?
I'd sincerely like to read comments from older members - preferably with good memories of their greenhorn days - on this question and feel sure we would all benefit from the resulting discussion.

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Usernames and user id numbers

Recently I've found myself passing the mouse cursor over usernames only to see their ID number. I was thinking for a bit as to why (Is it number envy? Is it newbie-spotting?) What if the user IDs were somewhat to completely hidden? What would be the pros or cons?
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Constructive (or not?) Criticism on Metatalk

Constructive (or not?) Criticism on Metatalk
MeTalk is the place where we gripe about what we think is wrong with certain posts. So what happens when you're a little too straightforward about your opinion? Hurt feelings and accusations of flaming. Was I over the line with my comments? What can we do to ensure that posters don't take offense to criticism doled out in MeTalk? [more inside]
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No more Stile links, please.

Please, in the name of whatever faith-based tradition you espouse, no more Stile links! Kee-rist.
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September 5

Where did everybody go?

I'm wondering if a lot of the names I've come to know and love/hate have left entirely or are just hanging around silently shaking their heads or what....(more inside)
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Thoughts on online communities

"One of the things that separates Synapse from other online communities, is that its members have the opportunity for their words to be shared with people outside the community, by being published in Mindjack Magazine." So say the Synapse guidelines.
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Character limit in link description box

Character limit in link description box. 940 is too many; 525 is too much for my eye, but any less may be too constraining.
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Was the server down?

Was it down between 1-2:30 p.m. (PDT)? I found this helpful site in my absence.
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Etiquette of double post notifications.

Let it be resolved that from this point forward, all double post notifications must be handled like you are stoned. Do I hear a second?
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Submission queue a la Kuro5hin?

Feature request: A voluntary Kuro5hin-style submission queue for links that you'd like to post, but aren't quite sure they are worthy of MetaFilter. (And, possibly, for self-links.)
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Whatever groups is it still all right to make jokes about on MeFi?

"That's OK Summer, I meant it in a "bugger the bloody Welsh" way anyway. :)"

Would a smiley negate the offence if I said "bugger the bloody Koreans/Irish/Jews"?. Which other racial/ethno-linguistic/whatever groups is it still all right to make jokes about on MeFi?
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AskMe foreshadowed

Ask Metafilter? Metatech? How soon to "My modem doesn't work!" posts?
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I just wish to apologise.

I just wish to apologise for my part in what is possibly the worst MeFi day in recent memory. I think I'm going to skip the next week and see how it looks when I get back.
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September 4

What are people searching for on MetaFilter?

Since we get to see the search queries that bring people to MeFi, would it also be possible to track and post which search queries are the most popular within MeFi? The results may not be that interesting, but some of us would probably get a kick out of it.
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wrong date on post about trailing slash

The post about the extra trailing slash bug is listed under September 4th, when in fact it's from August.
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Bug in the search results.

Is it just me, or are the "Go to the detail view for this result" links on search results not scrolling to the anchor points?
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I'm getting hate mail from fellow MeFians

This may be a good reason for people to take down their e-mail addresses from their user descriptions. (more)
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September 3

A standard link format desired

A standard link format with fields for source, catagory, link & title, description. Reasoning inside.
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Metafilter stats for August are up

Metafilter stats for August are up. A huge drop in threads and comments last month because of the Metafilter vacation. Despite the vacation time, the user ranks swelled heavily thanks to Matt's hard work getting signups turned back on.
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It's not a double-post. It's not a troll. It's not a self-link. But it is just a "Ha, ha, ain't that funny?" link to an Onion story.

Am I being too picky for objecting? Should we have a required reading list for MeFi users?
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MSNBC gives problems when using host file

I use a hosts file because it speeds up browsing so much when connecting with a modem. For quite a while I have noticed that MSNBC gives problems unless I disable the hosts file. It's not a reliably repeatable problem and after a successful visit subsequent visits usually give no problems. [A cookie perhaps?]

Are they deliberately attempting to block people like me, or is it a side effect of all their pop up trickery?
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September 2

Navel gazing: most popular

Some navel gazing (hmmmm, perty):

As far as I can tell, Blogger is the most popular weblog app, Metafilter the most popular weblog, and Jason Kottke the most popular weblogger.
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yet another weblog article

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RSS Headline Feed

If you don't already produce one, can we have an RSS headline syndication feed?
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September 1

Is this post really relevant or appropriate for MeFi?

Is this post really relevant or appropriate for MeFi? My comments are in the discussion, so I won't rehash them all here. This post just struck me as personal opinion spiced up with links to information that is pretty well-tread and commonplace. what is the point?
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Calling out the crumudgeons

We need less "geez, lighten up" and more "ok, sorry, i didn't mean to offend anyone."
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